Facebook PVA Store Tips & Tricks #13


The following is how I have my business set up. Simple and to the point. These are general guidelines, not absolute rules. Do what you want, but this has worked for me.

♦ It’s important to remember that Facebook ads are a great source for LEADS, NOT INSTANT SALES. You are in the process of generating LEADS for your clients. It is up to them to CLOSE and handle the product/service part of the lead. They should be used to doing this already, but you can also help them CLOSE new leads if you have that skill-set (for more money) if you wish.
♦ Name your program something cool. You can even steal my name for my Facebook ads program: RapidLeads. This plays
off the point above. It is your job to provide the leads, not the sales.
♦ Pricing. I charge between $1,000 and $2,000 per month depending on what type of client I have. I recommend you start somewhere near the same.
♦ Ad costs. I prefer to have the client handle ad costs. It’s easier to link accounts in Facebook, it prevents you from having to run ads from your account, and it doesn’t cut into your income at all.
♦ Contract. I recommend you get a 6 month commitment from your new clients.


This section will tell you which businesses are AWESOME for Facebook ad promotions and which business types you should AVOID at all costs. Here’s the criteria I go by:

1. The business should charge $150 or more per transaction. This removes most of the risk on your end – as little as six extra sales a month moves you into break- even territory. With a good campaign it’s hard to NOT generate that money.

2. No inventory limit. If a business can’t deliver the goods, then they’re not a good client. Make sure the client can handle nearly unlimited orders of their product or service.

3. Solid business in place already. This means no startups! You only want to work with businesses that are making money RIGHT NOW. The last thing you want to do is be responsible for building a company from the ground up. Don’t do it, no matter what the pay is. Really. Also, companies that are already turning a profit can afford to pay you month after month, unlike some startups when their cash dries up. I would look for annual revenue of > $300,000 as a good minimum.

4. Trust your gut. This means that you should trust your instincts and only work with companies that are truly a good fit. You want your job to be EASY, not hard. Make sure you get along with the people you’ll be working with, and you should have a successful relationship for many months/years to come.


Generally, you want to find companies that provide products or services that people either NEED or WANT badly enough to be a viable niche. People always want to lose weight, or get rid of ants in their house, or have nice teeth. They also might NEED a lawyer, an insurance agent, or auto repair. These are niches that I have personally had as clients:

♦ Gyms
♦ Auto Detailing
♦ Pest Control
♦ Dentists
♦ Lawyers
♦ Home Security
♦ Vet/Animal Hospital
♦ Insurance
♦ Auto Repair


Some businesses are just horrible. They might meet the criteria but do NOT do well on Facebook. Here are some:

♦ Carpet cleaning
♦ Locksmith
♦ Water damage
♦ Mold removal

Like I said, trust your gut. And if you have a business on the hook but aren’t sure, reachout and ask me if it would be a good bet.


The easiest, cheapest, and most reliable way to get clients for your FB ads business is to upsell your current clients on your Facebook ads program. (Don’t worry, we’ll go over the FB ads method as well).

When I first started offering FB ad services to my current clients, most were SEO clients that I was trying to rank on Google. Things were good, but not anywhere as good as
they could be.

My gym client for example was getting about 5 leads per week from his website. Not bad, but not stellar. He had no sales process in place. Things were pretty much left up to luck.

During the time I was providing SEO, I was also spending several thousand dollars on a Facebook ads mentor.

When I was ready to roll out my program, I pitched it to all my clients. 3 of them took me up on it. I increased my income to around $5,000 per month almost instantly. Here’s a screenshot with my earnings per month from one client in 2014:

Facebook Marketing

I don’t show this to brag, but to show you what’s truly possible. Last month alone we brought in a staggering 54 clients to his gym using Facebook ads alone. 54 clients at about $198 for his introductory program is almost $11,000 revenue for his business, at a cost of only $1,500 per month for me.

If you could give me $1,500 and get back $11,000, I bet you’d do that all day, right? Exactly.

At the end of this section I’ll share my script for talking to new and current clients about your Facebook program and how to close new leads all day long.


First, a little exercise. Before we can start capturing leads, we need to determine your target market. To do that, take a few minutes and write down answers to these questions.

1. Who are your customers? (General demographics and location)
2. What are their goals? (External)
3. What are the biggest problems they’re facing?
4. 7-10 Biggest fears and frustrations?
5. 7-10 Biggest wants and aspirations?

Once you have those written down, save them and we’ll go right ahead to step two!


In order to create a compelling offer for your sales funnel, we’re going to create an offer. An offer is a free giveaway or download that will compel your prospects to give their information to you in return for the download.

To make your offer, take your answers from questions 4 and 5 above, and write a short report around that. I’ve put together some example headlines you might use in the Financial Planning niche:

♦ Start Attracting Qualified Financial Planning Leads – Overnight!
♦ 3 Simple Steps to Grab New Clients Today – Right From Facebook Marketing!
♦ 5 Clever Ways to Attract New Financial Planning Leads Now!

I like these “list” style reports because I can divide it up into 3 or 4 sections and easily create a 4-5 page document in just a couple hours.

All you’re doing is taking your clients’ most likely frustrations and aspirations and making them into a free download. You most likely only need to do this once, and then you’re set! Of course, you can create as many reports as you’d like for different markets. These reports only have to be 4-5 pages, max. The purpose is to position you as the expert in your field.

