Tip#45 Facebook Covert Social Press

Facebook PVA Store Tips & Tricks #44 Facebook Covert Social Press How To Be Successful With Covert Social Press Ideas For Building & Monetizing Sites   Welcome to the second part of the Covert Social Press tutorial.     The purpose of this short PDF is to give you some ideas on what kind of Covert Social Press sites to build, how to do it and how to monetize them.    If you are looking for help with the theme, please go back to the other PDF tutorial, it covers all the technical bits. Then come back to this one when you are ready.    Remember That You Have Full Multi­Site License To The Theme!    The multi‐site license means that you can install the theme on as many of your own blogs as you like. You can pursue and test as many different ideas as you like – but we definitely recommend that you start by…   Going Long­Tail & Sticking With A Niche First! A site like Digg (and other big social bookmarking sites) have multiple niches, in fact they have pretty much everything. It might be your goal to build a Digg style social bookmarking site – and it is possible to do that with the Covert Social Press theme. However, if you think about it, you are not going to knock Digg off their throne any time soon. You will find it much easier to achieve success if you limit your Social Press site to a single niche. That way you can become the go‐to place to find news and information for people who are interested in that particular niche. And they might like your site better than the big networks, because it’s not cluttered with stuff they are not interested in. A side benefit is that you will find it much easier to monetize you traffic when you know exactly what your visitors are interested in. Here’s an example for a particular niche – but you could apply this principle to any niche you want. You could build a Covert Social Press sites about “Movie Reviews” (that would be your main niche and keyword. Then you could use your categories to narrow it down to for example; Action, Comedy, Thriller, Romance, Animated etc. Then you start curating […]

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Tip#44 Facebook Pan Page Clothing Company WebsiteTraffic

Facebook PVA Store Tips & Tricks #44 Facebook Pan Page Clothing Company WebsiteTraffic 1. Setting up social media sites  Once you establish your clothing company name, brand, and have somewhat of an idea of your target audience you will need to start sending them to your site. Word of mouth is great but its 2012 we need to hit the internet.     Since you are most likely on a budget lets hit the free publicity and start with ….   Sign up with a name closely related to your clothing company like ours below @prksandrec (Parks  and Recreation Clothing) and develop a nice bio with the url to your site listed.     Next step in the twitter world is start following other clothing companies, friends, people in your area, and basically anyone you want on your timeline using the search bar at the top.   I will get into twitter lingo and how to develop useful tweets to gain attention and followers later on.     Let’s move onto …  Go to Create a Page on Facebook.   Choose Brand or Product and put in clothing and your brands name  Simply put together your page with some pictures representing your brand to get people to recognize you. (below)    You might not have anything now but start developing your logo and as you do photo shoots make them known. I will get into facebook promotion later on as well.  Work on developing your bio adding your website, details, mission, and contact info. This is all important stuff. Work on developing and creating an ad to drive traffic to your site. If you haven’t picked up the Facebook Vault do so today. It shows you how to drive traffic using a fan page and convert.   Next thing we are going to set up is our hootsuite account Let’s go to   Sign up and go through your trial membership. I suggest you sign up monthly to the $9.99 account just to get the most out of it with google analytics and being able to get another user on the account with you if you have a partner with your clothing company.   Now you can link your facebook pan page, your twitter and personal facebook all in one shot and have it on one screen  Start typing your message at the top and then click all your social networks to the right.  You can auto schedule your message for each social network or you can manually schedule them Auto schedule is an automatic time and date that hootsuite’s programmers developed that will automatically display your message at that time/date.   If you do it manually you can pick a day and time and just copy and paste the message to make it easy (below)  Don’t be afraid to add links, pictures, and also use the bulk messaging feature to schedule 50+ messages at a time.    Make sure you go mobile on all these websites if you have a smart phone.   Go to the app store (iphone example) and search for another great site “Instagram”  Click on the app Instagram and download the app and sign up for a personal account and an account for your clothing company if possible (or you can have either partner run the company account)  Once installed build your profile and bio and start following clothing companies, fashion gurus, and anything that can possibly help your brand as well as what you’re interested in seeing.   Example of our clothing companies bio page   Post pictures of places you are going, drawings, art, sneak previews of clothes, other people wearing your gear, and keep your fans interested.   Example of our newest release we posted!  With all that said. You should be on your way to making new fans getting customers making extra money and setting yourself up to start gaining more traffic.   Bonus Tips:  ‐don’t lie, stay true to your brand  ‐post regularly and put out good content   ‐make sure you put links to your website in messages  ‐don’t focus all your time messaging, start scheduling  ‐interact with fans/customers/potential buyers  ‐ask for feedback/suggestions and use it if necessary  ‐do something with your clothing company daily  ‐don’t just sit around on the internet…hit the street and make your company known  ‐tell everybody you know about your site and all your networks to follow  ‐Make business cards and when you speak to anyone bring it up and give them a card    Closing Statement    Running a clothing company is a fun business that shouldn’t be too stressful. Developing clothes people will wear is one thing but if no one knows about it no one can buy it. Do your homework on brands like Benny Gold, Diamond Supply, Pink Dolphin, Doing Everything Different, Stussy, and all the greats that have made it and understand they have been in the game for 10+ years most of them or they have a big name investor/friend who has helped them grow faster than the norm. Take your time developing a good foundation for the company. Set some goals and look to start reaching them. When it comes to making money get your clothes made right! Don’t sacrifice quality just to get a few more bucks because  you want this to be long term.   If you have any questions feel free to send me (Bobby George) an email at and be sure to grab my other guides and products that may help you in your business.  

