PVA Store Tips & Tricks #25

Pick Your Niche

Facebook Page Profits

Facebook Page Profits

There are many hot niches that easily go viral, but if you have no intentions talking about gun rights and posting guns all day, then you aren’t going to enjoy what you are doing (this happened to me when I created a gun page).
I use fitness as my page because fitness is something that I am very passionate about. It is also important to stick with a niche that is profitable as well.
Picking a niche comes down to 3 things:
1) You are passionate about it
2) People love talking about it (and sharing)
3) You can make money off of it (most important)
You can’t have one without the others, that is why I have come up with a list of the best niches and sub-niches that you can build your page around. These pages continue to prove that they bring in massive amounts of likes, comments, shares, and most importantly money, on a daily basis.

1) Pages For Moms
I don’t know what it is, but Moms absolutely LOVE sharing posts on Facebook Page. The best way to grow your page virally is to have your fans continually sharing your posts.
Examples of pages that are absolutely killing it right now include “I Love MY Husband” “I Love My Daughter” “I Love My Son” and so on and so forth. These are pages that the target audience is crazy passionate about. How To Monetize: Weight loss, beauty, insurance, scholarships for moms.

2) Fitness
Fitness girls, fitness guys, fitness motivation, gym motivation, gym quotes, bodybuilders, supplements, muscle building, weight loss, nutrition recipes. Here is a massive page that gets hundreds and sometimes thousands of shares with the affiliate links that they post: Fitness World
How To Monetize: Weight loss programs, muscle building programs, how to get abs, nutrition and recipe books, supplements, etc.

2) Guns and gun rights
This is an absolute huge and viral niche because it is so controversial. Here is a page that went from 0 to 110,000 Likes in only 3 days!
How To Monetize: How to use a firearm, how to put together a firearm, how to create your own firearm, handgun books, etc.

3) Dogs
Believe it or not, people absolutely love sharing pictures of cute dog pictures. This is something that you can really narrow down in terms of selection. Examples include Pit Bulls, Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds, and any other breed you can think of.
How To Monetize: How to train your dog, dog cookbooks, dog obedience, dog massages, etc.

The Big Niche To Avoid
Make money online: The biggest reason to avoid this is that people just don’t often share pictures, links, and videos about making money online. They are just too skeptical and there aren’t many pages doing this so I recommend you stay away from this niche (on Facebook). Stick to what I recommended above because they are creating the most amount of Likes and making the most amount of money.

Wrapping Up Niche Selection
So there you have it. You don’t need to do a ton of research when it comes to choosing a niche because the proof is in the pages that are succeeding. The best part about this is that the pages will never get saturated. The reason is that if someone really loves pit bulls (for example), they aren’t going to just like 1 page, they are going to like as many of them as possible.
Note: Now is the time to pick your niche, because you will be setting up your page next. In the later sections I will show you where you can get affiliate products to promote.

Setting Up Your Facebook Page
Before setting up a Facebook page, you need to make sure you have a Facebook account. If not head on over to Facebook and register on their homepage. Create a Facebook account for your business in the same way you would
create a normal account. Facebook’s primary interface is divided into three basic sections. The righthand column will give you status updates, links to events such as birthdays, and a list of people available to chat. The central column is your live newsfeed telling you about status updates,
photos and links recorded by

Facebook Page Profits

Step 1 – Create The Page
There should be a clickable button saying “more” parallel with the “pages” title in the left-hand column. This will take you to your pages directory. This is a list of the pages that you control. This page will contain a “Create a Page” button. Click it.
If this button is not available, and sometimes it is not for reasons only Facebook knows, then use the search bar at the center of the screen. Type “Facebook Pages” or simply click this link here: Create a Page

Step 2 – Choose Your Type Of Page

Facebook or facebook page, at the time of writing, offers users a choice of six types of page. These types are as follows:
Facebook Page Profits
There are six possible types of page you can create:

1) Local business or place
The page is perfect for local businesses or places such as a one-off shop, a homebased soap maker or café/restaurant. You probably won’t be using this.

2) Company, organization or institutions
This page is geared more towards companies and groups that operate in a larger region, nationally or internationally. This would work for gun rights niche.

3) Brand or product
Sometimes a product can be swallowed up on a company or local business page, therefore, this type of page can be created in order for you to promote the product alone. This is great for building product name recognition.

4) Artist, band or public figure
Unless you want to promote the big boss or are an agency promoting specific clients, this page is not for you.

