Facebook PVA Store Tips & Tricks #42

facebook 6 figure list template

Facebook Face Power Basic Concepts

Section 1:
Email Marketing Theory –
Introduction & Motivation (You Can Skip This If You Are Motivated) Odds are you are reading this right now because you received an email.
Maybe from me, maybe from one of my affiliates…
You saw a subject line that interested you enough to open the message, the body of the email made you click through to the sales page which then sold you enough to open your Paypal account or pull out your credit card and purchase this ebook. Clearly you see firsthand the power of email marketing!

facebook 6 figure list template

Over the last year I built a business from scratch on the Warrior Forum.
This entire business is built around email marketing, whether it’s my list or my affiliates – it’s the number one source of traffic and the lifeblood of the business.

As you can see above, from March 1>st 2011, till the end of February 2012 I have pulled in $167,538.52 in affiliate commissions. This figure is ONLY affiliate commissions generated by emailing my WSO lists. This does not include any of my own product sales, coaching, upsells, or other sources. The email swipes in this course generated every cent selling other peoples products.

The emails generated a total of 13,572 affiliate sales in this time period, average commission per sale was $12.34, and converted at $1.47 per hop. This means I generated $1.47 for every person that clicked on a link in the emails I sent out! The figures below the total are individual promotions. The top 5 affiliate products are shown, from $3,273.50 – $4,915.45. The top product paid a 50% commission which means the emails I sent out promoting it generated a total of $9,830.90 in sales!

These numbers are completely possible for any newbie to achieve…
When the affiliate program was launched, I had a list of around 2,000 subscribers. As of right now, at the time of this writing my WSO list is just over 11,000:

facebook 6 figure list template

I’ve had as many as 18,000 subscribers on my list, but current active subscribers are 11,469 (after bounces and unsubscribes).

I will be going over the methods I used to build this list from 2,000 to over 18,000 in under a year in this course. FYI Less than half of my subscribers are people who bought one of my products, so if you are afraid of product creation, don’t worry!

The sales methods I go over in this course are not the only methods. There are many different ‘styles’ that cater to different markets and experience levels.Some like to build a solid relationship with subscribers before pitching a high priced product, others such as myself prefer to use the ‘hard sell’ approach and generate as much money from a subscriber as possible before they unsub. The hard sell method works well if you are new and can generate quick cash, but it can burn through a subscriber base quickly if you are not careful. All the principals I am going over have been split tested and proven to increase deliverability, open rates, click-through rates, and of course sale conversions.

And with that said, let’s get started with the meat and potatoes!

Get Them To Buy Stuff: Sales Message & Conversion Rate

Before getting into how to generate leads and send effective emails, I’m going to go over how to pick offers to sell and how to get them to convert. It may seem backward that I present it in this order, but it’s important you know how to analyze a market and look for key selling points before you go out and start generating leads and sending emails. In order for you to collect the right leads, you need to know about the market place and what you’re selling!

To start off you need to look at the market place as a whole. In any marketplace, the top 10% of products will generate 90% of the sales and it’s important to know which products are hot sellers, and which are not.

The key metric I use when determining how strong a product is and whether I will promote it is EPC or earnings per click. This can also be described as $/visitor, $/hop, and visitor value. The EPC is how much you earn for every person you send to an offer. To calculate it you take the conversion rate and multiply it by the price. Say for example there is a product converting at 10% and the price is $10..

$10 Price X 10% Conversion = $1 EPC
Now some offers will have backend products, and upsells that also pay a commission. I find a lot of people mistakenly just add up the EPC’s off all the offers and call it the ‘combined EPC’, however that is incorrect. The formula to calculate the total EPC for that offer is as follows:
(P1*C1) + ((P*C2 )*C1)
P1= Price of first ‘front end’ product
C1 = Conversion rate of first ‘front end’ product
P2 = Price of second ‘OTO’ product
C2 = Conversion rate of Second ‘OTO’ product

Basically only people who buy the first product are seeing the OTO, so you have to multiply the conversion of the front end product by the EPC of the upsell.

This is very important, the example that follows will illustrate why.
Let’s say you can choose between two products to promote. The first product, we’ll call it product X, has no upsell or OTO and is converting at 10%. This product’s price is $17, so it has an EPC of $1.70.

