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IG Traffic Flow in Instagram

IG Traffic Flow

IG Traffic Flow in Instagram

First off, I would like to thank you for picking up your copy of IG Traffic Flow! This guide was was written to show people that Instagram is not just a social media app used to take pictures of food and people’s pets, but it is a tool that very few Internet Marketers and Businesses are starting to utilize to increase traffic, conversions, and ultimately profits.

I have seen posts all over the internet and the Warrior Forum by people wondering if there is a way to make money with Instagram. Most of the responses I have seen are negative. Most people say it’s not worth the time or it simply can’t be done. So I decided to test it for myself! I gave myself a month on Instagram to see if I could increase traffic or sales for one of my e-commerce stores. I’ve been testing the usage of Instagram and in 25 days I have brought in roughly 1000 website views from Instagram alone, as well as $941 in sales!

IG Traffic Flow in Instagram

By the way, that one order marked as “Refunded” was because the customer bought the wrong item. The order just above the Refunded or was their correct order, and for double the original amount :) I can honestly tell you now that I have been consistent in posting images to my website’s Instagram account, Instagram has become my main source of traffic and has brought me more website views and customers than Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube combined.

In this guide I’m going to show you the best ways to create accounts that will draw followers to them, and will also show you how to best monetize those accounts.

Instagram is an extremely easy app to use, and once you get the hang of it, you will find that it is a goldmine for driving traffic. Not only will these methods work to bring more traffic to your websites, but you can also use
these methods to drive traffic to your squeeze pages, affiliate offers, CPA offers, and more!

Why Use Instagram?
Instagram is the 4th largest social media network with over 100 million active users. There are over 40 million photos posted every day, and over 8,500 image likes made each second. Needless to say, Instagram has a massive user base that you can start reaching out to.

I’ve compiled some age demographics for you below that you may want to consider when picking a niche to monetize on Instagram. However, just because Instagram has a younger user base, does not mean they aren’t willing to spend money on what you have to offer! According to a study done by Pew Internet, there are more women using Instagram than men.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the age demographics of Instagram:

% of All Internet Users on Instagram 13.00%
Ages 18 – 29 27.00%
Ages 30 – 49 8.00%
Ages 50 – 64 6.00%
Ages 65+ 4.00%

Just like Twitter, Instagram uses the hashtag (#) feature to categorize similar images together. As of May 2013, some of the most popular hashtags include the words “fitness”, “fashion”, “cute”, and “blacklist”. Why is this important? Because these words belong to niches that are the easiest to gain a large number of followers and ultimately monetize.

Web.Stagram.com, which is a website that allows you to view Instagram on your computer, has a handful of helpful analytics that you should take a moment to go through. You will see the list of the current most popular hashtags, profiles, and most popular image filters according to Instagram users. I will include a link at the end of the guide.

Overview of the Process
Now that we have all of those stats out of the way, let’s jump into the meat of the guide!
Instead of writing pages and pages of “fluff” that no one wants to read, I’ll get right to the point. Here’s a quick overview of the steps involved in this process, and I’ll break everything down as we go along.

  • Popular Instagram Niches
  • Decide What to Promote (Affiliate Offer, CPA Offer, Website, etc.)
  • Create and Set Up Your Instagram Account
  • Posting Your Images
  • Get Targeted Followers
  • To Buy Followers or Not To Buy Followers
  • Track Your Visitors
  • Cashing Out

Sounds simple enough, right? Let’s get right to it then.

Popular Niches on Instagram
Just like any other social media platform, you can find an Instagram account for just about any niche or topic imaginable. However, there are a handful of niches to strongly consider when utilizing Instagram because of their

By taking some time to browse Instagram, you will quickly see that some of the best niches waiting to be profited from are:Fitness and Weight loss, Fashion, Electronics, Automotive, Animals, Random Facts, and Funny Photos (Memes).

Here’s some examples of some of the most popular accounts on Instagram.. I even follow the car ones myself :)

IG Traffic Flow in Instagram

These types of accounts have some the largest followings on Instagram, as you can see by the images above. These types of pages are also fairly easy to bring in a large number of followers to your account. The reason these specific niche type accounts are so popular is because of Instagram’s user base. Remember that a majority of Instagram’s users are in the 18-29 age demographic.

Why are fitness pages so popular? Remember earlier when I said that more women use Instagram than men? Women and Fitness go hand in hand. Also, guys tend to follow these pages as well because they like looking at pictures of girls that are in shape. That’s just the truth.

Why are car pages so popular? Well for a few reasons. Exotic sports cars create a sense of awe and desire in the eyes of the viewers. Users that are in the 18-29 age demographic, both men and women, tend to love nice cars. Why are cute animal pages so popular? Who doesn’t love pictures of cute puppies?

