Buy Facebook PVA Targeted Accounts

We have different options if you’ll Buy Facebook PVA with us, including worldwide and targeted country accounts. Use our targeted solutions to get profiled accounts from USA, Canada, and Europe or any part of the world. Plus you can even request demographics on your accounts like sex, age, country, job, etc. We have already years of experience doing targeted Facebook PVA’s and our quality is simply the best. Buy Facebook PVA only with us so you can be assured that your accounts will last long, we have several thousands of personal accounts that up to now are still working, that’ve made just under a year back. We have conducted a thorough research with our team solving every minute discrepancies of the various factors why accounts are still getting blocked even if it was phone verified, and we came up an open loophole with their system. Much more easier than the past even more, now we can revert back disabled accounts, unblock easily block accounts to fresh accounts, so there is no end with the life of your PVA’s here. And we don’t ask additional payments in recovering your disabled accounts – all are guaranteed free within 90 days span of time.
Buy Facebook PVA Targeted Country Accounts
We keep all the sim cards in our vault and named it after your Paypal name from the Paypal transaction invoice slip, so it will be secured and safe, ready to grab those if you need re-verification of accounts. We can re-verify accounts faster than any other providers out there because we are not re-sellers who will contact their providers to do so. In our case we can re-verify accounts in just 30 minutes or less depending on the numbers of accounts needed to re-verify. You can shoot a mail to support, live chat or through Skype if you want a re-verification services, as long as we’re online we will queue your request on the technical department for re-opening back your accounts. We are maintaining the quality of our support team regularly inorder to meet customers satisfaction, we even value recommendations and suggestions in improving our system of support so we can upgrade and implement the suggestion if we’ve decide it’s possible and effective in the improvement of our company. Your identity are never be shared or use it to spam emails with new offers we have, we value our every clientele and our promise is our duty. As Facebook frequently upgrading their security systems and their are some instances that orders are delayed for a reason. Examples for this is sms verification system downtime, Facebook network maintenance that can lessen the productivty during account creation and some few company factors like sim cards delivery delayed, power failure, holidays and etc. But we will send you a notification whenever we receive any of these hurdles in our Facebook Phone Verified Account Creation. Buy Facebook PVA with us only, so you can assure that you’ll receive the best!

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Richard Braggs

Many asks us that why we only have a few likes on our Facebook PVA Store Fan Page? Well we have made dozens of fan pages already but Facebook always delete our page because you know our business is against to their TOS. But nothing can stop us from proving YOU a reliable Facebook Phone Verified Accounts because
we care!

Why Choose Us

  • We are the only sole provider of Facebook PVA’s in the market today that can give you secure and reliable accounts
  • We have a fast turn around to any orders we’ve received
  • We have a 24/7 support
  • We offer a 90 days FREE re-verification
  • We offer to revert back disabled accounts or a replacements