PVA Store Tips & Tricks #32

The Facebook Fan Page Profit Punch

The Facebook Fan Page Profit Punch

Lately, Facebook has been getting a huge amount of buzz in the internet business community. There’s good reason for that too. Facebook is the second largest website in the world… so it offers a giant pool of buyers to pick from. It also offers one of the best advertising platforms available for your business.

If you’re trying to get some form of income stream rolling in, this system will be perfect for you. It’s low cost to get started and can produce results within 30 days.
I have been playing with this marketing system more and more lately. All I can say is I love it and I love it’s potential. There are people making millions every year doing exactly what I’m about to show you except at a much larger scale.

I haven’t reached that level yet, but I know that I will by simply repeating the process I’m going to share in this case study. It’s a very simple process too.

Every business needs 3 essential pieces… traffic, an offer, and a system to convince that traffic to buy the offer. Choosing how to fulfill each of these three pieces is how most new business entrepreneurs fail. There are lots of options for each and there are lots of combinations that work. This can get overwhelming and cause the dreaded information overload.

I’m going help alleviate that for you in this guide. Our system is simple and it works. It can be used to start a brand new income stream or it can be used to add another profit stream to your existing business. It works for online niches… it works for local mom and pops… it works for pretty much everything!

Here’s the basic run down for what we will be doing…

Facebook Ads → Fan Page → List System → Affiliate Products

It works great and can be scaled up to huge proportions and repeated in multiple niches. Let’s go ahead
and get right into the action with my latest campaign that reached $500/week from a single fan page. I am going to keep the fluff down and get right to the good stuff.

Chapter 1 – Choosing the right niche
The first step to any business is deciding which niche you want to build that business around. The niche will determine how successful your business can be from day 1. The cool thing about the system I’m about to show you is that it’s one of those glorious autopilot systems that you can repeat in niche after niche.

Most of my training models for building a business talk about growing your brand and your name as the authority in a single market. In this business model, we will actually be in so many niches, it’s a better idea to use pen names.

When choosing the right niche, you have to remember we are using Facebook as a major component for traffic and for selling our goods. Because of this, we have to play by the rules of social media so we can experience the easiest growth possible. The viral component to Facebook is a huge advantage you can have from day 1 with your new income stream.

Choose a niche that has the “viral” potential to make your job easier. Topics that get shared, liked, or commented on are viral niches. Social media sites are for people to be social and share the interests they enjoy. They weren’t built for you to sell your goods. This doesn’t mean we can’t produce a great income stream… it just means your niche choice needs to have buying potential. They need to be willing to purchase goods related to your
niche. Without this, you may have an easy time generating traffic, but that may not produce much money.

There are three categories of niches that I dive into which have proven to have viral potential and provide a buying audience…

Passion Niches
People are very passionate and they often will fight for those passions. With the arrival of social media, they can join forces with other like minded individuals and easily share those passions with a few simple clicks. Any niches people are highly passionate about provide an amazing choice for this system.

Passion niches are interacted with often. Like I said, people will fight for their passions and the internet is a safe place for everyone to share their opinions without physical backlash. The serious conversation gets people highly involved. You’ll get lots of likes, shares, and comments with the passion niches.

People also enjoy to purchase products around their passions. They may need gear to participate, training tools to learn more, or maybe they want apparel to show their support. Whatever it may be, there are options for what products you can sell to passion niches. Passion niches are things like political parties, personal rights, things people love, etc…

Buzz Niches
Staying on top of what’s hot is a great way to generate huge amounts of social media traffic. Buzz topics have always been used to create more traction to marketing campaigns. Luckily in this system, we can use this traffic to actually create an income stream to use over and over again.

A buzz topic can sprout out of anything. Obviously, celebrities and political issues are often found in
the buzz category because the media hypes it up quite a bit. This is something you can actually “piggy
back” off of and grab this hot viral traffic.
Here is a great way to keep up on what’s hot around the web to find niches you can pull from daily…
Head on over to Google Trends Top Charts. Here you’ll get to see a handful of niche categories and the
top 5 trending topics in that niche.

The Facebook Fan Page Profit Punch

If you have any form of media device, I’m sure you’ve heard about the Miley fiasco. This huge buzz topic created a gigantic traffic stream from nothing overnight… You can bank from that traffic very easily with this system.
Lamar Odom is a recent story that came up. Even with this “celebrity” scandal type of story, you can generate buying traffic for niches like basketball, the Khardashians, and more celebrity news to use over the long term.

If you enjoy staying up to date with what’s hot, this is a great way to go about your fan page marketing… and it offers a lot of opportunity for traffic and money.

The last niche category on our list is the niches that have a strong sense of comradery. Any group of people who are tightly associated with each other over a long period of time fit into this category. These niche fans typically feel like it’s their group against the world or they are in competition with another group of people.

These niches are great for this system because each fan has a high potential to purchase your goods and share your content with the right people. Your typical fan for these niches will have a friend base that is full of more targeted buyers for your business. You can take full advantage of the referral benefits social media marketing offers.

Comradery niches are things like firefighters, cops, EMS, new mothers, etc. I will be using a comradery niche in this case study.

We chose the nursing niche for this campaign. Nurses are tight with other nurses. They have to work long periods of time with the same people and they have a competitive feeling towards doctors. These are all great signs that this niche will produce great results.

With your niche in mind, it’s time to create the system where you will sell and interact with your followers.
The system we are going to create is very simple and very basic. Any level internet entrepreneur can put these into place within a single day.

Let’s think about what’s going to happen to make money before starting…
First off, Facebook viewers will see your advertisement that’s targeted towards their interests. They will click the link and be sent to your niche specific fan page. The idea behind this initial interaction is to get the viewer to like your page… everything else can come later.

Once the viewer becomes a fan of your fan page, you have your first opportunity to continually contact them to prove your value. On this fan page, we will direct these fans to share our content, join our email newsletter, and buy our products.

Once they sign up to our email list, we have connected to our target buyer in two great areas. As the fan page continues to build a relationship with your follower, the email list will show your reader the value in buying your products.