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Tip#43 facebook 6 figure list template chapter 2

Facebook PVA Store Tips & Tricks #43 facebook 6 figure list template chapter 2 A Completely unique service to get your foot in the door with any local business instantly: reputation management. I just went through a complete course (business in a box) that explains how to get new clients by offering something no one else is… and how to become a ‘relationship management’ expert overnight. The best part is the bonus on the social network ‘LinkedIn’ ;) I was shocked to see how Jerome uses it to get clients… Untapped Offline Service, And Get Clients Using… LinkedIn? BRILLIANT! The backlink system system used to rank on the first page of Google instantly… The complete system to booking offline clients and beating out every other SEO company… In celebration of his wedding, Mario Brown is giving away all of his courses, valued around $700 for a fraction of the cost. There are a few videos on this page that go over everything: SEO, Backlinks, Offline Clients, Outsourcing And More For A HUGE Discount… Great discount, and congratulations Mario! This WordPress plugin creates professional fully animated facebook fan-pages without coding… Check out the example video to see how it can make yours or you clients fan pages stand out: WordPress Plugin Creates Unique Animated Facebook Fan Pages In Minutes… This is hands down the most unique fan page creation tool I’ve seen yet! Just show the fan pages to a local client and watch them beg you to create one for them. How to turn your clicks into email subscribers just by clicking… How to get ANY affiliate offer approved (even direct linking) How to get a ‘like button’ in facebook ads even if you are […]

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Tip#42 facebook 6 figure list template

Facebook PVA Store Tips & Tricks #42 facebook 6 figure list template Section 1: Email Marketing Theory – Introduction & Motivation (You Can Skip This If You Are Motivated) Odds are you are reading this right now because you received an email. Maybe from me, maybe from one of my affiliates… You saw a subject line that interested you enough to open the message, the body of the email made you click through to the sales page which then sold you enough to open your Paypal account or pull out your credit card and purchase this ebook. Clearly you see firsthand the power of email marketing! Over the last year I built a business from scratch on the Warrior Forum. This entire business is built around email marketing, whether it’s my list or my affiliates – it’s the number one source of traffic and the lifeblood of the business. As you can see above, from March 1>st 2011, till the end of February 2012 I have pulled in $167,538.52 in affiliate commissions. This figure is ONLY affiliate commissions generated by emailing my WSO lists. This does not include any of my own product sales, coaching, upsells, or other sources. The email swipes in this course generated every cent selling other peoples products. The emails generated a total of 13,572 affiliate sales in this time period, average commission per sale was $12.34, and converted at $1.47 per hop. This means I generated $1.47 for every person that clicked on a link in the emails I sent out! The figures below the total are individual promotions. The top 5 affiliate products are shown, from $3,273.50 – $4,915.45. The top product paid a 50% commission which means the […]