5) Entertainment
These pages are geared more towards music, movies and other forms of entertainment. There are plenty of hot niches to target in this category such as fitness, weight loss, building muscle, girls / babes, comedy, and the list goes on.

6) Cause or community
Used for charitable causes, issue awareness and for community actions. Something that you probably won’t be using.

Note: Now is the time to pick your type of page before moving on…

Step 3 – Choose Your Category
Click on the “Company, organization or institution” button. The graphic will roll up to reveal a set of options:

Facebook Page Profits

Choose your ‘Company Name’ wisely.
Use the scroll-down bar to pick the category that best reflects the type of fan page you are running. It does not matter if you can find an exact match or not, just pick the best fit. This will help Facebook locate your page within its directory. Next type in your company name. This part is completely up to you and dependent on the niche that you are targeting. Be sure to use a name that describes your page as much as possible.
Click on the “I agree to Facebook Page terms” box to check it, and click the “Get Started” button.

Step 4 – The Three Step Process
Profile photo
The old saying states that you should not judge a book by its cover, but people do. The same goes for a Facebook page. For example, if a Facebook user, let’s call her Nicole, types in “Fitness Motivation” a bunch of pages will come up. Nicole will make part of her judgment based on this icon or logo. So choose wisely.
Click on “Upload an image” to get a picture from your computer. If you don’t have a photo to upload at the time, it’s alright. You can always grab one later.

Facebook Page Profits

Get Fans
This is your most basic chance to pick up fans. You can click on the “Invite Friends” button to invite your existing Facebook friends to like your page, or you can click on “import contacts.”

This second option will allow Facebook to scan the email addresses in your email account(s) and see who is on Facebook. These people will then be invited to like your page. There are also two tick boxes on this page, which if ticked would allow you to first share your new page on your Facebook wall and second, to like your own page.
Note: Don’t invite any friends yet, it’s not worth it at this time. I will be covering that later on.

Step 5 – Filling In The Details
As you will note, there are five options listed in the main column of your new page.
They are as follows:
1. Invite your friends
2. Tell your fans
3. Status updates
4. Promote this page on your website
5. Set up your mobile phone
Options 1-4 you will be doing when they are covered later on. There will be no need to setup your mobile phone.
Ignore these sections for now and click on “Edit Info,” which should be just beneath your company’s name. This will load the following page:
Facebook Page Profits
The categories in the top option line should have already been chosen already when you created your page. Now click on the “Official Page” line. Write your pages official name on this line.
Now create a user name for your page. This should not be a personal name, a nickname, or even a job title. This should be a user name that reflects your fan page as a whole. This is because the user name will be added to the URL www.facebook.com to make something like www.facebook.com/yourusernamehere.
Write your page’s name in the Name section. This can be the long or shortened version, but remember that the name is what turns up at the top of the page.
Write the year your page was founded (optional).

Not needed.
Facebook Page Profits
Bottom half of your information page.

This should have already been filled in, but take this opportunity to review and decide on a snappier line about what your page is all about.

Write a brief description of your page. Keep it light, accessible and appeal to your core audience.
Note: This is an awesome place to monetize because many people see this.

What is the overriding mission of your page? Is is to just sell stuff and make a profit? This might be true, but it does not go down well with social media users. Write here what your mission is, even if it is to provide the best recommendations to others.

Not needed.

This is another great place to monetize. You can put an affiliate link to a product that deals with the niche you have chosen.

Not needed unless you would like to be in contact with your fans, but that can easily be done through your page.

Not needed.

Not needed unless you want to create one. Another great spot for an affiliate link.
Now you have finished your basic set up. Click the Save Changes button and view your page again. If you look on the left hand side just below your logo/photo, you will see a list of options. The third one down is the info page. Click this and you will see all of the information you have just put into your page.

Getting Penny Clicks To Your Page

Facebook Page Profits

I am going to use an example of a “I Love My Husband” page I created because I actually got 0.00 per click! It eventually finished out at .01 per click, but yes, it’s possible and it is incredibly easy.
In Facebook you want to go to Ads Manager then click on Create An Ad. Now, Facebook is always changing their layout so I am going to give you the basics of what you need to put for each section. First you want page likes, and then click on your page. Then you are going to pick out 5 pictures to use for the ad. When using these, you want to use bright red colors. For example, a big picture of a heart works PERFECTLY for the “I Love My” niche.

Save 5 different pictures of hearts and use them all (Facebook will automatically rotate them to get the best ad).
Headline would be “Do You Love Your Husband?”
Text would be “LIKE if you LOVE your husband!”

