Facebook PVA Store Tips & Tricks #41

Offline Lead Gen Package on Facebook

Email 1: What’s so special about a page anyway?
You may already promote your business with a personal Facebook account, or you may not even use Facebook at all. But if you really want to attract new customers and brand yourself as a trustworthy local business, a dedicated Facebook Pageis your ticket.
You see, pages allow you to keep your personal info separate from your business info and they’re public, which means they are visible in the major search engines such as Google and Yahoo, so potential customers can find you when they search online.
If you already have a website, that’s great, but the beauty of Pages is how they bring word of mouth to a new level.
When people like and share your page with others, their friends are exposed to your business too.And that’s how the word spreads for free, faster than traditional referral marketing.
But there are good pages and bad ones. With hundreds of ways to create a page, and plenty of shortcuts, tools and tricks to get the most out of your pages, a Facebook marketing expert can help you get set up for success, even if you’re already on Facebook.

Email 2: Is Facebook just for kids?
There is huge assumption that marketing your local business through Facebook is a waste of time, because after all, Facebook is just for kids, right?
But statistics say otherwise. In fact, the people aged 35 years and above now represent more than 30% of the entire Facebook crowd and the 55years and above audience grew a staggering 922.7% in 2009 alone.
With so many adults on Facebook… many of them being your ideal customers… there has never been a better time to get in front of them with a properly marketed Facebook page.
Isn’t it time you joined the 70% of local businesses that are using Facebook to spread the word about their local business, for free?

Email 3: Facebook pages for busy people
As a fellow small business owner, you’re probably busy spinning all the plates in your business… and when someone says “hey, you should be on Facebook” you probably think that’s the last thing you have time for, right?
But here’s the thing… Facebook is not only an essential marketing tool in today’s world, but it doesn’t take much time to manage when done right.
A new post to your page each week is more than enough to keep your audience interested and engaged with you. You don’t have to come up with articles ideas or write new content either. Often, it can be as simple as sharing an interesting link to an existing video or news story that relates to your industry.
Or maybe you could ask a question and get people involved in your Page, such as “hey folks, what’s your favourite …X,Y,Z…”
When you engage people, it reminds them you’re there. And the more they get involved with your page, the more affinity they have with you…and the more chances you create for them to share or like your content and page (which in turn, exposes you to their friends on Facebook too.)
Of course, the real impact comes when you run strategic campaigns, such as competitions, giveaways and more, which involve more planning and ongoing management.
If you’re short on time, why not let an expert take the wheel instead? Not only will you have someone who knows how to get results on Facebook (more leads and customers) but you’ll be able to oversee the whole process without losing hours in the admin each day.
And it will cost you far less than a weekly newspaper advert, that’s for sure.

Email 4: Is your website obsolete?
Chances are, you already have a website that gets visitors (or maybe it doesn’t.) But are you tracking the performance of the website? Is it generating leads? Better yet, is it generating referrals and viral word of mouth?
In most cases, local business owners stop at a fancy looking, functional website and wait for customers… customers that never come.
They might splash out on a search engine specialist who will help get their website found in Google (for several thousand dollars a month.)
Or they might be part of the 70% of local business owners who are turning to Facebook to instantly tap into a river of potential customers who will happily spread the word about your business and become your most loyal buyers.
A fancy website is great… and getting found in Google is awesome too… but if you’re looking for quick results with far lower costs, then Facebook is waiting for you.
Speak to an expert today to discuss your needs and whether Facebook is right for your business (you might think it isn’t, until you speak to an expert who can prove otherwise.)

Email 5: Nobody visits Facebook to buy local stuff… do they?
In the past, many people assumed that Facebook was a place to air your dirty laundry and gossip about friends, family and co-workers… and certainly not a place people go to buy stuff.
The reality is much different.
While many people DO use Facebook to gossip and share personal life stories, it has also become one of the most effective ways for local business to connect with potential customers.
The numbers don’t lie…

  • There are more than 2 billion connections between local businesses and people.
  • In an average week, there are over 645 million views of, and 13 million comments on, local business Facebook Pages.
  • Approximately 70% of monthly active users in the U.S. and Canada are connected to a local business on Facebook.
    Isn’t it time you joined the revolution?
  • Whether you already have a page or not, a dedicated expert can help you get more reach and exposure for your local business using all kinds of techniques, tools and strategies you might not have considered in the past.

