Let’s get started.

Today I’m going to reveal the exact method I used a couple of weeks ago to easily generate close to $5,000 from Facebook…

All that without CPA of Affiliate Marketing…

I’m going to break down my FB profit system and explain to you the exactly how it works.

I’m going to show you how to find a profitable niche..

How to set up the easy system…

And finally I’ll teach you some of the guerrilla tactics you can use to drive traffic at ZERO cost!

Of course, we’ll take a little bit about paid traffic for the people who want to scale up this thing faster.

The most common ways to make money on Facebook.

The most common way is to promote affiliate products…

The big problem with this is that you need to know exactly what your target audience is…what they want, and then comb the market on the lookout for an affiliate product to promote that actually suits their needs.

The cool part about promoting affiliate products is that you don’t have to deal with product creation, because it’s all done for you.

Another downside about affiliate offers is that usually you get just a percentage of the sale and that dramatically cuts down your profits.

Ok, here’s another common way to make money on Facebook…

Promoting your own product…

Teag, I know, this is very very hard… And it can take a lot of hours and money put on R&D…and of course a lot of experience in selling to make any of these projects profitable

So, this is a No-No for newbies

And finally another common way to make money on Facebook is selling t-shirts

What if I tell you that you can make $4,000.00-­‐$50,000.00 doing that…?

How do you like it?

All this is 100% by selling t-­‐shirts

Best part? I didn’t have to print the shirts nor ship them…

The only thing I did was to create a very simple Fan Page, put a design there and the money started to pour in.

So, what’s the easiest way to make money on Facebook?

If we take into account that we don’t need any skills, or start up costs to sell shirts on Facebook, and if we consider that the profitability is high and predictable…

Then it’s very easy to understand why selling shirts out overmatch the other two choices

Do you agree with me that selling T-­‐shirts is the best choice?

Let me explain why this argument is true…

• There’s no need to invest in anything upfront
• You only need to find a hungry market and put a t-­‐shirt that they want to buy in front of them.
• And Boom…

And just for the record, selling shirts is what made me $4k in less than 20 days

Frankly, I was a bit skeptical at first, but if you see your Paypal account swelling like this I’m sure you too would have changed your mind!

The 4­‐step process.

Actually this is just a 4-step process that you can put into practice today

First we pick a niche

Then we create a very simple fan page

After that we create a t‐shirt design

Drive traffic…

And boom!

Money has been created out of thin air.

Let me give you a step­‐by­‐step explanation

Let’s use the Dog niche for simplicity’s sake.

Dogs, cats, babies…just to give three examples of very passionate and very social niches.

This means that people actually want to wear messages or pictures about them in a T‐shirt.

Hope that makes sense…

But not only pets or babies’ niches are the ones we can pick…

To be honest it could be pretty much everything, but I want to provide you with some tools so you can determine if the niche you have picked will work or not

Step 1. Pick A Niche

There are a couple of FREE tools we can use to find a HOT niche.

Let’s check them out.


Facebook PVA Store


Richard Braggs

Step 2. Create a Fan Page

See, this is a very simple and straightforward way to get niches…tens and even hundreds of them.

So, the next step is to create a fan page.

Then we need to select the category, so we’re going to select community page.

If we decide to pick a celebrity then we just go and create a page about him or her.

Say we decide to create a fan page about “Pitbull”…I mean, the artist not the dog

Then we need to create the page and pick a couple of images for the profile picture and timeline cover.

And then we populate the page with some viral content we can easily find on Google.

Step 3. Create A Shirt

Then you go to www.teespring.com/ and start a new campaign.

Create a t­‐shirt, decide your goal, write a short message and that’s it

Just as a caveat…

Please be careful with the copyrights and trademarks or you can get into trouble.

You just need to be smarter than them in terms of design and you’ll be ok.

Note: Please check out the video training so you to set everything up.

Step 4. Drive Traffic

Ok, now it’s time to use some guerrilla tactics to get free traffic and a few sales.

Let’s start with the forums

So, what do you do?

Simple…You just sing up to as many forums as you like and then you just create new threads asking people “What do you think about this t‐shirt?”

Some forums do not allow to post links directly in the thread but you can, you’re your signature for that matter…

In this case you just post the picture, ask a question, and wait for some comments and some sales.

This is not rocket science, anyone can do it.

Now I highly recommend you to interact a little bit with other threads first so they don’t notice you’re there just to sell your shirts.

Makes sense?

Ok, that’s one thing you can do…the other is to find a few groups on Facebook related to your niche.

Join them and start interacting a little bit with them.

Like some posts, write some comments and add a couple of people as friends if you feel comfortable doing that.

And after that you just post your Teespring link and ask if they would wear that t­‐shirt.

Two things could happen…
1. They could say no, and then they’ll give you some feedback that you can use adjust your campaign…

2. They could say yes and then you get some sales.

Both scenarios are good, because if people say “no” at first, I want you to look at it as an opportunity…

Because with their feedback you can create a better design and get more sales next time.

Of course that some of them will say things like “I hate it” “it sucks” or stuff like that…Don’t feel bad, just go back to the drawing board and use that feedback to improve your campaign.

Think of those groups as your own laboratory…where you can test stuff.

Facebook Ads…

Here you don’t need to be a Facebook expert or something.

Basically we need to create a post in your page and then drive the traffic to that post.

And this is how you do it…

1. You create and ad

Now, you may want to get quite a few likes before you start promoting your posts as well.

So you need to start a like campaign.

But if you already have a winner t-­shirt people will buy.

I mean, if you did what I said about using the forums you’ll save a ton of money pre-­testing tee shirts.

So, once you have a winner design you just create a post, you paste your teespring link and then you promote it using the demographics of your target audience.

Let’s say we want to go ahead with this craziness of promoting a pitbull t-­shirt.

1. We create a new post with our teespring link

2. We start a new ad campaign promoting the post to our target audience

3. We check conversions and test, test, test

As you can see this is simple.

Oh, and remember that you need to check out the case study so you can copy and paste my success.

Bye for now.

Thank you