Now there is a second product, we’ll call it product Y, which is also converting at 10%, but the price is $7 and has a $47 upsell converting at 20%. The front end product has an EPC of $0.70 and the OTO has an EPC of $9.40!

So which product should we promote? At first glance the huge $9.40 EPC and 20% conversion is very attractive, and the front end product for product Y is converting at 10%, same as product X.

If you make the mistake of adding the EPC’s you’ll mistakenly say that product Y has a combined EPC of $10.10 and is the better offer……But when you apply my formula of multiplying the front end conversion by the back end EPC (since only people who bought the front end product will ever see the OTO) you’ll realize the combined EPC is actually $1.64.

That’s slightly less than the $1.70 EPC of product X!
This may be obvious to some, and irrelevant to others, but let me give you a real life example on the next page…

facebook 6 figure list template

This screen is from Warrior Plus and shows the conversions and EPC’s for WSO’s that have launched on a particular day. I have highlighted the two offers I liked and was deciding between promoting. The first one has an EPC of $2.13, the second one had a front end EPC of $1.16, and an EPC of $5.34 on the OTO.

When you apply my formula to the second offer you get a combined EPC of $1.74, which means even though it has a great OTO that is converting at 31%… I made an extra $0.39 per visitor by promoting the first offer instead! That may not seem like much, but when you are sending thousands of visitors, it adds up (especially if you are buying the traffic, $0.39 can mean the difference between a profitable campaign, and a loss)!

Ok so we found an offer in a market that has the highest EPC in the marketplace… The next step is to pull out the most compelling sales element of that particular offer. You want something that is unique to the marketplace, and
is a hot topic. The best way to understand this is to study the emails I have included in this guide. Compare my subject lines and email body to the offers I am promoting, you will see that I always pull out one major benefit of the product and focus the email around that benefit. I do briefly mention other benefits, however as you will learn in a later section, I like to keep my emails short 

When you promote an offer as an affiliate, the product vendor usually pays you a percentage of the sale. Some advertisers will pay on a per lead basis, but in the WSO world it is exclusively an ‘earnings per sale’ model. Most offers in the WSO marketplace pay a 50% commission to the affiliate (this is also the standard I use for my products). Every time I promote an offer as an affiliate I ask for a commission increase, and 9 times out of 10 I get it. Just by sending a simple email message I am usually able to increase my commission rate to 75% and
occasionally 100%.

Increasing my commissions from 50% to 75% is a 50% increase in revenue… So if you can pull in $100k a year in affiliate commission, just by sending this simple email to product vendors you can make an extra $50k a year!
This is the verbatim message I send product vendors before I promote:Hey (Product Owner),

I just requested to be an affiliate for your latest product and was hoping I can get approved and a bump on the commission to 75%.

I can drive a good a number of sales from my buyers list and other paid traffic sources if the epc is high enough. These are the results of two past promotions as an affiliate:
Thanks in advance.
– Reilly
Now I always provide a screen shot of the stats from previous promotions to entice the vendor to give me the bump. When you’re starting out you won’t have such screen shots, but it still does not hurt to ask. Follow the advice I am giving in this guide and you will have some stats to show in no time 

Get Your Emails Delivered: Deliverability
When you send spam you quickly learn the importance of deliverability and just how difficult it is to get your messages into the inbox. For spammers it’s a numbers game, send as many emails as you can and test different copy to see what generates clicks. It doesn’t take many emails before the sever you are sending them from get’s blacklisted and all your messages get sent to the spam box, or worse, don’t show up at all!

Now of course this ebook is not about sending spam, but legitimate (and legal) email marketing. 99% of deliverability issues are handled by using a reputable auto-responder company and always going for double opted in subscribers. I recommend using multiple auto responder companies, simply because every company’s deliverability will change over time. Their IP’s and servers do occasionally get blacklisted, and if your mail is getting sent from a blacklisted server you don’t have a chance of your email getting delivered!

You usually have no control over which server gets used when you send an email blast with one of the major auto responder companies. This is why some emails you send will get inboxed and some won’t, it’s a crap shoot everytime! By using multiple AR companies, you spread the risk and increase your overall deliverability rate.

