PVA Store Tips & Tricks #21

4 Things that Make Facebook Like Campaigns Work

When we boil it all down, there are just four things that you need to succeed with Facebook Like campaigns:

1) A Well-Targeted Audience
2) An Attention-Grabbing Image
3) A Logical Headline
4) An Appropriate Call to Action

The remainder of this report digs deep into each of these four components.

A Well-Targeted Audience

You could have the most amazing Page with the coolest content, but if you’re not focusing on the most relevant, most targeted, and most logical audience, you will fail at Facebook advertising.

Country: You must choose at least one country to get started. If you’re targeting an English-speaking audience, then your most logical choices are the United States, United Kingdom, Canada,and Australia.You can start with just the United States, if you like, as it has the most users, or all of them.

State/Province, City, and Zip Code:Typically, you would not drill down to this level for a Facebok Likes campaign. However, if you’re running a Page for a local company, you should absolutely take advantage of this degree of location targeting.

Age & Gender
After location, targeting by Age ranges and Gender is the next step in finding your ideal audience. You may be thinking that your topic is appropriate for all ages and either gender, and you may be right. But there is always a more targeted audience within the broader public. Here are some ways to find it:

Media Kits:
A publication media kit (or press kit) is what publications use to inform prospective advertisers and the news media.A kit typically has historical information on the company, biographies of key executives, past press coverage,and—what we are most interested in—statistics on their subscribers and audience.

Adsprouts aggregates media kits from hundreds of publications. It’s well- organized by various top-level categories. To navigate, find the category that your Page topic falls into, choose a few of the publications, and click the “media kit” link. This will take you to the publication’s site. Many times there will be a downloadable PDF with all the information, and in other cases, everything will be right in front of you.

Facebook Likes

Here’s an example of what I learned from the RunnersWorld media kit:

Facebook Likes

This data gives me the median age, median household income (HHI), gender breakdown, marital status, percentage of children in household, and higher educational breakdown.

Facebook Likes

This data shows me the type of content that is most popular on the RunnersWorld site!

Quantcast: A web-based demographics company, Quantcast does a good job of providing key data on many of the web’s biggest properties. Here’s just a brief example of what the audience statistics looks Facebook likes for YogaJournal.com.

Facebook Likes

Search Google: If you can’t find what you’re looking for on adsprout, or if you already know of a specific publication you’d like to explore, do a search in Google for “[topic] media kit” (remove quotes and brackets). This will bring back results of related publications.

Interests & Categories
Perhaps the most powerful data available to us, targeting your audience by Precise Interests and Broad Categories allows us to truly present our ad to those who have already expressed some interest in our topic (or to a related topic) and fall into a particular category of user.

Precise Interests
Broad Categories
Suggested Likes and Interest

You can further target by the connections your audience has to our Page. Since you are looking for NEW LIKES, it makes perfect sense to target “Only people not connected to [yourpage].”

Friends of Connections: This option will show your ad only to friends of your existing fans. I don’t recommend using this option, especially at first. Later, you could run a test to see how this segment responds versus the rest of your target audience, but it’s not an essential
feature for your success.

Advanced Targeting Options
The advanced targeting options drill into relationship status, language spoken, educational level, and workplace. Don’t mess with these unless your Page is focused on segments that fall into any of these categories (ie., Single, Spanish-speaking college graduates who work at Dell).

The Necessary Rabbit’s Hole of Precise Interests
This process can be a bit of a rabbit’s hole, but discovering all the Precise Interest opportunities available to you will set you up for a huge advantage. Because as I said, targeting the ideal audience is the most important factor for success in Facebook advertising.

Let’s use an example so you can see how things work. For this example, I’ve got a Page about Baking.

So I type baking into the Precise Interests field.

Facebook Likes

From these initial results, I’ll choose #Baking, #Turano Baking Company, #Proofing, and #Biga from the Topics, and Pillsbury Baking, Baking, and Baking Life from the Precise Interests.

Brands: Notice that Pillsbury Baking and #Turano Baking Company are brands. If there are brand names associated with your topic, add them.

Specific Pages: Your best prospects are ones that are already connected to a similar Page. Baking Life sounds like a Page or website, so we can safely assume that they provide baking- related content, making them an ideal Page to target.

Here are my results from baking d. Notice how we found a related word—desserts–that we can explore?

Facebook Likes

Seeing desserts reminds me that much of baking is about desserts. So I can explore the word desserts for results, as well as explore different actual results, such as cake.

Facebook Likes

In exploring cake, I came across Cake Boss, which I know to be a cable television show about cakes. I’ve decided to add it, because I’m thinking my Baking audience might very well watch shows such as “Cake Boss.” I encourage you to think about the TV shows that relate to your topic. As cable television explodes into hundreds of different niche channels, there is surely a show or two that attracts the very audience you’re targeting!

Facebook Likes

After a few minutes of searching, I created an audience that had 10,200,000 people associated with it (notice I’m not doing location, age, or gender targeting for these purposes).

And then I did something that I recommend YOU do as well…I began to delete some of the Interests.

Facebook Likes

I actually deleted the broadest term, #Baking, along with Pillsbury Baking, Baking Life (which turns out to be some sort of game), #Cake Boss, #Cake decorating, #Chocolate cake, Chocolate cake, and Dancing Deer Baking Co.

