Facebook PVA Store Tips & Tricks #14


This is the most important section of this course.

Building a fan base is quite easy once you get the hang of it…But not every fanbase can be turned into cash. We want to build the fanpage in a niche that will actually spend money on the products we offer.

This bears repeating… Our goal is to build a fanbase of buyers.
Quality will get you further than quantity.Picking your niche, and the products to promote is half the battle.

Picking Your Niche

The First thing we are looking for in a niche is shared passion. Is this a niche people are genuinely passionate about, would defend this passion, and shares this passion with others.

Picking Products To Promote

After picking a niche it’s important to pick the products you will promote before building anything out. This sets the groundwork and solid plan from the beginning,and allows you to test and see if you have a winner early on,before you spend too much time building out the fanpage.

Setting Everything Up

Now we can get started with the step-­‐by-­‐step instruction.
I am hoping by now you have signed up for the afJiliate networks I mentioned above, and went through the planning I outlined.  

Setting Up Personal Facebook Account

We are going to be using our personal Facebook account to generate the initial fanbase. You can use your current personal account, or you can create a new one using a pen name.  

There is one big reason we need to use a personal account first: Facebook only allows personal pages to join groups.And this method will be using groups to make content go viral.

I always recommend using a pen name when running your online business…I use pen names for everything and have a number of ‘avatars’ for each niche that I sell products in.

An avatar is simply an identity you use in your marketing.  

When creating your avatar I recommend using a pen name that is easy to remember, easy to spell, and does not belong to any public Jigures or copyrights.That means using ‘Donald Trump’ or ‘SteveJobs’ as your pen name is out.

Start by creating a new email account, I prefer to use gmail but you can use any free email account for this:


Next create a new Facebook account using the email address we just  


Setting Up Fanpage

Our ultimate goal is build a fanpage, and get our audience to follow the page, and share our content.  

After logging into facebook, go to this link to set up a new fanpage:


This link will take you to this page here:

Facebook Formula

I always select ‘brand or product’,and  choose the category that best fits the niche.9 times out of 10 I will select website (once your fan page starts producing income you will want to build out a website to continue scaling).

After you create the page, skip all of the walkthroughs that Facebook makes you go through, we will add content and Jill out the details later.

Finding  Content

Next we need some basic content for the page. At minimum we need:

• A cover image
• Profile picture
• 1 video from YouTube (not original)
• 3 pictures to post.

Ideally, you want to have at least 5 posts on your fanpage before you start promoting it. The fanpage will act as a landing page for your trafJic, so it’s important to have at least some activity.


Reddit is a large community with many sub-­‐reddits that are smaller communities in every niche you can imagine.

In most niches Reddit is the only source you need – there is new quality content being posted every minute and users are able to vote on the best content, which sorts it nicely for you.  

You could just take the top posts on Reddit in your niche everyday, and use them as the content for your fanpage.


Morgue  File

Morgue File is a directory of public domain and royalty free images that you can use for almost any purpose – including commercial.

This is my go to source for images in  my advertising, and for my fan pages:


I will give you  more sources of content later in the guide when we get into viral content,but for now these are enough to get you started.

Here is a screen shot of a recent fanpage I created in the photography niche:

Facebook Formula

There are a few pointers to keep in mind:

• You profile picture should never change – fans will recognize your profile picture and come to expect it. Make sure the picture you choose is one you will keep.

• Your profile picture should be human! – All of my most successful fanpages have used a human face as the profile picture.  

• Bring out the eyes – A human face with bright colored eyes draws your attention. The example in the image above is one of the highest clicked images in my Facebook ads, which is why I chose to use it as my profile avatar.

• Your cover image should be relevant to your niche.

Once you have set up your cover image and profile picture, make 5 posts with content you found on YouTube, Reddit, and Morgue File.

That’s it! You are all set up and ready to start getting fans.

Getting Your First 10k Fans

Now that you have everything planned out, and all of your accounts are set up it’s time to start building a fanbase.

Find Groups And Join Them

We are going to use Facebook groups to provide us with the initial traffic to our fanpages. There is one important thing to keep in mind:

We are using groups for their viral effect, not just for the group members.  

Posting content in just one group or highly targeted prospects in the niche you chose can generate thousands of fans… even if the group has under 100 members.  

Let me explain…

When you post content in a group of people who have a genuine interest in the topic, they will like and share the content on their own personal pages. And for each person that shares it, your content will gain exposure to there hundreds of friends.

This effect multiplies quickly, especially when you can regularly post new content.

The first step in this process is to use Facebook’s search tool to find groups in the niche we are targeting. You will need keywords that are relevant to your niche.

The best way to get a list of keywords is to use Google’s keyword planner tool here:


You don’t need to get too crazy looking for keywords, competition and search volume do not matter. We are just looking for different search terms to help us find more groups.

Once you have your list, just search each keyword one at a time in Facebook’s search bar:

Facebook Formula

Facebook will start recommending pages as soon as you start typing,but you want to click on the link to see more result that is circled below:

Facebook Formula

On the next screen, click on the link to see groups at the top of the results:

Facebook Formula

Depending on your niche you will see a handful, or dozens of open groups for you to join in the results. Just click the join button for each group to become a member.  

