PVA Store Tips & Tricks #38

Targeted Traffic Empire

I started out like
many did at that time, “Bum Marketing.” I would write a bunch of articles on Ezines, and get conversions as a result, $1000 to $1500 a month. At first, it seemed like great money, a very welcome addition to my bank account each month, as I was working a job with very average wages.

Eventually, I decided I wanted more, and so I made the scary decision to venture into Google Adwords
My second day, I made $163 and spent $21, and from then on I was hooked on paid traffic Things got better and better from there, & for a five month period starting in October of 2009, I was average $400 a day in profit. Life was really coming together, and I even gave my job notice that I was leaving Then March 9, 2010, it all came crashing down Google basically told me they didn’t want my business anymore, & to get lost. They said the pages I was advertising were “bridge pages,” nothing more than an avenue to get the user to click on a different page. They
were the source of my entire business, and just like that, it was gone.

Fortunately, I had not left my job yet, and was welcomed to stick around, but that really stung for a long time From there, I got back into SEO, building link after link, getting sites to the first page of Google but never reaching
that $400 profit day again. As my 35th birthday approached in March of 2012, I told myself things had to change quick, or else I was going to have to blow up my life and do something completely different

That was right around the time I stumbled upon a paid forum called SixMonthsFromToday.com, run by Chad Hamzeh & Will Haimerl. I figured I would get better insight from a private forum than I had some of the other paid ones out there, and I certainly did. (If you haven’t checked it out, I strongly urge you to do so. They have a great deal where you can take advantage of a trial membership for $4.95 for 14 days. I can assure you, if you sign up and read just a couple of threads, you will get WAY more than $5 worth!)

One of the areas they discussed was an area I was familiar with: pay per view advertising (also referred to as PPV or CPV). I had used this in the past and had some success, but I got away from it to focus on SEO. Big mistake  I
never would have gotten numbers like the ones I am about to show you by doing SEO only**Now, I am not saying that SEO is bad or anything! I still use it in my business! It’s just not my main strategy, because it is somewhat limited Here is one month’s sales doing PPV:

Facebook Targeted Traffic Empire

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Okay, so he did $60k in sales, but he might have had to spend $59k to get it!”
Wrong! My profit on this was right around $50,500

Needless to say, I am no longer working a day job!!!
And keep in mind, this is just one network. I ran traffic to a number of other offers as well (including Clickbank)
Anyway, I know you didn’t buy this course to hear me brag about how much money I make, so let’s get into the meat
of things

There are a number of free games on the internet, as well as free TV viewers, open source software, etc. But as they say, there’s no free lunch. So in exchange for getting to take advantage of this content, the user agrees to have popup ads served on their computer.

If you are buying traffic on one of these platforms, you will bid on certain URL’s and keywords. So let’s say the user types “geico.com” into their web browser, and you have chosen this URL as one of your “targets,” then the
page you have chosen will show, typically in a 800×600 window (although this can vary by network). And the best
part of all is that some of these targets can cost as low as $.005 per view! Yes, you read that right! A half a penny (depending on the network. Their minimum bid prices vary, and it can also depend on the keyword/URL you are

There are a lot of advantages to this type of traffic, other than the fact that it can be so cheap. First of all, it’s extremely targeted. If someone is going to a site to buy auto insurance, you can be assured they are very interested in buying auto insurance! Also, if they’ve had popups showing on their computers for any length of time, these users are accustomed to having ads served to them, and so they are more open to being “advertised to” than
some other internet users. Additionally, ad approvals are generally pretty easy, especially compared to Google Adwords and Facebook. PPV networks LOVE affiliates.

You don’t have to play the stupid cat & mouse game of trying to pretend you’re not an affiliate that you do with the Big G and The Social Network I have found the biggest disadvantage to PPV traffic is that you can easily get in bidding wars with other users. There is nothing more frustrating than picking a great target and making great money off it, only to see someone else come in and pick it off (And generally speaking, with PPV, you want to be the top bidder, since that person gets roughly

70% of the traffic). Constantly having to worry about checking to see if you are the number one bidder can be
very annoying and time consuming. Fortunately, I have devised a system to get around this, which you will have a
chance to see later

In the summer of 2013, I released my first guide on PPV advertising, and to be honest, I went a little more broad
than I needed to. I discussed finding a product you wanted to sell, finding keywords related to that product, and then targeting a bunch of different URL’s that you could pop your offer over This system can work very well, but it’s not one that I employ. The method I use is much less time consuming, and much, much, much more targeted.

