This method is closely guarded which involves:
(1) Facebook Keywords selection
(2) Facebook SEO (search engine optimization)
(3) How to build Viral Facebook pages

Done well, this will be the main pillar of your Facebook business ventures, it’s where most of your traffic come from and with traffic, a percentage of it will convert into sales.

Facebook Marketing is a strategy of advertising your business through the social site. It implies using the site to help your company grow, expand and increase traffic. This is a form of social marketing, where people can make use of Facebook as a modern way of communicating with customers. It is a new opportunity through which people are able to promote their goods, offer services and introduce their company to the public through one of the most popular websites.

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Richard Braggs

A business owner has available various ways to promote his product using Facebook. He can either create a special fan page, to post all the new things about the company or create a special profile for it. Posting photos, videos, updating the status, offering promotions, organizing competitions with prizes and having constant activity are important methods attracting more customers.

What is more, anyone who posts something on the Facebook wall and receives “likes” from people will have the popularity of his fan page automatically increased. This will remain in the people’s chronology as well as on their profiles; therefore, it is very easy to reach everyone with just a click. Not to mention that when someone likes a fan page, all their virtual friends will see what they “liked” and maybe they will “like” it too and so on.

The possibilities are infinite and the Facebook Page’s potential is huge.

Facebook Pages and its SEO effect

Now, let’s look back at the initial 4 steps you need to adhere to in order to increase profits on Facebook, creating Facebook pages is the 3rd and the MOST important step.

When creating Facebook pages, make sure they are properly built for your business goals. Such a page has to cover subjects that you’re interested in and not include generic stuff. The greatest thing about this procedure is that you are able to create multiple pages for various businesses and products. Moreover, this kind of pages can be ranked by Google and other search engines too.

So if you have a Facebook page that has people constantly “talking about it”, adding a link back to your own website should add some desired SEO power to it and increase your website traffic. How much traffic to your website will depend on how much traffic you attract to your Facebook page.

So what is our business goal exactly? It is to get traffic, targeted and untargeted. Once we get the traffic, we are going to convert them into sales and both types of traffic will convert into sales but at different rates and ratios.

The method to be revealed next will be getting high volumes of this kind of traffic. Who are we targeting exactly? People who visit Facebook because they are BORED.

Top 7 Reasons why people visit Facebook

Let’s have a look at some of the most common reasons why most people visit Facebook;

1. They get inspirational and want to express their thoughts on their Facebook wall.
2. To observe what their relatives or friends are doing.
3. For playing games, and engage in some other activities for leisure.
4. Checking out posts and comments from their friends and other people.
5. Check for new business / career opportunities or current news affairs.
6. For sharing good or bad news with their Facebook friends
7. They are feeling bored and Facebook is the only website in their mind to visit out of habit.

Most of us can find a mix and match of the above as our personal reasons for using Facebook. For this project, we will target reason number 7 : They are feeling bored and Facebook is the only website in their mind to visit out of habit.

So what we need to do now is to find out what people love to do while they’re bored online. Several things might come into your mind but for this project, we are targeting one of the EVERGREEN and easily viral theme which has been popular since its invention… we call it “The Ultimate Secret“.

The Ultimate Secret!

So what is the kind of Facebook page anyone of us can make right now that can go viral? Make a guess out of the three below.

Is it this? Screenshot of 29 million likes from Red Bull Facebook Page. Can you make a product that goes viral like this easily?

Or is it this? Skittles with its amazing online viral campaigns. Can you mirror it easily? 22 million likes and counting.

Or this? A 1.3 million Facebook page sharing funny pictures?

The Ultimate Secret Revealed

Not many of us has an awesome product like Red Bull which gives people wings.

Not many of us has a chocolate factory which can be found globally.

But most of us appreciate a good laugh, don’t we?

Still doubtful of the power of laughter?

How does 61 thousand likes in a few months fare in your eyes?

To us, it’s totally awesome. That’s a lot of traffic potential.

Still not convinced? Here’s one shocking photo that could be the showstopper…

One hour, 233 likes, 34 shares in a 60,000+ Facebook

This is just a photo of two lizards doing what I suppose is a battle dance, and with its clever caption, this Facebook page managed to get 233 people to LIKE this photo and SHARE it 34 times within an hour. This is with just 60k+ likes to its page.

That’s just for starters. Still not convinced? Are you ready for a shocker? This could turn your World upside down, from non-believer to active participant.

The next photo will reveal just how powerful this Ultimate Secret is!

2 hours, 5710 likes, 1116 shares, 38 comments!

This is a Facebook page with 1.3 million likes and it is frighteningly viral. Can you imagine having this sort of VIRAL power? Can you imagine how much potential sales you could gather if you HAVE one of these Facebook page as an admin?

As admin of your Facebook Page, you are in charge of WHAT to put in, WHEN to put in and WHICH post you want to stick an advertisement in. You can even stop others from posting on your Facebook page so you can get all the attention from your Fans. But there is a very important point here which makes this secret so powerful. The one which makes it so that anyone could start it WITHOUT the wings from Red Bull or the viral campaigns from Skittles….

The Ultimate Facebook Page Leverage

Noticed the most important word in this picture? Yes, it’s the word SHARED!

It is the one word that could save you some time for every post and tons of time every day thinking of original contents and funny stuff to post. Instead of spending hours creating one single post about something funny, here’s the shortcut, find a source and SHARE it!

In this example, it shows WTF magazine’s photo being shared. So what is WTF magazine? Is it a website? No… Make a guess… YES, it’s ANOTHER Facebook Page!

3 hours, 1255 likes, 1708 shares, 30 comments in only a 53k+ Page

This what happened in the span of 3 hours.

Funny Pics Facebook Page shared a photo 2 hours ago from WTF Magazine Facebook Page

WTF magazine first shared it an hour earlier about 3 hours ago.

About 8000 people liked it within a span of 3 hours with around 3000 shares and about 70 comments in between. This means there are thousands of times this is seen in people’s news feeds. If a person has an average of 130 friends, that means HUNDREDS of thousands of people have seen this!

Funny Pics managed to get Viral by SHARING OTHER PEOPLE’S CONTENT and the magical thing is that it is actually ENCOURAGED in the Facebook platform because of the SHARE function.

Now…Have you seen the potential yet?

Good Luck!
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