Email 6: They’re stealing your customers!
Did you know that 43% of B2C and 77% of B2B companies acquired customers from Facebook in 2012? That’s a lot of customers and if you’re not making the most of Facebook for your business, you’re seriously missing out.
Sure, your traditional methods still work, but why stop there? The beauty of Facebook is that, like any other marketing platform, it allows you to spread your risk and grow your business at the same time.
But unlike other advertising methods, Facebook can take on a life of its’ own. Local businesses are uncovering new customers every day thanks to simple content marketing techniques, competitions, exclusive coupons and more.
It doesn’t take much time to set up and manage a successful Facebook page for your business, but the secret is knowing the best strategies, tools and techniques to get the most out of Facebook and stand out from the competition. 

Email 7: Local businesses have spoken (and it’s bad news…)
According to a survey by e-Strategy Trends, 92% of small business say that social media is an effective marketing technology tool. They also say that when it comes to using social media websites for finding new customers and keeping existing ones coming back, both are equally effective.
The bad news is, that’s a lot of local businesses and the chances are many of them are your competitors.
But it’s not too late…
With the right approach, you can create a Facebook page for your business that attracts plenty of new customers within weeks, not months…
…. and far more affordably than newspaper or radio ads.
Why not speak to someone who knows how it’s done… and who can guide you through this maze and have your Facebook page set up (or revamped) to start getting more leads and more repeat customers from the world’s biggest website.

Email 8: Does a retail store stand a chance on Facebook?
According to a recent study called State of Inbound Marketing, 2012, it turns out that Retail is the top industry that has acquired customers through Facebook. If you run any kind of retail store, then this is obviously great news for you.
But are you getting the response and engagement you hoped for on Facebook? Are you even on Facebook at all?
If not, then maybe it’s time to speak to a professional… and see how to build a successful Facebook page that gets likes, shares and customers within days, not months (… and without spending a fortune on paid adverts either.)

Email 9: Are they taking advantage of YOU?
Did you know that 48% of consumers who follow brands on Facebook do so in order to take advantage of sweepstakes and promotions?
It goes to show, people are using Facebook for more than gossip and small talk… they’re using it as a way to stay in touch with the companies they love buying from.
And with so many people taking advantage of promotions from their favourite companies, the question is, are they taking advantage of YOUR promotions too?
If you’re reading this… probably not.
But don’t worry.
Even if you’ve tried to run a promotion and it didn’t work out like you planned, or if you’ve never really got your wheels spinning with Facebook at all, help is at hand.
Contact us today and we’ll show you the strategies that work… and how to set up a Facebook page that spreads your promotions far and wide,helping you reach new customers within days.

Email 10: Are blogs dead?
A few years ago, every marketing consultant told businesses that blogging is essential for getting found in Google… yes, even if you’re a candlestick maker in the middle of Mississippi. But blogging was a chore… and a technical barrier for most time starved business owners.
Then came Facebook and before long, businesses figured out how to leverage it for profit. And today, it’s considered one of the most important lead generation tools in the world.
In fact, 77% of B2C customers said they have acquired a customer through Facebook, compared to 60% for a company blog they manage.
So, the blog isn’t dead, yet.
But Facebook is starting to take over, leaving the tired blog coughing in the dust.
If you don’t have a Facebook page, or even if you do, now is the time to make sure you’re using Facebook to find new customers and keep your existing ones coming back.
The sheer flexibility and viral nature of Facebook is hard to beat and unlike blogs, your audience is already there, waiting for you to arrive.
Get in touch today and discover some simple ways to kick start your Facebook Page, or breath life into an existing page that isn’t getting the love it deserves.


Offline Lead Gen Package on Facebook

Offline Lead Gen Package on Facebook

Offline Lead Gen Package on Facebook

Offline Lead Gen Package on Facebook

Offline Lead Gen Package on Facebook

Offline Lead Gen Package on Facebook

Offline Lead Gen Package on Facebook

Offline Lead Gen Package on Facebook

Offline Lead Gen Package on Facebook

Offline Lead Gen Package on Facebook


Offline Lead Gen Package on Facebook


5 Ways to get local customers from Facebook today
Over 70% of local businesses are now using Facebook to reach existing and new customers and if you’re not one of them, now is the time to jump in.
But whether you’re already set up, or you’re still sat wondering what it’s all about, chances are you’ll need a few pointers for getting yourself noticed and turning Facebook into your local lead generating machine.
This short report will show you five ways to generate a huge local audience, leads, referrals and sales from the world’s biggest social network.
Tip: If you’re new to Facebook, here’s the deal. To promote your local business, you’ll need to set up a dedicated Facebook Page. This can be done within your personal Facebook account, but once set up, you will have your own dedicated page that is separate from your own personal account. Your page can be used to post content to (like a blog) and people can like and share your page. Once people start liking and sharing your page, they will continue to see your new posts, offers and other messages, for free. It’s powerful stuff! Go to https://www.facebook.com/pages/create/ to create your Facebook business page today.

