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Premium Package: Black

Quantity: 100 Facebook PVA (Phone Verified Accounts)

Cheap Facebook PVA is here! 100 Facebook phone verified accounts that are created carefully and designed to bypass any Facebook security updates. Each accounts are manually made and phone verified under strict procedures, each accounts are made with care, safe and with a timely precision. The following are some of the highest quality packages in our store Black, Silver, and Gold. We always update our system and especially in our accounts creation. We’ve test and re-tested our methods frequently thus to ensure ultimate output in our services and line of products.

Premium Packages includes the following:

Timeline CoverCurrent City
BirthdatePolitical Views
Email AddressQuotations
Phone VerifiedLife Events
Profile PhotoMovies
Religious Views TV Shows
Educational BackgroundMusic
CountryApps And Games
Photo AlbumsPlaces

As the matter of fact we focus one main aspect in our Facebook PVA accounts creation, photo profiles and timeline covers are scrutinized respectively. Aside from giving proper details in the about section of every accounts, we also make sure that the profile pictures and timeline covers of each Facebook PVAs is in congruent to the subject or to the country it is intended to use for. Thus making the look of each and every account as realistic as possible.

Incorporating HD images and relevant timeline covers on our PVAs makes the whole thing fabulous to the eyes of it’s future subscribers, followers or fans when visiting to any page. It increases 70% of connectivity and the more people will opt in or like your page as well.

If we missed something on the particular part of the accounts, we can simply and immediately fix that for you – just contact us and we will quickly respond to your concerns.

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We are so confident that our Facebook PVA accounts are the cheapest and the most complete detailed Facebook accounts on the web today. Nothing comes closer to the quality that we’ve given to our various clientele around the globe, serving 24/7. When you’ll order with us, you’re assured that you’re safe because you’re in the good hands. So buy Facebook PVA Accounts only with the experts!

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Cheap Facebook PVA


Richard Braggs

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Genalyn L., Assistant FBPS

Cheap Facebook PVA

Cheap Facebook PVA


Richard Braggs