PVA Store Tips & Tricks #39

Facebook Automated Traffic Gusher

Facebook Face Power Basic Concepts


No matter what Internet business model you choose, one thing is absolutely certain:

“Without highly targeted traffic visiting your website, your internet business won’t survive.”

Visitors to your website are like the oxygen for your business.
Think about a brick and mortar store. Suppose nobody ever comes in to look at what’s for sale. That business will shrivel up and die remarkably fast.

It’s pretty much the same in the online world. The only difference is that store visitors are people who find your
website when they’re searching for something.

No matter what you’re selling, the only way you’ll make consistent income is to put your offer in front of people who are highly likely to buy it.

But before I go into the traffic methods, I just want to include this very important note to all of you.

By promoting Your-Affiliate-Club, you’ll need to have a landing page, squeeze page, blog (whatever) as long as you have your own website and domain name.

I’m not going to go through the process of signing up a domain name and hosting account.

By having your own website and domain name, you’ll surely benefit a lot in the long term.

Example of 1 of my squeeze page promoting YAC:

This is an example of 1 of my squeeze page promoting YourAffiliate-Club.com
and I’m having great results with it

Facebook Face Power Basic Concepts

Just a simple looking squeeze-page like this has already pull me in tons of cash. Personally, I don’t really like using the optin form method which requires my visitors to add in their “names” & “email-addresses”, I prefer my visitors to “like” my page on their facebook wall so that I can rank higher in the search engine and get Viral-Traffic from their facebook friends as well.
(Talking about killing 2 birds with 1 stone)

Facebook Face Power Basic Concepts

The plug-in you see above work like this:

1) Visitors click on the facebook “like” button

2) A post about Automated-Passive-Income.com website (squeeze page) will be posted on their wall for all their friends to see

3) I receive more traffic – Raise and repeat – And get ranked higher in the search-engine

It’s as simple as that. I like using this method because my website will go VIRAL easily and also, my website will more likely increase in search engine ranking as well. I’m not saying that the typical opt-in form method (which requires name & email) doesn’t work, It work perfectly well too and you’re able to build your list very quickly. Nonetheless, I think this method here still work better for me.

*** In case if you would like to get the plug-in – you can visit this website and get it for $47: ViralSqueezer.com – They do have a Warrior-Special-Offer right now which price at only $17 here: Viral Squeezer WSO ***

After the visitors click on the facebook “like” button they will then be redirected to the “thank-you page” with a video giving them an overview of YAC and explaining the power of online and network leverage:

Facebook Face Power Basic Concepts

You can certainly model after my “thank-you page” by including the same video on your “thank-you page”. Video is in
the Zip.file under Promo-Video category.

Below the same video, remember to add a link to your next video which explain the “Vertical 1-up system”.

Facebook Face Power Basic Concepts

You are again able to retrieve “Vertical 1-Up System” video from the Zip.file under Promo-Video category.

You can add these videos to anywhere you like, youtube, vimeo, your blog, your website, your squeeze page.. wherever!

I’ve a good 0.7% – 1.7% conversion rate from this method above. So if you’re doing the same thing, you’ll very likely see the same result. Of course, you can always add in your own software, plug-ins, ideas, creativity, whatever to increase the conversion rates.

This is just 1 example of using a squeeze page.. Surely there are a lot of other methods you can use to market YAC like sending out an email to your list, include a recommendation in your blog etc etc.

All you need to do is get the ball rolling. It’s really not difficult to find 2 affiliates at all. Once you find your second affiliates you’ll begin to receive 100% profit, passive (and recurring) income for many years to come.

Generating money without having you to physically work hard is really good news, although the amount may be small at first, but it’s just like snow-ball, rolling and rolling, the more it moves the bigger it gets. And once it’s big, you can merely let it roll by itself, on complete auto-pilot.

I hope I have given you some ideas and insight on how to generate traffic easily through your landing-page/squeezepage.

The method I shared above does extremely well in any niche, any product, any affiliate offers (NOT only for promoting YourAffiliate-Club) like CPA-marketing.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any question.

Drive Viral Traffic to ANY of Your Website..

What I’m about to recommend you here is NOT something you usually see. I’ll certainly NOT introduce you something which you already knew like:

  • PPC
  • SEO
  • Article-Marketing
  • Press-Release
  • And many more

Please head over to http://gushcloud.com .

Facebook Face Power Basic Concepts

I’ll explain to you how GushCloud works in awhile, first allow me to just give you a very short introduction on GushCloud.

Basically, not much Internet-Marketer know about GushCloud, so this is really a GOLD-PARADISE to all of you right now. This is just like facebook when facebook first started off, lots of people dive right into their PPC campaign because it’s so cheap during the initial part. Lots of people made a killing facebook PPC campaign.

How GushCloud work (Much better than typical PPC)
GushCloud is basically a place where you can hire and get people to “like” your facebook or website page. Tweet about your message and have people comment on your blog all for DIRT-CHEAP.

In my opinion this is really a place for ALL the top social-media WEB 2.0 marketers.

The reason why I’ve gotten so much facebook “like” on Automated-Passive-Income.com is because I leverage it on

And everytime someone “likes” my website: AutomatedPassive-Income.
A message about my website will be posted on their facebook wall for ALL their friends to see.

Here is a great thing, if their friends saw the message on this fellow facebook wall and go to my website, saw my offer and likes what I promote in it, ALL they do is repeat the process, press the “like” button.. And again a message about my website will be posted on his facebook wall for all his friend to see. This marketing strategy is so powerful, on your website will go VIRAL in no-time.

Talk about SEO, your website will now have lots of backlinks from Facebook, Twitter, Blogs etc. This is basically killing 2 birds with 1 stone.

Now, let’s talk about how much it cost per “like”, it cost only $0.20 per “like”. Of course you can increase the amount if you want, but personally I think $0.20 is good enough for a “like”.

Creating a GushCloud

Creating a GushCloud is easy as ABC, you can even target your audience, which country, what age, what GushScore are able to “like”, “share”, “tweet” about your website. So if you are promoting in a local niche, you’ll also benefit from GushCloud.

Once you’re in GushCloud. All you have to do is click on the “Post your own cloud” button.

Facebook Face Power Basic Concepts

That’s all, GushCloud will then give you simple step-by-step instructions from then on.


Now you know how to get traffic to any of your website. The single traffic strategy I’ve given you here will pour surprisingly large amounts of traffic into ALL of your website.

I wish you well as you turn your dreams into reality. It’s really time to harness the power of leverage if you want to live in the lifestyle of the rich.