This report should be a PDF file for easy reading and downloading.

If you bought the add-on “done-for-you” client report, then you already have this file that you can use and modify for every niche! If not, you’ll have to type it out yourself.


This is the only “technical” step. What we’re doing is creating a squeeze page. This is a webpage that will entice prospects to download your report in exchange for their information. There are a few services that offer done for you squeeze pages:

♦ LeadPages – http://leadpages.net
♦ Unbounce – http://unbounce.com
♦ Premise – http://getpremise.com

Use the same headline on the squeeze page that you do on the report! Here’s a squeeze page headline I used that converted at 57%!

Facebook Marketing

That particular page was generated with LeadPages, but whatever you use, make sure to get the following information from all your prospects:

1. Name
2. Email Address
3. Phone Number

When you’re done, you’re ready to move on!


For this step, you need to have your squeeze page ready and online – meaning you should be able to view it online and give out a link for it.

Next, we need to show this page to your target market.

1. Create a Facebook page around your target market. For financial planners, I created a “Financial Planning Freedom” page. You can create similar pages. Just go to http://facebook.com/pages/create to set up yours. The only thing you will need is a profile photo and optionally, a cover photo. You don’t have to worry about fans or posts or any of that. The only reason we’re creating this page is to have our ad show from it.

2. Grab the URL for your squeeze page and head over to http://facebook.com/ads/manage. Choose Clicks to Website. Paste your squeeze page URL in the box.

3. Scroll down and choose the Facebook page you want to connect to. This is the page you made in step 1.

4. Click “remove” next to the Right Column Ads.

5. Enter the headline and the text for your ad.

6. When you’re done, it should look something like this. I recommend using the “Download” button option:

Facebook Marketing

7. Choose an image that grabs attention. Your finished ad should look something like this:

Facebook Marketing

8. Choose your targeting. Targeting is really simple when you know your audience. Financial planners are some of my favorite people to target, just type it into the “interest” box:

Facebook Marketing

9. If you’re in another niche, just type the name of the niche into the same interest box, and you’ll get a great number of prospects, and you’ll get an excellent click through rate. Leave all other settings at the default, and save your ads. They will get approved and start running soon.


Using the above steps, you will get a lot of leads. When calling your prospects, the goal should be to have a conversation with them about how you can help them. This should be a free consulting call, and is designed to steer them towards a solution to their problems.

The key is to ASK questions and let the lead do most of the talking. Help them develop a plan for their future that THEY have come up with – with your help. Here’s some key points to help you have a better conversation with your prospects:

1. Get their attention. Restate the goal of the call based on why they contacted you in the first place.
2. Build Interest. Ask them as many questions about themselves as you can.
3. Desire. Walk them through the creation of a financial plan. Explain and reiterate all the benefits.
4. Say “Would you like me to help you implement the plan we created?” This is the most important step.
5. Action. Tell them you’re going to send a proposal by email that they will need to look over and agree to.

Here’s part of my client script. If you bought the complete client script that deals with mindset, the pitch, objections, and closing the deal, then refer to that document, but here is the “meat” of it for those who didn’t buy. Here’s what you say:

I know there’s a ton of marketing guys calling you. You’re going to find this very refreshing because I’m not like those guys. The industry has changed. SEO is highly competitive – it’s like the Wal-Mart of the online world.

Yellow pages sucks. Lead buying programs suck because they’re recycled and not exclusive to you.

What we do is bring your customers to YOU. We get your most likely buyers to give you money.

Imagine your best selling service or product (what is that?). Imagine your main product selling for $249, and imagine people that pass by all the time here in your area. Imagine
100 of those targeted people asking you to take their money. Calling in, walking in, or
emailing. That’s what we do, and it’s all customized for you.

How many of those 100 people, that you know are your perfect demographic – can you close?

While you’re thinking about that, most businesses tell me they can get between 30 and
40% conversion rate. What that means for you is that you can get 30-40 sales per month from highly targeted and qualified leads.

My job is to deliver the leads, your job is to close them. Selling just 30 per month is over $X,000 per month for you.

Then say this: Every business I talk to is super excited about this, but I have to tell you that only one of these packages is available to you.

I have a secret to tell you. You’re the first of your 31 competitors that knows about this, and I only want to work with one exclusively, and I want to make sure it’s the right fit.

After pitch. Now you know how powerful this is and why I’m so busy. There’s nobody else doing this, getting people directly into your business.


I sincerely hope the preceding six steps have laid out a clear plan of attack.

But here’s the thing – I am a big believer that you are who you associate with. You’re the average of the 5 people you spend the most of your time with. It begs the question, what sort of people do you spend the most of your time with?

Tell me, do you ever feel like you’re all on your own in your business?

I used to feel like that. In fact, when I found a mentor, someone who has been there and done EXACTLY what I wanted to do, my entire life changed.

And I want to give back.

I am currently offering a huge discount on my advanced training Facebook group.

You get to ask questions of me, directly on Facebook, anytime of the day or night. I will guide you through ad creation, squeeze pages, closing deals, sending proposals, delivering for clients and making MONEY in 2014.

Are you ready to kick ass and do whatever it takes to break their income goals for 2014 and beyond?
Then keep reading…

Best & Warm Regards,
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