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Tip#41 Offline Lead Gen Package on Facebook

Facebook PVA Store Tips & Tricks #41 Offline Lead Gen Package on Facebook Email 1: What’s so special about a page anyway? You may already promote your business with a personal Facebook account, or you may not even use Facebook at all. But if you really want to attract new customers and brand yourself as a trustworthy local business, a dedicated Facebook Pageis your ticket. You see, pages allow you to keep your personal info separate from your business info and they’re public, which means they are visible in the major search engines such as Google and Yahoo, so potential customers can find you when they search online. If you already have a website, that’s great, but the beauty of Pages is how they bring word of mouth to a new level. When people like and share your page with others, their friends are exposed to your business too.And that’s how the word spreads for free, faster than traditional referral marketing. But there are good pages and bad ones. With hundreds of ways to create a page, and plenty of shortcuts, tools and tricks to get the most out of your pages, a Facebook marketing expert can help you get set up for success, even if you’re already on Facebook.   Email 2: Is Facebook just for kids? There is huge assumption that marketing your local business through Facebook is a waste of time, because after all, Facebook is just for kids, right? But statistics say otherwise. In fact, the people aged 35 years and above now represent more than 30% of the entire Facebook crowd and the 55years and above audience grew a staggering 922.7% in 2009 alone. With so many adults on Facebook… […]

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Tip#40 Facebook Affiliate Sales Army

Facebook PVA Store Tips & Tricks #40 Facebook Affiliate Sales Army How To Approach Potential Facebook Affiliate Sales Army Before we actually find and approach potential affiliates, let me just reveal how I think you should keep a record of the ones you find. It will make it a million times easier to keep a record of who you approach and it will enable you to make use of my “follow-up formula” to convince those who take a little extra convincing. Here’s what I do but you may have a better way to keep track. 1. Create a new Excel spreadsheet 2. Have these columns: Name, Contact Details, Date Contacted, Reply Date, Follow-Up Sent, Notes. Here’s what you should put under each field: Name – Put the potential facebook affiliate’s name, surprisingly. It’s not the end of the world if you can’t find it, but it’s a big bonus if you can. Contact Details – Put their email address or a link to a contact form on their website. Date Contacted – Put the date you send them the first email Reply – Put “Yes” in here when you receive a reply. Follow-Up Sent – If you don’t receive a reply then put the date you send a follow up email. Notes – Put any relevant info in this column. For example, some potential affiliate’s reply saying they aren’t available to promote right now but if you email them in a week then they will reconsider. Put that info in here. How To Find Their Contact Details This guide is dependent on you being able to find potential affiliates’ contact details so it makes sense that I include a short section on finding their details. […]

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Tip#39 Facebook Automated Traffic Gusher

PVA Store Tips & Tricks #39 Facebook Automated Traffic Gusher Introduction.. No matter what Internet business model you choose, one thing is absolutely certain: “Without highly targeted traffic visiting your website, your internet business won’t survive.” Visitors to your website are like the oxygen for your business. Think about a brick and mortar store. Suppose nobody ever comes in to look at what’s for sale. That business will shrivel up and die remarkably fast. It’s pretty much the same in the online world. The only difference is that store visitors are people who find your website when they’re searching for something. No matter what you’re selling, the only way you’ll make consistent income is to put your offer in front of people who are highly likely to buy it. But before I go into the traffic methods, I just want to include this very important note to all of you. By promoting Your-Affiliate-Club, you’ll need to have a landing page, squeeze page, blog (whatever) as long as you have your own website and domain name. I’m not going to go through the process of signing up a domain name and hosting account. By having your own website and domain name, you’ll surely benefit a lot in the long term. Example of 1 of my squeeze page promoting YAC: This is an example of 1 of my squeeze page promoting and I’m having great results with it Just a simple looking squeeze-page like this has already pull me in tons of cash. Personally, I don’t really like using the optin form method which requires my visitors to add in their “names” & “email-addresses”, I prefer my visitors to “like” my page on their facebook […]