Strategy #1 Share quality content
Chances are, your potential customers have all kinds of questions they need answering. If you can educate and overcome common objections about your products and services, you’ll attract more leads and customers who are ready to buy. As you begin to post useful content, your audience will “Like” and “share” it. In return, their friends will also see your content too. The more content you publish that is liked and shared, the faster your business will spread virally across town.
Here are some useful content ideas:

  • How to guides
  • Video Q&A sessions
  • Common myths and misconceptions debunked
  • Money and time saving tips that are relevant to your audience
  • Jokes, memes and inspirational stories related to your product or service

The best time and day for Facebook postings? Saturdays at noon. To maximize sharing, post to Facebook 3-4 times per week

Strategy #2 Run a contest
Contests are a great way to engage your local community and spread the word about your business like wildfire. Here’s how it works…
First, you’ll need to create a contest idea. What do people have to do in order to win, and what will they win? The idea of a contest is to get as many people sharing it with their friends as possible. Therefore, in order to win, you should ask people to share or like your contest as a base requirement for entry.

Want to really ramp things up? Then ask them to participate with an opinion, or contribution, to existing content on your page. Here are some awesome examples:

  • Start a story and ask each person to add a small paragraph in the comments section. Each new section should continue the story from where the previous person left off. The person who adds the best “twist” to the story wins the competition. This really engages people and encourages them to keep coming back to read other people’s contributions and see if their own contribution was well received.
  • You can also ask for people’s opinions on a hot or controversial topic in your industry. People love sharing opinions and are more likely to share their opinion with their friends, once they’ve posted to your page. The winner is drawn randomly from all the entrants.

Strategy #3 Use “content gates”
When you post a really sought after piece of content, you can increase the amount of shares and likes you get by using “content gates.” More specifically, these are referred to as “like gates” or “share gates” on Facebook and they prompt people to like or share your post content before they can get access to it for themselves.
Here are some popular types of content that you can “gate” that people would most likely want from your business:

  • High value reports or articles
  • Big discount coupons
  • Free vouchers
  • Special perks (Unlimited deliver charges for 6 months, extended guarantees, bonus items with every order, etc)

Strategy #4 Integrate Facebook with traditional platforms
Most local businesses have a website these days, and most still run traditional advertising such as flyers, newspaper ads, etc. But few are integrating the power of Facebook into their existing channels, and that’s a mistake, because Facebook can exponentially increase your exposure thanks to likes and shares from your audience.
Here are some missed opportunities to get more fans on Facebook, more likes and shares, viral traffic and more customers as a result:

  • Promote your Facebook Fan Page URL on all advertising, instead of your website
  • Run coupons and other deals as Facebook exclusives
  • Ask current email subscribers and walk in customers to like your page for a discount or freebie gift (either by sending them a link, or asking them to scan a QR Code from their smartphone when instore)
  • Promote Facebook contests in traditional media (newspapers, flyers) and on your website, to ramp up the volume of entrants and number of likes and shares your page gets

Strategy #5 Run news feed ads for your content and offers

Although most of the previous strategies are free, you’ll be amazed how cheap Facebook advertising can be, especially when you’re targeting specific people who are most likely to respond to your message. Facebook allows you to promote news stories from your Fan page, right inside people’s news feeds, including people who haven’t heard of you before! The cost is very low when set up properly and can bring instant results with very high visibility (after all, the majority of people are focused on the news feed and ignore most other areas of the site.)

Sales Letter

Warning: Many local businesses are getting ahead of you, while you lose more customers and pay over the odds for advertising
If you believe in word of mouth advertising, then here’s how to create more referrals, leads and customers than you can handle…
Dear [business owner’s name],
If you’re interested in getting more customers through word of mouth, then this might be the most important letter you’ll read this year. Here’s why:
Did you know that 70% of local businesses are using Facebook to get customers these days? Although traditional advertising can still work, there’s a reason why Facebook is becoming the go-to resource for so many of your competitors:
1. It’s full of your customers. It’s not “just for kids” anymore. In fact, people age 35 years and above now represent more than 30% of the entire Facebook crowd.
2. It takes word of mouth to a new level. In fact, if you do it right, you can turn your customers into your own sales army for free.
Simply visit [DOWNLOAD LINK] or reach me at [YOUR CONTACT DETAILS] and I’ll give you my 5provenmarketing strategies for turning Facebook into your own customer-getting machine.
I know you’re busy but this could be the most profitable few minutes you’ve ever spent in growing your business to date.
Kind regards,
[YOUR NAME] P.S – In an average week, there are over 645 million views of, and 13 million comments on, local business Facebook Pages. Isn’t it time you claimed your piece of the pie?