Facebook PVA Store Tips & Tricks #40

Facebook Affiliate Sales Army

How To Approach Potential Facebook Affiliate Sales Army
Before we actually find and approach potential affiliates, let me just reveal how I think you should keep a record of the ones you find. It will make it a million times easier to keep a record of who you approach and it will enable you to make use of my “follow-up formula” to convince those who take a little extra convincing.

Here’s what I do but you may have a better way to keep track.
1. Create a new Excel spreadsheet
2. Have these columns: Name, Contact Details, Date Contacted, Reply Date, Follow-Up Sent, Notes.
Here’s what you should put under each field:
Name – Put the potential facebook affiliate’s name, surprisingly. It’s not the end of the world if you can’t find it, but it’s a big bonus if you can.
Contact Details – Put their email address or a link to a contact form on their website.
Date Contacted – Put the date you send them the first email
Reply – Put “Yes” in here when you receive a reply.
Follow-Up Sent – If you don’t receive a reply then put the date you send a follow up email.
Notes – Put any relevant info in this column. For example, some potential affiliate’s reply saying they aren’t available to promote right now but if you email them in a week then they will reconsider. Put that info in here.

How To Find Their Contact Details
This guide is dependent on you being able to find potential affiliates’ contact details so it makes sense that I include a short section on finding their details. It’s pretty easy really. I use just three strategies.
1. Do they have a “Contact Us” or a “Support” link anywhere on their blog or website?
Look right at the top of the page in the menus, look in the sidebars, and definitely look right at the bottom of the page. If not, try the next step.

2. Do they have an opt-in form on their blog or website? If so, enter your name and email address and subscribe to their email list. Once you confirm you’ll probably receive a confirmation email. Simply look at the email address that sent that email and make a note of it.

3. Go to whois.net and type in the domain. Sometimes it will produce the contact details of the website owner – but sometimes it’s set to private.

My Proven Template Email
Now let me reveal the email that I send to potential affiliates that gets an INCREDIBLE response and results in many of those I contact making sales for my product: 100 Subscribers Per Day.

Hi NAME [1] [INSERT PERSONALIZATION PARAGRAPH] [2] Anyway, so as not to waste your time – here are the details:

Salespage: [3] http://www.acceleratednicheprofits.com/100perday

Review copy: [4] LINK REMOVED

Commission details:
100 Subscribers Per Day costs $9.95 and I’m paying 100% instant commissions. [5]

There’s also a $19.95 OTO and I’m also paying 100% commissions on all sales of that, too. [6]

On top of that, I’m paying cash bonuses for making just 10, 50 and 100 sales. [7]

Conversion details:

100 Subs Per Day converts around 9% on average for JV endorsed traffic, but a number of facebook affiliates have converted over 15%. [8]

Markus Allen even managed a 24% conversion which just amazed me. He made 31 front-end sales from just 130 clicks. [9]

The OTO converts at about 1 in 6 and you will receive 100% of all sales of that, too. If you are interested in doing a promo for 100 Subscribers Per Day I would really appreciate it and will do anything I can to help you out. [10]

To sign up and get your affiliate link please head to the link below. That page also has details of cash bonuses and proof of conversions. [11] http://www.acceleratednicheprofits.com/100perday/affiliates.php

Thanks for listening to my proposal and I look forward [12] to hearing back from you.

James Penn
[1] – If you address your potential affiliate by their first name, I reckon you have a 90% better chance of getting a promotion from them.

[2] – It’s important to add a paragraph at the beginning that quite clearly shows that you have taken an interest in the person you are approaching and that you haven’t blasted the exact same email to everyone else. I have a really cool strategy that you can use to send the EXACT same email to a bunch of affiliates (apart from changing their name) while making it appear to be personalized and unique to them.