Now using a good auto-responder is only half the battle with deliverability.
There are a few more pitfalls than can send your email straight to the spam box.
The trouble is, these things are not always picked up by the ‘spam tests’ autoresponders provide you:

facebook 6 figure list template

According to aweber’s spam test, this email is good to send. If you read it in the picture above, the subject is ‘fat loss pills’ with the body of the email containing nothing but spammy keywords and a link to adultfriendfinder.com.

There is also no text version of the email, only HTML…
This is the spammiest email I could come up with and aweber claims it is ok to send! Moral of the story, don’t always trust the ‘spam test’ software when sending emails.

According to mailchimp.com, these are the most common ‘spam errors’ their users make when trying to send an email:
1. BODY: HTML has a low ratio of text to image area (1,217 matches)
2. BODY: Message only has text/html MIME parts (971)
3. BODY: HTML has a low ratio of text to image area (729)
4. BODY: HTML and text parts are different (625)
5. Subject is all capitals (324)
6. BODY: HTML and text parts are different (279)
7. BODY: HTML: images with 2400-2800 bytes of words (211)

I never use images in my emails, nor do I ever send attachments. Most email clients have the ability to block images for the end client, and in my experience all text emails convert higher than having images in the email. An old spam trick was to send nothing but an image, since spam filters could not use OCR to read the text in the images. ISP’s are aware of this tactic and as you can see from the list above, the most common mistakes are to have too much of an image as opposed to text in your email. Not using images at all cuts down on most mistakes.

#5 is using a subject line with ALL CAPS. I find this also to be the case in the body copy of the email, you want to avoid ‘shouting’ in your email. BESIDES, NO ONE WANTS TO READ SOMETHING WRITTEN IN ALL CAPS!!!!!!!!!! (Too many punctuation marks is another spam flag)

In fact if you can, avoid using exclamation points and dollar signs all together. This is especially true for subject lines, and as you will see in the next section of this ebook, I usually prefer to use question marks in my subjects.

#2 and #6 have to do with the different parts of the email. The simplest explanation is that every email you send has 2 parts, an all text version and an HTML version. You will see this when setting up a message in your autoresponder, they will have 2 fields to fill out. It’s important to fill out both with the same message. Some email clients only understand text, while other will display full HTML versions. Make sure you have both!

So use a solid AR company, use double opt-in, no images, don’t use all caps, avoid exclamation points, avoid dollar signs, and make sure you have both the text and HTML versions of messages with the same letter…

The last flag is often the most important… And that’s to avoid spammy words! Now a quick note before I get into
‘spammy words’ a huge mistake people make is try to mask the word. For example if I want to use the word ‘Viagra’ in an email, I could spell it via.gra, vi@gra, or many other combinations to trick the spam algorithm.
This is a trick used by many spammers for years, and most spam filters have already caught on. If you try to mask the word, you’re actually making it worse for yourself than having said it on some filters. After all why would you try to mask the word if not to get past spam filters?

Here is a short list of words to avoid when writing your emails:

These are the basics with deliverability; at the end of the day you need to opt-into your own lists with emails from many different providers and see for yourself which ones get inboxed, and which ones get flagged as spam.

Get Your Emails Read: The Subject Line & Open Rates
So we got our emails into our prospects inbox, now we have to get them read it! Let’s dissect how this happens:

facebook 6 figure list template

Above is a screen shot of my Gmail inbox… Every inbox has a different layout but most have the same elements. The first thing you see is the sender, who the message came from. I have tested my open rates and just using the name ‘Reilly’ as opposed to ‘Jimmy Reilly’, ‘James Reilly’, ‘Reilly Labs’ or other combinations has had a slight, but statistically significant increase in open rates.

What name you use will have to be tested on an individual basis, but I recommend using a real name. Not a company name, or a website name, but the name of an actual person. Keep this name different from other emails, for example my support emails show up as ‘Reilly Labs Support’ this way support messages are not missed.

