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Facebook Face Power Basic Concepts

Facebook Face Power Basic Concepts

A brief overview about Facebook
Currently, Facebook is one of the world’s largest social networking sites. If you’re not using it,chances are you should have at least heard about it.

Facebook Face Power Basic Concepts

screenshot of Facebook’s Facebook page with 71 million likes

In the beginning, Facebook was a site designed for college students. Nowadays, it is a social media platform open to everyone. It can be compared with Orkut, Twitter and MySpace regarding the fact that it allows individuals to stay in touch.

Basically, Facebook is a site that enables individuals to share news, photographs and information in an interesting and appealing way. Moreover, many people already regard Facebook as a part of their daily routine.

Whenever I on my PC, Facebook is the very first page I visit. Everybody seems to be sharing something, and is eager to find out what other people have been doing, who broke up with whom, if anyone got engaged and where they have been on their holiday. People can get completely absorbed and it can be really addictive at times.

The Internet history has recorded a real “boom” when social networking appeared. Nowadays, there are close to a billion active users all over the world who are using Facebook.

Largest social network in the world
Today, Facebook is the largest social network in the world, with a millions of active users entering the website daily. It is one of the most popular sites so far and it continues to expand. Still, it can be used for things other than staying in touch with your friends and in our projects. You are presented with some of the best ways to attain high number of leads and ultimately, to make sales and profit.

Being able to use Facebook for free and with an almost guaranteed success if you do the ‘right’ things is indeed a great opportunity. The website is the second most visited in the world, after Google. It is completely free and anyone can create an account and make full use of its high popularity. That being said, if you are not on Facebook…what are you waiting for?

Facebook Face Power Basic Concepts
Screenshot from Facebook’s Facebook page

Let’s begin the journey!

Basic Concepts
Anyone who wants to see what’s on this site has to sign up for a free account. After you create youraccount, you will have to answer a couple of basic questions such as where you work, where you study or where you live. You will then have a Facebook profile and you will be able to find friends.

Facebook Face Power Basic Concepts

Screenshot of the first page you see on Facebook.com

How to easily find friend and start networking on Facebook
Facebook features various networks for their members including regions, high schools, colleges and workplaces. By joining a network you will have an extra chance to meet new members. You can also use the advanced search techniques and sort members by age, political views, gender and relationship status.

At the same time, this social networking website is able to search your email contacts and find friends who have a Facebook account.

Lastly, you can use the search engine to find certain people by their name or email address.

Facebook is “different” and it’s very business friendly
The main advantage about Facebook is that it’s different from all other social networking websites.
To begin with, many other social media sites don’t allow their pages to be filled with advertisements.
Facebook does that, but without being overwhelming. That is one of the reasons why Facebook has become internationally known and has grown so fast, it appeals to both individuals and businesses.
People are flooding it to make it an indispensible part of their marketing campaigns.
When creating profiles and pages on Facebook, you must know that the social media platform will do the hard work for you, feeding news feeds to those who are likely to be interested based on your connections with people and filter people by interests.

It’s like a HUGE shopping mall where you can find millions of customers for your products and services. With such a huge market, it is incredibly easy to sell the product.

Facebook Face Power Basic Concepts

Screenshot from Facebook’s Facebook page : Facebook listens.

Before we go into how we can use Facebook for business, let us understand a little more about why Facebook is so business friendly and why we feel it is going to be a long term marketing platform for businesses all around the world, not only in present times but in the future to come.

Let’s look briefly at Facebook’s epic IPO which dominated the headlines in 2012.

Let’s talk a bit about Facebook IPO and how its market shares dropped drastically. According to a
public post, the IPO in 2012, the price per share of the famous socializing network has dropped in the
last few months, which gave people a reason to mock the site. Moreover, this is not something
insignificant that can be lost out of view.

Has facebook lost its Midas Touch
Facebook lost a significant percentage from its IPO price, losing approximately tens of millions in only a matter of days. Experts opinions claimed that Facebook is not going to carry on, and at the same time, many put the blame on underwriters. However, by far the most contempt with this situation are the investors who are not even involved in the IPO.

Nevertheless, despite the fact that while Facebook faces these obstacles, it still remains one of the most successful companies in the world. Its rise to the top is indeed a spectacular process and ought to be an example for all those who want to assert themselves on the market. After all, the creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckenberg is still young and he is one of the wealthiest men alive, his company worth billions of dollars.

The continuous improvements to the site, the introduction of Timeline, shows the commitment that Facebook is serious about this business and will do all they need to stay.

Facebook does not need an extremely strong market to get back on the top. From its zero value in the beginning, it has grown to a one hundred billion company in less than 10 years (even during the economic crisis, it is still growing).
The point is good ideas do not need the best conditions to be put into practice. They will evolve anyhow when a dedicated team is behind it to meet the market demands and needs.

Truly impressive is the fact that the company kept growing, reaching record of many billions of dollars, in a time when the entire world was crushed by the financial crisis. Although the euro-zone

was on the ground, the prices for the company’s shares kept going up and many investors continue to have faith in the company.

This despite investors having no immediate gain to the shares value. These come in time and even though there are people who expected that to happen, they still were not supposed to get the IPO involved in the matter. The information available was enough to make a decision with regard to the investment, despite the risk factor of the last minute addition factors made by the underwriter.

One of the Biggest Companies on the Earth
Facebook is currently one of the biggest companies on earth. It has evolved enormously from the night of brilliance and boredom in the Harvard dorm room up to its global status today, and still developing phenomenon that has changed the face of online interaction and social media.

The numbers are staggering. Can you imagine that LinkedIn, Facebook and Groupon are businesses started from the bottom and reached the top in just a couple of years? To talk about the fact that these companies are now worth billions in such a short time is simply mind-blowing if you ask me as it was unheard of in the past.

In addition, it is a known thing that any successful story, no matter how impressive it may be, also has critics and Facebook makes no exception. They have opinions related to various matters, from valuations to shares and future probability.

In spite of everything, people are and will still be using Facebook
Regardless of any share issues the company may have, people will continue to use Facebook. It has become a part of their daily routine and that’s a proven fact as well. As a Facebook fan myself, I have to admit that I use the platform almost every single day.

We advertise on Facebook, talk to people and do whatever I can to increase my business’s popularity. In some way, we are all Facebook fanatics. Whether as individuals who enjoy updating our statuses, or entrepreneurs with a marketing agenda, Facebook is like a virtual world where we can be what we want to be.

Facebook contantly improves itself and this is important to us as business
Furthermore, from an objective point of view, when it comes to business it is always recommended to get involved in something that will last a long time. Let’s take the example of MySpace. It used to be extremely popular and everybody was crazy about it. Still, it gave up the fight when Facebook appeared and it became difficult to stay on top. When users started moving to the newer and cooler network it did nothing to improve its features to draw them back. It wasn’t for the long run, therefore it lost ground immediately.

The number of Facebook fans immediately increased and new applications and interesting features became available. On Facebook people can chat with their peers, play fun games, and share new photos. All in all, it was the newest hip place to be on the internet.

A big part of our business and many businesses will be based on the Facebook platform. We believe in the solid structure of its business model and we will continue to build our presence in it as much and as fast as possible.

Facebook Face Power Basic Concepts

Enough with the basic concepts! Now let’s talk business in the next topic.