I do this by “Batching” certain affiliates depending on how you found them. For example, in a minute I’ll be revealing my affiliate finding strategies. The first strategy I share reveals how to find affiliates promoting your competitors products. The example I use is The Truth About Abs eBook.
Let’s say I find 100 affiliates promoting The Truth About Abs. Writing a personalized paragraph for each person would be incredibly boring and time consuming, so I send the exact same email to each of them that APPEARS to be personalized. Here’s an example:

I just came across your website and noticed you were promoting Mike Geary’s Truth About Abs program. How’s that working out for you? I’ve been passively promoting his product too. It’s definitely one of the better sellers in the market. I’ve just recently created my own product actually in the weight loss market. It’s called PRODUCT NAME and it’s converting like crazy. Plus, I’m paying higher commissions than Mike ☺

Perhaps you’d be interested in running a promotion on your website or to your email list for this product alongside Mike’s offer? Here are the details for you… Now copy and paste your affiliate program details like in the template email I share above and you’ve got a personalized copy and paste email you can blast out to hundreds of potential affiliates that you find using this method. Just change the name for each person. Throughout this report, as I go through each affiliate finding method, I’ll give you a sample personalization paragraph you can use to go out to all affiliates you find using that method.

[3] One of the most annoying things that I notice in a JV proposal email is that the product owner doesn’t bother to show me the salespage. I’m not going to promote a product if I haven’t seen the salespage and I’m normally not going to go out of my way to try and find it myself.

[4] Again, I’m not going to promote a product without seeing a review copy. A lot of people put something like “If you are interested then let me know and I’ll send you a review copy”. Why add that extra step? When I send a potential affiliate a “please promote my product” email, I often don’t hear back BUT a few days later notice sales come in from that facebook affiliate. That wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t included that review copy.

[5] Make your commission structure as generous as possible.

[6] By offering 100% on the one time offer as well you are building value. If the affiliate was undecided at just 100% of the front-end then this is going to go much of the way to convince them.

[7] And just in case that wasn’t enough to convince them, offering cash bonuses for making 10, 50 and 100 sales would absolutely guarantee that they promote your product.

[8] If you have a good conversion rate then include that in your email. If you don’t then go back and work on your sales process BEFORE contacting affiliates. They won’t be happy if they send you lots of traffic and you don’t convert it.

[9] Leverage your successes. Like I say in the email, I had one affiliate generate 31 sales from just 130 clicks. This is out of the ordinary, but include this info because it could excite the potential affiliate about possible conversions they COULD get.

[10] Offer to reciprocate because this suggests that you care about building a relationship and not just taking advantage of their resources. Plus, the majority don’t ever ask you to reciprocate anyway.

[11] I deliberately don’t reveal exactly how much the bonus commissions are that I’m paying. I encourage them to click through to my affiliate sign-up page to find this info out because on this page I share five reasons why they should become an affiliate and the page converts extremely well at turning visitors into Facebook Affiliate Sales Army. And once they’ve registered, even if they don’t promote straight away, I can work to convince them to promote with a series of automated follow-up emails or facebook.

[12] In the email I say I “look forward” to hearing back from them. That’s 100x better than “I HOPE to hear back from you”. You’re basically politely saying that you expect a response and you’ll find that these two words will increase your response rate. After all, it’s harder to politely decline someone than to ignore them.

Some Creative Ways To Get Affiliates To Say “Yes!”
I suppose it makes sense to put this section BEFORE the “Finding Affiliates” section because once you’re armed with these strategies you can simply go through the finding strategies and blast off your proposals.

Sometimes a simple copy and paste email with one paragraph of personalization is not enough to get some of the biggest affiliates. Sometimes you need to do something different to get the attention of the big dogs – but, like I said in the salespage for this product, we don’t want to suck up at events, promote their products first or spend hours doing their monotonous tasks, so these are easy to implement strategies that take just a few minutes each but greatly increase your chances of recruiting powerful Facebook affiliates.

Here are some ideas.
Creative Idea #1. Pick five to ten affiliates you DESPERATELY want to get to promote your product. Find their blogs or their squeeze pages and link to them by creating a new Blogroll on the sidebar of your blog. Title the Blogroll something like: “Marketers Worth Following” if you’re in the marketing niche or “Best Weight Loss Experts” if in the weight loss industry. Here’s one of my Blogrolls with just a few names.

Now you can go ahead and contact that marketer and say: “Hey NAME. How you doing? I’ve been a HUGE fan of yours for a while now – so much so that I’ve put you in my “Marketers Worth Following” list on my blog at LINK.COM. Actually, I have another reason for contacting you today…”
If you get a reply saying that they can’t promote your product – or you simply get ignored – then you can remove them from the list (although I wouldn’t put someone on the list ONLY so they will promote your product) and put someone else on.