My system involves simply popping your offer page over the URL for the product you are promoting. So if you are
an affiliate for, say, Geico, you would simply target the URL geico.com. The page that pops over geico.com will
look exactly the same as the geico.com page. Talk about targeted traffic, huh? It doesn’t get much more targeted
than popping up an offer window with a page that is EXACTLY what the user is looking for!

This strategy alone has brought me some amazing ROI’s, up to 1000% in some cases! And because it’s so simple, you can crank out campaign after campaign. I have created as many as 20 campaigns a day using this method. It really
can take as little as two minutes. It’s really just cutting and pasting

Now I must warn you, not all these are going to be profitable. Some don’t convert well enough, but the biggest
hurdle you face is that a lot of these products/URL’s just don’t have very much traffic. But this can work in your
favor as well, if you find a product that has good conversion numbers even if the traffic isn’t quite up to par.

As little as ONE conversion a month can make that campaign profitable, especially if it’s a high paying offer.
This type of strategy really is a numbers game, so get out there and build as many campaigns as you can Are there drawbacks? Well, you are limited in what types of URL’s you can bid on. Some product owners will not allow you to bid on the offer URL (or even the product name) but there are a number of advertisers that have no problem with this. Check with your affiliate manager if you have any questions

The other major challenge you face with this method is that, because it is the most targeted form of traffic, bid
prices can be sky high. I have seen some product URL’s such as payday loans with bid prices at $5!!!!! I have been
able to turn a profit on some of these URL’s in the past, but it’s hard, especially on a daily basis, because you can get behind the 8 ball fast and it can be hard to catch up **TIP: What I have done for some campaigns is run traffic, and as soon as I get a conversion, I stop the traffic. So if the payout is $45, and I get a conversion after spending $25, I have made $20 for the day. Will this make you rich? Of course not, but if you have a few of these running, you could very well make $100 a day on this alone. Keep in mind that this takes constant monitoring, and of course there will be days when you don’t get any conversions at all. You have to take the longview if you decide you want to get involved in this type of high-stakes game

One of the other advantages to setting up PPV traffic the way I do (other than making a ton of money
) is that you do not have to set up an elaborate tracking system. For instance, if I was promoting the Geico offer but I was targeting a bunch of other insurance URL’s/keywords, I would want to set up tracking that would tell me which URL’s/keywords were giving me conversions, and more importantly, which were not, so I could kill those off and improve my ROI

But because this system is so ultra-targeted, a fancy tracking system is really not necessary. Now, you will
want to do some tracking, so you know which PPV networks are giving you the most conversions. But all you
will need to do is use the subID that your affiliate network gives you So, if I were setting up a campaign for, say, SnoreRX on the Peerfly network, I would go to the offer page to get my

Facebook Targeted Traffic Empire

Below the circled text, it says “Add SubIDs.” I put in the first box “MT” (short for Media Traffic) and I will use that link for my Media Traffic campaign. The link is circled, and at the end, you will see “&s1=mt. That’s your subID

First, you need to pick a PPV network. There are a few out there, but here are the six that I have experience with:
-Media Traffic
-50 on Red
-Traffic Vance
-Lead Impact

I’m going to show you how to set up a campaign, as well as the benefits/drawbacks to each, although I will ignore
DirectCPV. Why? Because I have never gotten anything to convert on there, and neither has anyone else who I have
talked to. Now obviously, someone is doing well with it or else they still wouldn’t be around, but I certainly have not, When doing PPV traffic, the first network I would start with is Media Traffic. I used to recommend Lead Impact, but unfortunately they have raised their minimum deposit to $1000. It used to be $200, a reasonable number, but for whatever reason, they seriously upped the entry deposit.