If you’re planning on building a niche page like a fitness page with the sole goal of getting a large following to bring any and all traffic to your squeeze page, the above notes are some things to consider.
However, if you’re going to be creating an account specifically for the products you offer, you will still have no problem finding tons of users who are interested in similar products to yours.
Don’t worry if these seems vague, we will get more in depth in the next section.

Decide What to Promote
Instagram is a great way to drive traffic to websites, but, it is also a great way to drive traffic to affiliate products, CPA offers, squeeze pages, etc.
Instagram allows you to post a highly visible link on your profile page that tends to draw a large number of clicks.
If you’re deciding to promote an affiliate product or CPA offer, you’ll want to make sure to choose a product with a high conversion rate because you will be getting a ton of clicks on your links. An important point to remember is the overall theme of your Instagram account does not have to be based upon the product, offer, or website you are
promoting. Of course, if the theme of the account relates to the product, offer, or website you are promoting, your website traffic will be more targeted.

For example, say you have an account with 20,000 followers showing images of cute dogs. If you have a link in your profile promoting a weight loss product, you probably won’t get as many conversions as you would if you had a fitness account with the same amount of followers promoting the same offer.

Here are some possibilities to consider when picking a product to promote before setting up your account…

Let’s say for example you’re an affiliate marketer wanting to profit from the extremely popular fitness/weight loss niche. First you’ll create an Instagram account that has something to do with fitness. Then you’ll want to find the
best converting Clickbank, JVZoo, or Warrior Forum product that you know you can promote, get your affiliate link, cloak it, and place that link in your Instagram profile. You can then post pictures to your account that people who
are interested in fitness will enjoy. Consider posting pictures of good looking people that are clearly in shape, motivational quotes, and before and after pictures of people who are getting into shape. Where will you find these
pictures? Simply borrow them from other fitness accounts. There are TONS of them. Just be sure to tag them in your posts using to let your viewers know where you got the image.

Maybe affiliate marketing isn’t your thing, but you run a drop-ship website that sells bicycles. Create your Instagram account and put the link to your drop ship site in your profile. Instead of filling your profile with pictures of the bikes your site offers, why not promote your products as a lifestyle? You can post pictures of the bikes your site offers, but also post pictures of people riding bikes on the beach or through the park as well. This will create a desire from your viewers, and they will be more apt to click to your website.

Maybe you’re a CPA marketer, promoting an offer for a free iPhone 5. Create your Instagram account and place your cloaked affiliate link in the bio. You don’t even have to write “Free iPhone 5 offer by visiting the website” in your bio. Too many accounts do that, and no one clicks the links. To increase interest on your account, fill it with images of new high tech gadgets that are coming out onto the market. You can also post pictures of inventors with a quick description to let your viewers know who they are looking at and what product they have introduced to the electronic niche. Write up a short and simple description in the biography of your account stating what your account posts, and include the link to your offer. People will be curious and click the link, instead of staying away because it looks spammy.

Of course, these are just some general ideas. Ultimately it is your decision when it comes to picking a product to promote. These ideas are intended to help you brainstorm to come up with the best course of action that will work
for you.

Create and Set Up Your Instagram Account
Once you have chosen a niche and a product to promote, it’s time to set your account up. If you don’t already have the Instagram app, download it now from the App Store or Google Play, depending on your phone.

IG Traffic Flow in Instagram

It is important to get your account set up completely and post your first few pictures before you start bringing in followers to your account. If your account isn’t set up, and those first few potential followers come along, they’re going to leave your account and you will lose potential followers and conversions. When you first open the app, you’ll be presented with the Welcome page. Select “Register” to get started.

You will then see the Register page. Here you’ll decide what your Username will be, your password, and upload your default “profile” image.
You’ll need to provide some basic information, like your email address, name and phone number, if you would like.
Your email address is NOT viewable by the public. It is simply a way for Instagram to send you updates to their Terms of Service Agreement, which will happen once every few months or so. You will not receive any sort of marketing emails, so you can enter your personal email if you would like.

Click “Done” and you will enter into Instagram!
The first page you see will be your image feed, which will be blank. When you start following other accounts, their recent photos will show up in this feed.

IG Traffic Flow in Instagram

On the bottom of the screen, there will be a row of 5 different buttons. If you’ve never used Instagram before, I will explain what each of these buttons means…

The 1 st button on the left is your home button. Hitting that button at anytime will take you back to your image feed.

The 2 nd button, which is a star, will take you to the “Explore” page, also known as the “Popular” Page. Here you will see 15 of the most popular photos on Instagram at any given time. You will also use the search bar on
this page to find followers, but more on that later. The middle button is the Camera. This is how you will post images to your Instagram for your followers to see.