The next thing the reader sees is of course the subject line. Bear in mind however, in Gmail right after the subject line you see the first line of the body of the email…

Most marketers start the email with ‘hey (name)’, a dead giveaway that it’s a sales pitch. Most people when filling out a form do not give their real names and if they do, it’s not the name people usually refer to them as. For example, when getting an email from a friend I’d usually be called Jimmy, but on forms where name is required I will use the name James, or just Reilly. This is a dead giveaway that the email is a mass mail, so unless you are calling the person by a name they will respond too, just leave out the name in the emails.

You will notice all of the emails in the swipe file go right into the sales pitch with no introduction, or complete a sentence started by the subject.

Short subject lines have a higher open rate than longer subjects in my experience and ending the subject with a question mark or ‘…’ also has a significant improvement on open rates. These are all things to keep in mind when
crafting your email.

To start off with you need to have your ‘hook’ in mind. This is the unique element in the offer we are promoting as I described in the last section. Odds are your subscribers are subscribed to many of your competitors and receive multiple sales emails a day. You need to stand out from the generic subject lines in order to get clicked, you need to be controversial and you need to shock them out of their ‘zombie state’. It starts with a unique benefit, for example if I were promoting a product on SEO, I could use one of the following:

“How to do SEO in 3 steps”
“Shocking SEO secrets the gurus don’t want you to know”
“Stolen SEO secrets from Google insiders that can rank your site on page 1”

These are fairly generic headlines that can be used as subject lines, each one slightly better and more shocking than the last. The trouble is, all of our competitors who do internet marketing have read the same copywriting courses we have and use these same ‘shocking’ headlines. Our subscribers have been bombarded with sales message like these and are almost blind to them.

I prefer to be real with my subscribers and keep subject lines short, simple, specific and unique. The way you do this is by taking one unique benefit from the product you are promoting and write a simple blurb. For example an SEO product:
“bing gets more traffic then google?”
“common backlinks that hurt your ranking?”
“plugin generates thousands of backlinks on auto-pilot…”

I prefer to generate curiosity in my subscribers rather than greed or hype in the subject, if they are curious the will open the email which is the sole goal of the subject line. Bear in mind, your subject needs to be relevant to the body of the email and the offer you are trying to promote. For example three of my best open rates came from these subjects:

“Legal Warning (wordpress sites)…”
“we’re all about to be sued…”
“bad news…”

These three subjects had the highest open rate out of any emails I have sent. Mention anything ‘legal’ in a subject line, and there is no way the subscriber won’t open it (old spamming trick). The only thing is it has to be relevant to your email. The first subject was selling a WordPress plugin that generates all proper TOS and privacy policies for blogs, and the second was a package of legal disclaimers for off liners. Both offers converted extremely well. The subject ‘bad news..’ can be used more liberally, but you can only use it every so often with a
group of subscribers.

In the end, the best way to learn how to write good subject lines is to test them out yourself! Most auto-responders allow you to split test your broadcast messages. This means you can send two different variations to your list, and see which subject line generated the highest open rate. Use the included swipe files as inspiration, and start testing!

Get Them To See The Offer: Body Copy & Click-through Rates
Once the user has received and opened your email, your next goal is twofold:

Get them to click through to the offer you are trying to sell…
Pre-sell the offer to increase your sales conversions…

The trick to pre-selling an offer is to know what features and benefits mentioned in the end products sales letter are the most appealing to your prospects. This is something you will learn from experience as you send traffic to
different offers and the best way to figure this out for a particular market is to test. ALWAYS send two emails every time you broadcast for a split test. Half your list gets one email, half gets the other email. Testing out different features in the copy will give you proof as to which product features resonate the most in your market. The most unique, and often contradictory features are the ones that will be a hit. Such as:
“these backlinks actually hurt your SEO”
“Steal clients from other marketers on facebook”
“software hacks Google to drive more traffic”
Most of my tests confirm that shorter, to the point emails convert better than long copy emails. If you are going to use a long email, place a link high in the copy so the user can click through quickly. A second link can be used towards the bottom of the email to capture those who needed more selling. I rarely go over 2 links in any email and you should never go over 3 links in order to stay spam compliant.

In my tests, I found using longer link text increases click-throughs and ultimately conversions. For example:
‘The ultimate SEO backlink training…’ Instead use…
‘These 3 backlinks alone will skyrocket your ranking overnight (video proof)’

You will find in the swipe files that my link text gradually gets longer as time went on. In summary use short emails that hammer in on one or two unique features about the product, and a long link to get them to click through to the offer.