These databases of potential buyers (the fan page and the email list) will continue to grow in size as long as you consistently produce content. You can setup an autopilot system with both of these lists to produce automatic sales for the long term… or you can continue to grow your name and your brand in your chosen niche to produce more results per subscriber.

Either way you choose will provide great results. I’m personally enjoying finding lucrative markets that I know will produce quick results… then I just repeat the system over and over again. If you plan on building your brand to higher levels for a certain niche, you’ll want to be active with your following consistently. I will talk more about that later in the case study though.

Fan Page
The first piece of the puzzle we need to create is the fan page. This is our hub base for the majority of our incoming traffic. This is the case at least until you expand beyond Facebook ads for traffic…. which you should when you have a winning niche.

Facebook is definitely the most important social media presence to have right now. Every business should have a fan page created to attract new customers and deliver your quality content in another arena. To really amplify your social media marketing with this system, you can use Twitter, Pinterest, and other platforms. It’s easy to create a fan page and only takes a few minutes. When logged into your Facebook account, click the More link next to the pages tab on the left hand sidebar. On the pages screen, click the Create a Page button…

The Facebook Fan Page Profit Punch

On the initial screen, you’ll be asked to choose what type of page you wish to create. For our system,
it’s always best to choose Brand or Product… then, select the category Website.
Enter a niche appropriate name for your fan page… something catchy for your niche works well because keep in mind, this pages first duty is to get viewers to click LIKE….

The Facebook Fan Page Profit Punch

Click Get Started and you’ll have your first page underway.

Creating a friendly, social, and niche specific atmosphere is important for your fan page. To give this atmosphere, you can edit a few key areas to give this page the feel you’re looking for. The cover image, the profile pic, and your about information are all we need to edit for now.

Let’s take a look at the nurse page…

The Facebook Fan Page Profit Punch

The fan page cover image is very engaging for our ideal viewer…. a nurse. It shows common situations that they are familiar with and is in a clean professional manner. The cover image size is 851×315 pixels. Make sure to create your image to fit these standards.

As you can also tell, I left a portion of the fan page cover image blank where the profile picture appears to the left. Make sure not to place important information or call to actions in this area or no one will see it.

The profile pic is important for helping grab the attention from viewers on the timeline. Every time you post a message on your fan page, the profile pic is what shows up to display who you are. Even though a small appearance, a eye catching and niche specific profile pic can grab the right attention. It’s a good idea to consider how it will look overlapping your cover image on your home page as well.

The Facebook Fan Page Profit Punch

The about section is best left short and to the point. We want viewers to click the LIKE button on your home page, so it’s never a bad idea to tell new viewers to do just that right in your about section. Don’t let this get too complicated… it’s only the about section. Feel free to edit your fan page information in further detail.

The Email List
The next piece to the sales system and probably the most essential for long term success is the email list. Creating a database of followers not only gives you the opportunity to build trust over a period of time, it also allows you to promote offers to these viewers more than once.

Many buyers don’t make a purchase right off the bat… this email list allows you to continue to provide value while they make up their mind. This is a rare opportunity internet businesses offer which make them succeed so well. We also don’t want to promote too often on your fan page, so you can leave that for your emails.

The idea behind the email list is to offer your viewer something of value and in exchange, you only ask for their contact information (in this case, email). This way you are constantly building a database of prospects instead of always trying to find new people.

The first thing to consider when starting a list is what should you offer. Since we are diving into viral Facebook niches, it’s a good idea to think about what those ideal viewers will want… These niches enjoy being part of a club or special group. Use this as your email list opener.

You can easily create a digital offer to present for your list subscribers. too Writing an small ebook, recording an audio voiceover, or making a powerpoint video are all ways you can create something of value for your readers.
These free offers don’t need to be the absolute best product on the market too. It’s a tool to grab your ideal buyer’s attention, plus give them a reason to open your next email. Hot topics around your niche and quick guides are just as effective as writing 50 page books of pure value.

It’s often best to simply consider what you would want to receive if you were in that niche. How can you help give them what they want…

Once you have this figured out and created, you can actually create the list building system. To collect emails and build an actual database, you will be required to use an outside service provider. Companies like GetResponse and Aweber are great choices for your business. Each of these providers offer low cost trials so that you aren’t investing too much right away. GetResponder offers a free trial and Aweber has a $1 trial. Start a list now and within the first month, you can easily afford the investment.

Now that you have your list provider, you can start to create the essential pieces. It comes down to only a few pieces… the squeeze page, thank you page, the freebie, and the autoresponder series.

The freebie we already talked about. This will be what’s offered right away to entice readers to subscribe. You need to create a mini sales page that presents this information in the right way. You’re asking for their trust in giving you their email… let them know why this is such a great idea in your squeeze page.

Squeeze pages come in all shapes and sizes. Make it simple and keep all if not most of your content above the fold. Take a look at the squeeze page we created for the nurse niche… in this case, we made a nurse club they can be a part of.

The Facebook Fan Page Profit Punch

If your reader trusts that you will deliver the content they wish, they will enter their email and press the access button. At this point, readers are sent to what is called the thank you page.

This page can have many different purposes. You can place an offer here that is related to your niche so that new subscribers end up buying a product. You can place a welcome video here to help give readers an idea of who you are and what you’ll deliver. You can even simply use your service providers default page that says “thank you”. Either way will work.

Placing products right after a squeeze page is a great idea because readers are red hot for new information. They are more likely to buy now than most other times while on your list. This may not be the case depending on what you’re offering in exchange to join your mailing list. A Pug Club may not provide a great opportunity to sell your dog training book right away.

Along with getting sent to the thank you page after subscribing, you can set up a series of autopilot emails to be delivered to your viewer in the time frame you desire. We call this the autoresponder series.

This autopilot email series is an amazing tool to sell your goods while you focus on other areas. These emails can provide quality content and helpful tips that continue to build the trust and prove your value to your reader.

I suggest creating a 7-14 piece autoresponder. In this series, you can provide quality content with great niche related offers as well. Every time a new subscriber joins, you have the potential to make this automatic sale. It’s quite powerful! We will talk more about this in a letter section of the case study.

Now that you have your email list collection system up, it’s time to place it on the fan page. Every fan page offers you the ability to place custom tabs that send viewers to other websites. We can use a custom tab to place a link to your new list system. This will act like a navigation bar on your website.

