Facebook Tips and Tricks #4

Facebook has been getting a huge amount of buzz in the internet business community. There’s good reason for that too. Facebook is the second largest website in the world… so it offers a giant pool of buyers to pick from. It also offers one of the best advertising platforms available for your business.

Every business needs 3 essential pieces… traffic, an offer, and a system to convince that traffic to buy the offer. Choosing how to fulfill each of these three pieces is how most new business entrepreneurs fail. There are lots of options for each and there are lots of combinations that work. This can get overwhelming and cause the dreaded information overload.

But for now…I’m going to discuss a basic guide, but a very important one, in creating a Facebook fan page. A lot of people nowadays are creating fan pages but doesn’t even know these basic guidelines.

Choosing The Right Niche

The first step to any business is deciding which niche you want to build that business around. The niche will determine how successful your business can be from day 1.

When choosing the right niche, you have to remember we are using Facebook as a major component for traffic and for selling our goods. Because of this, we have to play by the rules of social media so we can experience the easiest growth possible. The viral component to Facebook is a huge advantage you can have from day 1 with your new income stream.

Choose a niche that has the viral potential to make your job easier. Topics that get shared, liked, or commented on are viral niches.

Social media sites are for people to be social and share the interests they enjoy. They weren’t built for you to sell your goods. This doesn’t mean we can’t produce a great income stream… it just means your niche choice needs to have buying potential. They need to be willing to purchase goods related to your niche. Without this, you may have an easy time generating traffic, but that may not produce much money.

There are three categories of niches that I dive into which have proven to have viral potential and provide a buying audience…

Passion Niches

People are very passionate and they often will fight for those passions. With the arrival of social media, they can join forces with other like minded individuals and easily share those passions with a few simple clicks. Any niches people are highly passionate about provide an amazing choice.

Passion niches are interacted with often. Like I said, people will fight for their passions and the internet is a safe place for everyone to share their opinions without physical backlash. The serious conversation gets people highly involved. You’ll get lots of likes, shares, and comments with the passion niches.

People also enjoy to purchase products around their passions. They may need gear to participate, training tools to learn more, or maybe they want apparel to show their support. Whatever it may be, there are options for what products you can sell to passion niches.

Passion niches are things like political parties, personal rights, things people love, etc…

This is an example of a page that is targeting a passion niche…A Fan Page For Football Passionates

Facebook PVA Store


Richard Braggs

Buzz Niches

Staying on top of what’s hot is a great way to generate huge amounts of social media traffic. Buzz topics have always been used to create more traction to marketing campaigns. A buzz topic can sprout out of anything. Obviously, celebrities and political issues are often found in the buzz category because the media hypes it up quite a bit. This is something you can actually “piggy back” off of and grab this hot viral traffic.

Here is a great way to keep up on what’s hot around the web to find niches you can pull from daily…

Head on over to Google Trends Top Charts. Here you’ll get to see a handful of niche categories and the top 5 trending topics in that niche.

If you have any form of media device, I’m sure you’ve heard about the Miley fiasco. This huge buzz topic created a gigantic traffic stream from nothing overnight… You can bank from that traffic very easily with this system.

So if you enjoy staying up to date with what’s hot, this is a great way to go about your fan page marketing… and it offers a lot of opportunity for traffic and money.


The last niche category on our list is the niches that have a strong sense of comradery. Any group of people who are tightly associated with each other over a long period of time fit into this category. These niche fans typically feel like it’s their group against the world or they are in competition with another group of people.

These niches are great for this system because each fan has a high potential to purchase your goods and share your content with the right people. Your typical fan for these niches will have a friend base that is full of more targeted buyers for your business. You can take full advantage of the referral benefits social media marketing offers.

Comradery niches are things like firefighters, cops, EMS, new mothers, etc. I will be using a comradery niche in this discussion.

Now, I chose the nursing niche for this campaign. Nurses are tight with other nurses. They have to work long periods of time with the same people and they have a competitive feeling towards doctors. These are all great signs that this niche will produce great results.

With your niche in mind, it’s time to create the system where you will sell and interact with your

Creating The Fan Page

Let’s think about what’s going to happen to make money before starting…

First off, Facebook viewers will see your advertisement that’s targeted towards their interests. They will click the link and be sent to your niche specific fan page. The idea behind this initial interaction is to get the viewer to like your page… everything else can come later.

Once the viewer becomes a fan of your fan page, you have your first opportunity to continually contact them to prove your value. On this fan page, we will direct these fans to share our content, join our email newsletter, and buy our products.

For me, the first piece of the puzzle we need to create in the field of Facebook Marketing is the fan page. This is our hub base for the majority of our incoming traffic. This is the case at least until you expand beyond Facebook ads for traffic….which you should when you have a winning niche.

Facebook is definitely the most important social media presence to have right now. Every business should have a fan page created to attract new customers and deliver your quality content in another arena. To really amplify your social media marketing with this system, you can use Twitter, Pinterest, and other platforms.

It’s easy to create a fan page and only takes a few minutes. When logged into your Facebook account, click the More link next to the pages tab on the left hand sidebar. On the pages screen, click the Create a Page button…

On the initial screen, you’ll be asked to choose what type of page you wish to create. For our system, it’s always best to choose Brand or Product… then, select the category Website. Enter a niche appropriate name for your fan page… something catchy for your niche works well because keep in mind, this pages first duty is to get viewers to click LIKE….

Click Get Started and you’ll have your first page underway.

Creating a friendly, social, and niche specific atmosphere is important for your fan page. To give this atmosphere, you can edit a few key areas to give this page the feel you’re looking for. The cover image, the profile pic, and your about information are all we need to edit for now.

Let’s take a look at the nurse page…

The fan page cover image is very engaging for our ideal viewer…. a nurse. It shows common situations that they are familiar with and is in a clean professional manner. The cover image size is 851×315 pixels. Make sure to create your image to fit these standards.

As you can also tell, I left a portion of the fan page cover image blank where the profile picture appears to the left. Make sure not to place important information or call to actions in this area or no one will see it.

The profile pic is important for helping grab the attention from viewers on the timeline. Every time you post a message on your fan page, the profile pic is what shows up to display who you are. Even though a small appearance, a eye catching and niche specific profile pic can grab the right attention. It’s a good idea to consider how it will look overlapping your cover image on your home page as well.

The about section is best left short and to the point. We want viewers to click the LIKE button on your home page, so it’s never a bad idea to tell new viewers to do just that right in your about section. Don’t let this get too complicated… it’s only the about section. Feel free to edit your fan page information in further detail.

Best Regards,