The 4th button is an image of a heart, and that stands for your notifications.
This page has two different tabs at the top of the screen: Following and News. The Following tab will show you a list of images that the people you are following recently liked. The News tab will show you a list of the most
recent Instagram users that have either liked your images or followed your account.

The 5th and final button on the bottom of your screen is the profile button. Hitting this button at anytime will show you your profile. Once you’ve created your Instagram account, you’ll want to hit the profile
button, then select the option to “Edit Your Profile” that is on the top of the next screen.
When you open up the “Edit Your Profile” page, the first option will be able to enter is your display name, which can be your personal name or the name of your page/website.

Beneath that will be the username for your account. A great thing about Instagram is you can change your username anytime to better fit the theme of the page.

To the right of the username option will be your profile picture. You can change this image at anytime as well. Take a look around Instagram at some of the top accounts in your niche to see what type of profile pictures they
have, then use one that is similar.

Beneath these options is the most important part of your profile : your link. Here is where you will put in your affiliate link, your CPA offer link, or your website link. Instagram only allows you to have one link on your profile, so make sure you type it in correctly, and test the link to make sure everything is working.

If you’re promoting an affiliate product or CPA offer, be sure to cloak your link! No one likes clicking on ugly affiliate links. Before we set our account up any further, here’s a special note on links..

When you first put your link into your Instagram account, Instagram automatically checks your link to see if it leads to a scam/spammy website. If for some reason they find your website to be suspicious, even though it may
not be, they will lock down your account.

You’ll know if it gets locked down within a few seconds of entering your link into your profile page. You will be automatically logged out of your account, and when you try to log back in, a message will pop up saying “This Account Has Been Suspended”. If this happens, you’ll have to create a new account.

Some people say you can email Instagram and ask that you have your account unsuspended, but Instagram will not respond to your requests. In their Terms of Service, they include that they have the right to suspend any account for any reason within informing the owner.

If your account gets suspended because of your url, simply set up a redirect from another domain, and you’ll be good to go on a new account. Unfortunately, the account name you had on that suspended account is no longer able to be used, so you’ll have to come up with a new name.

Because some CPA offer websites can look spammy, I would recommend sending your visitors to a squeeze page first, then after they enter their information on your site, you either email them a link to the CPA offer or redirect the website to the offer after their email submit. This way you don’t have to worry about having your account suspended, you get tons of clicks to your CPA offer,. AND you get to build your list all at the same time.

Okay. Back to setting up our account!

Under the website field will be where you can enter your biography. Biography’s typically consist of information on what your account is about. Refer to the images of popular accounts above to get a feel for what you should include in your biography. If you’re going to be posting a lot of photos you find from other accounts, which you most likely will be, be sure to include a note in your biography that the photos are not yours unless otherwise stated.

Check to make sure you don’t have any typos, then click the Save button once you’ve edited all of this information. You can go back and edit your profile at anytime in the future.

Posting Your First Images & Displaying Your URL
Once you have your account set up, you’re going to want to post a few pictures before you start bringing in tons of followers. At first, the process of finding quality images that will attract interaction from Instagram users and the steps involved in actually posting the image may seem lengthy, but once you get the hang of it and become more
comfortable using Instagram, you’ll see that the entire process takes maybe a minute to complete. You’ll be able to do it in your sleep in no time! To make it easy, let’s say for example your new Instagram account is in the fitness/weight loss niche and you’re promoting a Clickbank product on weight loss.

Go to the “Explore” page, the star button the bottom of your screen, and type into the search field “fitness”.
The first account that pops out to me is the account “healthy_girl”. I have seen this account all over Instagram, and it has over 394,000 followers.

“Fitnesspageforall” and “roguefitness” are also very popular accounts, but we’ll use “healthy_girl” for this example.

IG Traffic Flow in Instagram

Go through the “healthy_girl” account, and you’ll see tons of pictures of women working out, images of healthy foods and inspirational and motivational quotes.

The owner of this page has done a great job of making this account not only a page about fitness, but a lifestyle page. Too bad they aren’t monetizing it…Anyway.

Go through the pictures on the account until you find one you want to post to your new account.
I liked this image on the right because it is motivational. You can also see beneath the photo that it has over 1,000 likes, which is good.

Now you’ll want to take a screenshot of this image. On an iPhone, you press the Home button and the power button at the same time. On an Android, it depends on the phone. If you can’t figure out how to screenshot on your phone, skip this step, and just pull a good image off Google and save it to your files.

IG Traffic Flow in Instagram

Click on the Camera button, the middle button, on your Instagram screen, to start the process of posting your image.

