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Backdoor Affiliate Profits

Facebook Backdoor Affiliate Profits

1. This guide is based on my experience and may not work for you. In fact, most people who try this will probably never see a profit. (My guess is most people will never actually use anything in this guide and that’s why)

2. This takes WORK and most of all, a little bit of money to do. Don’t be a couch potato. Get out there and make this happen. You can do it.

3. I’ve removed as much ‘fluff’ as I could to get right to the point. That’s why this little guide is so short. It’s pure action steps and doesn’t bother with any of the nonsense most people fill up their reports with. So, with that said, let’s get started.

A Quick Overview…
So, let’s run through the process real quick. This may look simple, but I’m going to go pretty deeply into my strategies in a moment.Buy Traffic From Facebook -> Get Subscribers ->

Email Offers
Each step, as it’s base, sounds easy.
But it’s very easy to fall on your face with each one.
That’s why it’s important to read this whole guide throughbefore putting anything into action.
Make sure you’ve got a solid understanding of how everything works.
For instance, if you follow the advice of most marketersabout the last step, you’re going to make almost no money.
Follow my instructions though and you’ll crank out the sales left and right.
So let’s dive in.
Why This Works…
All this works because you CARE about the end result.
You’re not just throwing links out willy nilly.
You’re creating valuable marketing, that in it’s own right, is incredibly valuable to the reader.
And because they see you care, they’ll buy what you’re offering them. Especially because it helps them solve a problem.
In this guide I’m going to use dog training as an example.
It’s something I have a lot of experience marketing.
Now, I know this little section is short, but make sure that you actually CARE about helping the people you’re marketing to.
If you don’t – just forget about all this. You’ll never amount to much anyway.
The rest of you who want to leave a mark on people’s lives AND make a good living – keep on reading.

Selecting The RIGHT Products
I never really enjoyed creating products. As you see here, I do it from time to time.But, honestly, I like being an affiliate most of all. It takes a huge load off my mind.
If I can find a good, solid product I can create the marketing and just let it run.
I don’t have to deal with support or anything else.
So that’s why we’re focusing exclusively on GOOD affiliate products.

What constitutes a good product?
Ultimately, it depends on the product solving a problem.
A lot of people go and try to sell stuff on Amazon or find kitchy products that nobody really needs.
That’s well and good – but if you really want to make money – solve a problem.And make it a good one. Take a look at Proactiv. They’re the people who run the late night infomercials for their acne medicine.If you look at what’s in it – it’s literally the same thing you can buy over the counter for a fraction of the price. But because their marketing really goes after the problem, they can sell it for hundreds of dollars in an ongoing structure. This means they make millions upon millions upon millions each and every year.
And it’s going nowhere but up thanks to good marketing. But, if the product didn’t first solve a problem, they’d have NOTHING. So, what problem do you want to solve?

Picking something you’re familiar with will really help. You can still do this if you’re NOT familiar, but when you are it’s much easier to really get into the head of those who you’re selling to. So, does the product you want to promote solve a problem? The best way is to test it yourself. I’ve NEVER come across a product owner who didn’t want to let a potential affiliate into the product. (I know people who use this ruse to get products for free all the time – as dumb as that is) So before selecting a product, make sure to ask the creator for a “review copy”. Also, just so you’re aware, if there’s ever anything you
need help with, the product creators are almost always willing to lend a hand. So once you’ve got your hands on the product, it’s time to check it out.

You want to make sure it’s a good, well put together product. Is it well designed? That’s important to give people the feeling of high quality. Is it easy to read/use? This means the creator took the
time to really make it simple. Just make sure you go through the product thoroughly. It’ll enable you to make a good, educated decision. The marketing comes second.

Crafting The Perfect Ads
We start with ads on Facebook. That’s where we’re going to get our traffic from. There are a LOT of ways to get traffic, but we’re going tofocus only on one strategy. Giving you more will only serve
to confuse you so I’m just giving you what I like to use the most. First of all, you need to create a Facebook page. It doesn’t need any content on it, but it needs to directly work with the market you’re after. So, going with the dog training niche, you can create a page named “Dog Training Advice” or “Dog Health Advocates” – Something like that. It doesn’t really need a name attached to it yet. Just something basic that gets the point across. You’ll need this because we’re going to be creating PPE
ads – Paid Per Engagement. Simply put, you’re going to pay whenever someone interacts with your ads.
So, your ads will be showing up in the newsfeed and look just like normal posts, except it’ll have a tiny “Sponsored” next to the ad.

There’s a lot of YouTube videos out there about creating these, so I won’t go into that.Instead, I need to talk to you about what the ads need to say. The ‘click here’ and ‘click there’ stuff just serves as fluff
when there’s tons of free info on that out there.Anyway, your ad copy… In PPE ads there are two things to worry about. Your copy and your ad image. It’s just like a normal FB post, so treat it like one. Your ad image needs to be very eye-catching and related to what you’re offering.
So, for the dog training niche I may put a picture of a guilty looking dog up.