One important tactic I use in most of my emails is to mention something specific on the sales letter in order to get them to read as much of it as possible. If the sales letter is converting and has a high EPC, it will do its job of selling the prospect. Lines such as:
‘check out the video here to see how it works’
‘watch the video here, at 2:45 he reveals this awesome trick’
‘Towards the end of the copy he reveals what this is all about’

Give them something specific to look for in the sale letter so they spend time reading it, and specific points in a video like in the second line. You will find most of the emails in the swipe files use this tactic.

Get Them On Your List: Lead Generation
I could write an entire course just on generating optin’s (if this is something you’d be interested in, please let me know!). In this section I want to briefly go over a few of the methods I use to generate a constant stream of new leads every day.

There are a number of different types of customer in every market. In the WSO world I usually categorize customers into ‘serious business owners’ and ‘WSO junkies’. Serious business owners have cash to spend, usually make decent
money online and a handful are full timers who have quit their day jobs. My strategy with the higher caliber customer is to sell high ticket coaching programs and higher priced software solutions. These are harder to target as they are savvier and usually require a bit more experience to deal with. They love software solutions that automate their everyday tasks and coaching that can help them in areas they are less experienced in order to grow.

The ‘WSO junkie’ customers are the easiest to target. From my stats I can tell you many will buy as many as 7-10 WSO’s a week, will rarely finish the product and almost never take any real action. They tend to be the serial
refunder’s, they complain, and can be a pain in the ass to deal with. I find a lot of these customers burn out quickly and will quit internet marketing after 6 months having claimed ‘they tried everything and WSO’s, or internet marketing in general doesn’t work’.

The rabid ‘junky’ buyers that we are targeting react on impulse, and buy on hype. They want quick, easy money, they are afraid of anything technical. Odds are they are going to be buying the products you see getting launched everyday with the highest high conversions, so why not make sure they do it through your affiliate link?
My strategy with this target market is to mail often and sell hard. List the benefits, lots of hype with short emails to drive pre-sold traffic to a converting sales letter.

Every prospect on your list has a life expectancy, and a value that decays over time. Very few of your leads will stay on your list over a long period and buy everything you promote, which is why my strategy is to sell as much as possible and mail 1-2 times a day on the highest converting offers.

It’s important to keep your target in mind when you go out and generate leads. If you use the right strategy but for the wrong market, you will get nowhere! For example, if you use a higher priced product launch strategy on a list of ‘WSO junkies’ who love $7 products, you are not going to have great results.

The same goes for pitching hyped up $7 products to coaching students who paid you 4 figures for private coaching, it will ruin your reputation and they are not likely to buy in the first place. You need to sell the right product to the right customer.

The easiest and oldest way to generate leads is with a squeeze page. The squeeze page gets its name from the idea that you are ‘squeezing information’ out of the prospect. You offer the prospect something of value, and in return they provide you with their email address. In the WSO market there are a few ways you can use this ageless strategy to collect leads:

Put an opt-in box on your main site and publish content relating to the warrior forum. Then rank for WSO related keywords, including product and vendor names. For example you can rank for the keyword ‘Jimmy Reilly’ and ‘The 6 Figure List Template’ by publishing a review of this very course on your blog and generating backlinks with those keywords as the anchor text. Products from top vendors can generate thousands of sales, and some customers will search for the product name to get reviews before buying. This will allow you to capture ‘presold WSO
buyer’ traffic to your list.

Another simple and effective strategy is to publish your own WSO’s (or products on other marketplaces like Clickbank) to generate a list of buyers. This is clearly the best source of leads and will convert the highest for you. Selling quality products for a premium price and paying affiliates to promote would generate the highest lead quality, followed by releasing a low priced (even as low as $1) report, and the lowest quality leads comes from offering a ‘free report’ in the marketplace to get the prospects to opt in. If you’re considering giving away a free report, try selling for just $1 to increase the lead quality!