Your phones camera will open up, and you will be able to either take a picture to post to your Instagram, or you can post an image in your photo library.

Go to your photo library, select the image you just took a screenshot of, make sure the image is centered on your screen, and click “Crop”. The next screen will allow you to add a filter, or an image effect, to your picture. I typically leave the filter on “Normal”, which is the default setting, and click the green “Next” button on the top right of the screen.

IG Traffic Flow in Instagram

The next screen you see will be the Share Screen, and will look like what you see on the left. A thumbnail of the image you are about to post will appear, and next to it is where you can write in a caption for your image.
The caption box is another place for you to post your website url. It will not be a clickable link, but people viewing your picture will see your url.

Post your url similar to how I did in the example on your left. I added a line under the url using the dash
(-) button on the keyboard to clean up the look of the url and hashtags.

Instagram uses hashtags just like Twitter does, so it is important to enter your hashtags in the caption box as well! These hashtags will be clickable and will show you every image that has that hashtag somewhere in the caption. For a fitness page, I would recommend hashtags like #fitness #gym #health #loseweight #inshape #eathealthy.. things of that nature.

Feel free to add as many hashtags as you want! You can add up to 30. The more hashtags you add, the more people will see your posts.

Next, take a look where it says “Add to Photo Map”. This feature is intended for people who like to “tag” the location of where they took their picture, similar to the location feature on Facebook.
By default, this option will be highlighted as “Off”. We’re going to select “On”. Then click the “Name This Location” button. We’re going to use it for something much better than your location!

IG Traffic Flow in Instagram

The next page that comes up will show you this “Error” pop up. It tells you to go to your phone’s settings to allow Instagram to use your Location settings to find out where you are when you post your photos.

Personally, I don’t want thousands of random people knowing where I am. Unless you want people knowing where you are when you post your photos, click “Dismiss”.

IG Traffic Flow in Instagram

After clicking “Dismiss”, type in your website URL into the field at the top of the screen, like I did as an example on the left. When you type in the URL, select the first option to “Create a Custom Location”. What this does is it displays your website URL above your image.
Again, it is not a clickable link, but it gets your url in the eyes of more people.

If you click the “Find…” option, your phone will attempt to locate your url in the world, which obviously it won’t be able to. So we’ll just ignore that option!

Once you select the “Create a Custom Location” option, you will be taken back to the Share screen.
Double check that all of your URLs and hashtags are spelled correctly, then click the green “Share” button on the top right of the screen. This will post your image to Instagram.

My advice would be to post 3-5 pictures on your account before you start going and finding followers. If you only have 1 picture on your account, people are less likely to follow your account than if you have multiple images and look like an established account.

You may be surprised while you’re posting the first few images, it is entirely possible that your notification page will start to fill up with image likes and follows. This is because the hashtags you included on your images have
made your images viewable by a wide audience of people who are interested in fitness, or whatever your selected niche is.

Now that we have our account all set up, our links in place, and our first few images posted, it is time to start getting followers!

Bring In Targeted Followers
In order for your account and ultimately your website url to be seen by large numbers of people, you need followers. Just like any other social media site, every time you post something to Instagram, all of your followers will be able to see it in their image feed on the home screen of their Instagram.

If you were to Google “how to get more Instagram followers” you would see article after article of social media “experts” saying the same thing: If you interact with other users that show a similar interest in what your page offers by liking or commenting on their pictures, over time you will start to see an increase in followers.

While that is very true, that is the absolute slowest way to get more followers.
If you’re one of those social media people, I’m sorry, that’s just my opinion :)

You’re reading this guide because you want to leverage the users on Instagram to bring more traffic to your websites and increase your revenue quickly, right? You’re not here to spend month after month trying to make
friends on a social media platform in hopes that some will click on your links and visit your site.

Instagram is a personal form of social media. Users let the world into their lives by physically showing strangers what they do on a daily basis. So just liking an image simply isn’t going to reach out to that user on a personal

The easiest and fastest way to get tons and tons of followers to your Instagram account is to follow as many people as you can. It’s that simple.

When you try this tactic on Twitter, you can only follow a certain number of people before Twitter suspends or deactivates your account. And that’s why many people will tell you to interact with Instagram users to get followers, because they think the same thing will happen on Instagram. But it won’t.

On Instagram, there is no limit to how many people you can follow at a time. They will not suspend your account for weeks at a time or deactivate your account one day out of the blue for following a bunch of accounts in short periods of time.

But, you’re not going to be following random accounts. Just like you would on Twitter if they didn’t suspend you, you’re going to be following users that are already following other accounts that are similar to yours.
We’re going to use the fitness niche as an example again here. You have your fitness page all set up, and you’ve posted your first few images using the steps above.

