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Facebook Page Admin

Facebook page admin

I’ve been doing Internet Marketing for over a year and a half now. I started out really confused and frustrated the first 6 months because of all the different products, coaching programs and methods there were to make money online. I honestly didn’t make any money for at least 6 months! I eventually found success with social media marketing, through popular social networks like Pinterest & YouTube.

I wanted give Facebook a shot, because it’s obviously the most popular social network and I figured there was lots of traffic to be had on there. It’s kind of embarrassing to admit, but I FAILED MISERABLY trying to make money with Facebook. You wouldn’t even believe how many Facebook PPC ( pay per click) ads products I bought trying to learn how get the cheapest ads on Facebook to promote products as an affiliate. Easily spent 100’s if not 1000’s!

I’m sure you know which products I’m talking about. I won’t say any names,but I’m talking about some of the Facebook products that claim to get 1 cent Facebook ad clicks. I’m not saying that they don’t work, I’m just telling you from experience that I was never able to achieve the results that were promised in those products.

I was trying to build FB page through PPC ads, but I was spending way too much for little results (about 10 bucks a day for about 50 new fans). I knew that there had to be a better solution, so I looked at other options. What I did was I identified a few pages that had a lot of fans in my niche and decided to send them a message. My intention was to see if they were willing to sell their Facebook page. I figured that if I was gonna spend 1000s of dollars on Facebook ads to build pages, I might as well save myself the time and try to buy an established Facebook page for as cheap as possible.

One of the pages I was targeting responded to my Facebook message. It was a Facebook page of over 30,000 likes and they were in the niche I was targeting as well. Unfortunately, they declined my offer (even though I offered A LOT of money…looking back, I’m shocked they said no). But it was a blessing in disguise.

That’s where I met James, the owner of the 30k Facebook page that rejected my offer. James is only 18 years old, and he built one of the most popular pages in the niche I was targeting on Facebook. I was jealous. James and I got to know each other over the week or so, and he eventually trusted me enough to ask me the following question:
“Yo Mehdi, do you want to admin my page?”
Then I had one of those “Aha! moments”…
This was the big break I needed to be able to grow my own Facebook page WITHOUT HAVING TO SPEND MONEY ON ADS! My first thought was…
“I could use this opportunity of being admin on James’ page to grow my niche page faster and wayyyyy cheaper!”
So that’s what I did…
I made a deal with James for him to allow me to promote my own niche page and in return I would post on his page as an admin.
That’s how it all started for me with growing Facebook pages…
Over the last month or so, I’ve been able to get AMAZING RESULTS!

Facebook page admin

These pages were all built within 1-3 months. The first two are in the sports niche, and the 3rdone is in the comedy niche, but you can absolutely use any niche for the methods you’ll learn.Before we get into the techniques I used to get 200-1000 likes on average everyday, let’s get into some basics…these are really important to know before you start using my tricks.

The Basics
Just because I’m calling this “the basics”, that doesn’t mean that you should skip through this section. In fact, if you skip this section, you’ll most likely not be as successful as you could be using my techniques…

Picking Your Niche
Before creating our Facebook page, we need to determine we will focus on for our Facebook marketing. THIS IS A REALLY IMPORTANT STEP! Make sure you don’t pick a niche that’s too specific, because for this method to work, we need to have many pages on Facebook in the same niche. Here are just some good niche examples, just to give you ideas if you’re stuck:

  • Women’s Dating Tips
  • NFL Football News
  • Pregnancy Tips
  • Make Money Online
  • Celebrity News
  • Justin Bieber Fans (yes, you can even do a page for individuals if they’re popular enough on social media)

    Basically, just make sure that there are other pages on Facebook that are similar to yours, and the more pages you find that are like the one you’d like to create, THE BETTER! You’ll see why once we get to the different methods later on in the report.

    Facebook Page Basics
    Now that we’ve just picked our niche and determined that the niche had TONS of similar pages, it’s time to create our very own Facebook page! Pretty simple stuff for most of you, but there is one little trick that will make a BIG DIFFERENCE. Again, you’ll see why later on in the report.
    To create your Facebook page, go to http://www.facebook.com/pag

    Once you click on that link, you should see a page that looks like this:

    Facebook page admin

    Make sure you pick “Local Business or Place” then in the drop down menu that pops up, select “Local Business” again. Selecting those categories is crucial! Facebook LOVES business pages, and you’ll find out soon enough that Facebook pages that are categorized as “local businesses” tend to get preferential treatment for whatever reason.

