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Premium Package: Gold

Quantity: 1000 Facebook PVA (Phone Verified Accounts)

Buy Facebook PVA now with this Premium Package Gold – 1,000 pieces of premium quality Facebook phone verified accounts. This particular package is the ultimate solution to any aspiring marketers who want to leverage their businesses to the next level. These are the following packages on our premium packages – Black, Silver, and Gold. If you want to acquire freedom to your Facebook business endeavor, grab this package to spearhead your goal!

Premium Packages includes the following:

Timeline CoverCurrent City
BirthdatePolitical Views
Email AddressQuotations
Phone VerifiedLife Events
Profile PhotoMovies
Religious Views TV Shows
Educational BackgroundMusic
CountryApps And Games
Photo AlbumsPlaces

Our team of of professionals are experts in designs and master in visual presentations. Through the number of years in experience, dealing regarding Facebook marketing. We pay particular attention to the photo profiles and the timeline cover designs of each accounts, we see to it that we will only upload high definition images and with 100% accurate in relevance precision.

To ensure you’ll get and receive the Facebook PVA with it’s highest value, we intricately added impressive geo-targeted profiled photos on each single account and put crisp & clear timeline covers. All of these images are 100% safe and passed to any Facebook strict rules and standards!

If you think your Facebook PVA accounts are not meeting with above’s claims, you can simply contact our support and we will be happy to assists you.

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These accounts are indeed perfect for any of your Facebook marketing needs – bulk liking, commenting, shares, posting, add as a friends, joined groups, invitations, promotions and many more. Let me take your requests to your desired Facebook PVA accounts and what you’ll do is just sit back and relax. Grab a cup of coffee, watch you’re favorite movie while waiting. And we will do our best to deliver it in a timely manner with proven and guaranteed 100% satisfaction on our PVAs. Buy Facebook PVA to where people trusted already!

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Buy Facebook PVA


Richard Braggs

Amazing line of products and services!
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buy Facebook PVA

Buy Facebook PVA


Richard Braggs