And you can remove the newsfeed option, you are only going to be using right column ads in order to get Likes. For location you want United States, age 25 – no max, gender women. In interests you are going to search for “I Love My Husband”and click on it.
Note: Anytime you have an ad, make sure it reaches AT LEAST 1,000,000 people.
And THAT’S IT! Scroll down and select $5 a day, and select bid for page likes then hit place order. It might take some time to get your ad going, but once it does, just watch over your ad. Eventually you will find out which ad is getting the most and cheapest amount of clicks. You want to keep that one running and pause the others.

Status Updates, Photos, Videos, Links, and Questions
All updates, pictures, videos, links and polls will appear on many fan’s newsfeeds.
This is how you are going to get so many clicks on your links.

Status Updates
These are short messages used to make announcements. The status update is automatically selected on your Facebook page wall. Just type your status update into the text box, click post, and get ready to make your money!

Adding Photos
Adding photos help fans connect visually to your fan page. Photos also give you the opportunity to promote products or give sneak previews of products in development. You click the photo button then are provided with three options. Uploading a photo allows you to take a photo off your computer, take a photo will take a picture of wherever your webcam is pointing at that moment, and creating an album allows you to collect together photos on the same theme.

Helpful Note: The beauty of Facebook is that you can share and upload any picture that is on Facebook or Facebook Page since Facebook technically owns them. The best strategy is to look at other pages within your niche and save their photos so that you can then post them as picture status updates.

Posting Links
The function of posting a link can be combined with the Status Update and used to promote products, announcements, or even your own page to get more likes. You can also use it to link to news items that a relevant to your page.

Helpful Note: Want more likes, comments, and shares? Stick with trendy topics and how they can relate to your page.

Adding Questions
The question gives you an opportunity to connect directly with your fans. Questions come with a series of poll options and fans can vote on the options you present.

Helpful Note: Questions are great for asking what fans want. If they tell you that they want more weight loss information (in the fitness niche), then you know which affiliate products to promote.

Step-By-Step How To Get More Likes For Free
A dressed up Facebook page is useless if you do not have Likes. If you don’t have many Likes, then you don’t have any one to click on your affiliate links. Here is a step-by-step blueprint which includes the best methods to building your Facebook page and getting more fans, especially if you’re just getting started.

Step 1 – Add A Profile Picture And Cover
This is a really important aspect to your page and if you haven’t done it yet, now is the time. If someone sees your page empty (especially without a cover) they are a lot less likely to Like your page.

Helpful Note: You can easily obtain a picture and cover from other fan pages that are in the same niche as you. Make sure you use a picture and cover that are ‘attractive’ to your target audience. If you are doing a page about fitness girls, then put a picture of an attractive fitness girl (or girls) as your photo and cover. You want your target audience to know exactly what your page the second they arrive to it. If you really want to brand your page with an attractive cover, head over to Fiverrand you can have a professional graphic designer create one for you.

Step 2 – Like Pages Similar To Yours
This is a very crucial step. For example if you are in the fitness niche, you would search for every keyword that deals with fitness. Examples can be fitness, fitness motivation, fitness girls, abs, weight loss, bodybuilding, lifting, working out, supplements, etc.
To do this, type ‘fitness’ (or whatever your niche is in) into the search bar at the top of Facebook. At the bottom, click on the tab that says something like this:

Facebook Page Profits

After clicking on that tab, on the left side click ‘Pages’.

Facebook Page Profits

Once you do that, you will have a huge list of all of the best pages related to your niche. Like as many of them as you want and make sure you include pages that have a lot of fans, a medium amount, and a small amount (the more the better).

Step 3- Add Photos To Your Page
This is the last step of dressing up your page. Since you have a cover and a photo, you now want to add photos to your page.
You can do that by going to the pages you liked and sharing their photos, or either saving them to a file and ploading them to your page.

Helpful Note: Create a folder on your computer named after your Facebook page. Name every picture as a number (1, 2, 3, etc) to keep it simple. Also, be sure to save pictures that get the most amount of likes, shares, and comments.

Step 4 – Add Your Own Photos
Your first chance to pick up fans is during the set up process. As you have seen, it gives you the opportunity to add your own Facebook friends to your page (if you have any) and import your contacts from your various email addresses.
The first and most important thing to remember though is your existing connections. No matter the size of your page, you will have some friends and family that would be happy to help you promote your fan page.
Helpful Note: There is an ‘Invite Friends’ section in your admin panel to do this. You must be using your normal Facebook profile to use this feature. To do this, click on the top right ‘wheel icon’ and then under where it says Use Facebook As, click your name.