Now what you’re going to do is hit the Explore button (the 2nd button on the bottom of your Instagram screen) and type “fitness” into the search bar at the top, just like we did earlier.

And just like before, click on one of the first accounts you see, which could be “healthy_girl”, “fitnesspageforall” or “roguefitness”. Let’s say you clicked on “fitnesspageforall” this time. As you can see on the top of the screen, this particular account has over 180,000 Instagram users following it.

Click where it says “180k Followers” at the top of the page, and the screen that pops up will be a list of the most recent Instagram users to follow this particular account, with blue Follow buttons next to each of their usernames.
This is something else we can use to our advantage. The list of followers you see is the most recent people to follow that account, which means they’re interested in fitness right now. The sooner you get those people to follow
your account, the sooner your website will be bringing in more traffic! All you need to do is start scrolling through that list and hit every blue Follow button you see. When you start hitting the follow buttons, they will
change to green buttons that say Following.

On these types of accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers, typically you will only be able to see the most recent 50-200 followers, so when you get to the bottom of the list and have followed every user, head back over to
the Explore page, search “fitness”, click on the next popular account, and start following those users.

After you’ve gone through that second account’s followers, you can go back to the first account’s follower list and you’ll see that it has been updated with new accounts that you can follow.

Remember how I said Instagram has over 100 million monthly users? This means you will virtually never run out of people to follow. After you follow a good amount of users, close out the App and check back in an hour or so. When you log back in, you will see your Followers number start to climb, as well as see new traffic coming to your website.

I typically like to go on these “following sprees” as I call them just before I go to bed. I’ll follow bunch of people at night, and when I check my phone in the morning, I’ll have tons of new followers, image likes, and most
importantly, more traffic on my website.

Heck, it’s even nice to see some new customers in the morning too ;) Anytime you have few minutes to kill, hop on Instagram and start following more people. Do it when you’re waiting for American Idol to come back from commercial. Do it when you’re waiting to pick your kids up from school. You can even do it when you’re bored in a meeting or in a class! Remember..the more people you get to see your page, the more people will hit your link. And that’s the overall goal here: to drive more traffic to our websites.

Just so you are aware, if you follow a large amount of users at once in a short period of time, sometimes you will start to see the green Following button you just hit turn back to a blue Follow button. This is because Instagram is having trouble catching up with all of the accounts you are following.

If you see this start to happen, simply exit out of the App, wait a few minutes, open the app back up, and you will be good to go!

Once your account is up into the 500-1,000 follower range, which can easily happen within a week, you will start to notice new followers coming to your account that you aren’t already following. This is because each time a user likes an image, all of that users’ followers will be able to see your image on the Notifications page under the Following tab. Those users can then click on your image, like your image, and follow your account if they like what they see.

This is how you go viral on Instagram. The more users that like your photo, the more other users will be able to see it. The ultimate goal is to get your image to be one of the 15 images on the “Explore” page. Why? Because for a few minutes, anyone that uses Instagram that is looking at the Explore page will see your photo, regardless of whether or not they follow your account. When you get your first photo on the Explore page, that’s when you’ll really see your traffic numbers explode! Another side note here.. when your follower numbers start increasing, each
time you post a picture, your phone will be flooded with notifications from Instagram to let you know each time a user liked your image. These notifications can get annoying at times, and tend to drain your battery. If you find that these notifications you are getting are annoying, you can turn them off.

If you’re on an iPhone, go to Settings > Notifications > Instagram > and switch the Notification Center option to OFF and the Alert Style to None. I’m not sure what the steps are if you’re on an Android, but they should be similar.

To Buy Followers or Not to Buy Followers
In the world of Instagram Marketing, the more followers you have, the larger your sphere of influence is. The larger your influence, the more visitors you will get to your site. The more visitors you get to your site, the more revenue you will bring in.

Just like buying Facebook likes or Twitter followers, you can buy Instagram followers.
Some online marketers will tell you that buying fake likes or follows does nothing for you, while other online marketers will tell you that a higher number of followers can actually be beneficial for you.
Of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I respect that opinion. Here’s my two cents on the subject..

Social psychology states that an individual that has a large sphere of influence will continue to increase their influence at an exponential rate. Basically, this means the more followers you have, whether they are real or not, the more followers will be drawn to your account.

Think of it this way: if an Instagram user comes to your brand new account and sees that you already have 10,000 followers, they are way more likely to become a follower of your account than they would be if you had less than
100 followers because you’re just starting out.

It doesn’t matter if your account has 10,000 followers, and 9,999 of them are fake. That Instagram user that comes across your account is not going to take the time to go through all 10,000 of your followers to see how many are fake accounts to decide whether or not to follow your account. If they like what you post, and see that your account already has a ton of followers, they’re going to follow your account without thinking twice.