    If Facebook forces you to include an address for your “local business” on that screen, then a fake address will do for now. You can always edit any of this information in your admin panel later on if you like.
    Get Fake Facebook Likes From Fiverr

    Facebook page admin

    Before we start building our Facebook fan page with REAL likes, we need to purchase fake likes to make our page seem popular. People are more likely to like a page that ALREADY has fans than not (obviously). What I did was I went to Fiverr.com and bought a couple thousand fans for $5. The fans most likely get removed within the first month or so. It’s definitely a short- term thing where we want our page to look popular in the early stages when nobody knows about our Facebook page. Below is just some examples of gigs on Fiverr that you can find for Facebook fan page likes. For only $5, it’s well worth it!

    Post Content On Your Facebook Page
    Even though we don’t have any REAL likes yet, we’re gonna want to have our Facebook page looking like a complete page. I’ve found that posting once every couple of hours between noon and 9pm on my Facebook pages have resulted in great page activity (comments, likes, shares, etc). Make sure you have at least 5-10 articles posted to your Facebook page before you start using the FB Admin techniques taught in the coming pages.

    Creating Your Niche Site (Optional For Now)
    I’m gonna say that this part is optional for now, but you’ll definitely want to create a website for your Facebook page so that you can drive traffic to it everyday and promote different offers and make some money. I mean, you’re obviously reading this report because you’re an aspiring internet marketer who wants to make money right?

    I created my niche site as soon as I created my Facebook page. I like having everything set up beforehand. But that’s just me.

    Pick A Domain Name
    Try thinking of a domain name that relates to the name of your Facebook page. Once you’ve thought of a domain name for your site, head over to GoDaddy.com and see if that domain name is available. If it is, great, if not, try another name (try using dashes in the domain name…as this may help you find an available domain name). Don’t take forever picking a domain name, because it doesn’t have to be “perfect”, just has to be somewhat related to the name of your Facebook page.

    TIP: You can use GoDaddy’s bulk search feature to search multiple domain names’ availabilities, to save yourself some time. Here’s the link to the bulk search tool : http://www.godaddy.com/bulk-domain-

    Here’s a screenshot of the GoDaddy bulk search tool. It allows you to search up to 500 different domain name ideas. I always use it and gives me the answers I need and I save a ton of time! Time is money ;)

    Facebook page admin

    ANOTHER TIP: There’s always some coupon codes for GoDaddy available online. Google something like “GoDaddy coupon codes 2014” and I’m sure you’ll be able to find a discount code somewhere. I bought my domain for 99 cents, whereas they usually go for 10 bucks

    Get Hosting For Your Domain
    Facebook page admin

    Now that we’ve picked a domain name, we need to get some web hosting for it. There are a ton of choices out there on the internet, but I have always used HostGator.com . It’s probably the most reliable hosting service, and I’ve never had any issues with them. Once you buy hosting (which is only like 7 bucks a month), let’s move on to the next step, where I will show you how to set up your GoDaddy domain to your HostGator hosting.

    Set Up Your Domain
    With your GoDaddy domain and HostGator hosting now purchased, we can
    now move forward with setting up your niche site for your Facebook marketing. First thing we need to do is to point the nameservers of your HostGator account to your GoDaddy domain. Log in to your GoDaddy
    domain manager, select your domain. Then go to “Manage Nameservers”, select “Custom”, then enter the nameservers that HostGator sent you by email when you purchased hosting from them. Here’s a screenshot of the screen where you edit your nameservers:

    Facebook page admin

    After editing your nameservers, head over to your HostGator cpanel (the log in details were sent to you via your welcome email from HostGator) and find the “add-on domain” screen. Then you will add the domain you just purchased from GoDaddy. Hit “add domain”, then look for the “Fantastico” icon to install WordPress on your domain. I won’t go into too much detail, because it’s pretty easy (and frankly, this isn’t a WordPress WSO). If you’re having trouble, then I recommend heading over to YouTube (tons of instructional videos on how to install WordPress with HostGator).