Step 5 – Ask Your Friends To Share
Get your Facebook fans to like your page and to share it with other people. Also, get them to take part in social media, to add likes and comments to posts and to make posts of their own. It is possible to create additional Administrators who are trusted to make changes to your Facebook page and to make posts.

Helpful Note: Don’t be afraid to ask! The worst thing that can happen is that they say no. I once asked a fan page to share a picture of mine (after being social on their page) and I got 145 likes, and 161 shares to my status update! That day I got 500
new fans to my page. Keep in mind, this was all done with under 500 fans which means anyone can go viral, regardless of the amount of fans they have.

Step 6 – Hijacking Fans
This is one of my favorite tricks to get Likes. Many pages have hundreds of thousands of fans, and sometimes even millions. You will be using this to your advantage.

When they post a status update, you are going to be liking every comment that is posted on this status. When this happens, that person gets a notification that you liked their comment, and many times will head over to your page. That’s why you want to ‘dress up’ your page as much as possible to get more Likes from new visitors. Remember, more fans equals more money.

There is another way to use this method to your advantage (which no one seems to do). Once you start getting comments on your photos, start Liking comments on your own photos that were previously posted. What this does is bring back old visitors to join back in on the conversation.

Helpful Note: DO NOT click the Like button on the comments very fast. If this happens, a box will come up and Facebook will realize that you are using the feature in a way you aren’t supposed to. Instead, click Like, wait a few seconds, and then repeat. If you get repeated warnings, Facebook can ban you from Liking comments.

Step 7 – Share The Love
Remember how you liked pages that are similar to your niche (you did that right?), now you are going to share pictures from other fan pages. Many times pages will reciprocate the act and share back a photo of yours. This is one of the best ways to grow your page when first starting off.

Helpful Note: Stick with fan pages that have around the same amount of likes as you. For example, if you just started a page, go for shares with pages that have 1,000 fans. The fact of the matter is that unless you build a good relationship with the bigger pages, they aren’t going to waste their time sharing a page who is brand new.
Which brings the next step…

Step 8 – Build Relationships
It doesn’t get any easier than this, and if you have a Facebook page profile in the first place, you probably already do this. What you are going to do is go to similar pages as yours and like and comment on their photos.
Actually say something in depth or meaningful. Going around saying ‘Nice’ or ‘Cool’is a way to attract some new fans, but it won’t help you with the relationship of the page you are building.

Here is a statement someone posted on my wall, that you should use too:

“I’ve been unable to tear myself away from your page!! sooooo inspiring :) ”

This was the first time someone came to me and didn’t spam their link on wall. I had no other choice but to thank them, and then share one of their pictures. Helpful Note: Spamming the link to your fan page is the easiest way to never get shared. It might work for massive fan pages, but smaller ones will usually block you on the spot. Also, do NOT spam affiliate links. You will get banned from posting.

Step 9 – Share For Share
This is my absolute best method for growing fan pages without spending a dime, and it’s very simple. Go to pages and actually ask them if they would like to do a share for share. This is where you each share a photo from the other persons page to help get more Likes.

Here is an example of a message you can send to a page similar to yours.

“Hey, I love your fan page! I noticed that we have around the same amount of fans, so I was wondering if you would like to share one of each others photos. That will give us the opportunity for both of us to get more likes and reach more fans.”

Helpful Note: This is different from Step 7 for the simple fact that you actually ask them to share.

Monetizing Your Page
This is by far the easiest part of the entire process, and I am going to make it even easier for you to follow with this step-by-step section. Let’s begin.

Step 1 – Register To Get Affiliate Links
If you haven’t already, register for an account at Clickbank. Click on SIGN UP and then the rest is self explanatory.

Facebook Page Profits

Once you have an account, you can browse for affiliate links to promote in the marketplace. There will be a large group on the right called categories, choose the one that best represents your niche. You can also use the search bar for products related to certain keywords. Examples: dog training, muscle, abs, weight loss, attract
women, etc.

Helpful note: Stick with products that have a higher gravity. That means more people sell them which means you will also have an easier time selling them. Once you find a product worth promoting, you are going to click on Promote.

Facebook Page Profits

From there, you enter in your Account Nickname, and hit Create. You will now have a very long, unattractive affiliate link. Copy and paste that to a clipboard, you will be using it next.