Many other products have been written on ranking review sites and product creation, they are hands down the oldest and still most effective way to generate a list of buyers in any market for email marketing. I want to go over a
few less common methods for generating leads:

One of the ways I have been generating leads lately is by offering bonuses on other people’s product launches. You simply provide the vendor with your auto-responder code and let them give the product away to their customers.
When you have a solid list, it pays to offer a mailing for the vendor without commission in exchange for putting your bonus on their thank you page. This way they generate free sales, and you generate leads from his other traffic sources.

You don’t always need a squeeze page to collect the lead. Building useful software and requiring registration is a great way to build a list. This is exactly how I built my initial list of 2,000 subscribers, and all of my old WSO’s were software that allows others to do the same. Build the application so after the user installs it, the tool is locked and can’t be used. Require the user to register it, which they do by opting into your list right in the software and you send them an activation code. This converts way higher than a squeeze page since the prospect
has already gone through the trouble of downloading and installing the software. Tools like this can be outsourced for as little as $300 on elance.

This method can be applied to any product, even ebooks. Simply zip your product in a password protected zip file and include a text file that contains a link to your squeeze page. After they optin you can send them the password to the zip file so they can access the product. This works better when offering a bonus as the product vendor can simply send the end product as opposed to having the optin form on their thank you page.

Section 2:
Swipe Files –
How To Use These Swipes
These are raw email swipes pulled from my auto-responder account during the period where I pulled in over $168k in affiliate commissions. I haven’t altered them in anyway, and they are sorted in reverse chronological order. The open rates, click through rates, subject line, body copy, and live link are all included.

Now you could copy and paste the highest converting emails as is, and just replace the link with your affiliate link if you wanted to pull out quick cash from a list… But it’s more important that you learn the principles being used in these emails, and use them as ‘inspiration’ for your own copywriting.

How These Swipes Are Organized
I have included the entire content from all the emails, as well as open and click through data. The example below outlines where everything is:

facebook 6 figure list template

BODY: Just finished testing this new software the automatically gets you .gov AND .edu backlinks…

Works on any system, check out the video here to see it in action:

Push Button Software Steals .EDU and .GOV Backlinks Instantly *Proof*…

You own blogs or charge offline clients to run the software for their sites, it’s a no brainer.

– Reilly

The remainder of this book will be the actual email swipes for you to go through and learn. Let me finish here by thanking you again for picking up this course, and if you have any questions feel free to drop me a line a reilly@reillylabs.com

facebook 6 figure list template

I just finished testing out a new plugin that installs pop-ups on any WordPress blog – List building option…

Exit Pop…
Video Pop Ups (Huge)

Now this can be used to in crease the conversions of any sales page/landing page or sell this feature to local businesses on their own WordPress blogs.

NO ONE is offering video pop-ups and list-building exit pops to local businesses, things that are guaranteed to increase their sites conversions…

This video goes into all the details:

Video Pop-ups, List Building Exit Pops, And Tons More Features Will Increase Your Conversions (Or Your Clients) And Fill Your Pockets…

Not every day you find two solid pieces of software being offered!

Try these pop-ups on your landing pages, split test them in and you will see the difference. Or, you can split test a clients landing page and guarantee them an increase in visitor conversion.

facebook 6 figure list template

This is the most complete backlinking solution I’ve seen…

The software will run 24/7 harvesting and posting backlinks to yours or your clients site propelling them to the front page of Google overnight.

More importantly, since it can run forever, your page will be cemented on the first page!

You have to at least check out this video to see how this software works and where it gets backlinks:

24/7 Backlink Posting With This Push Button Software – Charge Clients Huge MonthFees For Unlimited Daily Backlinks…

The developer license will allow you to use it on you clients blogs/sites! Easily charge clients $497 a month to keep this software running for them, building backlinks!

facebook 6 figure list template

This brand new software will generate QR tags for local businesses that automatically like their fan page and send them a coupon right to their phone…

This is huge, just check out the video here, you have to see it to believe it:

Software Generates QR Tags That Like FanPages And Generate Coupons… HUGE And Untapped For Offline Clients…

This is great for offline businesses, or just creating flyers top build an affiliate list for CPA offers.

facebook 6 figure list template

Everyone sells businesses on SEO, squeeze pages, fan pages and all ‘front-end’ online marketing…

My buddy Steve has just released a course on how he sells your clients on a simple system that takes what you’ve done for them, and puts it on steroids!

