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Facebook Face Power Business Concepts

Facebook Face Power Basic Concepts

Revolutionary Facebook – Let’s Do Business (An Overview)

From the moment it began, Facebook is destined to revolutionize the way we advertise our businesses. This giant social media website features more than 950 million active users. That’s about a potential billion people you can reach to advertise your services and products. It would be difficult to ignore as it has become one of the most important marketing channels.

Around One Billion Active Users

Around One Billion Active Users

In order to get to these consumers and promote your business or product, you have to first sign up for a Facebook Business Page instead of the usual personal profile.

Facebook has become more than just a simple socializing network. It has become so incredibly popular among users all over the world that it is now the most important platform for marketing and advertising any business. However, it might be a little challenging to learn how to market a business on Facebook.

You might have to learn a few tips in order to increase your business’s income. In the following pages, I’m going to present you some basic strategies you can use to increase revenue, advertise, and be successful with Facebook.

Creating a Facebook Page
Facebook Face Power Basic Concepts

If you want to create a Facebook Page for your business using a new account which is not associatwith your personal profile, you can create one at the right bottom of Facebook’s main page. The small “Create a page” section.

Alternatively, you can login to your Facebook personal account and go to this URL:


Facebook Face Power Basic Concepts

A professional page is extremely important for companies because it enables them to get in touch with their customers and build long term relationships which results in recurring or new business.

In the business field it is extremely important to have two way conversations, and that’s exactly what a Facebook page is doing. It doesn’t matter if you’re promoting a campaign, the compet ition or a product, users and custumers will almost surely offer you direct feedback.

That’s where another interesting feature comes into place, Facebook Chat where you can talk to your clients when they are online or leave a message for them in their inbox if they are away.

Facebook Face Power Basic Concepts

Using Facebook chats shows the people whom you message the most and all others who are currently online.

Facebook Face Power Basic Concepts

This online community can be created, developed and included in your business plan. At the same time, you can use it for all sorts of web activities, including blogging. Facebook offers another great opportunity and that is creating your brand through Social Commerce. Which means E-commerce (selling products and services online) through the use of social media.

In fact, the Facebook environment allows you to have a shop. Thanks to this application and opportunity, you will be able to show off and promote your products and services. Simultaneously,

people can buy your products if they want. A couple of years ago, Facebook users would have had to leave the platform in order to buy something. That’s why the buying process was rarely completed.

A Relaxing Enviroment Created For Buying

Now, Facebook offers you a brand new audience that was never targeted by any other social media site before. Thus, businesses have a web – based focus group that sits in a relaxing environment and is willing to buy. They couldn’t have wished for more. If that sounds like your target market and you really have something conversational and interactive to offer them, log in tn Facebook and start sharing your business or product idea.

Facebook Face Power Basic Concepts

Update on Sales and Events
This powerful site brings information right on the customer’s profiles and pages, so they don’t have to search for it anywhere else. Moreover, you can benefit from Facebook updates that inform users on a regular basis. This updates contain details about an event, an upcoming sale etc. To generate and push more sales, you have to rely on word of the mouth. On Facebook, this word of mouth is digitized, but it still allows recommendations and sharing of products among friends.

Facebook Face Power Basic Concepts

Facebook businesses and Facebook pages can also be used to attract more visitors to your site.
However, you should know that some pages are more effective and successful than others. In some circumstances, businesses must be focused solely on Facebook so as to have success. Lastly, Facebook can be used as a customer service support.

For instance, if you shipped a product and it hasn’t reached the destination, you can use Facebook to offer updates to the clients. Nowadays, the Facebook environment offers you everything you need for your business. Start creating your Facebook page and sign up for updates and e-commerce shops today. Here’s an example of how Singapore Airlines staff responded to a feedback.

Facebook Face Power Basic Concepts

Why Choose Facebook as a marketing platform

When I first started to use Facebook, I was extremely excited to see it was completely free. I was able to start a page without paying for it, and it was like free advertising for my businesses which was truly exhilarating.

To many, one of the main reason why Facebook is an extraordinary marketing tool is that it’s free of charge (except for paid functions such as Facebook Ads). Anyone can use it and nobody has to pay anything for it. This media portal receives more and more users every day. Statistics have shown that people spend less time on television and more time on Facebook. In fact, many of these television programs have Fan pages on Facebook and invite their viewers to join these pages.
Secondly, Facebook is interactive. You can post anything on Facebook and just tag your friends. If they find that information interesting, they are going to share it. In a couple of minutes, your post will be visible to hundreds of people.