Helpful note: Clickbank is one of the BEST places to promote affiliate products. They always pay on time, and their products convert. I use Clickbank for ALL of my Facebook promotions and that is why I recommend them. If Clickbank isn’t for you, here is a list of other vendors you can use to promote affiliate products and even a few CPA offers.

Step 2 – Cloak Your Links
Head on over to TinyUrl.com. This site allows you to cloak your links into smaller attractive links. A great benefit about this free site is that you can also change what your link looks like.

Once you sign up, you are going to paste your link into the top part of the site where it says “Paste a link here…” Once you enter your link, you can click on the pencil button so that it edits the ending part of the link. So instead of having a link look like tinyurl.com/YK16y8, you can have it look like tinyurl.com/GetKillerAbsFast.

Helpful note: Bit.ly is the only place I used to cloak my links. The fact that you can track the amount of clicks your links get is another great perk. Once you create a link you only have to click once to copy it, which then goes into your status. But once again, if you would like more options, 2 more choices are Google Url Shortener,
and Bit.ly.

Step 3 – Posting Your Links
There is much more to posting your affiliate links than just putting them in your status updates (which will be covered in detail coming up).
Here are the best places to place your links:

The About sections gets a lot of views. Most pages just post what they are about, and completely leave out affiliate links. Why not make the best of both worlds? Here is an example for a dog page:

“We offer the cutest pictures of Pit Bulls on the web. If you need help training your uncontrollable Pit Bull, check out this highly recommended resource ==> (affiliatelink)”

Not only are you letting others know what your page is about, you are also letting them know where they can go to get their desperate problem solved. Just about no one does this!

This is the best spot for creating a recommended resource section. Fans can see this by clicking on your page info. An example to maximize your profits would be to post multiple links that will help out your target audience. For example in the fitness niche, include a link for a weight loss program, how to get abs, how to build muscle,
or even a nutrition cookbook.

Helpful note: The more links you have, the more clicks you get, the more sales you
ultimately make. Don’t make the mistake of missing out on important spots to post your affiliate links.

Another great spot for an affiliate link. Just because it isn’t your site doesn’t mean you can’t put an affiliate link there. Link to something that will help your targeted fansolve their problems.

Status Updates
Last but not least, this is the most important spot to generate income which is why it will be covered in the following section…

Viral Status Tricks
This section is important and I want to make sure you make the most out of maximizing your profits. Here is the anatomy of the perfect status update and what it should include.

You should always post a picture in your status updates. Pictures ALWAYS get more likes, comments, and shares. The picture you use should try and go with the product your are promoting.

Helpful note: That is why it is important to Like other pages so you can see which pictures get the most social activity. These are the ones you want to use when promoting your affiliate links.

Ask a Question
Fans will respond when you ask them a question. The more comments you get, the more others will see your post. Examples include: Do you think this is the perfect looking girl? Would you want to have a dog like this in your house? What would you rate this on a scale from 1-10?

Helpful note: If you have any funny pictures, use this with your status update: “Let’s see who has the best caption for this. Comment below” This generally gets a ton of comments and the most amount of viral views.

Add a Call To Action
Sometimes you need to tell your fans what to do, otherwise they will miss out on the most important step … clicking on your affiliate link.

Examples of calls to action
Click here to…
Go here to…
Check out this awesome…
Go here for the best way to…
Did you you see this yet?

Putting It All Together
Ideally you want to have a picture that his been proven to get lots of likes, comments, and shares. Once you have a picture selected, pick an affiliate offer that relates to it. Ask a question in the top part of the status, and at the end include a call to action with your affiliate link.

Here is an example I took from another fitness page on Facebook.

Facebook Page Profits

Helpful note: Noticed how they have a matching picture, they ask a question, and included an affiliate link (which was edited to ‘MuscleSecreats’ as well)? Check out their page Fitness Girls and you will get an idea of how well they are doing.

Now you know the steps for building your own Facebook page to make massive profits from it. It cannot be stressed enough that you need to keep your Facebook page fresh and up-to-date. Posting once a day might work for pages with huge amounts of Likes, but in the beginning, the more you post, the better.

The two things you will always be doing are:
1) Getting more Likes
2) Posting more pictures with affiliate links to make money!

That is all you need to do to keep your page running, which takes under 30 minutes a day. Keeping your Facebook fresh and up to date is what allows you to get more Likes, post more affiliate links, get your fans to click them, and of course help make you more money.

The best part about this system is that it’s fun, and once the Likes start coming in, you pick up a lot of momentum and your page grows fast. There is nothing better than getting paid to make money using Facebook, which I am sure you probably already use, so you might as well get paid for it.