Of course, I love to use eye grabbing borders as well. In the zip file you downloaded with this document, I’ve included 4 background templates you can use. This is a design that NOBODY else uses. Just take a look at the example file to see how I use them. As for your copy, this is pretty simple.

We’re targeting specific people with specific problems (which we’ll talk about in a minute) so we need to get to the point and call out the problem. So – keep it simple…

An ad I would run would say something like… “Sick of your dog pooping all over your carpets?”
“Click here to see how I stopped mine from ‘messing’ my floors in less than a week: LINK”

See just how simple that is?
You’re calling out the problem in a question and immediately giving them a solution. They can’t help but respond to your ad at this point. Of course, these type of ads will only work on the RIGHT people.
That’s why we need to target them really well.
So let’s talk about that…

Targeting The Right Audience
Targeting is the most important piece of this puzzle. If you don’t get your targeting right, your ads won’t work – you won’t get subscribers – and you won’t make sales. So it’s important that you really get to know your audience. Who are they? What do they spend their money on? What publications do they read? What TV shows do they watch? All these types of things will help lead you to the right audience. And, once you’ve found them, it’s time to scrape their ID numbers from Facebook.

There’s been a bit of controversy about this lately, but I still do it almost every day and have never had a problem. If you’re scared to try though, just stick with interest targeting. We’ll be covering both.

First, scraping…
Personally, I use Advrt.co to scrape all my UIDs (User IDs).
It allows me to plug in any fan page I want and it’ll automatically scrape UIDs from it every single day. That means I’ve got fresh people who are specifically interested in what I have to offer on drip feed.
It just can’t be easier. Anyway, you can check out Advrt.co and see how it works for yourself. As for selecting the pages you want to pull from – refer back to the questions I just asked.

TV shows are one of my favorite to scrape from. The audiences are just massive – and if you’re using a tool like Advrt then you’ll only be scraping people who are actively interested in the topic RIGHT NOW.
So, for dog training, go after dog training related shows. Animal planet has a few of these all with huge audiences. Also, go after celebrities in the niche. They’ll both get you big audiences who will LOVE your ads.

For another example, let’s take health. A show like Dr. Oz has a HUGE following.
And those people are all interested in ‘miracle cures’ and ‘fast weight loss’ – both things that offer BIG money – provided you can find good products to offer. Of course, these are both hard to get ads approved for on Facebook, but it’s far from impossible. I know people who make a LOT of money from these kind
of products from FB.Anyway, just think about the things people watch, read, or buy and use those to grab UIDs from Facebook using Advrt. Once you’ve got your UID lists, you need to upload them into the power editor. Again, this has been covered a million times on YouTube, so just search for “upload UIDs to power editor” in YouTube for full instructions.

If you’d rather target by interest, you can do exactly the same thing and just use those product, people, and show names inside the targeting. So, you can add “Dr. Oz” into the interests field when creating your ads. This is not as effective as targeting by UID as those are hot, fresh leads. But this can work well too. Just don’t expect your results to be quite as astonishing.

“Squeeze” It Out Of ‘Em
The next step is to create a squeeze page. People overcomplicate this WAY too much. Squeeze pages are simple and easy to create. Since the traffic you’re getting has a specific problem, all you need to do is offer a specific result to get people to subscribe to your email list. (Go with GetResponse.com for your email autoresponder. Been using them for years and I LOVE them) I like to use OptimizePress 2 for creating all my marketing pages.

It’s a simple, easy to learn WordPress theme/plugin. That said, it is a bit expensive – but I’ve made, at
minimum, $400,000 from using OP to create all my marketing pages. So, squeeze pages are simple once you’ve got a good tool.The design isn’t that important.Just make sure it’s short.

It should look something like this…
Call To Action
Optin Form

So, for the dog training niche, I might create a page that says something like…
“Sick & Tired Of Your Dog Pooping All Over Your Carpets?”

Finally – Here’s An (Almost) Fool-Proof Method To Potty Train Any Dog In 8 Days Or Less…
Just type your best email into the box below and I’ll immediately send you my 4 step method right away


Simple, right?
Yeah, it is. You’re quite literally saying the same thing your ad says. That keeps things easy and gives people EXACTLY what they expect to see on this page. When they click through, the want the solution.
And here is where you tell them how to get it. Give me an email and I’ll give you my PDF. (Pro-tip: A lot of GOOD product vendors will give you free reports to promote here complete with your affiliate links
inside so you don’t have to create a thing…) Once you get people to opt into your list, you need a good
thank you page.

The Big “Thank You”
I LOVE thank you pages. Most people overlook them and think of them as a last minute thing. But those people are dumb. You’re not. I know you’re gonna take your time with yours. All my optins are “single optins.” This means they don’t need to click a verification link to be fully subscribed.