Creative Idea #2. If you are struggling to find something personal you can say to a potential affiliate then head to their blog and read through some of their recent posts. Share their content on Facebook and Twitter too. Then email them saying: “Hey NAME. I’ve just been reading your blog and loved your thoughts on [insert topic]. I’ve gone ahead and shared it on my Twitter and Facebook. (If you want to network then follow me at twitter.com/username
and facebook.com/username). I actually have another reason for contacting you today though…”

This plays on the idea of Reciprocity. Even though you’ve only done a small thing for them, they will feel the need to reciprocate your kind gesture and it makes securing a promotion from them a greater possibility.

Creative Idea #3. Sometimes an email just isn’t enough. Find the mailing address of the big potential affiliates and send them a letter via snail mail. It will help you stand out. You can find their postal address by subscribing to their email list. CAN-SPAM rules state that they need to publish their postal address at the bottom of each email they send so you can get their address from there.

Creative Idea #4. Another creative method that has worked on me in the past is a video proposal. A product creator emails me and says something like: “Hey James. I’ve just prepared this video exclusively for you. Let me know what you think.” I then watch the video and it’s a request for me to promote their product. They use my name and reference my websites throughout the talking head video so I know it’s personal and it certainly got my attention. I’m not one for creating videos but I’m sure you could create these in just five minutes.

Creative Idea #5. How about this for a creative strategy… Buy YOUR OWN product through a potential affiliates affiliate link. For example, if you are using Clickbank, find out their CB nickname and create a link for them. Go through this link and buy your product.

Then email them telling them that you have a little surprise for them and they should check their affiliate earnings. Then state that if they want to earn more of these commissions promoting your product then they can sign up to your affiliate program.

My Follow-Up Formula That Gets Facebook Affiliates To Say “YES!”
There’s one more component to my facebook affiliate approach formula and that involves followingup.

You’ll find that a lot of the facebook affiliates you make contact with simply don’t reply, but one simple follow-up has helped me convert more than 50% of non-respondents into ACTIVE affiliates generating sales.

The reason this works so well, I think, is because by following-up you are showing that you really care about getting this affiliate on board. It shows that you’ve noticed they haven’t replied but you’re so keen to have them promote that you’ve taken the time to email them again.
Plus, in this follow-up you’re going to make the deal even sweeter which will make promoting your product an absolute no brainer.
Here’s a sample follow-up email I would send. Feel free to copy and paste and use for yourself.


Just checking in to see whether you got my email a few days ago?

If not, I’ll just briefly explain here…

I have an instant commission product that you may be interested in promoting.

It’s called 100 Subscribers Per Day and sells for $9.95 at:


I know you only promote quality so here is a review copy for you:


It would be fantastic if you were able to do a promotion for this, but I understand you probably have a very busy email schedule.

I’m paying 100% commissions on the $9.95 front-end AND the $19.95 OTO. Plus a $25 bonus for making 10 sales, another $100 when you reach 50 sales, and another $250 when you reach 100 sales.


If you could run a promotion for this it would be incredible, but if you don’t think this is a fit then just give me a shout and let me know.

You can get all the details and your facebook affiliate link at: Also, be sure to let me know if there’s anything I can do for you.


That simple follow-up email that you could copy and paste to anyone will yield a fantastic response and turn those who initially ignored your email into active affiliates driving traffic and sales to your offer.
If you insert a “Deal Sweetener” where I suggest in that email then that will have a huge impact. Here are a few ideas you can use:

• Cash Bonus: If you aren’t currently offering cash bonuses for making a certain number of sales then you can do this in the follow-up email. It will increase the visitor value the affiliate can achieve and make them more likely to promote.

• Prizes: Perhaps offer prizes for reaching milestone sales figures. I’m not suggesting offering iPads or Macs (unless they make a lot of sales) but you could offer more personal and creative prizes. For example, send them a free copy of your favourite book if they make just 10 sales.

