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What is PVA?

Finally We Open Our Facebook PVA Store, To Serve You All!

What is PVA?
Facebook PVA

24/7 Support

If you’re planning to buy but have questions regarding our services or the status of your order, feel free to contact us! Our support team will reply to your inquiry within 24 hoursLearn More
Facebook PVA

Fast Turnaround

Our website processes all orders automatically, and will start making the accounts immediately after the payment! So you don’t have to wait days to get your orders.Learn More
Facebook PVA

Affordable Rates

We have very affordable facebook solutions. While you may find other providers with similar rates, they will be unable to compete with the quality of our pvas – as we guarantee high profiled accounts!Learn More
Facebook PVA

Targeted Accounts

We have different options of facebook pva packages, including worldwide and targeted. Use our targeted solutions to get profiled accounts from USA, Canada, and Europe or any part of the world. Plus you can even request demographics on your accounts like sex, age, country, job, etc.Learn More

Regular Packages

  • Basic
  • $1200
  • 10 PVAs
  • $1.2 Each
  • 1-2 Hours Delivery
  • FREE 90 Days Re-verification
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Standard
  • $5000
  • 50 PVAs
  • $1 Each
  • 3-6 Hours Delivery
  • FREE 90 Days Re-verification
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Professional
  • $9500
  • 100 PVAs
  • $.95 Each
  • 12 Hours Delivery
  • FREE 90 Days Re-verification
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Maximum
  • $45000
  • 500 PVAs
  • $0.90 Each
  • 24 Hours Delivery
  • FREE 90 Days Re-verification
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Extreme
  • $80000
  • 1000 PVAs
  • $0.80 Each
  • 24 Hours Delivery
  • FREE 90 Days Re-verification
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

Premium Packages

  • Black
  • $18000
  • 100 Country Targeted PVAs
  • $1.80 Each
  • 24 Hours Delivery
  • FREE 90 Days Re-verification
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Silver
  • $82500
  • 500 Country Targeted PVAs
  • $1.65 Each
  • 48 Hours Delivery
  • FREE 90 Days Re-verification
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Gold
  • $150000
  • 1000 Country Targeted PVAs
  • $1.50 Each
  • 72 Hours Delivery
  • FREE 90 Days Re-verification
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

Why Choose Us?

  • Sole provider of Facebook phone verified accounts in the market today that can give you secure and reliable accounts
  • We have a fast turn around to any orders we’ve received
  • We have a 24/7 support
  • We offer a 90 days FREE re-verification
  • We offer to revert back disabled accounts or a replacements

What Facebook PVA Store Client’s Say

To anybody thinking of buying Facebook accounts – buy it! The service itself is amazing, and on top of that, the support is outstanding! I wanted some more PVA’s, and their support was more than willing to help me out!
Dorothy J. McGoldrick, Prepress Worker
I would like to extend a special thank you for your excellent support. Is has been a great experience. I love Facebook PVA Store and more so because you provided excellent support and feedback. Thank you for such a great service! A must have!
Cameron Pickering, Electronic Geek
Thank You for the speedy reply and the addition to the next update of the Facebook Auto-Liker Software Codename-like Platinum Version, now purchased!
Cerys Noble, Professional Sports Scout
It’s my first time buying on here and I’m very please, their PVA’s is the best! Cheers for your help again, very satisfied customer!!!!
Scott Sutton, Transit & Railroad Police
Facebook PVA’s like yours make people want to upgrade their business quality to fit in such beauty …really thanks and all the best luck in sales.
Lola Waters, Macroserve
They are the best Facebook PVA Provider!
Mason Saunders, Big Daddy's Restaurants

Facebook PVA Store


Richard Braggs

Superb service and support, I’m very impressed by the quality of their support and services!
Maddison Schofield, MacMarr Stores
Thank You for the speedy reply and the addition to the newly open store, now purchased 100 PVA’s!
Noah Norman, PaintingConvention.com
It’s my first time buying on here and I’m very please, amazing service! Cheers for your help again, very satisfied customer!!!!
Ellis Parkin, Vending Machine Technician
I normally don’t write letters of thanks, but I feel compelled to do so on this case. After much research, I hired your company to make PVA’s on my keep. I was trying to market my accounts myself, then profits after profits I’ve realized I made hundreds already from various micro gig sites providing Facebook like services. You are a miracle maker. Thank you!
Isabella Baldwin, Quality Event Planner
Wow, what a difference your accounts makes! My Business has had 37% more sales over the past months and many of the sales were coming from my back customers who are satisfied with the results. You were very professional and all of the websites I have to admit you were the most effective
Abigail Holloway, Champion Auto

Why Opt for Facebook PVA?

For many years, Google and other online services have offered PVA and non PVA accounts (See Google PVA here). Now, you can purchase cheap Facebook PVA accounts, as well. But what is a Facebook PVA? And why should you buy these accounts? To learn more about this groundbreaking new type of Facebook account and what it can do for you and your business, read on. If you are a developer, you cannot afford to not have one of these accounts. When on Facebook, developers are required to have PVA accounts.

What Is It?

The abbreviation PVA stands for phone-verified account. Although Facebook never really calls them this in their terms of use, when you must verify a cell phone number, you are signing-up for a PVA account. For some people, it is worth it to have more than one PVA account. You can only create one PVA account per phone number. This is, of course, unless you buy cheap Facebook PVA accounts from a third party webpage. Doing so can help you to post more ads, or share more businesses with friends and family. Or, it may allow you to maintain both a work and personal account.