    Link Your GoDaddy Domain To HostGator Hosting
    Now that we’ve added the HostGator nameservers in our GoDaddy back office, we now need to go to our HostGator cpanel and register the “addon domain” to complete “linkage” of the GoDaddy and the HostGator. So log in to your HostGator cpanel (should have gotten your log in details to your email). Once logged in, you should see a screen with a bunch of different icons. Scroll down the page until you find the “Domains” header. There, you will find an icon called “Addon domains”:

    Facebook page admin

    Once you click on that icon, you will be directed to another page where you’ll be asked to enter your domain’s details. Here’s an example of what it should look like and how you fill out the info:

    Facebook page admin

    For the “New Domain Name”, make sure that you DO NOT enter “http://” and also, once you fill out the first line, the next two will auto-generate.Then select your password and hit “Add Domain”. Simple as that!

    Download WordPress For Your Website
    There are several ways to go about it, but I use a HostGator software called Fantastico De Luxe to install WordPress. You can find the Fantastico De Luxe icon by scrolling to the bottom of the cpanel homepage under the header “Software/Services”. Once you click the icon, just go through the installation steps. Shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes to install.

    Facebook page admin

    Find A Theme For Your Site
    You can find tons of FREE themes in your WordPress dashboard once you download WordPress, OR if you’d like to purchase some really good quality themes, they can be purchased at ThemeForest.net. It’s where I always buy my WordPress themes. Doesn’t have to be the fanciest theme, simple works just fine! Click the button below to view some of the themes they have!

    Facebook page admin

    ased at ThemeForest.net. It’s where I always buy my WordPress themes. Doesn’t have to be the fanciest theme, simple works just fine! Click the button below to view some of the themes they have!

    Write Content For Your Niche Site
    Now that we have a theme picked out for our niche site, we need to make it look like a complete site. To do that, we need to add content. For example, if you’re in the Sports News niche, then write a couple blog posts about the latest sports news, stuff that is easily “shareable”. It must be interesting and SHAREABLE. Shareable simply means something that will be interesting to your audience and content that people will love to share with their friends on Facebook too. Trending news or inspirational posts usually work wonders as far as “shareability” (just made up that word) goes. This is important because we’re going to be relying on FREE Facebook traffic, so the more interesting your content, the better. I’d say to write about at least 5-10 blog posts AT LEAST to start off! If you want to write more, then that’s even better!

    TIP: When writing your posts in WordPress, make sure you select a good-sized featured image. The size that I use tends to be around 600 in width and 250+ in height. Having a big picture enables your posts to look even better on Facebook and more “shareable”. There’s a big difference, look:

    Facebook page admin

    Clearly, the second article with the bigger featured image is way better on the eyes and more likely to be shared on Facebook because of it.

    Get Social Sharing WordPress Plugins
    Pretty straight forward step. Just make sure that your website has a social sharing website, so that you can take advantage of the extra traffic that comes to your site by having your visitors share whatever they like with
    their friends on Facebook.

    An example of such a plugin is Digg Digg. You can download it for FREE in your WordPress dashboard in the “Plugins” section.
    Here’s what a social sharing plugin looks like:

    Facebook page admin

    So in this instance, I was able to get 95 people to share my website’s article on their Facebook walls, which means more FREE traffic! Very easy to do, takes less than 2 minutes to set up.

    The S4S Tactic
    Alright, now it’s time to get back to my buddy James (remember him from the intro? Haha). I learned so much being an admin of his 30,000 like Facebook page. He taught me that all his likes were FREE! But how did he do it? By a simple tactic called “S4S” (share for share).

    It’s an extremely simple tactic…and it’s one of the main ones I’ve used for gaining on average 200-1000 new fans everyday (in fact, my best day was well over 2000 new fans!)
    Here’s a screenshot of some of my page stats (called Insights on Facebook):

    Facebook page admin

    As you can see from the screenshot above, these are recent results and they’re all ORGANIC (non-paid) likes!
    Maybe it was just a fluke? Think again…Here’s a different page in a completely unrelated niche to the first one:

    Facebook page admin

    Again, extremely recent results and over 1000 new ORGANIC likes to my other Facebook page. It’s so simple that you can do it yourself at any time!