But, that doesn’t mean I tell them that… On the thank you page I like to add a timer for about 15
minutes (never EXACTLY 15 minutes, more like 14:33 or something) that says they need to verify their email NOW or they’ll miss out on your gift.

So, they need to immediately go to their inbox and click the link inside (which takes them to your report). This makes sure people take the time to check their inbox. What I like to do here is have a head shot and some quick info about what the email subject says. This makes everything easy to find and understand. And that timer just ups the chance that people will take thetime to read your email.
Now, see how easy that was?

The Intro Email
This is your chance to show people that you are different than everyone else. Everyone has subscribed to an email list before, so they expect to get whacked over the head with offers.
But not you. (Well, you actually will – but in a good way) Your very first email will give them a quick story about how someone had Problem X and solved it quickly. This gives the hook.

The story doesn’t need to be real, but make sure you’re not claiming crazy things. Don’t say “This fictional person used Product Z and made a million dollars”. Instead say… “…And they never had to deal with Problem X again – and now you don’t either.” Then link to the report. One of the big things I need you to understand is that STORIES SELL.And in just a second, I’m going to give you a quick formula for creating good stories.

The Daily Email Diaries
Daily emails are a BIG part of the strategy here. But, you need to do it right. If you don’t, you’re just gonna bug the crap out of your subscribers. So use entertainment. Tell stories. Relate your daily life in your emails.

Nobody ever gets bored of being entertained. People religiously watch and talk about TV shows, and if
you do your emails well, they’ll do the same for you too. So what’s the secret to good emails? Problem – Antagonize – Resolution – Link Almost every email you send needs to have a link to the product(s) you’re promoting. And every email needs to be entertaining. So, you always need to start out with a problem.
It doesn’t even need to deal with the problem you’re solving. For instance, as I write this I’m sitting at a restaurant in Venice.

Earlier today I went out to try and find some sunglasses as my fancy normal glasses (with the color changing lenses) have stretched out and no eye glass stores were opened.
Anyway, I had a HELL of a time finding any.

I could use that as a story, then relate it to the product at hand. Let me give you an example of what this might look like…

“Hey, As you know, I’m visiting Venice with my family. Well, my glasses with those transition lenses got all stretched out today (Thanks son!) and I wanted to get some sunglasses. I ended up wandering around for almost an hour trying to find some I liked without spending $100 on a pair. I never found any – UGH.Anyway, as I was walking around there was just dog poop everywhere. It seemed like nobody cleaned up after their pets. Sheesh. It reminded me of what my house used to look like when Fido wasn’t trained at all. (Here’s what I did to train him, by the way: LINK) Honestly, it was kind of gross.

But, I guess that’s just the way it is here. Call it ‘natural fertilizer’ or something.
Anyway, I’ll let you get back to your Sunday afternoon!” See how easy that was?
I used a simple story from my actual life and turned it into a promotional email.
Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

How To Presell The Products
So, all this is well and good, but sometimes we want a big influx of sales. And to do that, we presell a product. I usually only do this with products I promote once in a while – instead of the MAIN product. It’s simple. The day, or two days, before you promote a product, let people know you’ve got something cool coming. In the dog training niche an email might be… “I’ve been having some trouble lately with Fido jumping on guests.

One of my friends came over with her 3 year old a couple weeks ago and immediately Fido started jumping up on them and scared the heck out of little Emily. I’ve never felt so bad before… They had to leave and I didn’t get to enjoy company with my friend. The rest of the day was just ruined. I couldn’t apologize enough to my friend. Well, I started looking into it, talked to a few dog trainer friends I’ve got, and came up with a solution. And on Tuesday I’m going to give you the full details. Look for an email from me then…” See, again – simple.

We need to poke and prod a problem your audience has an then say a solution is coming.
By the time you promote the product, people will be foaming at the mouth…
It doesn’t take much :)

You’re Promoting The Wrong Product!
So, you’ve put all this into action and you’re making some sales – but you’re still not making a fortune.
Definitely not enough to quit that day job of yours. I know the problem… You’re promoting the wrong products. Personally, I like high-ticket products the best. Unfortunately, most people are so worried about whether or not they can sell at all, they pick a stupid $7 product to promote.

Who the heck wants to earn 50% of $7? NOBODY. That’s who. SO don’t do it. Don’t promote a product unless it’s $50+. Personally, I try to go over the $100 mark as often as possible. After all, you’re solving problems – not selling knick knacks. People WILL pay for your solutions.
So choose higher priced products and you’ll make more money. And, if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, promote a recurring product. Something that charges people each and every month. If you can make $25 from each person who buys for 6 months before they cancel, that equals about $15,000 for
just 100 sales. I gotta say, that’s a pretty good deal.

And if you keep pushing, you can do 100 sales pretty quickly.
So go with the bigger, better products. Do NOT promote those crappy little reports that make you next to no money.Work smarter – not harder ;)