(One note: that $1000 is just a deposit, meaning that you CAN get your money back if you’re not happy for any reason. So if you have the means to do so, I would give it a shot). Also, LI has made it much tougher to use this
method, because recently they started telling affiliates they cannot target the same domain as the offer they are
promoting. Not sure what their reasons are for this, but it is what it is. You could always try to “bait and switch,” meaning that you show Lead Impact one page, and then once your offer is approved, you show another. This is not without risk, although if you were to get caught you would just get a simple notification. You would have to do this a number of times (and get caught) before you had to worry about losing your account and so I have no authority to speak on it. I will say that the traffic there is pretty cheap across the board, so you are certainly welcome to give it a try

Before we go any further, I want to encourage you to not just copy and paste my campaign! First of all, you won’t
learn anything, and besides, if everyone does this it will just get over-saturated and no one will make any money except for the PPV network! In fact, I am intentionally not including campaigns from the niche where I have made
most of my money because I don’t want anyone ripping off my campaigns! I don’t need more competitors! Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s pick an offer. What should you promote? Well, it’s hard to go wrong with health, wealth and relationships.

(What I’m about to talk about in the next few paragraphs, I also talked about in the YouTube Traffic Loophole
, so if you’ve already read that product, bare with me for just a bit  ) Perhaps you are already making money as an affiliate marketer, and don’t need any advice on what products to market and how to find them. If so, congratulations! However, I still think you can benefit from my perspective.

I’d bet the rest of you are struggling with what to sell. I know I was when I got started

But then I stumbled upon a concept from a woman named Alexis Dawes, and that is the concept of the desperate buyer.

I go after customers who need a solution RIGHT NOW and are willing to pay what they need to in order to get it fixed. They don’t have time to mine through web forums, trying to find some free nugget of information. No, these folks essentially have their credit card in hand, ready to buy You need to be the one to give them that solution
Alexis Dawes unlocked the key to this method for success when she sold an ebook on how to get a checking account,
even if you are on ChexSystems. If you’re not familiar with this, a person who overdraws their checking account
and never puts funds back in to make the account balance positive will eventually get placed on ChexSystems, making it very difficult to get a new checking account elsewhere Can you imagine how hard it would be to not having a
checking account? And can you see how badly someone who was in this situation would want to fix it, even if they
had to spend some money to find out the information to do so?

I should know. I hate to admit it, but that was me in 2007. For months, I had to pay my bills with a money order.
Sometimes, I would just send cash, praying it would arrive okay If you’d like to learn more about Dawes’ “desperate
buyers” strategy, it’s outlined here in her ebook “Desperate Buyers Only.” I also want you to make a list of problems you think people have, and the types of products that solve those issues

***An exception to this: one niche that works really well on PPV is gaming. Makes sense, considering the reason
you’re getting a lot of your traffic is because someone signed up to play a free game!

I have decided to promote “My Snoring Solution” on the CPA network Peerfly. I like Peerfly because they have a
good variety of offers, and they are reliable. Meaning, they always pay, which I can’t say for every network out there!

Why did I choose “My Snoring Solution?” Well first off, it has a very solid earnings per click (EPC) and conversion
rate. It also fits the desperate buyers market perfectly (if you’ve ever tried to sleep around someone who snores, you will know exactly what I am talking about!) Let’s set up a campaign, but before we do that, I will talk
very briefly about the signup process with Media Traffic.

After you register, you will fax them some basic information, pay your $200 deposit, and you are set. Your first step will be to hit the “Create a new campaign” button on the main screen:

Facebook Targeted Traffic Empire

I will name this campaign “Snoring” I have set my maximum budget to $10. For some campaigns, I will set it much higher, but if you are just starting out with an offer, I would keep the budget on the low side (you can go even
lower than this if you choose) Next, you will see something called Frequency Cap:

Facebook Targeted Traffic Empire

This determines how often the user will see your page. (All PPV networks have this option, just not necessarily on the home page for starting a campaign) Here are the options available to you I usually go for 1/24, which means once a day. This is something you will want to test for yourself. For some campaigns, I will set things up so that my offer only pops once a week. I do this for offers where I think the user might be coming back to the webpage I am targeting on a consistent basis. So, for instance, if you were an affiliate for Match.com, you would know that a user who signed up for a paid membership would also be coming back many more times afterward. Well, if you have your frequency cap at 1/24, then your offer would pop on their computer even after they had already purchased, and you would just be wasting money

