PVA Store Tips & Tricks #28

Facebook Ninja NewsFeed Domination

Facebook page admin

Thank you for taking the chance to read my report. I have found a great way to get your posts in your fans’ newsfeeds without ads.

Current Newsfeed Strategy
As we all know by now, your Fanpage posts are only seen by something like 10% of your fans. So you have spent all that money building your likes and now you have to spend more money to connect with them. That is the way of Facebook. They are looking to monetize you any way they can.

New Strategy
In December, Facebook announced a key change in its News Feed. You see, in August of last year, Facebook introduced something called “Story Bumping”. To understand how this works, think of when you log onto Facebook. If you have the time, you can spend awhile go down the News Feed. But if you don’t have the time and only read the first postings, you miss out on postings below. Story Bumping allows you to see old content that you haven’t seen before by bumping up the story in your news feed. This means that the old story will be placed in the top of your feed. This was determined by how much interaction the post had.

I’m sure you’re thinking what does this have to do with marketing. Well, as I mentioned, Facebook made a change in December that affected its Story Bumping. According to Facebook, a story can get bumped if it has fresh comments. So even if you have seen a post, you could see it again if enough comments have been generated. The key is to provide quality engaging content. So even if you had 100 comments, but if your post is spammy, it wouldn’t matter. In addition research has shown that if you link to high quality content, you will get on Facebook’s radar more than if you just made a post such as a meme.
So is the lightbulb going off in your head head? You can get your posts shown more by reverse engineering Facebook’s algorithm. Facebook actually calculates a score to all News Feed stories. The higher the quality of content, the higher the score and in turn the likelihood of Story Bumping.

Step 1
The first step is to produce high quality content. If you are a great writer and content marketer, you could write your own and post it to your blog. Better yet, write the article for an authority website in your niche. If you’re not an experienced content writer, you can link to a related article in your niche on an authority website. Before creating your post though you need to make sure it will have a high score. To do this, you need to make sure that your posts are timely. Don’t link to old information. You also need to make sure that your content is relevant to your page and niche. Ask yourself

if this is something your fans would really be interested in seeing. Put yourself in their shoes. Think about the pages you have liked. Would your post be something you would like to see if you didn’t own the page. Finally before you post, ask yourself if your fans would share this with their friends.

Find High Quality Trending Content In Your Niche
1. http://nativeadvertising.com (Free)
This website finds the trending stories that are being used in native advertisements. You can even filter by Content Type (I suggest articles) and Industry (your niche).
2. Post Planner Facebook App (Paid)
Search for the app in Facebook search and add it to your profile. Go to content engine and search your niche keyword. It will show you what is trending.
3. http://bottlenose.com (Free & Paid)
This service finds trending topics from key influencers. As of this report, there is a free search tool.
4. http://topsy.com (Free & Paid)
Lets you search trending topics.
5. http://app.buzzsumo.com/top-content (free)
This is a great place to find top content.
6. http://likebutton.com/
Find out what’s being liked on Facebook.

Step 2
The next step is to share your content. Here is a way to get even more views to your post using a highly underutilized approach. Do you notice your friends tagging other friends in their feeds? They do this so that the person’s friends that they are tagging can you see your post as well. The same thing works as well with pages. When you make a post, you can tag another page and have their fans see the same post. Just make sure that the pages you are tagging are highly relevant to your page. So find 2 to 3 highly relevant pages and tag them in your post.

Next I want to briefly discuss Call To Actions. If it were still 2013, I would suggest including a Call To Action in your post. Something like Share This, Share a Comment etc. If you were doing a news feed ad, I would say to include it, but since you are trying to get views organically I wouldn’t include a call to action. Facebook has stated that they don’t like Calls To Actions in the post. So they are most likely giving a low quality score to posts with calls to action.

Step 3
Once you post your high quality content, its now time to get some comments. There are three ways to do this. One is Whitehat, one is greyhat and one is blackhat. The first strategy is to ask your friends to comment on your posts. If you have a page, I’m sure many of your friends have liked that page. So post on your personal page with a link to your Page post and ask your friends to comment. You could even send them direct messages.

The second strategy is to buy Facebook shares from high quality people. If your content is engaging, you should get many comments from the shares. To buy the shares, you need to visit a website called Social Link Mart: http://www.sociallinkmart.com/sociallink_pricing.php
Each share is priced by a SLM score which is similar to Klout.

The third strategy is to actually buy Facebook Comments. This is risky and I advise you to use it at your own risk, but I wanted to make you aware of it. There is a website that allows you to buy Facebook comments:

My recommendation would be to start with the first strategy. If you can’t get 25-30 comments from friends or fans, then I would look into buying some Facebook Shares. You will probably be better off paying more for a small amount of high authority shares than from a lot of low quality shares.
I hope you have enjoyed the report.