Facebook PVA Store Tips & Tricks #6

They say a picture is worth a thousand words…

Yes, I’m starting off this topic with a moldy cliche, but only because it is SO true, especially when it comes to Internet traffic, especially Facebook traffic. Images are a POWER method for traffic creation. It’s a method you can start using today… RIGHT NOW… and start building a flood of targeted niche traffic to your websites and offers.

What about videos, isn’t video the thing everyone’s doing today?

I will not argue with anyone about videos being super powerful for traffic. I use videos myself. However, in the time it takes to create one video, you can use images to create a ton of traffic, both immediate traffic and long term traffic. If you’re doing video, don’t stop, it’s a super method. But try out some of the techniques in this guide and see if images work well with (or better than) your current video strategies. You may be surprised.

What about article marketing?

Well, let’s think about article marketing. Dozens of people have written for years about the power of article marketing… and then thousands of people have worked their fingers to the bone (or hired outsourcers to do so) in order to crank out hundreds of thousands of articles… or they buy PLR article packs dozens of other people also buy… they run those articles through this spinning software and that spinning software to get turned into millions of rehashed articles (many of which don’t even make sense)… then they use software programs to submit these rehashes of rehashes to article directories, blogs, and other websites……

and finally… they hope for the best. They sit and they wait for some (but obviously never ALL) of their articles to “hit” and send trickles of traffic over to them.

Boy, I don’t know about you, but to me, it all sounds like one big crap party. Especially when you can get hundreds or thousands of visitors from a single photo.

So I just grab some photos off Google Images and I’m ready to go, right?

Whoa, slow down. You could… but you’d be an idiot to do so. You risk, at best, losing all the work you’ve done and all the traffic you’ve built up… and at worst, a very expensive day in court. Why? Because you wouldn’t be the copyright owner of the photos you grabbed, nor would you have a license to use those photos. That’s copyright infringement, which has very stiff legal penalties.

Even stock photo sites present a challenge. There are plenty of sites out there where you can get a photo for a dollar or two, even less. However, you need to read what you’re allowed to do with the photo. You’re getting a license for that payment, but at that price, it will not be an unlimited usage license. It will probably limit you to using the photo a single time on a domain that you own. That means no posting it on Facebook, no posting it on Twitter, or any other blogging platform. In other words, it’s useless for building traffic.

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And don’t think that, because there are millions of people on the Internet, you can get away with it. Stock photo companies employ large staffs to hunt down infringers, because the penalties are so lucrative. James Jones, a rather well known Internet marketer, legitimately licensed a photo from Getty Images a few years ago for a website he was constructing. His website designer, however, used the photo on the website in a way that was not allowed by the license. Neither James nor the designer realized this. Getty did hunt him down and brought an infringement suit against him. He had to pay a settlement of $3,400 to keep it from progressing to court. That was for ONE photo. Think about if you’d unknowingly grabbed dozens or hundreds of images off Google Images, thinking you “wouldn’t get noticed.”


That’s an easy question to answer, as there are three distinct groups of images that will pull in more traffic than any other images…

Sexy Women

This is, by far, the most productive group of content in terms of generating traffic online. Men are visual animals, they love to look at pretty women. Many women like to look at photos of sexy women as well, both to get ideas for how they want to look, and just to enjoy their beauty. Traffic gained from sexy women photos can be directed to any male-related blog or website, as well as CPA offers for dating websites, “how to meet women” ebooks, “male enhancement” products… basically anything appealing strongly to men.

Sexy women photos are also easy to segment into niches — blondes, brunettes, redheads, swimsuit models, fitness models, “girl next door,” athletes, etc. As well, you can segment into professional photos vs. “selfie shot” photos (where the woman is taking her own picture — also known as “MySpace photos”).

One major issue with this niche is that, if you want to be aboveboard and keep yourself out of potential legal issues, you need to either have 1) model releases from the women in the photos, or 2) a photographer who has those model releases on file. This is in addition to having a license to use those photos from the photographer (or taking them yourself).

Plenty of people are ignoring this issue and they’re starting to get smackdowns from the legal copyright holders of the images they’re using. This results in, at best, the loss of work done to that point (Facebook pages and groups being shut down, or blogs with pages being removed or entirely shut down), at worst, expensive legal settlements or court judgments.

Don’t let these issues scare you off. Work this niche legally, with pictures you either outright own or have legitimately licensed, you will have a much longer lasting business without those concerns. Plus, as illegitimate businesses fall by the wayside, you’ll see your business increase even more from lower competition.

Cute Puppies/Kittens/Animals

If you’ve been online for any amount of time, you’ve seen how people will pass around photos of dogs, cats, birds, hippos, elephants, whatever, especially if they’re baby animals. People love animals and they love to look at their photos, it’s like going to a zoo without leaving home.

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You can tap into this by segmenting to a particular animal, like dogs, or subsegmenting to specific breeds. This traffic responds well to information products such as training guides for the particular animal, as well as breed specific items (“I Heart Dalmatians” paraphernalia, etc.).

Model releases aren’t necessary for animal photos because, obviously, animals can’t sign contracts and don’t have the same legal rights as people. But you do need to follow the same copyright practices — make sure that you’re using photos that you either own or have legal license to use.

Memes and Funny Photos

Close behind the animal photos are memes and funny photos. A meme is a photo, video, audio, saying, etc. that quickly takes on a life of its own online. Famous photo memes include the “Philsoraptor,” the “Ehrmahgerd” girl, “Ridiculously Photogenic Guy,” “Overly Attached Girlfriend” and more. Google any of those and you’ll see what they’re about. Sometimes it’s obvious why funny photos become memes, other times it’s baffling. And it’s almost impossible to intentionally create a meme, most are accidental. But when you can produce a meme, it’s like catching lightning in a bottle.

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Funny photos are generally easier to come up with than memes, it’s as easy as putting a funny caption on an otherwise normal photo. The key is, well, they have to be funny. Some people can crank out funny photo captions effortlessly, while others just fall flat on their face with it. If you go this route, be sure to run your captioned photos by some friends who can give you an HONEST opinion as to how funny they really are. Your friends may come up with funnier captions, which will help you out.

One advantage to this group of photos is that they tend to be protected as parodies. Therefore, you have more leeway in finding the photos you use. I am not a lawyer, so you should gain specific advice on photos you’re not sure about. But parody protections are a long-standing legal standard.

While you may not have as much of a legal responsibility, you still have a bit of a moral responsibility here. Keep in mind if you use photos containing people, those ARE real people and the joke photo you create could go widely viral. This could have negative consequences for the person(s) in the photo.

Other Photos

Don’t think that you’re limited to sexy women, cute animals and funny photos. Think about the niche you’re targeting and find compelling photos that apply to that niche. Use pictures of the sights of Mexico if you’re gathering traffic to send to an offer for trips to Mexico, or shots of classic car engines if you’re selling auto parts. Anything that will appeal to your target market can be used! You just need to keep in mind the interests of your target market and how they apply to what you’re selling.


Do not ignore Facebook, don’t think it’s just silly games and people, Facebook is a traffic juggernaut. Its viral sharing component has become ingrained in the minds of its billion members. That’s just such a huge membership that even a small percentage can account for potentially high profitability. Where else could you put together a community of 3million+ in less than a year? It’s worth it to make sure you’re using legitimate legal pictures that you have a license to use, and to play within the rules. After all, Facebook fan pages could be a long term golden goose for you, if you play them correctly!

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