Facebook PVA Store Tips & Tricks #5

While it’s true the number of “likes” your Facebook page has will determine to a great extent how much traffic you’ll receive from Graph Search, there are some important optimization steps that also play a part.

I’ll go ahead and cover those now and then discuss the best way to build up your ‘like’ count.

1. Make Sure Your Business Address Is Correct

Local search has a lot to do with your businesses physical address. This is true for Google and Facebook. Be sure your address is on your Facebook page. It’s also best to have a dedicated suite # if your business resides in a strip mall. Having a Mail Box Etc. address is not ideal for Graph Search optimization. Make sure it matches with the address on your website and other business directories (i.e. Yelp, YellowPages, etc). For example, if your site has “1234 S. Lincoln Ave.” then don’t put “1234 South Lincoln Ave.” on your Facebook page. Keep the acronym.

2. Select the right Category

This step is especially important for local businesses looking to show up for local search terms. (i.e. dallas pizza)

Access your pages category settings by (1) visiting your profile and clicking on “About”, (2) click “Edit” next to “Basic Info” header, (3) select relevant category and (4) click “Save”.

Remember, if you’re a local business be sure to select “Local Business or Place”.

3. Fill Out Your Entire Profile

It’s easy to miss a couple fields, but when entering your “About” info, be sure to fill out all of the fields available.

The main sections include: About, Mission, Description, Awards, Products.

4. Check-ins

If you’re a local business that has an actual storefront customers visit, be sure to encourage “check-in’s” on Facebook. Maybe offer a special discount for every customer that “checks-in” while in the store.

5. URL Username

In order to get your own unique URL username, visit Facebook.com/username and select the page you’d like to create a username for. It’s best to choose a name that is as close to the name of your business as possible.

6. Include Relevant Keywords

This one is pretty common sense, but make sure not to over do the keywords. Sprinkle them in the “about” section, status updates, and be sure to use the keywords as hashtags when publishing status updates.

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7. Tagging

Tagging photos and videos using relevant keywords can help increase your rank in Facebook’s Graph Search.
-post videos and pictures every week
-include keywords video and picture descriptions
-tag your business in your pictures and videos
-tag timeline pictures and profile pictures

8. Get More Likes/Page Fans

Gaining more ‘likes’ will probably make the biggest difference in helping your Facebook page rank high in the Graph Search, and getting quality ‘likes’ is the hardest part so I wanted to be sure to touch more on how to more ‘likes’ for your business.

Warning:You don’t want to purchase “likes” from any 3rd party source. There are a lot of companies selling fake “likes” for cheap. These “likes” won’t help you in graph search.

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