The Facebook Fan Page Profit Punch

Here’s how we will create your custom tab…
First off, you’ll need to create a Facebook app… AHHH! Sounds hard doesn’t it… but it’s not. Head over to the Facebook Developers area. Click the Apps link on the top navigation bar.

The Facebook Fan Page Profit Punch

From here, you can edit your old apps or create a new one. Click the Create New App button. You’ll be asked a few pieces of key information right away…

The Facebook Fan Page Profit Punch

Enter your app name, the app namespace and the app category. The name and namespace can be anything you want. I suggest keeping it related to what you’re creating so you know later on. Your app category can be based around your niche choice. Click Continue to move forward.

You’ll then be in the app editor screen. First off, you need to fill in the basic information asked:

The Facebook Fan Page Profit Punch

Display name and Namespace will be filled in, but you should enter your best email address plus the domain of whichever website you’re hosting your squeeze page on. Next you’ll want to fill information in each of the following sections… Website with Facebook Login, App on Facebook, and Page Tab.

Enter your domain url again under Site URL within the Website with Facebook Login section. Under the App on Facebook section, you’ll want to enter the full URL to your squeeze page in both the canvas and secure canvas URL fields (secure simply means use https instead of http in your url). Lastly, you need to enter the tab name, squeeze page url again, and the tab image under the Page Tab section.

Here is what this information looks like filled out:

The Facebook Fan Page Profit Punch

Once you’ve filled out this information, click the Save Changes button at the bottom. You now have your app created and ready to go. Now, you just need to place it on your new fan page.

To do this, you’ll have to visit a certain URL with your APP ID. Your APP ID can be found at the top of your app edit page or on the app dashboard. Here is what it looks like:

The Facebook Fan Page Profit Punch

Once you have this APP ID, type in the following URL into your browser…
https://www.facebook.com/add.php?api_key=APP ID&pages=1
So for the exclusively nurses example given right before, we would enter this exact url into our browser…

The Facebook Fan Page Profit Punch

You’ll then be sent to a page which asked where you want to add your app. Choose your fan page and click the Add button…

The Facebook Fan Page Profit Punch

Hurray, you now have your app added to your new fan page. This will catch new subscribers for your email list on a continual basis. The larger your page gets, the more subscribers it will pick up from your daily activity.

You have the whole system pretty much up and ready to go now. We will touch back on each of these pieces so you know exactly how to maintain and improve what they are doing… but for now, it’s time to jump into generating traffic.

Chapter 3 – Sending Traffic
Traffic is one of the toughest battles for newcomers to online marketing. It’s the first real roadblock that absolutely must be dealt with to have any success. Building the system just takes you getting off your butt and doing it… finding qualified traffic who will buy is something you have to learn.

There are two types of traffic options. You can either pay for your traffic with money or with time. If you have the ad budget, I highly suggest paid traffic strategies from day 1. Buying traffic is the quickest way to get viewers on your system ASAP. This is the absolute best way to improve your system quickly. When you first create a sales system, you will typically need to tweak it and improve it. The only way to find this out is by getting viewers going through it.

Paying for traffic guarantees that viewers will come now. If you’re choosing to generate traffic organically with free methods, it can take months to pull in enough traffic to effectively test what you have.

I know that many internet entrepreneurs are starting this from scratch as well. Most have full time jobs and they are trying to get this to replace it. Because of this, financial investment can be tough to come by. Luckily for us, there are tons of free traffic methods you can apply to get quality viewers to your system.

The Facebook Fan Page Profit Punch

I started my business using strictly organic traffic methods. I had zero investment to start and I was required to put in the leg work. This gave me a big advantage to spread my reach using both types of traffic methods.

We are going to focus on Facebook paid advertisements to get things cranking in this system. Even though it may cost money to run these ads, you can add thousands of subscribers for under $100 with the right niche.

Like I said, Facebook is one of the best places to grow your web presence. Facebook offers an advantage over all other social media platforms by offering pay per click advertising options.

These ads are so great because of how much buying information Facebook collects on a daily basis from it’s viewers. You can reach out to exactly who needs to see your offer and no one else. Just think… every time you like a fan
page or an interest on Facebook… this tells them you are into that topic. Marketers like us can find out who likes those certain topics and fan pages to present our message to them.

Instead of spending money on a billboard a whole bunch of random people will see driving by, you can put your weight loss ad in front of a group of people who are actively posting about wanting to lose weight. This is very powerful.

Not only do Facebook ads offer a highly targeted advertising option… they also are one of the cheapest ad options available. With the right tricks of the trade, you can generate clicks to your offer for less than $0.01 each. This is tough to do and not possible for every niche, but generating low cost viewers is definitely possible for everyone.

Since we’ve stuck to the three hot Facebook niche categories, we can expect to see pretty good ad campaigns as long as we follow a few rules.

Ad success comes down to a few factors…. interests selected, ad copy, and image choice. It’s important that you are constantly testing these features to always find the next best converting solution. Even a winning ad won’t last forever. So you’ll always want to be trying new solutions as long as you plan on running your ads.

If you can reach at least 10,000 fans with this system, you’ll be able to produce decent daily organic growth… in other words, your fan page will grow on it’s own from all the people sharing, liking, and commenting from your posts.

Our goal in this case study was to reach 10k fans ASAP and then stop our Facebook ads. From there we would let organic growth take over. This was mostly due to the fact we weren’t sure how the ad cost would turn out. If you can get penny clicks with your ads, I suggest running that campaign as long as you can. You’ll definitely make your investment back quickly at that low advertising cost.

Let’s go through the ad creation process so you see exactly how we built the nurse ads to generate our 10,000 fans quick…
Before creating the actual ad, it’s important that you research your niche thoroughly so you know exactly who you should present your ad to. When you create an ad, they will ask things like your targets location, age, gender, education level, etc. We want to go find this out so we are only placing our ads in front of our target viewer base.

To find out this information, you’ll want to start off by searching your niche directly through Facebook. In the top search bar, simply enter a keyword related to your market. A drop down menu will appear with some fan page, interests, or Facebook groups that are related to your search. Click the show more link at the bottom of this menu.