Next is Countries List. They target just about every country out there. For this campaign, I will just target the
U.S., but they do give you the option of targeting any individual country, or grouping all the North American
and/or Western European audiences together:

Facebook Targeted Traffic Empire

**Be advised, a lot of CPA offers are only for the USA We’re now going to move to the “Create Landing Page” screen. The first thing you will need to do is name your

landing page. I usually just name it “01” to start out with, but of course, you can name it whatever you choose
The next step is entering your landing page URL. We will simply take the URL from Peerfly (with the subID intact)
Next step is entering the category is not super essential on Media Traffic, so putting anything close to what your offer is will work fine:

Facebook Targeted Traffic Empire

Next, we will add the keywords/URL’s we want to get traffic from. Now, as I mentioned earlier, we are only
targeting the offer page (in this case for My Snoring Solution). But MySnoringSolution.com is not our only
target. We will also target a bunch of different variations

(in fact, sometimes, the variations get even more traffic than the actual URL!)
Here is our list of targets. You can use this list to pick the targets for whatever product you choose to promote:

Facebook Targeted Traffic Empire

Facebook Targeted Traffic Empire

Now, in this case, there are no other bidders, so you will be getting all the traffic. But if there were other bidders, the highest bid would be in red to the right of your bids. To be the #1 bidder, you would hit the “overbid” button I always bid in the first position when starting out to see how well it will convert. There are some cases where bidding #2 or even #3 actually has a better ROI than being #1, but we’ll never know how well we will do in the first spot until we actually bid there (and to be honest, unless the bid prices are really expensive, like 50 cents per view and up, I will always opt for #1)

I will next set up a campaign for Adonnetwork. They do not have a tremendous amount of traffic, but I still have been able to get some profitable campaigns going on there.

I also don’t find their interface quite as pleasant to use. But you should definitely give them a try, especially
considering that the minimum deposit is only $20

We will first click on the Add Campaign link:

Facebook Targeted Traffic Empire

You will now add your campaign details. You will notice this page has many more steps than Media Traffic:

Facebook Targeted Traffic Empire

For the end date, I usually put a date far in the future. (You can always just pause a campaign if it’s not converting) The next step is what is known as “dayparting,” where you only run your campaign at certain times of the day on certain days. I will discuss this further later, because this is something you can utilize on all PPV networks

The next step is to pick a campaign type:
Choose “direct display.” This is the PPV option

The next step is frequency cap. Adonnetwork is different than others in that it does not automatically set your
campaigns to one view per 24 hours. Instead, its default settings are set to unlimited views:

Facebook Targeted Traffic Empire

I will set mine to 1/24 (or in this case, day)

Facebook Targeted Traffic Empire

Next, I will change the daily spending cap for the default value of unlimited to $50, and then I will hit submit (I do not worry about the Geo Tags portion at the very end)

Facebook Targeted Traffic Empire

Next, we will name our listing, decide what type of listing
it is (choose Landing Page) and enter our offer URL:

Facebook Targeted Traffic Empire

Now it’s time for me to pick my keyword categories. I will pick health for both the Primary and Sub-primary category:

Facebook Targeted Traffic Empire

I will then add keywords (which are URL’s in our case) and submit

The next network I will discuss is 50onRed. This is a PPV network that hasn’t gotten a lot of attention in our
marketplace until recently (in fact, I only started using it in October of 2013, well after I started using other networks) I have found 50onRed to have great traffic, although some of the targets can get pricey at times (but that’s also a sign that they convert well  ). You can also pay minimum bids of just a penny on US traffic and half a penny (.005) on international traffic

Because its traffic converts so well, 50onRed has a much higher initial deposit than the others I have discussed so far ($500). Now, they will refund that deposit, so if you get in there and find that it’s not working for you, you can get your money back

The campaign setup process is pretty straightforward.
Things do get slightly tricky when you add targets. You will then be presented with “Add Domains” & “Add
Keywords.” I just add all my URL targets to both

Facebook Targeted Traffic Empire

We now have our list of targets:

Facebook Targeted Traffic Empire

I circled “Inc. All to Smart Bid” because this is important.
Sometimes when a campaign gets approved, you will see the following message I have circled below:

Facebook Targeted Traffic Empire

If you hit that “Inc to Smart Bid” button I told you about earlier, you will then be in first place. Now, one thing you can try is to bid slightly below the Smart Bid. That’s because I have heard some say the Smart Bid is actually a historical bid. So if the Smart Bid says .103, that might have been the bid a few weeks before. Again, I am just going on what I have heard. If I were you, I would bid something like .07 to .08, and if you are getting good traffic (and more importantly, conversions) then you might just want to leave your bid there

The next PPV network I want to discuss is Traffic Vance. “TV” is the gold standard for PPV traffic. Ask just about
anyone who has done PPV for any period of time, and they will agree with me There are a couple of drawbacks. First of all, the minimum deposit is $1000 (again, they will refund you if you wish).

Also, you have to get a reference from a current member in order to get in. And those members are a little leery of giving references out, because if you do something shady and get kicked out of TV, they will ALSO ban the referrer!

****TIP: If you need a Traffic Vance account, contact your affiliate network. They are usually very good about
working with you in order to get you in Traffic Vance targets can also be very, very expensive (a sign that their traffic converts very well). When I talked earlier about $5 bid prices, I was referring to Traffic Vance.
Now, this is certainly not the case for all targets. I make plenty of money off TV targets that are not nearly that expensive. I just want you to be aware of this. So if you have a target that is doing great at 10 cents per view on one network, you may have to pay a lot more on TV (but then again, there is a good chance your conversion rates will be higher as well. You will never know until you test it yourself. Testing, testing, testing. It really is the name of the game)

Setting up a campaign in TV is very easy, and approval
times are very quick:

Facebook Targeted Traffic Empire

I do want to take this opportunity to talk about dayparting.
This is when you choose the days and the times of day that you want your ads to run. You will find that certain ads convert much better at certain times of the day than others Let’s say that I have found that my offers don’t really convert from 2-3 pm on Mondays. In Traffic Vance, I would hit the “Advanced” radio button, then click on the green boxes on Monday. The box will be shaded gray. By doing this, my ads would not show during this time:

Facebook Targeted Traffic Empire

One final note about Traffic Vance: they have two separate platforms, one for U.S. traffic, and the other for
international. You do have to spend $1000 each as a minimum deposit. International traffic is generally pretty
cheap (opening bid prices are lower as well) but there is not as much traffic as you will get with the U.S. platform

Some Tips and Tactics on How to Maximize ROI for Your PPV Campaigns
I wish I could tell you that you could simply slap up a bunch of URL targets, and your campaigns would instantly
be profitable, but this is not the case (actually, to be honest, I have had this happen a handful of times, but that is certainly not the norm)

The reality is, there are constant tests and tweaks you need to do to really get your campaigns dialed in and making solid profit. There are some shortcuts for getting there, and I will share them with you now Here’s a trick you can use on Media Traffic to own a target & frustrate your competition  (This used to work on Lead Impact but it doesn’t anymore) Let’s say your target is Chevrolet.com, and both you and your competitor are bidding on the following terms:

Well, you can drill down either further, and use variations like “Chevrole” “Chevrol” “Chevro” etc. As long as you
are bidding higher than your competitor on the other keywords, Media Traffic’s algorithm will show
YOUR pop-up as opposed to your competitor’s, since “Chevrole” is contained in Chevrolet.com! And the best
part of this is that your competitor won’t know they are being outbid because their account will still show them
bidding in the first position for this target!