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Tip#38 Facebook Targeted Traffic Empire

PVA Store Tips & Tricks #38 Targeted Traffic Empire I started out like many did at that time, “Bum Marketing.” I would write a bunch of articles on Ezines, and get conversions as a result, $1000 to $1500 a month. At first, it seemed like great money, a very welcome addition to my bank account each month, as I was working a job with very average wages. Eventually, I decided I wanted more, and so I made the scary decision to venture into Google Adwords My second day, I made $163 and spent $21, and from then on I was hooked on paid traffic Things got better and better from there, & for a five month period starting in October of 2009, I was average $400 a day in profit. Life was really coming together, and I even gave my job notice that I was leaving Then March 9, 2010, it all came crashing down Google basically told me they didn’t want my business anymore, & to get lost. They said the pages I was advertising were “bridge pages,” nothing more than an avenue to get the user to click on a different page. They were the source of my entire business, and just like that, it was gone. Fortunately, I had not left my job yet, and was welcomed to stick around, but that really stung for a long time From there, I got back into SEO, building link after link, getting sites to the first page of Google but never reaching that $400 profit day again. As my 35th birthday approached in March of 2012, I told myself things had to change quick, or else I was going to have to blow up […]

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Tip#37 The Facebook Faceboom

PVA Store Tips & Tricks #37 The Facebook Faceboom Introduction: Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned marketer you should have heard many times: The Money is in the List. Well… there is a reason why everybody and their mums say that and it is because It’s true. The only way for you to build a Real and Long-Term business is with a list! You may have websites ranking in the 1st page of Google, videos in the first page of Youtube, hundreds of twitter accounts, facebook accounts, e-stores, etc etc etc but if you don’t have a list, you don’t have a safe business… why? Because Google changes every day it rules, Youtube, Facebook and Twitter also, and literally overnight you can lose your entire business! heck even the warrior forum can change it rules and you may lose your business if your income are for example Wsos. Your list is yours, you control it, and will be yours forever. With your list you can send traffic literally at the push of a button to any offer, website, affiliate link, cpa, etc… you name it. Why I’m telling you this? Because lots of people seems to don’t understand it, and they end losing time and money! So please… I don’t know if you’re going to take action with this WSO of not, but If you can get only 1 thing of this WSO, please get this: FOCUS ON BUILD YOUR LIST. If you have a list, I don’t care if it is filled with 10 persons or 100000000000, but I can guarantee you that you will always make money with your list. Always. Period. So now that we are both speaking the same […]

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Tip#36 Ultimate 2014 Gameplan with Facebook Ads

PVA Store Tips & Tricks #36 Facebook Face Power Main Guide Generate At Least 100 Leads A Day With Facebook Ads In The Internet Marketing Niche Here’s a drop-dead easy way to generate 100+ leads per day in the Internet Marketing niche using Facebook ads… This is the least complicated way to do it—the most stripped down way to do it. Charles Kirkland and I taught a whole 8-week class on Facebook Ads Listbuilding, so I could fill 100s of pages with my knowledge of Facebook ads, but let’s just get you rockin’ and rollin’ in less than 250 words, shall we? First of all… forget everything you’ve ever learned about Facebook ads. There’s so much bad info about FB ads out there and I’m not sure how much of it you’ve been fed, so just forget all of it for now. They’re making it way more complicated and complex than it needs to be. Step #1: Go here and create a Facebook tracking pixel and put it on your conversion page (set the conversion pixel to track Leads). The conversion pixel must be copied and pasted in between your tags of your conversion page. Step #2: Next go create a simple squeeze page with just a headline and an opt-in box. Here’s a good low-priced squeeze page creator if you need one. Make sure what you give away on this squeeze page is something internet marketers would crawl across broken glass to get. What do I mean by this? I’m talking about free massive graphics packs, 100 (or 1000) free PLR ebooks, a product you normally sell, or something totally insane. You can search Google for “graphics pack giveaway rights.” You could create one […]

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