You’ll then be taken to a list of pages related to your niche…

The Facebook Fan Page Profit Punch

I would create an excel worksheet to start recording this information. Each of these fan pages related to your niche are possible interests and websites you’ll be able to use later in your ads.

Next, you want to search through Google for quality niche websites and marketplaces your ideal viewers will be at. Simply head over to Google and search your niche keyword. This will bring up all the websites that are considered the authority in the niche.

Make a list of all these websites. Make sure to check out how active the site is. You can usually tell if a site is getting any traffic or is popular from comments, fan page likes, or other user interaction spots. We want the popular and highly visited websites in your niche. These are the virtual real estate areas your target buyers are visiting.

With your list of websites, you want to head over to Quantcast. This is an amazing site to get more insight into who visits a website. It gives the exact information we are looking for with our ads…

Enter your websites one by one in the Quantcast search. On the results screen, scroll down to find the demographics of the website’s viewers. Like I mentioned before, this is the same group of people we want to be talking to…

The Facebook Fan Page Profit Punch

From the example above, we can see that the majority of the viewers are female, between the age of 25-34, have no kids, earn 0-$50k/year, and have some form of college education.

Make sure to add this information in your excel spreadsheet and go through each website you have. You can use the law of averages to decide which demographics are right for your ads.

Websites that are marketplaces are the best to use for demographics. So, if there was a highly visited website that sold nursing apparel, that would be a great place to grab demographics. These viewers are guaranteed buyers, where a popular blog has a lot of just normal readers as well. The closer we can get our ads to the buyers, the higher conversions we get, the lower ad cost, and the more money you make in return.

Next on the list for creating your Facebook ad campaign is creating eye catching and effective pictures.
Your picture image is the second most influential piece to the add behind your targeting information.

The best ads will be something that is a contrast to what your Facebook user sees on a daily basis through the site. You’ll commonly see people using red borders or red backgrounds to give this effect. People are starting to get ad blindness to this effect… so it can take more than simply changing the
color to red. This is still effective at times but not always.
Recently, the new way to be different is by using close up pictures of your face or someone elses face.
This works really well if that person is a brand itself within your niche. If you have your own products
and are looking to get more people to your fan page, this is a great way to brand yourself plus grab their
Turning your ads caddy cornered is another way to stand out from the crowd. This ad type has been
working well for me against all normal placed ads.
You have to remember that running a Facebook ad campaign is all about testing and improving. You’ll
end up running 5-20 ads at a time to test against each other. Don’t be shy on the ad pictures. You’ll

definitely use them.
Here are a few example nurse pictures we used through our campaign…

The Facebook Fan Page Profit Punch

Once you have your assortment of pictures and the demographics down, it’s time to create a list of headlines and descriptions to finish off the ads. I like to create 10-20 of each so that we have plenty of pieces to test out. The less you have to go back and create more ads, the more time you can spend on things that will make you more money.

When creating your headlines and descriptions, think about the purpose for your advertisement. In this case study, we are trying to get more likes on our fan page. So, our message needs to display this simple call to action. A simple “I Love Nurses” and “Click Like if you love nurses” is plenty enough to grab the attention of true fans. This is another reason we choose from the niche categories given… they are highly likely to click a fan page like button about a passion, buzz topic, or comradery group they are a part of.

Here is an example ad from the nurse campaign:

The Facebook Fan Page Profit Punch

Now that you have all the information and the pieces ready to go, you just need to create your ad campaign. Head on over to the advertising page of Facebook. Click the Create Ad button to get started with your first campaign.

The Facebook Fan Page Profit Punch

Start off by choosing the fan page you wish the ads to lead viewers to. Next, they ask what you would like to do… Get More Page Likes, Promote Page Posts, or Advanced Options. I choose Advanced Options to have more control.

You can then ask your headline, description, and image for your first ad next. When uploading your first ad, think about what you’re starting to test first. If you are testing your ad image first, then each of your initial ads will contain the exact same target audience, headline, description, and they will each have a different picture. This way you know which pictures is your winner. Then you can move onto the headline and so on to find that perfect ad.

Next, you can choose to run sponsored stories as well. For our purpose, we don’t want to use these ad types, so click the Remove link.

The Facebook Fan Page Profit Punch

After this, you’ll come to the Create Your Audience section. This is where you can enter your demographics you recorded earlier. Make sure to fill in the ideal location (US in our example), Age (25-34), Gender (Female), and Education Level (college grad).

Finally, we come to interests. This is where you can really find your buyers group. Under the Precise Interests field, you want to enter any Facebook interests that your ideal buyer would be a part of. Niche products, celebrities, magazines, and other major publications are all great examples of this.

This is one of our group of interests we used for the nurse niche:

The Facebook Fan Page Profit Punch

The more interests you choose the higher your potential audience is. The display to the right of the advertisement editor screen can show you the estimated amount of traffic could see this ad. It will also give you the estimated cost per bid for the ad you are creating. Good interests is one area that can drastically improve your ads.

The Facebook Fan Page Profit Punch

Main stream interests can cause your ad cost to go up in price. Make sure to find those niche interests that are highly targeted to your buyer. Kim Khardashian would be too main stream of an interest in the fashion niche for example.

Before we get to the budget, the last option to choose is the “Only people not connected to your page” radio button. This makes sure people on your page aren’t seeing your ad and wasting your money. We only want new likes from this campaign.

The Facebook Fan Page Profit Punch

Start by naming your new campaign something that fits it’s purpose. Next, set your daily budget. This is completely up to you and your abilities. I set this to $20/day, but that doesn’t mean I will be spending that money. Ads that don’t perform are stopped within the first $1 spent so we are only showing high producing ads.

Now, when it comes to budgeting, we want to make sure we get the absolute lowest cost per click

possible. Since we are creating a campaign that’s built to get more likes, we will be choosing the CPM (Optimize for impressions) option instead of the CPC option.

Like mentioned above, the sidebar display will give you a solid suggestion on what your starting bid should be. I will typically set my budget to the suggested bid or slightly above it.

Your budget doesn’t actually mean you’ll be paying more. It just means you are willing to pay more per view. Facebook uses this bid to determine which advertiser they want to show. The higher the bid, the more likely they are to show your ad.