That’s the way I see it.
Of course, you have to spend a little bit of money to buy these followers, but I would never recommend spending thousands of dollars just to get followers. If you look around online, you will see some websites advertising that they sell “real” followers, and other websites that say they sell what are called “bot” followers, which are basically computer created accounts.

Now you may see the two options, and immediately want to order the “real” followers. However, one thing the seller will not tell you is that each of these “real” followers are bribed to follow your account.

Yes, there are websites out there that pay Instagram users a few pennies to follow certain accounts when they are told to. That’s where these “real” followers come from.

However, they are paid to follow your account, but once they receive their payout, they unfollow your account. So within a few days of paying for hundreds of new followers, they will all unfollow your account, which means you basically threw your money out the door.

On the other hand, you can buy these bot followers that are programed to follow your account, and do NOT unfollow your account somewhere down the road.

And here’s a something else to consider.. when these bot accounts are created, they are programmed to follow hundreds of people as soon as they are created. Hundreds of real people. They are also programmed to occasionally
like images that the accounts they follow post. Usually these fake accounts have a number of real followers, those followers will then see your image and possibly click on it.

Of course, this decision is completely up to you. Only you can decide whether or not you want to invest some money into an otherwise free social media platform. If you are interested in ordering some followers, I have this service available for you. I also offer image likes and image comments that are sent to your accounts. I will include a link at the end of this guide.

Track Your Visitors
So now that our account’s follower numbers are starting to increase, we need to track our website or link visitors.
If you’re not already tracking the number of visitors you get to your website, now is a good time to start. Tracking your visitors helps you understand where your traffic is coming from, and how to better tweak your website to optimize conversions.

If you’re promoting a CPA offer or affiliate product using a direct link, I assume that link is cloaked, which means you can already track the clicks to your link through your cloaking tool. If that’s the case, you can kind of skim over this section.

However if you’re trying to track clicks to a website, e-commerce store or squeeze page using the direct url, you’ll need to pay close attention.

Like most website owners, I use Google Analytics to track my visitors. I assume most people already have a Google Analytics account, so I won’t get into how to create an account and set it up. But if you don’t have an account,
head over to google.com/analytics to create one.

Now, tracking your visitors that have found your website through Instagram is a little confusing. Prior to Facebook buying Instagram in April of 2012, Instagram users used to be able to click the link in your profile biography,
and were taken directly to your website through the Instagram app. These visitors would then show up in your Analytics account under the Referrals tab as users from Instagram.

However, since Facebook bought Instagram, they released an update to the app that now requires users to open your website link through the website browser that is on their phone. The traffic then shows up in Google Analytics
as Direct Traffic, but does not give any indication that it comes from Instagram users.

For whatever reason, Google has not yet added Instagram to its list of social media sites. It has been requested as a new feature for over a year, yet has not yet been implemented.

To check the traffic from your Instagram visitors, you’ll have to go to the Audience > Technology > Browsers & OS tab.

This tab will show you a list of all of the web browsers that your site’s visitors have used when they were on your site, and Instagram will show up on that list. Unfortunately, it is not completely accurate. Only a handful of
your Instagram views will appear in the Browsers & OS tab as Instagram visitors, but the rest will show up as traffic from certain internet browsers. You’ll notice a higher number of visitors under your Safari and Android browser numbers.

IG Traffic Flow in Instagram

Here’s a quick screenshot of the last week and a half of my website’s traffic, the same one that brought in the revenue from the screenshot I showed at the beginning of this guide.

As you can see according to these stats, I supposedly only brought in 8 visitors from Instagram.
I will disprove this shortly.
However, I want to make you aware of one other traffic stat to take note of…
Normally within the first hour after you post a new picture, you will see your visitors from Direct Traffic number increase in your Analytics account as well as the numbers under your Safari and Android Browser visitors.
You will mostly notice this jump in visitors once you have built up a strong following on your profile and are getting a good amount of likes on each image. This is because users will see your website address in the caption
beneath your picture, and instead of clicking the link that is on your profile, they will go to their phone’s web browser and manually type the address in. So if you see a jump in your Direct Traffic and don’t know why, it’s from your Instagram.

Also, If you see two different Instagram versions listed in your analytics account like you do in mine, it’s just because some users have not updated their Instagram app to the latest version, hence why you see Instagram 3.4.1
and 3.4.2. Now, about that low Instagram visitor number.