How To Tag People on your Facebook Wall (Without Photos)

Facebook Face Power Basic Concepts

To TAG someone, all you need to do is to put a @ and type in the name of the person or company you. So let’s say you want to tag me (when I’m in your contacts), all you got to do is to key in @MaynasEric Chua and your message.
Your message will not only appear in your own wall post but ALSO on my facebook wall post because I am tagged in it.

How to tag people on your Facebook wall (photo:with bonus trick)

Facebook Face Power Basic Concepts

You can do tagging for photos too. Just go to your photo and there will be a “TAG PHOTO” section.
You can tag your friends on your contacts and that photo will appear on your friend’s wall post.

TRICK: Do you know that you can also TAG yourself and others from your contacts’ photos?

Be careful though, don’t overdo it and post something irrelevant on their walls. If they consider it as spam, they can report you and if there’s a reason that Facebook staff consider valid, your account might be in danger of getting suspended.

In some of our other case studies and projects, we will be going through what are some of the best photos which worked when tagged.

You can use your Facebook personal profile to do tagging but you can also create a Facebook page for your business. It’s easier and more effective for sharing information and interesting stuff.

A few years ago, these Facebook (fan) pages were merely used by personalities and celebrities. Over the years, things have changed and now official pages are also extended to companies and small businesses. These fan pages retain customer loyalty and attract new customers. Additionally, Facebook pages offer the opportunity to a wider reach to potential customers.

If you know the basics about online advertising and marketing via search engines, it will be a lot easier for you to understand how Facebook Ads work and how you can use them.
When advertising through Facebook Ads, you have the possibility to reach almost a billion people all over the world. Still, this might not be necessary, as you cannot create a product that targets so many individuals.

Another great part regarding the Facebook Ads plan is that you get to select the amount of money you’ll pay by demographics, on CPM basis or per click. You’re not creati ng only your ads, but also your advertising strategy. Read on to find out why it’s much better to advertise on Facebook than on any other social media platform.

Sturdy Business Potential on Facebook – A Billion potential customer

If you know the basics about online advertising and marketing via search engines, it will be a lot easier for you to understand how Facebook Ads work and how you can use them.

When advertising through Facebook Ads, you have the possibility to reach almost a billion people all over the world. Still, this might not be necessary, as you cannot create a product that targets so many individuals.

Another great part regarding the Facebook Ads plan is that you get to select the amount of money you’ll pay by demographics, on CPM basis or per click. You’re not creati ng only your ads, but also your advertising strategy. Read on to find out why it’s much better to advertise on Facebook than on any other social media platform.

Facebook Offers Various methods of adverstising your services and products
The most popular one is advertising. In case you want to use this procedure, you can choose between 2 methods. One of them is paid, the other one is free. Specialists recommend paid advertisement. So, if you have an extended budget, go for this option as it is widely known that paid services generate the best results.

Facebook Ads planform VS Bing, Yahoo and Google
First of all, let’s analyze CPM and CPC advertising. Bing, Yahoo and Google offer you the opportunity to advertise via the cost per click procedure. So does Facebook, thanks to your personal Facebook Ads account.

Still, this popular social networking website offers the chance to advertise via the CPM method. Basically, this means cost per thousand. If you choose the CPM, you can select between 2 options.
You can either choose to not receive clicks, but purchase inventory or go for an increased click through rate.

In case you have a high CPM rate, Facebook seems to offer you more traffic as compared to CPC advertisers. The reason behind this is that we think on a business model basis, they can make more money on CPM models, than on CPC models.

Choice of Demographics
Second of all, we can take into consideration the demographics. Facebook Ads is extremely popular because it allows you to select the audience and demographics you want to target. This is a service that no other platform offers. Let’s say you have a dating campaign and you’re interested in targeting single females from New York City, aged between 35 and 45. Facebook offers you this option. You just have to go to your Facebook Ads profile and select the proper demographics.

Additionally, Facebook also allows you to sort users considering their interests and hobbies. For instance, in case you have a website or an ad campaign that promotes a famous television show or movie, all you have to do is place the show’s or movie’s name in the demographic setting and the ad will target only the persons who like that particular show. Thanks to these demographic filtering and advertising methods, it is extremely effective and simple to create successful ad campaigns.