Facebook will occasionally help your search by finding similar groups to the ones in their results like in the image below:

Facebook Formula

The more groups you join, the faster you will be able to build your initial fanbase.  

Building The Personal Account

Facebook Formula only allows personal accounts to join groups and that is why we are building up a personal following before building our fanpage.

Posting Viral Content to Build Fanbase

Our strategy for posting content will be to first post it on our fanpage, and then posting it into the group with a subtitle link to the fanpage.

You do not want to make it obvious that you are promoting or have an agenda. Depending on the group,I will occasionally post content directly to the group or things I find on other fanpages just to make it less obvious I am promoting my own.  

Just click the link circled below to upload videos directly to your fanpage:

Facebook Formula

Videos are the most viral posts you can make, however there are plenty of other sources as well:

• Anything found on Reddit in your niche.
• Recent news articles are especially powerful because they invoke discussion
• Memes (more on this later)

It should only take a week of uploading content to your fanpage and posting them to groups to get your fanpage to 10,000 fans.  

Once you get to 10,000 fans,your page will be large enough to grow itself virally and you will no longer need to use the group strategy.

Going Viral – Getting to 100k Fans

This next section is all about getting your fanpage to 100,000 fans and beyond. These strategies can be used to build your initial fanbase as well, however the group method in the previous section is way more effective at getting your initial fanbase.  

Posting Valuable Content

The key to generating viral traffic is to post valuable engaging ontent,and getting users to share it.

Using  Memes

Here is an example of an internet meme:

Facebook Formula 

A meme is usually a picture or series of pictures with a funny or ‘niche relevant’ caption added to it.

These pictures can be extremely viral (I’ve had single meme’s generate over 1,000 new fans in under 12 hours!)

Word of caution: Facebook has been changing their newsfeed algorithm and making it harder and harder to get your posts to show up in your fans feed. With their most recent changes, user engagement is a BIG factor as to whether or not your posts will show up in your fans news feed.  

The reality: These changes have actually made it EASIER to build your fanbase virally because 90% of marketers are doing it wrong. Follow these steps and you will show up on your fans newsfeed every time… While your competition wonders why they are not getting any new likes.

There are three big things you want to do in order to get your fanbase to engage with you (I’ll give you an example too):

• Post content that is controversial, and will garner a strong opinion from your audience.
• Like any comments you receive and reply to them with your own comments
• Use a strong call to action in every post. (Tell them exactly what to do)

Engage and like your audience -­‐ more likely to actually show up in newsfeeds.
This niche is very anti-­‐government, and anti-­‐establishment.I found an image on Reddit that I knew would resonate with this market:

Facebook Formula

The only text I used was ‘share this if you agree’.This is a simple call to action – I know that my target audience would strongly agree with the content of the image, and so all I had to do was to tell them SPECIFICALLY what to do.

Getting New Content From Fans

In many niches you can build the fanpage to the point where you don’t even need to find new content… Your fans will find it for you!

Set up an email address for fans to send in their own conent,and invite them to send you videos, pictures, news stories,and anything else related to your niche. This strategy works better in some niches that in others,but it is worth trying on EVERY one of your pages.  

Making It Go Viral

Posting quality content to a passionate audience is enough to virally grow your fanpage. The content you post is the basis of everything, and most fanpages can get away with this alone.  

As I went over before,always have a call to action in your posts. Invite them to comment, like,and share the content. Calls to action usually work best when you give a reason to take the action.

Getting Paid – Making $100,000 Per Year

Making money on Facebook will require some trial and error…

To repeat from the previous section:20% or your efforts will earn 80% of the money.

There are so many factors that determine whether or not a fanpage will make money. The niche, the offers, the content…

I have had fanpages with only 20,000 fans make me over $10,000 a month in affiliate commissions…
And I have had fanpages with over 100,000 fans BARELY break a few hundred dollars a  month.  

The most important thing is to never let luck determine your success. Create multiple pages,in numerous niches and test everything.

Affiliate  Marketing

When posting affiliate links to your fanpages there are a few guidelines you need to follow. Facebook is a social platform, and they don’t like to be marketed too or sold… You will need to make your affiliate links valuable to for the audience.

For starters… don’t make your actual link obvious. Always use tinyURL or  another URL shortner to‘cloak’ your link so fans are not averse to clicking on them.


Email List Building

The next step up from affiliate marketing is to build your own email list. Email marketing is hands down one of the most important things you can do to expand your business.  

And guess what? You don’t even need a  website or any technical expertise in order to do it.

Sell Your Own Products

Once you have established fanpages in a variety of niches… have proven that the niche will spend money by promoting affiliate products… and have built an email list in the niche…

The next step is to create your own product. Creating an information product and selling it through Clickbank is the fastest way to go from 6 figures a year online to 7 figures. This is because you can not only sell your product to the facebook audience you have built… but other marketers can sell your products for you as an affiliate. Creating your own products and recruiting affiliates should be the ultimate goal of any marketer who wants to take things to the 7 figure or more level.


And so that’s it! All that’s left to do is put it into action. This method is brain dead simple, and can produce 6-­‐figure per year income if you just take the time to put it into action..

Best & Warm Regards,
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