Something else you’ll notice in the screenshot above is the Safari and Android Browsers are the two highest traffic sources. This is because iPhones and Androids use these two browsers (duh). They are also the only two ways
people can get on Instagram. Blackberry does not have an Instagram app, and Instagram is not an online website like Facebook or Twitter are. More iPhone users use Instagram than Android users, which is why the Safari numbers are so much higher than the Android Browser numbers.

IG Traffic Flow in Instagram

Using the same timeframe from the screenshot before, here’s the pie chart from my Analytics account that shows where my traffic comes from.

67.2% of my traffic (318 of 473 total visitors) has come from direct traffic, or people typing in my website’s url into their address bars.

14.8% of my traffic (70 visitors) has come from people finding my website through search engines. Of those 70 visitors, 68 of them found my website because they searched my website name. The other 2 visitors found my website from keywords related to the items I offer on my website.

The remaining 18% of my referral traffic (85 visitors) has come from Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, my Email Newsletter, and a blog that was nice enough to post about my site. (Thank you! :)) You can see I am doing no paid advertising for this website.
What is the significance of all of this?
This tells me that in the last week, maybe not all, but most of those 318 direct visitors and 70 search traffic visitors started from Instagram. I know this because this e-commerce website is relatively knew. We’re talking less than 2 months old.

I have barely done any marketing outside of Instagram because remember, I wanted to test myself to see if I could make money with Instagram. Next I’ll show you my traffic sources..

There’s no way almost 400 people in the last week and a half have suddenly found my website out of the blue.
They came from Instagram. Either they clicked on the link in my profile bio, or they saw my account and looked me up on the internet browser on their phones.

The thing that excites me the most about this, besides the fact that these visitors are bringing in some revenue, is the fact that the Instagram account I am using to drive these visitors only as 2,900 followers as I type this. And I’m only following 2,200.

This is exciting to me because if I can bring in 400 visitors and a few hundred dollars in revenue in the last week when I have a relatively small number of followers, what are my traffic and revenue numbers going to be when I have
10,000 followers? What will they be when I have 25,000 followers?? What about 50,000???

This is why I am so confident that this guide will work for you. The possibility for growth here is endless.
I am horrible at marketing. Honestly, I am.

All I know how to do is take nice pictures of my products, and hit the follow button on tons of people’s Instagram accounts.

But you know what? It’s working. I figured out how to find users that would be interested in what I have to
offer, I found out how to get them to follow me, and I found out how to get them to my website.
And that’s what I’m trying to help you do with this guide.
If you’re good at marketing, just imagine what your results will be when you have 2,900 followers. They will probably be WAY better than mine are right now!

But this also shows that you don’t have to be good at marketing to get more traffic on your websites and more cash in your pocket. Anybody can do this. That’s what makes Instagram so great.

Cashing Out
If you ever get to the point where you feel like your Instagram account is no longer bringing in the amount of affiliate or CPA profits as it once was, DO NOT just forget about the account and stop using it. There are a couple other easy ways to monetize your page to consider before you think about scrapping it all together..

Start Over.. Kind Of
If your account is promoting affiliate or CPA offers and it’s just not performing for some reason, find a new offer or product that you want to promote. It can be in any niche you desire. Once you find that new offer or product, simply start your account over! You can do this by going back to the Edit Your Profile page and changing your account’s name, biography, and most importantly, your link. You can then go through and delete all of the pictures you’ve posted in the past when you were promoting your last offer. Your account now looks good as new, but it still has the thousands of followers you’ve worked to get.

Post a new picture promoting your new product and watch the traffic to your new offer or product start rolling in!
You can change the direction of your account at any time if you feel it is no longer bringing in the same results as it once was.

Sell the Account
Yes, there are actually a ton of people out there willing to pay a few hundred dollars for an Instagram account that already has a follower base. Go on eBay and check for yourself! Simply search “Instagram Account” and you’ll be amazed at what some people are willing to pay. Of course, the more followers you have, the more your account will sell for.

The best way to sell your account is to delete all of the images and information from the biography section of the account before listing it on eBay. When it sells on eBay, simply email the winning bidder the account username and password so they can use the account however they please.

Since it is against eBay’s Terms of Service to sell digital goods, simply mail an envelope to the winning bidders address with a piece of paper in it that has the username and password to the account you sold. This is just to make sure you don’t get in trouble with eBay over a technicality.

Also be sure to include a disclaimer in the listing description on eBay saying something along the lines of once you send the log in details to buyer, you are not responsible for unfollows or the account being suspended because of how they use the account. You are basically washing your hands of the ownership of the account.

The great thing about selling an Instagram account on eBay for a couple hundred dollars can be considered a “rinse and repeat” method. Open up a few new accounts, gain a bunch of followers, and sell the accounts off to make some easy side money each month!

However, Instagram only allows you to have up to 10 accounts on a single mobile device. So make sure you get the most followers possible on every account before you consider selling them.