Helping Your Business

We all know that Facebook is the most important social media network when it comes to recruiting customers. Many businesses may also buy cheap PVA accounts to do just this very thing, as well. By having a few accounts on your side, you can have even more sharing power. You can also make all the accounts like your business or fan page. Then, you can add comments. Together, comments, likes, and other interactions are tabulated in Google search results. Although it may take quite a few accounts, using such a method can be highly effective.

Learning More

Want to learn more about how to buy Facebook PVA accounts? If so, look at any of the several reputable companies that sale cheap Facebook phone verified accounts accounts online, of course it’s only us here. Our website can tell you more about customer service policies, refund policies, pricing, and more. Buying your very own PVA accounts can help you to boost your online marketing scheme in a huge way. PVAs can also make your accounts more secure. Best of all, these accounts have no restrictions attached to them, unlike non PVA accounts. It can also help your account(s) to not be blocked in the future, or flagged for spam.

We Care!

At our store we valued our every customer’s needs and we prioritized and maintained our company’s excellency in dealing only an updated, high quality, reliable products and services. We provide free instructional materials and tools to maximize potential results in using our Facebook Phone Verified Accounts to it’s ultimate performance and secure online protection.

It all starts with us…
Your dream of starting your own Facebook marketing is closer than you think. Use our PVAs to find the perfect Facebook accounts and take the first step towards becoming one of the Facebook Elite Marketers!

Don’t be fooled; Our New Free Re-verification Services are REAL!

That’s right. It maybe ridiculous to think that we’ve made this service for free. Let us help you! Our trained, in-housed experts are here to help. Our robust help center includes guides, video tutorials and more. Try our store’s various packages and love us, or get a refund anytime. You’re never locked into a contract and there are no hidden fees or gimmicks.

Many providers seem identical on the surface, offering low prices, free re-verifications, money back guarantee, 24×7 support… but these are only a fraction of the benefits you’ll enjoy when you choose your PVAs with us.You can see our Linkedin page here..

Why Us? It’s Simple.

Our PVA accounts gives you a secret weapon in marketing your business: Accounts based on a country profiled accounts. What makes this so special? Well, like an ordinary Facebook account, it shows a level of professionalism that you can’t get from any other providers. But just as importantly, it promotes your brand and leverage Facebook Graph Search Insights which is valuable for rankings. Customers see your company name – and the more they see it, the more they’ll trust and remember it.

As the world’s leading provider since 2006, we’ve helped millions of customers find success online with the right accounts (or PVAs) – we can do the same for you. Email us or chat our top notched support team anytime, 24/7, by clicking the orange “Chat With Us” icon on the right bottom corner of this page. Our friendly customer care consultants are happy to assist you further.

Why Buy Facebook PVA Accounts?

Do you want to buy Facebook PVA Accounts? Well you come to the right website. We can provide you infinite quantities of Facebook accounts for you. These accounts are ideal and perfect for liking, following, share, commenting and much more. If you want more audience, traffic and exposure to your products, Facebook is the best way for everyone who’s searching to increase profit to their various businesses. All of our accounts are verified to a real mobile numbers. Each and every Facebook accounts are made with unique IPs and we make sure you’ll get high quality phone verified accounts.

When you buy fb pva accounts for sale and purchase it to a reliable supplier like us, you’re guaranteed that you’ll get MASSIVE exposure on this particular network. Hundreds of people that buy Facebook PVA accounts are able to acquire LARGE amounts of followers instantly, increase their profits and of course build up more customers reputation value. With the aide of our services, you’ll we be able to manipulate all the possibilities of what you can get of the tons of great features of a Facebook phone verified accounts. And this is a very powerful strategy to toppled your competitors arsenal. You will be very happy once you see the big difference with your marketing almost instantly using our fb pva accounts. We look forward to taking your order, and we will talk to you soon.


bioRichard Braggs is the Strategic CEO/Owner of this website and co-founder of Codename-Like, an award winning 20-person Los Angeles social media agency. You can find him on and Twitter. Over the past 8 years, Richard has provided social media strategy, phone verification services, account creation and advice to more than 10000 businesses. Aside from helping other marketers with their respective businesses his career as a consultant and phone verification service provider, he is also a notable writer by nature and entrepreneur and engages in developing, investing, and deploying his own business endeavors. He is currently the co-founder of Codename-like, which architects in the creation of Facebook Auto-liker Script.

Primarily providing various automation tools and social media phone verified accounts which gives an ease and tremendous executable measures for sculpting the future of business results. Whenever possible he shares his own views and insights on Tips & Tricks with like-minded individuals. He believes in transparency and gives an open-book approach on his blog to contribute to the success of others.

Richard’s personal interests includes programming, art, physics and philosophy; what he considers as the four cornerstone of inspiration in life. He like to think that he put together something pretty special here – an agile group of expert social media marketers, designers, and programmers with a shared commitment to communication, collaboration, and doing good work. This puts the company as strong position to support your business growth on a truly international scale.

Richard is keen to make all his staff committed an efficient, no fuss, straight talking service. There’s no beating around the bush with us, which means you can trust and as well a reliable agency to do the right thing for you and your business. He know how important it is to focus on your bottom line. All products and services are measured and leveraged to maximize your investment and grow your business. He also know that you come to the right place for this industry-leading knowledge and power, which is why he invest in continues training and development for all of his staff. He’s kinda like the “Robin Hood” of Facebook marketing.