This isn’t the only reason Facebook shows your ad though. The better your ad performs, the more Facebook will show that ad to your target audience. If you have a poor performing ad, you’ll often see Facebook pause or stop showing that ad altogether. This is because there are better ads on the market.

Make sure to set up all your test ads. Now, you just need to sit back and watch the stats. My goal is always to hit a $0.10 per click or better mark. The niche and interests choice you make will determine this possibility. With the niche categories I explained earlier, low low cost clicks are highly possible. Facebook will require your ads to be approved by their team before they start being displayed. This can take anywhere from a few minutes to hours. Once you’ve submitted a bunch of ads, your approval process seems to start to go quicker.

When your ads get approved, you’ll want to be ready to make changes. Keep an eye on all your ads to find the best winners. Pay attention to your cost per like. Like I said, we want this under $.10 as soon as possible.

If your ad is not converting or costing way too much per click, pause the ad and let the winners run. I make most of my ad decisions around the 5,000 impressions mark. This means you’ll spend around $.25 to test your ad. If you let it run, you could be wasting your investment with poor ads. That’s the worst mistake you can make when buying traffic.

Feel free to run these ads as long as you like. The larger your page gets, the less effect these “like campaigns” will produce. This ad strategy is great for getting your fan pages kicked off quickly. It’s always great to have 100k likes, but if you can only afford 10k likes, that’s a great place to start growth even with organic traffic.

Chapter 4 – Interacting With Your Fans
Now that you have your system in place and you have began sending traffic, it’s time to start building
you community. Having a highly successful internet business in our system comes getting your
viewers to interact with your content.
If people don’t like, share, or comment on your posts, your organic growth will take a beating. If you
don’t get fans opening and clicking the links in your emails, you will have a diminished profit potential.
If you don’t get people talking about your business, you are missing out on the great referral benefit

social media has to offer.

You need to have an interactive reader base so that your business produces more. Now of course, you could create an autopilot sales system and send paid traffic to it. If the system converts well, you’ll still be able to turn a profit without ever speaking an actual word to your readers… but you won’t get the most from your following without getting them talking and taking action with your stuff.

There’s so much more potential from any single business when you are building a community and building your brand name through interaction. We want to have a solid mix of automation and interaction for this system so that we can sit back and let it do it’s thing while we play. Of course, if you are using these methods to build your name or a long term business brand, it’s a good idea to go for more interaction than automation.

We will focus on fan page interaction in this section because email interactions come a lot more into play in the selling our goods chapter.

When running a fan page, there are a few tricks of the trade to get more from what you’ve built. Actually, if you follow these guidelines, Facebook will actually try and help you grow… whereas, if you ignore them, Facebook may show your content less and hurt your potential progress. This is often what happens to pages that promote goods too often… they get penalized and their fans aren’t shown as many messages.

Facebook does this with an algorithm they call EdgeRank. I don’t claim to be any master on EdgeRank, but I have seen what happens when you follow or when you disobey giving Facebook what they want.

Just like Google, Facebook is constantly trying to deliver better content for their user. We’ve all heard the horror stories of Google changing their algorithm to better display this quality and the marketers who were just gaming the formula get left behind. The same will work with Facebook.

Here is the basic idea behind EdgeRank as far as I see it. The more your messages are liked, shared, and commented on, the better off your EdgeRank will be. The more people hide your posts, unlike your page, or report your content as spam, the worse off your EdgeRank will be. Obviously to keep a good EdgeRank, you’ll want to post content your readers enjoy. When you start to promote too many products, the complaints start piling up. This ends up lowering your EdgeRank and gets your messages shown less.

The key to getting more content displayed is simple…. provide awesome content. It’s the same with Google rankings. Yes, there are ways for us to manipulate and give us an advantage, but all they want is to show their user the best place to find information. If you can provide that, you will always win no matter what changes happen to any algorithm because those changes will always be in attempt to provide this awesomeness.

We can help improve our overall EdgeRank even further by thinking about how often per day we post, what time we are posting, what type of message we use, and where we are promoting our goods. So first off, post content your niche will enjoy. Think long and hard about who your reader is and what they would be sharing and posting themselves. You simply want to join these conversations and get them started on your own page.

One big factor to improving your fan page interaction is to create messages that have the best chance to grab your readers attention. Most interaction from your content will happen on the Facebook Timeline. Because of this, we want to make sure we use the correct image to catch their eye.

There are 3 types of messages you can post to Facebook. You can use simple text messages that are much like Twitter, but they have a larger character limit.

The Facebook Fan Page Profit Punch

The next message type involves using video. Video is a great medium to deliver your content to your readers. People learn easily from video. Facebook displays your video messages with a small thumbnail and a text description… or you can upload the video directly to your page for a larger video display…

The Facebook Fan Page Profit Punch

Lastly and our most interactive message type is the picture message. With a picture image, we can create a great eye catching message that shows up more visibly to your fans.

In our system, we will be using the picture message. This gives us the best chances to be noticed and doesn’t take the time of producing a video each message. The ideal image size for this system is 403×403 pixels.

Next on the list for fan page interaction is how often should you post. From a recent study, it’s shown that your post will get most of it’s activity within the first 3 hours it’s been posted. After that point, the likes, shares, and comments drop dramatically unless it’s going viral. With this in mind, we like to create a content plan that makes sure each message gets it’s time in the spotlight, but also, we aren’t leaving stale content alone too long. This will only help that EdgeRank by increasing overall shares, likes, and comments.

To follow this guideline, I like to post 3 messages per day to the fan page. Now, you’re probably thinking only 3 messages doesn’t really cover the whole day following our 3 hour rule. You’re right. I only post content during peak hours on the fan page.

Every niche is slightly different, but we can easily find out when our fans are on Facebook. Once you
have a little bit of traffic and fans, you’ll start to be given access into your fan page insights. These are
stats that you can use to improve your marketing and interaction. There are tons of great statistics we
can use here, but we want to pay attention to When Your Fans Are Online stats under the Posts tab.