The video here explains what I’m talking about:

Guaranteed $2,500 Check This Week Selling Untapped Strategy To Local Businesses… (Never Seen Before)

Businesses won;t pay much for a website or SEO… But these strategies will actually increase the businesses bottom line and Steve has been charging a fortune for this under-sold service.

And he is willing to guarantee your first check this week…

facebook 6 figure list template

Facebook will suspend fan pages, and Google factors this into their rankings when indexing a site – Legal Compliance!

Odds are your and your clients websites are not compliant with Google’s, Facebook’s and other sites terms of service…

Not having the proper Privacy Policy, Terms of service, disclaimers and a few other little known pages can negatively effect your sites ranking and put you at risk with paypal, facebook, clickbank and any other service provider.

Now I just installed a new plugin on all my blogs that handles everything at the click of a button – an all in one ‘compliance’ plugin.

Check this video out to see how this works:

One Click Plugin Installs Needed And Overlooked Legal Pages To Yours Or Your Clients Websites (Untapped Much Needed Service)…

Charging offline clients to install this plugin on their blogs will be an invaluable service (as 90% of the sites I see from clients are missing these important pages). Easily charge a few hundred bucks for 5 minutes work :)

facebook 6 figure list template

How would you like to earn $1,000 or more with each ‘viral’ Facebook fan page you set up… guaranteed?

My buddy Fuad has been building simple Fan Pages to generate thousands of viral hits to his Amazon affiliate pages and banking some serious money with this simple system…

Now they’ll guarantee this Fan Page method will make you four figure paydays on Amazon, but imagine the money that could be made selling viral fan pages to offline businesses, or using it to build a list and promote CPA offers or Clickbank products!

Check out the video here for proof on how this works:

Viral Fan Pages Generate $1,000+ In Amazon Affiliate Commissions On Auto-Pilot…
*Video Proof*

Facebook is still hot, and with the right offer and targeting, you can generate massive amounts of buyer traffic.

facebook 6 figure list template

Backlinks are the number 1 factor in your SEO efforts, you can never get enough!

The process can be tedious but Jeremy Kelsall has just released a WordPress Plugin that automates the entire process…

The video here will show you how to get yours or your clients sites to page one with the push of a button:

Instant Page 1 Ranking With The WordPress Plugin That Generates Thousands Of Backlinks On Auto-Pilot…

Make sure you grab the developer license, install it on yours and your offline clients WordPress sites for an immediate boost in rank.

facebook 6 figure list template

How would you like to put a video advertisement on links to OTHER peoples sales pages and sites?

My buddy Martin has just released new link shortening software that adds a pop-over ad to any site you link too –

And has included membership capabilities! That means you could set this up on your site and charge users for this service (or even offline clients).

Check out the video here to see how it works:

Link Shortening Software Creates Video Advertisements On Outside Links.. Membership Software Included…

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Google’s Panda update is all about content, including blog comments. A blog with active comment will be ranked higher than others…

I just tested this new plugin that automates original comment posting on your blog and saw an immediate boost in rankings.

This plugin alone can help boost you to the first page overnight.

Check the video here to see how it works:

WordPress Plugin Ranks On The First Page Of Google Using Fake Auto-Mated Blog Commenting To Trick The Panda Update…

The response from this software has been incredible, Tim’s software automates the entire process of making money as an Amazon affiliate…

The video explains how this works:

Guaranteed Affiliate Income With Automated Amazon Software…

More software to come, and a private coaching opportunity for a limited number of customers…

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Shoppers trust Amazon.com, and their sales pages convert like crazy! Tim Atkinson has just released his Amazon affiliate training program, but the real value here is the software…

I got to test drive the software and it automates EVERYTHING!

This is as push button easy as it gets, and with just a little bit of creativity, you make a lot of money with this powerful tool.

Check out the video here:

Software Automates Your Amazon Affiliate Business And Generates Sales Immediately…

Great content in the training plus fully automated software solution makes this an easy way to bank with Amazon.

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QR Tag consultants make BIG bucks in the offline world…

This is still a hot topic and isn’t going anywhere any time soon (just look at the search trends on Google insights).