• Increased Commissions: If in your first email you offered 50% commissions, then in your follow-up email you could sweeten the deal by offering 75%+ commissions. This again increases the visitor value the affiliate can achieve and shows that you really care about getting them on board facebook.

• Link On Your Download Page: A great way to sweeten the deal without increasing your outlay is to offer to put a link on your download page to one of their products – preferably one of their free one’s. You can offer the link to be there for 3-5 days from when the affiliate promotes. Explain that you would expect to make xx sales in that time period and so they can expect xx subscribers.

• Promote THEIR Product – I don’t suggest doing this with everyone because you don’t want to be promoting crap to your subscribers. Only offer to do this if you know the marketer in question produces good quality products. I wouldn’t offer this more than once or twice a month.

Here’s a clever little strategy I sometimes use… From time to time I come across a product that I want to promote to my subscribers. I make a note in my diary (well, my head) of when I plan to promote it (usually a week or so in advance). I then contact the product owner and see if they’d be interested in doing a “promotion swap”. I
promote their product with my affiliate link and they promote mine. Most of the time they say yes because I have a high quality product with a good commission structure. While it would have been great to just earn the commissions from promoting their offer, why not leverage your assets to get sales for your own products, too?
Okay, now I’ve shared my strategies for HOW to approach potential facebook affiliates let me share some of my methods to FIND them – and a few methods to help them find YOU.

20 Ways To Find Affiliates

We want to find people who control the traffic in our market. That could be because they have a popular blog or website, or maybe they have a targeted email list of many thousands, or perhaps they have other web properties that generate traffic.
We want to find these people and get them to start forwarding some of their traffic to us! That’s what this section is all about. Plus I’ll share a few strategies you can use to enable affiliates to find you.

Affiliate Finding Method #1
STEAL Your Competitors’ Affiliates
Most affiliate programs offer tools and republishable content for their affiliates, such as articles, emails and banners. The affiliates then publish this content to their website and drive sales for that affiliate product.
For example, consider The Truth About Abs which is probably the most successful eBook of all time. Mike Geary, the author, has an affiliate tools page where he offers content that affiliates can publish to their own websites. You can see that page at the link below:

Take a look at the first piece of content he offers for republishing. It’s titled:
Why excess abdominal fat is more DEADLY than you think
If we do a Google search for that exact phrase in quotes it will bring up a list of all indexed pages that contain those EXACT words. That means it brings up a list of websites that are – more likely than not – actively promoting The Truth About Abs.

There are 44,000 of them to be exact.

Facebook Affiliate Sales Army

That gives us the details of 44,000 affiliates promoting this product.
If you have a weight loss product, how many do you think would also be interested in promoting your product?
Lots of them I’m sure.

You obviously can’t go through the entire search results and contact each person to promote your product, but you can certainly go through the first few pages (i.e. the best affiliates) and make a note of their contact details.
Obviously if your product is in a different market then simply locate some of the most popular, find their affiliate tools and perform the same Google searches.

Do this with a number of products and you’ll have a list of hundreds of affiliates within an hour.
And here’s a “Personalization Paragraph” you can put into your first proposal email that makes the email appear unique to them.

I just came across your website and noticed you were promoting Mike Geary’s Truth About Abs program. How’s that working out for you?

I’ve been passively promoting his product too. It’s definitely one of the better sellers in the market.

I’ve just recently created my own product actually in the weight loss market. It’s called PRODUCT NAME and it’s converting like crazy. Plus, I’m paying higher commissions than Mike ☺

Perhaps you’d be interested in running a promotion on your website or to your email list for this product alongside Mike’s offer? Here are the details for you…

A ffiliate Finding Method #2
Siphon Affiliates From EzineArticles.com

As you are probably aware, EzineArticles.com is an article directory whereby authors can submit articles with an author resource box to promote their website. Authors from a whole host of different niche markets contribute their content – and they all (or at least 99% of them) have one thing in common…

They are all trying to promote their website.
That means they are marketers interested in MAKING MONEY from their niche websites.
And perhaps promoting YOUR product is one way they can generate a profit.
Here’s how you can siphon new affiliates from EzineArticles.com
Let’s say you have a product in the anti-aging market. You go to EzineArticles.com and go to the Health & Fitness >> Anti Aging category. Then at the top of that page you click on the “Top Authors” link.
That will take you to a page listing the top authors in this category. Open an article from each of these authors and head to the link in their author resource box.