The Facebook Fan Page Profit Punch

Here you can see exactly when your fans are around to see your content. I like to pick 3 times in the peak of activity. This way we give ourselves a better chance to reach more people. From the example above, our best bet would be 9 AM, 2 PM, and 7 PM. Like I said, every niche is a little different, so check out your stats when you get an initial group of fans.

Now, all we need to do is create and automate our posts. To do this, I suggest grabbing the free graphic editor, Gimp. This will make all your editing, resizing, and additions to your graphics very easily to handle.

I find it’s best to batch this work so that you can finish in one sitting. Instead of posting your fan page messages each day in the morning, spend 1 day a week or even 1 day a month to create and upload all your messages. This way you won’t have to waste more time fumbling around to complete each step every day. That wasted time can add up and time is our most valuable asset!

First off, start by collecting as many niche specific images that you possibly can around the web. I’ve found Pinterest and Tumblr to be amazing sources. You can simply go to Google and search for the phrase “your niche + pinterest” or “your niche + tumblr” and you’ll have plenty to choose from…

The Facebook Fan Page Profit Punch

Grab these photos and edit them to fit our size standards. Sometimes, you’ll find a great image that you would like to add text to. It’s often a good idea to combine niche specific images with popular quotes around your niche. With Gimp, adding text is a cinch.

A lot of people will ask about copyright issues with these graphics. I can’t tell you for sure the rules on posting these images to your fan page. So far, I have had zero problems and I’m not one to get worried about something like that. In my eyes, the fan page is property of Facebook… so if there is a legal problem with your photos, they would be taking care of it.

I never take out links or brand names that are used on photos just in case. So, my nurse message may have a link to another nurse website. We are using the fan page messages to keep our EdgeRank high plus add organic fans. We aren’t worrying too much about branding in the larger sense.

I like to spend a single day just collecting great niche pictures. I place them in a folder and always have a duffle bag of content to pick from.

I use a simple text call to action with these images. The message will say either LIKE US or Share.
Along with this simple interactive call to action, I will often also include a call to action to send viewers to one of our other assets like the email list squeeze page or the product I’m promoting.

Take a look at one of our winning messages that went viral:

The Facebook Fan Page Profit Punch

Pretty dumb looking… except we reached nearly half a million viewers with this single post! You’ll have big winners like this happen every once in a while with your consistent content plan and by keeping your EdgeRank at top shape.

Facebook fan pages offer a cool feature that will allow you to post your content in advance. Just like we batched finding the pictures, we can batch actually posting them too. Instead of wasting time every day, you can spend a few hours once a month to have your entire fan page content marketing taken care of. When you turn these fan pages into profit, you can start to hire outsourcers to handle that crap work or you too. It’s pretty awesome.

When posting your fan page message, you can click a small clock icon below the message input area. Click this clock and you’ll be able to set your desired post time.

The Facebook Fan Page Profit Punch

Now, you have autopilot content rolling in for however long you want it! You can take your interactions a step even further and actually communicate with your followers as well. Like their comments, reply to what they say, contact those that message you directly…. all of these are ways to show you’re a real human running the show. The human touch always improves interaction.

This is an important step if you are building your brand name and your single business niche. We are creating a more autopilot system in this case study, but I will still often start liking or replying to comments just to keep the conversation going.

Chapter 5 – Selling Your Goods
You’re almost there! You have the system… you have the traffic…. what’s the last thing on our list of
essentials?… the offer. With the system we’ve built, there are tons of options for you to choose from.
We are going to use an assortment of awesome niche related offers from Clickbank, Amazon, and other
product vendors.

You have two areas to sell your goods. First, you can sell through your fan page. Also, you can sell from your email list. Like I mentioned before, the email list is really your number asset for selling products and making

The fan page will definitely deliver sales and leads to your offers, but those leads are not as targeted, not as happy with being promoted too, and can have negative effects on your EdgeRank.

So, let’s talk about how to promote your goods on your fan page. In the interaction chapter, we decided to post 3 fan page picture messages per day. This gets our crowd interacting just right and helps boost EdgeRank.

If you follow this pattern and use strictly fun viral messages, your EdgeRank will shoot through the roof and really put you on top of your viral capacity every single post. We do want to promote products on the fan page though and we really don’t want to add anymore messages throughout the day… So, I like to use 1 of these 3 daily messages for the product promotion. This puts it at 21 total messages per week and 7 of those will be product promotions.

Low cost products and having your traffic cookied on affiliate sites is key to generating quality extra income from your fan page. Amazon offers a great program to do this. They have products in every niche you could possibly think of and when you send a viewer to their site, that viewer is cookied to give you credit. In other words, if that person comes back to Amazon and buys something… even if it’s not the product you promoted… you’ll get credit for the sale.

The product you choose is going to play a giant effect to your success… obviously. You need something that your fans will want or something they can use within their niche. For the nurses niche, I thought about the tools and accessories they are required to have for their job. Scrub, comfortable shoes, medical equipment, and badge clips are just to name a few that worked well.

Other products that work well are things like tshirts, stickers, pins, coffee mugs, and other low cost items that can have a niche related image or quote on them. These items are great because you can eventually have your own produced to boost profits big time. As you’ll see later, we can see what our fans react to and create an offer around it.

Amazon isn’t the only affiliate provider for items like these either. Some states are banned to be Amazon affiliates due to their laws. So you may need to use something like Commission Junction, LinkShare, or other affiliate programs to find the products you want to promote.

The product promotion post is going to follow the same guidelines we have with our viral messages. A 403×403 picture with a short call to action gets the trick done nicely. Make sure the call to action leads your viewer to the product with your affiliate link and you are set.

This is easy to do. First off, find your product… head over to Amazon and do a search for the offer you want to present…

The Facebook Fan Page Profit Punch

Click the link to check out the product. Like I mentioned, low price ($30 and less) is your best. You want to also make sure you are giving your audience something good. So if I’m promoting comfortable shoes for my nurses, I want to make sure they are actually comfortable. Check out the reviews to learn the truth about the product.

Once you are on the product page, scroll down to the product information and grab the name or ASIN.
This will help us find it in the Associate area…

The Facebook Fan Page Profit Punch

Now, login to your Amazon Associates account. You’ll be sent to the dashboard where you can search out the products you want to promote. Enter either the name or ASIN into the search field to find your product.