Train yourself up first and don’t overspend

As you’ve already seen, it’s simple to start and create an ad campaign on Facebook. An important piece of advice is to keep your CPC pricing and daily spending low. Remember that this huge platform has almost a billion users, thus it can offer you more traffic and revenue than ever. If you’re a beginner, you can start by having a daily ad spending of almost $5. You can increase the limit after you understand how the ad platform works.

Let’s find targeted customers on Facebook
Since each member has to provide personal information when signing up, this website is regarded as a powerful and huge database. Individuals are attracted by the fact that they can interact with persons they haven’t seen for years.

Facebook Face Power Basic Concepts

Helping personal friends whom they have lost touch with to reconnect again is a very strong pull. It encourages users to provide numerous details about their lives. In normal circumstances, they would be quite hesitant in divulging their personal data.

Facebook Ads: Their Business model, your business window
Facebook is free and it will always be free, as the company markets itself. Still, it is one of the most profitable and powerful companies in the world. Many people ask themselves how is this possible?

A website with hundreds of millions of users and millions of pages must cost considerably. Yet, most individuals forget about advertising. Facebook has one of the friendliest databases on earth, so every company out there is eager to place its ads on this website.

For example, if you have a business and they want to gain recognition and money, you should surely try to market it on Facebook. There are many organizations that use this simple and cost – effective method and taking advantage of this colossal site.

Things are rapidly changing and increasingly more companies realized the benefits that come with advertising on Facebook. Some advertising methods don’t cost a thing. The simplest procedure is to create an account and a fanpage about a brand or organization. It doesn’t matter if it’s about insurance services or beer, if you know how to promote the page, it will attract thousands of likes. In case you have an extended budget and really want to get noticed, then you can obtain an ad in the sidebar.

The greatest thing about this type of advertising is that you get to select what age, gender, interest and location your ad appears to. This is the most targeted type of marketing on the planet and it’s far better than using a directory for your ads.

The number of businesses that want to see their advertisements in the sidebar is continuously increasing. As a result, the price paid for this type of advertising is going to rise and will bring Facebook more cash.

Another advantage offered by this giant company is that it allows companies to introduce a picture or a logo with the ad. This is not possible with pay – per – click advertising. So, this is definitely the most powerful marketing method ever invented and it’s a win – win for users, application developers, businesses and site developers alike.

In addition, Facebook is not all just about fun. It has grown to be a important place to build businesses. Relatively fast, people noticed its potential and became interested in taking full use of it. They spotted various methods through Facebook, that could bring them higher incomes and many of them ended up with really significant earnings.

facebook Ads – Laser like targeting, rivalling Google Ads
As mentioned earlier, Facebook owns its Ad platform which enables users to get in touch with people from all around the world and promote what they have to offer at a much higher level. It slightly resembles Google Ads. It is as effective, only much cheaper, if used correctly.

I love the Facebook Ad platform for my business because I’m well aware that there are more individuals using Facebook than Google.


Rule One – Don’t be a salesperson on Facebook
It is true that Facebook is a great place to promote and advertise a product, but it must not be mistaken with an open market.

It would be a huge error to think that people enter Facebook to buy something. Also, even if they feel forced or persuaded to buy anything, the seller will lose all his chances and he will no longer be able to make any progress.

Moreover, anyone who wants to market and sell an item on Facebook and convince users of its qualities and benefits, it will firstly have to build a relationship with the website’s fans. People have to be offered value, without being requested anything. After doing this for a while the situation will return in their favor and everything will turn out just fine.

I would like to give you a personal piece of advice. Never think of Facebook as a pure advertising platform. It’s important to understand this before thinking of a business plan. Users will immediately know that you’re a marketer and that you’re trying to sell them something. This turns people off.

Rule Two – Facabook ad Testing, testing and testing until it works

Those who want to promote a product through Facebook should always split-test their Facebook Ads. Each ad converts in a different way on the site; they never look the same and while some can be really good and draw the attention of hundreds of visitors, some are really useless. Thus, you must be willing to try several versions to find the best one.

Many people forget this aspect or simply chose not to do it and their business suffer. They blame their failure on Facebook, despite the fact that the site itself has nothing to do with it. Good, wellmade ads attract customers,
making them interested and increases the chance for them to click the ad are higher. It is a fact tested and proven by many, even by me, a big fan of Facebook Ads.