Here’s what the updated audience looks like. 5,000,000 target audience without using broad topics? Heck yeah!!

Facebook Likes

Finishing this Example
I figured you’d like to see me complete the Baking example, so here’s what I did:

I went to adsprouts and found a relevant publication, Better Home and Gardens, and went to their media kit here: http://www.bhgmarketing.com/research.html

Facebook Likes

BHG’s research tells me their audience is 80.4% female, and that 53.3% of their audience is between the ages of 25-54.

So I changed by audience targeting to focus on them, as well as adding some additional countries.

Facebook Likes

So after all that, I have a target audience of 2,800,000, which is ample to launch with.

An Attention-Grabbing Image

While it’s impossible for me to give you advice that will cover every conceivable topic, I will share with you some best practices that tends to work well for me and my students and clients.

Avoid Logos
Portraits Over Still Lives

Look at these 2 examples for a Hiking/Backpacking ad.

Facebook Likes
Facebook Likes

♦ Colored Borders Help

Facebook Likes

♦ Avoid Blue on Your Borders
♦ Don’t Just Take My Word For It!

A Logical Headline

Have you ever noticed the very top of a sales letter or the beginning of an infomercial, there’s traditionally a question. Something like, “Tired of cleaning your floors on your hands and knees? Wish there was a better way?”

In the world of copywriting, that pre-header is used to qualify your prospects. It serves to remove from the discussion those people who don’t experience the problem your offer solves.

In your Facebook ad, you will be using some of the same psychology.

For Like campaigns—when the sole purpose is to increase the sheer number of fans to our Page—the Headline is meant to ask the most logical question to the perfectly targeted audience.

What’s that question? Well, it’s the one that qualifies your audience’s interest in your topic.

Here are some of my most successful headlines, using this very simple, logical question format:

Like [topic]?
Love [topic]?
Do you like [topic]?
Do you love [topic]?
Crazy about [topic]?
Like to [action related to topic]?
Love to [action related to topic]?
Want more [topic]?
Can’t get enough [topic]?

You see the trend? It’s a simple, but powerful question we are asking.

An Appropriate Call to Action

You’ve targeted the right people. You’ve pulled them into your ad with an attention-grabbing image. And you’ve qualified your prospect with a logical headline.Now’s when you “ask for the order,” to borrow from my years in sales.

Many people turn the text section of their ad into an “about my Page” moment, saying things like “Keep up with the latest and greatest news about [topic] when you become a fan.”

Ugh. No, please.

Here’s an appropriate call to action when you’re running a Like campaign: “Click LIKE if you love [topic]!”

Odds & Ends

Determining Your Campaign Budget
When to Make Changes
Change your Target Audience
Using Insights for Further Targeting After a while, your Page Insights will show a picture of your audience. You can use this data to change your targeting or drill in even further. Here’s an example:

I created a general humor Page and ran an ad to all ages, both men and women. Here’s what my audience looks like today:

Facebook Likes

72% of my fans are women! How could that be, when I wasn’t targeting women? It was the image I was using…of an internet meme called Grumpy Cat. Turns out, women love Grumpy Cat, so while my targeting wasn’t specific to a gender, my ad was pulling stronger with women than men.

Case Study #1

Topic:labrador retrievers
Daily budget:$10
30-day average cost per like:$0.0122452

Facebook Likes

I find often that it can take several days for Facebook to “find its groove” with my ads. It’s frustrating, because it can feel like your ad is limping along. I don’t ever want to knee-jerk on an ad, because time and again I’m proven correct in my initial ad settings. Sometimes it just takes time for your ad to “take hold” with your audience.

Ad Preview

Facebook Likes

Image: a picture of my lab, Ranger, when he was a puppy. Notice how it’s a face, looking straight at the camera?

Headline: “Do You Love Labradors?” I ask the most logical question.

Text: “Click LIKE. Good.” I say “good” as a joke, like I would to my dog, like I’ve issued a command and I’m praising them for doing it right.


Facebook Likes

Very straightforward targeting. 1,720,000 from English-speaking countries, focusing on #Labrador Retriever, labrador retrievers, I love labradors, labrador puppies, labrador retriever or labradors.

Case Study #2

Topic:survivalists and gun enthusiasts
Daily budget:$20
30-day average cost per like:$0.02062019

Facebook Likes

Notice the big spike on 7/04? You want to know what I did to make that happen? Once again, nothing. My ad had been limping since 6/30 when I started the campaign, and then suddenly on July 4, all hell broke loose!

Ad Preview

Facebook Likes

Image: a picture of some sort of handgun (I have no idea…I’m not a gun owner). This breaks my “show people” rule, but I couldn’t find a picture of someone holding a gun that didn’t look menacing or dangerous.

Headline: “Are you Pro Gun?” I ask the most logical question.

Text: “Click LIKE. To show your support for the 2nd Amendment!” This is more text than I like, but it works well because I’m making a somewhat emotional plea to the audience.


Facebook Likes

Due to the nature of the topic, I set a minimum age of 18, and have focused strictly on Americans. My Interest targeting is a mixture of brands, gun styles, relevant associations and related pages.

Best & Warm Regards,
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