Your product will show up in the results and have a button to the right that says Get Link. Click the down arrow next to this button to grab a quick and shortened link for the product.

The Facebook Fan Page Profit Punch

The shortened links are best for fan page messages. A longer more link clutters too much space in the text area of your message. Keep in mind, all our messages text pieces are short and to the point. They are call to actions.

Now with your affiliate link in hand, you’ll need to create an image for the product. I like to simply go back into the product page and take a screen shot of the picture Amazon shows. To help give the picture a little bit more, I will usually add a small bit of text directly on this product image. Take a look at one of the promotions:

The Facebook Fan Page Profit Punch

It’s not a viral picture like our other messages, but this niche needs this item. Since it’s in the comradery category, they are highly likely to share with other nurses. They are also likely to make comments if they’ve ever experienced wearing those particular shoes. You can quickly find which brand the crowd prefers if you post a crappy pair of shoes… trust me lol.

You can automate these messages along with your viral messages and your entire fan page marketing is complete. Don’t forget to use a call to action to get people on your email list for any post not promoting a product. For our content strategy, we have 1 message per day promoting a product and 2 messages per day sending viewers to our squeeze page.

You should understand that the income you generate from your fan page messages directly will not be a whole bunch. Amazon commissions are pretty low until you start sending tons of traffic. This can become quite large of an income when you have 20 pages or a couple hundred thousand fans to play with. The cookies add up quick there.

I have been watching more and more marketers use CPA offers with their fan page promotions as well. These offers usually don’t take as much of an effort from the fan to follow through and can give out much better commission per action for sure. They are also not very related to your viral niches most of the time as well… so posting these too often can get your spam rating to shoot up.

I am just starting to play with CPA offers with fan pages, but I can definitely tell there is a lot of potential with it. Check out the recommended sources section to learn more about my Fan Page to CPA offer hero, Mike Buontempo.

Now, let’s get to the main sales force in the system… the email list. This is where the money comes from… this is where you can really expand your niche ideas and venture out into higher payout products.

I’ve already talked about email marketing a lot. So, I won’t get into the major details of why you should love email again… but just know, it’s awesome! The power in email marketing with your fan page is that you can produce extremely low cost subscriber streams. With the Facebook ads, you’re looking at paying under $.10 per fan on average.

Let’s say at worst 2 of 10 fans end up joining your email list. You just spent $.50 or a new subscriber.
This is about half the cost you’ll find with any other paid traffic source. Include the commissions your fan page promotions make and you’re winning big time.

The first way we are going to sell through our email list is with an autoresponder series. These autopilot emails are great for building interest in a product. They allow you to grow the trust between the reader and yourself. They also allow you to share content that can help them get closer to knowing they need your product.

If possible, use higher priced product or at least higher commission products in the autoresponder.
Since we have a series of emails to get the buzz going for your reader, you can get a good conversion rate even for these higher priced items. Digital products, ebooks, and training series are always a big hit. You’ll have to search around your niche to find something of quality that fits, but most niches offer a quality higher priced offer.

The nurse niche didn’t have much for us. There aren’t many options for nurses to advance so training programs are hard to come by. I did find a nurse consultant who offers 1 on 1 coaching and group calls. He helped nurses be better at caring for patients with his programs.

That would have been an absolute killer offer for us. The price tag was $500 and up which would of provided a great commission compared to the couple cents per sale you make through Amazon. It would of sold well since it was exactly what could help our nurses do what they love the most.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t an affiliate setup available. I offered to set up such a system for his offer, but Keith fell out of contact after a few email exchanges. Too bad too… it would have been gold.

Because we didn’t find an offer with higher commission for this niche, we stuck with 3 Amazon products to promote in the autoresponder. If you find yourself in this position, it may be a good idea to create your own product. Anything that offers more commission per sale is the key.

I still want to show you an example of a normal autoresponder promotion though. So, let’s take a look at the marijuana niche…
A lot of the marijuana smoker community is interested in more than just burning it down. There are tons of people who want to learn how to grow good weed from their home… or since it’s starting to become legal in the states, they could want to start their own grow shop/dispensary.

This demand for information is exactly what makes a great digital product market. Today, there are tons of guides on both these subjects. It didn’t take long to find this product package that provides a decent commission ($30/sale) and converts pretty well for us…

The Facebook Fan Page Profit Punch

The squeeze page is for viewers to sign a petition to legalize marijuana in the United States plus joining our Weed Club. This opening angle isn’t perfect for the grow guide product, but we have to use a legalization angle on Facebook to be able to run our ads.

If I had a blog or website running in this niche, I would create a intro to growing weed free gift. This would pull in a much better audience for the grow guide… but it still does pretty good for our petition audience. They want the same things… more weed!

We use a 4 part email series to help get our readers excited about an awesome grow guide. Our first email is a simple welcome message that let’s them know who we are and what we are going to provide through our newsletter. The second and third email go into details about getting their first grow going.

This is basic information with small tips that will be covered in much greater detail in the product. We finish off with a product review email that simply says ‘buy this now!” Simple as that. This autoresponder will run through for each and every subscriber that joins the list.

For this series, I have the emails go back to back. You can choose to spread these out if you would like. It’s always up to you on how often you would like to email your list. General rule and not an absolute, the more you email the less % of opens and clicks you’ll get per email plus more unsubscribes.

Does this generate more profit in the long run? Sometimes… sometimes not. Testing is key with email autoresponders… it’s supposed to do all the selling for you. So play around with email frequency, subject lines, and email content.

We built this email list for the purpose of selling things longer than our first promotion. So, you have a few choices… you can continue to create autoresponder emails that promote other products. This can really go on as long as you want. I’ve seen 365 days of emails before… a little extreme, but that’s autopilot selling all the way.

The second choice is that you can create weekly or monthly campaigns to broadcast to your subscribers that already went all the way through your autoresponder. We had great success with this while we ran this case study. Since tshirts are such a seller in fan page niches, we created a few of our own to be our focus for the weekly campaigns.
There are a few places you can create tshirts through the web for free. We started with Zazzle and CafePress. These providers offer a lot of great options for products beyond tshirts as well.

