PVA Store Tips & Tricks #37

The Facebook Faceboom

Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned marketer you should have heard many times: The Money is in the List. Well… there is a reason why everybody and their mums say that and it is because It’s true. The only way for you to build a Real and Long-Term business is with a list! You may have websites ranking in the 1st page of Google, videos in the first page of Youtube, hundreds of twitter accounts, facebook accounts, e-stores, etc etc etc but if you don’t have a list, you don’t have a safe business… why?

Because Google changes every day it rules, Youtube, Facebook and Twitter also, and literally overnight you can lose your entire business! heck even the warrior forum can change it rules and you may lose your business if your income are for example Wsos. Your list is yours, you control it, and will be yours forever. With your list you can send traffic literally at the push of a button to any offer, website, affiliate link, cpa, etc… you name it.

Why I’m telling you this? Because lots of people seems to don’t understand it, and they end losing time and money! So please… I don’t know if you’re going to take action with this WSO of not, but If you can get only 1 thing of this WSO, please get this: FOCUS ON BUILD YOUR LIST. If you have a list, I don’t care if it is filled with 10 persons or 100000000000, but I can guarantee you that you will always make money with your list. Always. Period.

So now that we are both speaking the same language, let me tell you that we have built a Facebook application that will allow you to build not 1 but 2 lists at the same time while you make money doing it literally overnight. Our application will allow you to promote absolutely any niche, and send traffic to any offer you may want, and be 100% safe and secure with Facebook.

This application will put yourself like in the “old times” when everybody was able to do direct linking with Google Adwords and it was like the affiliates dream and we all made tons of money… Well this times are back now!

We are going to follow this GuideLines:

1. Choose a Niche and Find an Offer to Promote (Clickbank, CPA offer, Amazon, etc)
1. Create a Facebook Page
2. Install the Facebook Application
3. Drive Traffic to your Page
4. Promote, build your lists and collect the Money

So let’s Start!

1- Choose a Niche/Offer:

There are literally millions of niches to promote, and you can use different strategies for every niche. We suggest you to focus in this niches:

To Promote Digital Products :
Wealth Creation

We recommend of course: http://clickbank.com to find hundreds of products. If you are going to choose the Wealth Creation niche, also check for instant payment commissions:

http://jvzoo.com (New and Hot!)

To Promote Physical Products (Amazon):

To Promote CPA Offers:
Zip/E-mail Submit

Create your Facebook Page:

Creating a Facebook page is as simple as creating your facebook account. This will be the main weapon of your arsenal. We include as a bonus some templates for you to use in your pages, but if you want to use your own graphics be sure to use the correct size for the Images:

a-) Side Photo: Width:200 Height:600
b-) NoFans and Fans Images: With:500 Height: Anything you like!

Click here to Watch the Video on how to create your Facebook Page

Install the Application:

Now that you already have your Facebook page, the next step is install and set up the Faceboom Application, so first please watch the video and the come back here to install the application in your page:

Click here to watch the video on how to install and set up the application

and then: Click here to Install the Application in your Facebook Page

Ok, now that you installed the application let me give you a BIG Warning:

Please DO NOT set up the monetization area of your application (3rd Tab) UNTIL your Facebook ad is ALREADY APPROVED.

If you do it before, facebook will Disapproved your Ad. Guaranteed, so please be sure to have your ads approved first and then, at the end of everything, set up your affiliate link or whatever you be promoting in the application.

Drive Traffic to your Page:

Ok at this point you already have all your system in place, so it’s time to start driving traffic to your facebook page. The best method to use with this system is Facebook Ads, why? because you will be paying TO Facebook to keep people IN facebook! They love Facebook pages, of course, so as you will be promoting facebook pages, your ads will be cheap if you use the right strategy.

I highly encourage you to do a few posts in your page BEFORE creating your Ad, otherwise your ad may be disapproved. 5-8 posts will do very well. I like to post some “quotes” and Youtube videos. You can take a look to our demo page to get a better idea at:

After you have a few posts in place, you are free to create your first Ad. So now:

Click here to watch the Video on how to Set Up your Ads in Facebook.


I want to say a few recommendations for ya when using this system so you don’t lose time or money.

First Advice: BEFORE implementing this WSO, please make sure you read at least 2 times this report and watch 2 times all the Videos. This is the only way you will be safe with the knowledge and actions you will take. I have seen a lot of people who is desperate to make money for yesterday, but they end losing more money because of that hurry. I know most of you really need a lot that money, but please be sure you already understand everything before risking your money ;-)

Second Advice: You will see in our application that you have two options regarding to when redirect your traffic to your affiliate link or whatever you be promoting.

You can redirect them when they are still NOT fans of the page, so absolutely everybody who visit your fanpage or click on the Ad will be redirected automatically… OR

You can redirect them AFTER they are Fans of the page, so ONLY people who click on the like button will be redirected automatically.

In the first case, if you are redirecting ALL the traffic, you MUST use a landing page to capture your visitors information, otherwise you will lose your traffic if they don’t purchase.

Click here to watch the Video on how to edit the landing page Template

On the other side, if you are redirecting only the people who already click on the like button, you can direct link to your offer, because you will have that people in your Facebook Page, and you can keep promoting to them again and again, so is not mandatory to have a landing page.

Please choose carefully one of both options. :-)

Third and last advice I want to give you. As you could see in the videos, you can use CPC or CPM in Facebook. When using CPC (wich is the most expensive) we have been paying as much as $0,50 per click and we still have had success. It depends on how good your conversions are. Why? Because in our experience, we make anywhere between $5 – $15 per
subscriber per month. So this means that if we pay for 100 Visitors at $0,5 we will spend = $50

If those 100 Visitors convert at 20% in our Landing Page, we will gain: 20 new subscribers, wich is the same than: $100 – $300 PER MONTH so we still make a profit even paying that much per click! PLUS our landing page sometimes convert as high as 54%!

Can you see the power on this? This is all about numbers, but once you start building your list, you will start watching the money roll in, so re-invest your profits in more ads, and continue to expand your campaigns and pages in other niches!

Now, and here comes the good part: When using the CPM model (we highly recommend you to use this) it is very normal and EASY to pay $0,01 to $0,10 per click if you follow our guidelines.
So let’s do the math again:

You invest $50 at $0,05 per click you get = 1000 Clicks!
That 1000 clicks convert at 20% again, so you get = 200 new subscribers!
Each subscribers is worth $5 to $15 per month so you have = $1000 – $3000 monthly income!

Can you see the REAL power on this now?

We send promotions to our list by e-mail every single day (1 or 2 E-mails per day), and we promote our Fans in Facebook up to 10 times per day!, so once you built your lists, simply find new offers and promote your lists! If you find an offer that converts well, keep promoting the same offer again and again!

This is very easy to do, and our application will maximize your conversions to the roof! We do it day in and day out. This is the reason why you CANNOT FAIL. If you take action and follow our guidelines you will NOT fail. Period. In order to help you even more, we have an exclusive Private Skype Room. You should have an e-mail at this moment in your inbox with the information (please check spam box also).

Ok now… don’t let this WSO die in your computer. We ARE willing to help you, we WANT to help you, we WANT you to have your 6 figures a year business already built this week! so please take action and if you need help from us, don’t hesitate to contact us at: