PVA Store Tips & Tricks #28

$1200 On Teespring using Facebook

Hi Warrior!
Thanks for purchasing my quick and short guide on how to make a lot of money with www.teespring.com and FREE traffic!

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In due time some guru will pick up this guide, love the method, steal it…rewrite a whole course on it including video and sell it to the larger online marketing crow for $97 and more.

Not to mention the countless upsells etc etc.

Just be happy you got in before that happened.
As of yet I haven’t seen anyone else promote this method or even mention it.
However I did see 1 marketer doing the same as me before I even knew about this method.

And that is exactly how I discovered this method.

So let’s get straight into this method.
I will go very fast so if you are a newbie try and keep up!

Did you know that facebook recently purchased instagram and that they have over 200 million active users on there?!

Yeah instagram is a facebook owned app which is one of the biggest social media apps out there designed for picture sharing and browsing.
Don’t know what instagram is? Google it….

Step 1
Well basically what you need to do is install instagram ASAP.
If you got an iphone or an ipad or some sort of android or windows mobile phone or tablet just head to your app store and search for instagram.
Install it and then you are done.

Do not create an account yet just install it and proceed to the next step.

Step 2
Now you will need a sick design for your t-shirt ready, so go launch that on teespring.
The biggest most massive niches on instagram are by far, fitness, cars, dogs, soccer, cooking.
BY FAR! So keep that in mind when coming up with niches for your teespring campaign.
Design of your shirt is a very crucial aspect in whether or not your teeshirt will tip or not.

I was always messing up and designing my own shirts but never got them to sell and lost a bunch of money on FB ads. Untill the day I hired someone professional to do my designs.

Design is everything!!!!! Do not skip on creating a great design otherwise you won’t sell a damn.

On to the next step!

Step 3
With instagram it is very easy to get FREE traffic.
The way I came across this method is that I was looking up mustang car pics on instagram.

I typed in MUSTANG and a page came up with mustang pictures…but in the bio link there was just a teespring link to a t-shirt made targeting mustang fans…

I clicked the link and saw that in one day he sold 50 shirts….from nothing but instagram traffic!

I use instagram in my personal life because I’m a young guy, plus I’m an internet marketer so I knew instantly I hit gold.

So head over to your instagram app and create a new account.

If your t-shirt is in the dog niche name your account something like DoggieShirts123.

When you upload a profile picture, upload one of your shirt you made on teespring. Then you fill out your BIO and tell them : for this limited edition shirt please click the link in my BIO! Will sell out fast!

Then go ahead and fill out your teespring url in the WEBSITE URL section. This part will become clickable to whoever sees your profile.

Then go ahead and upload another picture of your t-shirt and caption it with something like:

To order this highly limited edition t-shirt go to: teespring.com/shirt or click on the link in my bio!

That is it!

Step 4
Now the magic happens when you start searching on hashtags.
for example we wanna sell to bulldog lovers and we got a cool cute bulldog shirt.

$1200 On Teespring using Facebook

We just type in BULLDOG and we get millions of people posting pictures of their bulldog(PASSIONATE PEOPLE!!)

We then click on the pics one by one and like that picture.
That’s it!
They will see our like…visit our profile and a percentage of them will visit our teespring link in our bio if you got a cool design!

It is so simple.
For example the keyword : MUSTANG has 200.000k pics. Those are a lot of users who love mustangs…
So we can sell them a shirt targeting mustangs. Like I did with this shirt here, exclusively sold via instagram.
Check it out http://teespring.com/thatmustangtho Very simple design but it worked!

I built up a huge following selling that shirt.
Check out another marketer who is doing the same as me but different.


Now the car niche is huge…we got, monster trucks, bmw’s, Mercedes, porsches etc etc. And all got millions of fans on instagram! Now how many pictures can you like on instagram?

Obviously the more you like the better so what I do is I spend maybe an hour or more each day just liking away peoples pictures. That is what instagram is made for.
Liking pictures and getting your pictures liked! Whenever someone likes your picture on instagram you instantly get a notification on your mobile and most people will visit whoever liked their picture to see who it is or what they look like.

Instagram is HUGE and they got hundreds of millions of ACTIVE users and I even saw NAME campaign teeshirts on there because you can also search for PEOPLE on their names when you click PEOPLE
and then you simply type the name.

The only downside of that is that you only get like 20 results per search so I haven’t cracked that one yet.

But there you have it guys! That is all there is to this method. Now I could easily fill this guide with screenshots and other blablabla but there is nothing more to this method then this.

The great thing about this method is that is easily scaled.
Just create a new profile specifically for any additional t-shirt and
only promote that t-shirt on your profile for the best conversions.

So 1 shirt design per profile.

This method is awesome because it is free and we can not lose
The only thing you can loose is time by wasting it on promoting tshirt designs that just not convert well on instagram.

I have not tested out CALLS TO ACTION on my t-shirt images

which I upload to my instagram accounts, perhaps that could increase click troughs to the teespring link.
Test it and let me know how it works out for you! Reinvest your profits in paid advertising for your teespring campaigsn and you will be a happy marketer I promise you!

Cheers to your success!