Try to find an email address or contact link on their website, send them your affiliate proposal and mark it down in your Excel spreadsheet. Similarly, go through the “Most Viewed” and “Most Published” sections in your chosen category and contact the authors of some of those articles. This is a great way to find affiliates working in your market and interested in making money – and they can do that by promoting your offer! nd here’s a “Personalization Paragraph” you can put into your first proposal email that makes the email appear unique to them.


I was just browsing around EzineArticles.com in the _________
category and saw you were listed as a “Top Author”.

Congratulations on that! I’m an EzineArticles publisher myself and
am just working my way up the rankings. Maybe I’ll overtake you
some day ☺

Anyway, I followed the link in your author resource box and
figured that, since you have a site with a similar audience to mine,
you may be interested in my proposal…

Affiliate Finding Method #3
Locate Authority Bloggers

No matter what market you’re in, there will be AT LEAST 100 bloggers (and probably more like 10,000+) sharing their thoughts, knowledge and expertise on your topic. You need to find these bloggers and get in touch with them. Combined they will have huge traffic figures and if you can get them to become your affiliates and put banners and text links on their blogs, then you will get a daily stream of traffic and sales. You could even get them to write a review of your product and publish it which will give you some great publicity and them some great affiliate commissions.
Here’s how you can find these blogs:
1. Firstly, simply search for “keyword blog” with the keyword being your niche or market. For example: “health blog”.
2. Search for: keyword “powered by wordpress”. This will identify a number of blogs in your market using the WordPress platform.
3. Search your keyword in Google Blog Search – http://www.google.com/blogsearch
4. Search for “best keyword blogs” or “top 50 keyword blogs”. This will bring up lists compiled by bloggers of the best blogs in the market. Follow these links and make a note of the best.
5. Search for phrases like: keyword “guest post”, keyword “write for us”, keyword “submit an article”. These phrases will normally yield results for bloggers.
6. Go to Digg.com and navigate to the category most related to your product. Most of the submissions to Digg are from popular blogs.
Find these blogs, find contact details and get in touch with the owners.
And here’s a “Personalization Paragraph” you can put into your first proposal email that makes the email appear unique to them.


I was just doing a few searches on Google and Facebook for an article I’m in the process of writing. I happened to stumble across your blog and absolutely love the information you share.

In fact, I liked it so much I shared your blog post about
_________ _______ on Twitter and Facebook. I hope it gets you
a bit of traffic!

Anyway, after a bit of browsing around I spotted an opportunity that could benefit both of us…

Affiliate Finding Method #4
“Hijack” Other People’s Articles
While it’s great to have an email list owner blast an email out and send you 500 clicks in 24 hours – I prefer to have passive traffic. It’s great to have affiliates who send a reliable stream of highly qualified, targeted traffic to my offers and this is one of the best ways to achieve this.
Here’s what I do…
I find people who are ranking in Google for the most targeted search terms related to my product.
For example, my product 100 Subscribers Per Day reveals ten methods I use to build my email list. So people typing the keyphrases below would likely be interested in buying my product.
How to build an email list
Build a list

Email list building
How to get more email subscribers I’d now go to Google, type in those search terms and go through the top ten results for each. f I found an article on someone’s blog or website then I’ve struck gold. For example, after searching “How To Build An Email List”, here is one of the top results:

It’s an informative article on the topic of list building. I’d now email this blogger (who I actually know because he’s a big commenter on my blog) and say something like: Hey Jorge,

I just came across this article on your blog:
http://www.listbuildingblogger.com/how-to-build-an-email-list/ after doing a Google search for “how to build an email list”.

I was wondering whether you’d be interested in just making a quick edit to the end of the article and putting a link to my product 100 Subscribers Per Day?

Of course, use your affiliate link and you will make instant $9.95 commissions on every sale you generate. Plus 100% of all sales of the $19.95 one time offer.

It will be a nice little passive income stream for you. If you are interested, here’s some text you can use but of course feel free to use your own.