I just picked up a complete QR tag business in a box:

QR Tag generating software…

Sales Presentation…

Lead Generating Site…

This is everything you need to get up and running and make your first 4 figure check in 24 hours guaranteed. The video here goes through all the details:

QR Tag Software, Lead Gen Site, Sales Pitch, PLR Rights, Sales Video… Business In A Box *Video Proof*

Jump all over this, if you have yet to book any clients, use this as an ice breaker and lead gen… If you have a solid client book, squeeze extra dollars out of each one with this package.

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This is a brilliant way to get offline businesses to call you and close them 100% of the time…

Dave Iago reveals how he hijacks offline businesses ads to get them to call him begging to send him a 4 figure check.

Oh, and this is ONE tactic in a huge course on offline marketing that is guaranteed to make you $1,000 A DAY offline…

Check it out here:
$1,000 A Day Offline By Hijacking Businesses Ads? *Proof*…
Also this has become the fastest selling plugin I’ve seen…
The coupon craze is alive and well (not going anywhere either)
Add QR tags to the mix and you have a powerful tool for offline and online marketing:

Coupons And QR Tags WordPress Plugin That Will Have Offline Businesses Throwing Money At You Like A $2 Stripper…

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Both online and offline marketers need to get in on the coupon craze…

This WordPress plugin can help you do just that by generating coupons with QR tags, redemption codes, the ability to limit the number of coupons used…

Even creating printable coupons (HUGE for offline businesses)

Check it out here:
WordPress Coupon Plugin With QR Tags, Printable Coupons, And Redemption Limiting (huge)…

FYI The term ‘coupon’ has been an expensive keyword to bid on, and from what I’ve seen the search volume and CPC keeps going up… That’s a great sign for this trend, it will be hot for a while!

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Ever see those adds that automatically put your location in them like “awesome product for residents of {you city}”?

I do a lot of advertising in a number of niches and EVERY test I have done, using Geo-Targeting has increased conversions!

Now I use it for affiliate marketing, especially CPA, but what if you offered you offline clients the same power?

My buddy Jameson just released a WordPress plugin that does just that: Auto-magically adds Geo-Targeting to any blog post or page…

Check out the video here to see how it works:

Geo-Targeting WordPress Software Increases Conversions Of Yours Or Your Clients Landing Pages…

No one is offering this to local clients, it’s mostly the top CPA affiliates that are using this technology. If you ever need something unique to offer a local client, just look at ads driving you to CPA offers and landing pages. You can almost always pick up a trick or two that no one on the local scene is doing ;)

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This WordPress software turns any WordPress blog into a ‘virtual store’ selling amazon and other products…

The best part? It optimizes for SEO and helps get backlinks!

It gets your store ranked on the first page for thousands of keywords in under 30 days…

Check it out in this video:

Software Gets Turns Any Blog Into An Income Producing Store AND Ranks It In Google…

The site is guaranteed to make you at least $30 per month per blog… Take a few days and install this onto a few blogs with the multi-site license and be guaranteeing hands off affiliate income.

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Going from the 33rd page of Google to the first page in only 4 days using a backlink strategy that takes an hour to implement…

Just add these backlinks to your site and you will see a huge difference (or charge offline clients for these links):

The Backlinks That Shot This Page From 33rd To 1st Position In 4 Days *Proof*…

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I’ve been killing it with simple iPhone apps lately, ranking in the app store and using PPI (Way better than PPC) to distribute my software (desktop soft too)…

My buddy Lane has just released a course on all these dirty little secrets, I almost wish he hadn’t because this is the
stuff where I make most of my income these days and NO ONE outside of software marketers knows about it…

I’m giving away a bonus on this one too, some cool software:

Top Ranking In The iPhone App Store? How The Heck?

One of my strategies is to give the software away to generate leads, and monetize it with affiliate offers and CPA commissions.

Not to mention opted-in adware that can drive a huge amount of traffic at the push of a button.

You can easily outsource software creation on the cheap, and Lane’s course will teach you how to distribute it:

iPhone Apps, Software, And How The Pro’s Are Doing This…

More to come…
In the next Chapter