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Price: $825

Premium Package: Silver

Quantity: 500 Facebook PVA (Phone Verified Accounts)

These 500 Facebook PVA Premium Package are actually the cheapest Facebook PVA on the market today, yet you can even get more value with our unique accounts compared to any other providers. Packages under this category are Black, Silver, and Gold. These accounts are carefully crafted detailing every aspects of each single accounts to be more accurate in terms of uniqueness and made in a very realistic and looking organic Facebook accounts. Our accounts looks 100% REAL, no one can ever tell you that it’s not real!

Premium Packages includes the following:

Timeline CoverCurrent City
BirthdatePolitical Views
Email AddressQuotations
Phone VerifiedLife Events
Profile PhotoMovies
Religious Views TV Shows
Educational BackgroundMusic
CountryApps And Games
Photo AlbumsPlaces

As an expert in this specific social media networking site – Facebook. Photo profile images and timeline covers are what we’ve covered the most of our time in uploading only high definition, crisp and gorgeous looking images. This studies are already proven by many, especially advertisers on various products in dealing customers tastes and perspective. It tends to be that product covers are the first and the foremost heavily debated aspect to us as these images is what a buyers can see and giving them the trust to read more or even place an order.

We have a dedicated team who are all considered one of the best designers on the web. They we’re assigned to take care of the respective images and well trained to be keen and observant to minute details and relevancy of every images on a specific accounts especially dealing on a niche specific categorized accounts or a targeted country profiled accounts. All of our images are 100% safe and unique and most of all we hate duplication as it’s a mortal sin on Facebook marketing.

Our customer support team are working around the clock, continue accepting inquiries. So if you think you’ve received items with errors – please don’t hesitate to contact us immediately and we will be happy to assist you.

What makes us different from others?

We’re almost a decade working on this business and we are so confident that we know better than our competitors. The cheap Facebook PVA accounts that you’ll get from us are packed with superb quality and added more features to what a mobile verified accounts can offer to your business needs. With the line of professional Facebook experts working on your accounts, you’re absolutely assured that you’ll get only the best accounts as possible!

Why Choose Facebook PVA Store?

  • Secure, safe, longevity & reliable cheap Facebook PVA accounts
  • We have been in social media business for years and we know how important quality is
  • Customer satisfaction is a top priority for us
  • We are here to help you and deliver the best service possible.
  • We work nearly 24/7

What Facebook PVA Store Client’s Say

I am really amazed by the delivery speed of Facebook PVA Store! I have been trying a lot of different companies who state they deliver instantly, but never did. Then I tried Facebook PVA Store and I was amazed; the delivery indeed started literally an hour after my payment. On top of that, the profiles of the accounts pictures were so realistic! Definitely recommended!
Kevin Amistad, A4tech
I am very satisfied with Facebook PVA Store’s service. They are very professional in both delivering and customer support. I couldn’t wish for more and can vouch for them!
Kim Santos, Tamiya
Lightning speed delivery and the addition to the next update of the Codename-like Platinum Version, now purchased!
Allan Tan, WebsiteAlive
The best Facebook PVA i’ve purchased
Joebert Mills, Geronimo Inc.
I loved Facebook PVA Store, good luck and more sales.
Abigail Grey, Buzz
I have gained a lot more new customers in the gym by using their PVAs Cheap Facebook PVA Provider!
Renato Berdin, Junas Gym Instructor
Excellent service and support, 101% satisfied!
Kim Pardillo, Cathay Pacific
Purchased 1000 Premium today and it’s awesome, the profiles looks fantasticaly REAL!
Jiggy Farncisco, POP
It’s my first time buying on here and I’m very please, amazing service! Superb service!
Jhuhie Miguito, Unophone

Cheap Facebook PVA Accounts


Richard Braggs

I normally don’t write letters of thanks, but i feel compelled to do so on this case. After much research, i hired your company to make PVA’s on my keep. I was trying to market my accounts myself, then profits after profits i’ve realized i made hundreds already from various micro gig sites providing Facebook like services. You are a miracle maker. Thank you!
Ricardo Ochea, earnedollar.net
Wow, what a difference your Facebook PVA makes! My Business has had 37% more sales over the past months and many of the sales were coming from my back customers who are satisfied with the results. You were very professional and all of the websites i have tried, i have to admit you were the most effective
Ferry, LED Lightning

Cheap Facebook PVA Accounts

Facebook PVA Store


Richard Braggs