After a few weeks of trying these product providers, I decided the commission and sales conversions weren’t good enough. A lot of buzz for the provider Teespring was going around. So, I though let’s give that a try. This ended up being a great idea.

Teespring does things a little different, but it allows you to get much better commissions plus sell more of the product. They provide a crowdfunding project for your tshirt ideas. Pretty much, you create a shirt design. You set how many of that shirt you think you can sell in a given period of time. It might be a week, 2 weeks, a month, etc. If you end up selling your goal limit, the tshirt will be printed and you’ll receive your commission..

Now, I know this is a little scary since you have to hit a goal to get paid… but with the right shirt design and a niche list, you can kill it each and every week. I definitely suggest you wait until you have an okay fan base and email list before starting these campaigns.

With out viral fan page setup, it’s not hard to find what would make a winning tshirt design. Simply go back through all your past fan page messages. You can use the fan page insights again to see this information quite clearly. Check under the Posts tab to find a list of all your messages…

The Facebook Fan Page Profit Punch

Simply go down the list and find which message has done the best. Which post got the most likes and shares? Since most of our fan page messages are simple pictures with quotes or phrases, you can easily transition the image into a tshirt design.

If you go back a few pages in this case study, you’ll see the best performing post at the time. We took this simple quote and turned it into a tshirt right on Teespring’s platform. We didn’t even use a graphic program or anything. Here’s what it looks like…

The Facebook Fan Page Profit Punch

As you can see as well, the purchase page is excellent compared to most other providers. The campaign time limit, the simple description, and the eye catching buy button all help improve conversions.

Once the tshirt was made, I wrote an email for my list each day of the campaign that gave them a touching nurse story and then said go here to buy our shirt. That’s not even a good marketing campaign and it did well. I was a little worried at first we couldn’t sell our 50 shirt goal… but we doubled it!

A few days of the week during this campaign, I would also post a fan page message to this offer instead of the Amazon product. Since our niche was a comradery niche, they were likely to share this niche specific message because it was funny… which would generate some sales just from their friends.

This fan page message was created much like the Amazon product promotions…

The Facebook Fan Page Profit Punch

Alright, that’s pretty much the system in play. As you can see, we fulfill all 3 of the necessary components to any business. The offers are taken care of with affiliate products through Amazon, Clickbank, and Teespring. We generate quality traffic to our system with Facebook advertising and the wonderful viral effect of social media. Lastly, we convert these leads into buyers with our email list and the fan page messages.

So the question now is where do you go from here…
You have multiple options you can put into play. First, you can get your current campaign to a certain point where it can automatically and consistently generate a weekly income. Once you reach that point, the only work that needs to be done is continuing to post your fan page messages. This alone will continue to grow that page and make you money while you repeat the system in every other

lucrative niche you can find.
This same system I showed you will work for all those great niches I talked about early in this case study. Once you have the first one down and running, it’s easy to repeat the process over and over again. You could even start multiple fan pages at a time.

I’ve been having a lot of fun in the dog niches lately. There is a lot of love for peoples pets and dog owners love to show off there beautiful pups. To hit the dog niche full speed, you can create multiple fan pages based around the most popular breeds… Pugs, German Sheperds, Labs, Pit Bulls, etc.

The cool thing about this is you can find related products to sell across all these pages. For example, all dog breeds could use a training program. Everyone wants an obedient dog, no matter the breed.

You can create a single autoresponder series and dog list that sells such a product to all of these readers instead of having to handle and operate a single list for each breed.

If you have your own product, this can be a solid way to hit all the angles on your target audience. You can build a giant list for each of the people that would like what you have.

Creating your own product is definitely something you should look into for any niches and fan pages that are doing well. If you are getting a lot of shares and likes on your post and your affiliate campaigns are doing well, then you want to simply create your own product around what’s working.

This is exactly how we went about the Teespring campaign. To take that another step further for a long term business, you can actually set up a drop ship system to increase your profit per purchase and possibly start your own tshirt line with your fan pages.

Tshirts are only one example of this. Digital products are another great to go. Ebooks, training series, and live workshops are much higher priced than your typical tshirt. Profit per sale will be up and you all of a sudden open up the door for affiliates. Creating an army of salesman can turn your business into a major powerhouse very quickly.

Writing your own Kindle books is an easy way to start generating more traffic and more sales as well. If you’ve promoted any book to your readers, than you know from the start what topic they will enjoy. You can simply create a book around this very subject.

You can even take this one step further and ask your fans what they want… If you do this correctly, they will give you the content for the book right on your fan page. Check out 2 examples we used with the nurses page to collect enough content for Kindle books.

The Facebook Fan Page Profit Punch

With this information, we were able to send the content into a writer to turn this into a quality book that could be sold right back to the nurses. There are lots of other places to get content quickly for your Kindle books, but I will leave that for another product.

Next on the list, you can start amplifying your traffic strategies. We only focused on Facebook ads and the organic viral traffic that comes from posting your fan page messages. There are many many more ways to generate traffic to this funnel. If it’s making money from your traffic, it’s not a bad idea to find more…

One of the first steps to take once things are cranking is to build a website. This will open up the possibilities to search engine rankings, blog/article marketing, and a few great joint venture opportunities.

The website is an essential piece to growing a brand too. If you plan to take this system beyond the simple fan page traffic and actually create a brand name business in your niche, the website would be highly recommended.

Beyond this, you can venture into more paid traffic strategies as well. The amazing thing with paying for traffic is when you break the thresh hold for profit. When you can spend $1 and turn it into $1.50.. or even $1.10… you have the potential to absolutely explode. You can sit back and let the system sell for you while you simply watch the stats. Niche forums, websites, and blogs offer amazing paid traffic opportunities and a lot of time they are very reasonably priced.

Well, that’s it for the case study system. I hope you enjoyed this and got some great information so you can repeat the process. Even if you don’t follow the exact system to set up autopilot fan page profits, you can easily use everything I’ve shared to improve an already established business. A few things would be slightly different, but the basic idea and the principles are the same.

I’m here to help you guys succeed with this. You can reach out to me and ask questions or get suggestions if you are in need of some guidance.
Good Luck!