    So “S4S” means “share for share”, which is an exchange of page shares between two pages. Pretty simple right? “I’ll share your page on my __________ page if you share my ________ page on yours”.
    But how do you find pages to S4S with?
    Couple of ways…
    1. Facebook Groups dedicated to S4S in certain niches
    2. Contact different Facebook pages in your niche
    Remember when I said it was important to pick a niche that had lots of Facebook pages related to yours? Ya, #2 is why I said that…
    It shouldn’t be too hard finding different S4S Groups on Facebook, as there are thousands of groups dedicated for solely that purpose. Just use the search tool and you’ll be able to find some active groups.
    As for contacting pages for S4S, it could be pretty dull at the beginning, but once you get responses from a few pages, that’s when the magic starts happening, believe me!

    That’s when you can take your page from 1,000 likes total to 1,000 likes per day! What’s awesome about S4S is that it’s benefiting both sides (assuming the pages are of similar size).

    To start off, I would check out some S4S groups and post a request. Then when someone agrees to do a S4S with you, simply share their page on your page, and they’ll do the same. As previously mentioned in the course, you’ll
    want to have a Facebook page with content.

    Once you’ve built up a page of a few thousand likes, then try messagingsome pages for a S4S.
    Take a look at the admin panel of one of my 30k pages. It’s full of S4S requests from different page owners looking to grow their pages…

    Facebook page admin

    If you take a look at the right side of the screenshot above, all the messages are from different page owners looking for a S4S. So what I do is respond to messages from people who have decent-sized pages in my niche.

    The Admin Tactic
    This was the first tactic that I used, and I use it probably once a day for all my pages. As I told you in the intro to the course, I met a guy called James who owned a Facebook page with 30k likes, and after talking to him for a while, he invited me to become an admin.

    My goal was to grow my own page to be as big (if not bigger) than his.
    So I made a deal with James. I would post regularly on his page (2-3 times a day) in exchange for 1 share to each of my pages everyday. It was a win-win situation. I get more likes to my own pages, and James gets a really good
    admin who will keep his page active. If you’re unclear on what I mean by a “share”, I’m talking about a post on a Facebook page’s wall that would look like this:

    Facebook page admin

    The bottom part of the post will auto-populate when you copy paste the page link as a post (status) onto a page’s wall. And that’s what I did for the first little bit to get my pages off the ground. Once I had a big enough page, I focused on S4S with other big pages. Then likes start coming in without you even really doing anything. There’s been days where I’ve gotten over 100 likes on my Facebook page without doing any sharing whatsoever!

    Once you’ve grown your page to at least 10k likes, then start using your website as a way of driving traffic. By driving traffic to your niche sites, you can make some money promoting different affiliate offers related to your
    Facebook page niche. If you’ve reached 10k and don’t have a website yet, then you’re missing out on some potential money. Go back to the beginning of the report and check out where I go through creating your website.

    Throughout FB Admin , I have shown you the power of building Facebook pages for FREE by leveraging other Facebook pages. Sometimes we tend to overcomplicate things went it comes to Internet Marketing. Most of the time, keeping it simple works best. Facebook marketing can be extremely powerful and with my “admin” and “S4S” techniques, you’ll be rocking it in no time!

    But you need to promise me something. To a ttempt this method more than once. You must repeat the steps over and over again to start seeing the flow of new fans to your Facebook page. This isn’t an “overnight success” report. Don’t half ass it, don’t try it for a few days and except instant results then call this method b.s. You’re wrong if you think that way. This is a gradual process that can take weeks or months, depending on how action- oriented you are.

    The best way to be successful with anything Internet Marketing related is to TAKE ACTION. I can’t stress that enough. If you work hard at these methods, then you’ll be wayyyyy ahead of those lazy marketers who just read ebooks and say it’s “not for them”. Don’t be one of those guys. People like that will continue to purchase product after product hoping to find that magic formula. Be one of the people who look back and say that they’ve given it all they had. That’s when you’re gonna start seeing REAL success!

    When you succeed using the method I’ve shown in this FB Admin report, let me know! Post a positive review on the Warrior Forum, email me, message me on Skype, any way of contacting me. I love hearing success stories and helping people on their Internet Marketing journeys. There’s too many scammers out there selling cheap products. I take pride in being one of the good guys in the Internet Marketing industry.