Sell “Shoutouts”
Another popular type of account on Instagram are “shoutout” accounts.
Basically what happens is the owner of the page with a ton of followers will post an image of another user on Instagram, and in the caption will write something along the lines of “Go follow @(username)”.
The people that see this image will then follow that person that just had their image posted, in hopes of being the next person to get a shoutout. If you want to see some examples, search “shoutout” on Instagram and you will see what I mean.

Why do people do this? Because a majority of people using Instagram want as many followers as they can get. Even if they are using their account for pictures of themselves and their dinners, people tend to feel more important
when they have a larger number of followers than their friends. It seems foolish, but it’s easy to profit from these types people.

I came across one account that had something like 50,000 followers that was selling shoutouts for $5 each. In his profile biography, he had a link to his one page website that had nothing on it but a PayPal button where people
could send him $5 along with their Instagram account name, and once he received the payment, he would post a picture of this person to this shoutout account. I wish I remembered the name of that account so you could see for
yourself, but you would be amazed at the amount of shoutouts he was posting each day on his account. He was easily posting 20-30 shoutouts a day at $5 a piece.

Crazy right? That has to be one of the easiest ways to make $100+ per day with minimal work.

If your account has a good amount of followers, even 5,000 people or more, you attract these people wanting shoutouts without even trying. Simply put something in your profile biography section that lets viewers know if they want a shoutout, it will cost $X amount. You would be surprised at how desperate some people are to get shoutouts on Instagram.

You could also do this by setting up a Fiverr gig, offering a shoutout to your followers for $5. This way you don’t have to set up your own website.

Sell “Advertising”
Similar to selling a shoutout, you can sell “advertising” spots on your page.
The best way to do this is by contacting small clothing brands or small time musicians and letting them know you would be willing to post about their products to your tens of thousands of followers for $X amount.
Small clothing brands and people trying to be musicians are desperate for followers, so many will jump on that kind of opportunity.

Be creative! I’m sure there are other ways of using your Instagram page to generate revenue without promoting an offer or your own website. If you put your mind to it, I know you can come up with other great ways to suck
revenue out of your Instagram accounts.

Wrap Up
In IG Traffic Flow, we’ve covered a lot of topics. We’ve talked about the best niches to monetize, we’ve covered how to set up an Instagram account, how to bring in targeted followers, how to track views to our website or affiliate links, and how to still make money from Instagram even if your links aren’t performing well.

Again, I want to thank you again for giving this guide a try.

I can’t promise you that you will make thousands of dollars a month from these methods above, but I can promise you that if you take the time to implement these methods and are diligent at adding new followers each day, you WILL see increases in traffic and increases in revenue.

Remember, Instagram is completely free. You don’t have to pay to sign up, you don’t have to pay to get people to see your images or links. So any money you make as a result of a follower buying your affiliate product or signing up for the CPA offer you’re promoting is pure profit.

That’s the reason we’re involved in internet marketing isn’t it? To profit from these types of opportunities without spending tons of money or tons of time. If you have any questions about any of the methods in this guide, or if you need clarification on anything Instagram related, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

My email address is below, so feel free to contact me anytime, and I will do my best to get back to you as quickly as possible. I wish you all the success in the world using Instagram to drive more business to your website!

Helpful Links
Web.Stagram shows you what the current 100 most popular accounts are on Instagram. If any of them are in your niche or similar to what you’re promoting with your Instagram accounts, start following their followers.

Web.Stagram will also show you what the current most popular hashtags are. You can use some of these hashtags even if they aren’t related to the image you are posting. There’s no harm in getting some extra people to find your
images :)

Buy Instagram Followers, Likes, and Comments
As I mentioned before, I offer a service where you can buy Instagram
followers, images likes, and image comments. The followers are great for when you’re first starting your account. Like we talked about before, it helps your account look more established. If you’re planning on buying likes for your images, they are good for two things. Like we talked about earlier, the bot accounts that like these images
tend to have a handful of real followers, which means more people can see your images and ultimately your website. They are also good if you already have a ton of likes on an image and you’re trying to get it onto the “Popular”
page for even more people to see. Please understand that buying likes doesn’t guarantee your image will get on the Popular Page.

Full Disclaimer (Just doing my best to be completely honest) Sometimes the comments are gibberish or in a foreign language. These are bot accounts that are programmed to post these comments, so I have no control over what is posted. I personally don’t like using bot comments on my pictures, but some people do, so it’s there for you if you want to try it out. You can always delete the comments off your pictures if you don’t like them.
Again, the choice to buy followers, likes, or comments is completely up to you. No pressure! The option is just there if you choose to give it a try :)
To your success!