Rule Three – Stop updating your page at work (unless it’s your Business)
Just because you are advised to keep your pages updated, this doesn’t mean you are advised to do it
all the time.
This is especially so for employees who are working in the office for someone
else, if their colleagues or boss saw their updates during office hours, it
usually sets off an alarming question…what is he or she doing on Facebook
during office hours?
Do you know some Facebook games automatically updates your Facebook
wall post by announcing to the world that you have leveled up? Oh my gosh…
A good time to post a catchy update could be in the morning, when you’re fresh and the ideas are
just screaming to get out of your head.

Rule Four – Don’t beto negative
It’s hard not to dislike people who are constantly complaining on their Facebook pages. They will
never make their businesses thrive if they keep blabbing about how cruel the world can be. Try to
stay positive no matter what and you’ll certainly keep people intrigued.
Negative thinking will only push people away from your page and personal account. Good and
uplifting updates keep them addicted.

Rule Five – Don’t talk dirty about your competitors
Let’s not be cynical because it’s not nice. It’s true we all have competitors but talking bad about
them will only bring trouble. Online, especially on Facebook, the competition is fierce. Your business
page must be constantly updated with useful information in order to keep your fans entertained.
Don’t talk bad about your competitors, and focus on smart strategies to stay in the top. Be friendly,
and you’ll manage to gain even more success.

Rule Six – keep it simple and don’t reveal too much

It’s ok to share photos and videos, but you know what they say, sometimes too much information can harm you. How can you stay interesting if you decide to put everything out there?

It’s important to keep your business enticing and captivating for your future fans by reveali ng information with moderation.
Remember, keep it simple. Simple is beautiful and effective.

RuleSeven – Avoid being rude or cruel
Rule number 7 is absolutely critical and that’s why I’m advising you all to be careful. Being rude could start a flaming war where two parties just keep shooting rude remarks at each other, worse still, it could be in public. How would it reflect on the person’s character? Would you choose to work with such a person? Would you hire such a person?

Jealousy and rudeness won’t help your business succeed. Instead, it may make others label you as a troublemaker and a negative person. Bad news can spread like wildfire, so does a bad reputation.

It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.
– Warren Buffett

Nobody said that making money on Facebook is easy. Success is not impossible to achieve, but it demands time and patience to be accomplished. Keep your cool, be patient, do the right things.

Hopefully, by now, there should be a few pointers in our guide that strikes a chord in you and learn a few more things about Facebook’s and how we can leverage on this social platform. To earn considerable revenue on Facebook, however, you must understand who are in it.

It’s important to look at the demographics and see how people behave on this social platform.

1. People 45 and older make up around 46% of Facebook user, the rest are 45 and below.
2. The average friend count is 130 people.
3. On average, people visit Facebook 40 times a month.
4. Average time a person spends on Facebook a month, is around 23 minutes PER visit

From these info, it should be fairly obvious that there are a few niches that will be more successful as compared to others. You must also learn how to recognize and benefit from any new opportunity that emerges.
Before we enter into the battle field, let’s recap 2 of the more important pointers we have gone through so far which is almost a must to think about and have an answer so as to create an angle in which we create our business in Facebook.

Crucial Step 1: The “Appeal Factor” if you want to get noticed
On a social platform, it’s crucial to make your profile look appealing to get noticed. On the other hand, you should remember that this is an Internet – based social networking site, thus you don’t have to provide all the details about you as an individual.

Instead, you can write information that is essential for a possible and future market. Let’s take the example of a fitness and health page. No one will ever take your advice into consideration if they find out that you have never gone to a gym. So, when creating a profile, you must make sure that your prospective market will find it appealing and truthful.

Crucial Step 2: Target an appropriate niche
Another crucial step is to target an appropriate niche. Facebook features almost a billion active users, everyone is different but there are groups of people who share the common interest. You have to look for a niche that comprises thousands of persons who have the same interest.

Before starting your Facebook business, you have to do a market research to establish what people are looking for. Afterwards, you can act accordingly. Another great piece of advice is to select a niche that presents a particular interest for you. By doing this, you’ll make sure that you have plenty of topics to talk about.
The main guide will teach you how to find the sources for earning money and how to determine if a niche is good or not.