Here’s an example from a campaign for My PC Backup I
was running:

Facebook Targeted Traffic Empire

As you can see, the shortest phrase of all got the overwhelming majority of the traffic (I probably could have
drilled down more and used “mypcbac,” “mypcba” etc)

A DIRTY TRICK TO HIJACK YOUR COMPETITORS’ LINKS I almost didn’t include this trick in this guide because it’s
pretty dirty, and in fact, I have never done this myself What you do is, you sign up for the adware that your PPV
network uses to serve your ads, and you download it onto a computer (I would not recommend using a computer that
you actually use on a daily basis, unless you actually WANT to be served popup ads). You will then let your Chevrolet.com

competitor bid in the first position, and you will visit your target URL. Make note of the popup that shows, most
notably the landing page URL, an affiliate URL, or even a tracking URL. Then bid on each of these URL’s!
So if you are targeting Visa.com, and your competitor’s URL is “getavisacard.com,” your link will show up over
both! The main reason I included this trick in this guide is to make you aware that this does go on, and in fact,
someone may eventually do it to you. From time to time, I will start little test campaigns and include my URL’s as the targets, just to see if anyone else is bidding on them

Can I tell you how much I hate bidding wars? There is nothing more frustrating than having a profitable target all
to yourself, and someone comes along and outbids you. You are now forced to constantly check your account to see if you are still the high bidder, which can get very time consuming. See, this is different than search engine bidding. You get outbid on Adwords? No big deal, there are other spots on the page (and in many cases, your ROI will be better if you are NOT bidding first). But as I mentioned earlier, 70% of PPV traffic goes to bidder #1. That doesn’t leave a lot of room for others

The most frustrating part of this is the hit your ROI will take. Let’s say you find a great target, and you are bidding 3 cents per view. You get in a bidding war, and all of the sudden you are having to pay 20 cents a view. Now as long as your campaign is still profitable, you will keep on paying it, but unless your conversion rate spikes, your profit margins are substantially lower

Unfortunately, this is just a reality of PPV marketing. That’s why you must have the right mindset. You must
realize that even if you have a very lucrative target/campaign, you will get competition sooner or later. Milk that target for all it’s worth. Scale it to other networks. If PPV is the only advertising you have done with it, look
to other forms of traffic. I recently had a very successful PPV campaign, and I decided to take that keyword and
target it through SEO. I’m now in the top spot on Google and seeing a nice return But since you’re here to learn about PPV and not SEO, let’s look at what you CAN do to try to win a bidding war (although it does get to a point that the bids are so high that the only winner is the PPV network) Here’s your first option, if you’re using Lead Impact: If you are the only bidder for a target, make your max bid

really high, and set your keyword to “auto,” as I have just done in the target see in this graphic:

Facebook Targeted Traffic Empire

Now, I will raise my max bid, to discourage others from coming in and bidding on it. If I have selected “auto” and
there are no other bidders, I will still only bid the minimum price. Or, if someone does come in and start bidding, say, 10 cents a click, and I’m bidding 25 cents as my max bid, I will only pay .101 cents

Facebook Targeted Traffic Empire

As you can see, I made my max bid $1. With a bid this high, I do run the risk of someone coming in and bidding very hard to try and push me out, since I seriously doubt I could sustain profitability at $1 per view for this keyword.
So if I leave my max bid price at $1, I’m going to have to keep close tabs on any new competitors who come in
**** Unfortunately, this option is not available on Media Traffic. If you bid $1 there on a target, you will pay $1 per view, even if you have no other competition. You can still bid higher than the minimum price to discourage
competition, but I wouldn’t go anywhere over 6-7 cents per view

A lot of the big players in PPV marketing will set up autobidders that will, as the name suggests, automatically
make their bid the highest. There was a time where there were a handful of these for sale, but all the ones I know
about have gone away. You could get someone to build one for you on a site like Elance or Odesk, but you’re probably going to have to pay hundreds of dollars, and you also run the risk of having them see your campaigns and copy them

As I mentioned in the One Time Offer when you purchased this course, I’ve devised a way to autobid that you can easily set up yourself, and won’t break the bank. In fact, you won’t have to pay anything to set it up. I’m only asking $54 for something that will save you a lot of time and energy. Believe me, if you have a really profitable PPV campaign running, you WANT to make sure you are getting as much traffic as you can. Before I set up this autobidder, I was constantly having to check my accounts to see what spot I was bidding in. It got really annoying
when I was away from my PC. I spend enough time at my desk working on stuff for my business. The last thing I
want to do is have my head buried in my smartphone checking when I am supposed to be relaxing and having fun
Get the Autobidding Solution here: http://bit.ly/1o6aoiZ