Facebook PVA Store Tips & Tricks #43

facebook 6 figure list template chapter 2

Facebook Face Power Basic Concepts

facebook 6 figure list template

A Completely unique service to get your foot in the door with any local business instantly: reputation management.

I just went through a complete course (business in a box) that
explains how to get new clients by offering something no one
else is… and how to become a ‘relationship management’ expert

The best part is the bonus on the social network ‘LinkedIn’ ;)
I was shocked to see how Jerome uses it to get clients…

Untapped Offline Service, And Get Clients Using… LinkedIn? BRILLIANT!

facebook 6 figure list template

The backlink system system used to rank on the first page of Google instantly…

The complete system to booking offline clients and beating out every other SEO company…

In celebration of his wedding, Mario Brown is giving away all of his courses, valued around $700 for a fraction of the cost.

There are a few videos on this page that go over everything:

SEO, Backlinks, Offline Clients, Outsourcing And More For A HUGE Discount…

Great discount, and congratulations Mario!

facebook 6 figure list template

This WordPress plugin creates professional fully animated facebook fan-pages without coding…

Check out the example video to see how it can make yours or you clients fan pages stand out:

WordPress Plugin Creates Unique Animated Facebook Fan Pages In Minutes…

This is hands down the most unique fan page creation tool I’ve seen yet! Just show the fan pages to a local client and
watch them beg you to create one for them.

facebook 6 figure list template

How to turn your clicks into email subscribers just by clicking…

How to get ANY affiliate offer approved (even direct linking)

How to get a ‘like button’ in facebook ads even if you are linking to someone elses page…

Just a handful of facebook hacks this new report reveals, check out the video to see what else:

One Click Subscribers, ‘Like Button Ads’, Direct Linking Any Offer, And More…

This is a must have for online marketers and offline marketers…

Tricks like this put you WAY ahead of your competition.

facebook 6 figure list template

This is only for serious marketers, and when you watch this video you’ll know what I mean…

Products that solve simple problems in any market don’t need fancy marketing or hypy sales letters… They sell themselves!

My buddy Darren has just released a no BS course on ‘problem solving product creation’. I am talking about both online AND
offline product creation.

Watch his video here, (he gives it to you straight):

‘Problem Solving Product Creation’ Both Online And Off *Straight Talk Video*

This will work for newbies and experienced marketers, but if you are a ‘WSO addict’ and won’t do anything with it, then
this one isn’t for you…

facebook 6 figure list template

Just finished testing this new software the automatically gets you .gov AND .edu backlinks…

Works on any system, check out the video here to see it in action:

Push Button Software Steals .EDU and .GOV Backlinks Instantly *Proof*.
You own blogs or charge offline clients to run the software for their sites, it’s a no brainer.

facebook 6 figure list template

I just scooped up 3 professional WordPress themes with full developer licenses (great for offline clients)…

It’s a 48 hour sale at a fraction of their normal price.

Insane value, check it out here:

Clients Will Pay Top Dollar For These 3 Professional WordPress Themes…

Your clients would pay a fortune for these themes…

facebook 6 figure list template

This is a huge package of facebook marketing software, graphics, ebooks, and an email follow up sequence to cash in on fan pages…

This is a business in a box complete with sales letters and everything you need to build a fan page or list quickly, and
the full-up emails to turn them into hungry buyers.

Check out the full package here:

PLR Facebook Software, Report, Email Sequence, Sales Page, And A Kitchen Sink…

I’ve built a massive list with one of the software titles in this package (in fact it’s my software)

facebook 6 figure list template

I just finished going through a source of ‘hungry buyers’…

Now these are qualified buyers who already pre-qualify themselves as looking for your services.

Find out what I mean here:

The Highest Converting Lead Source EVER? 83.3% Conversion On Pre-Qaulified “Hungry Buyer” Lead Source…

More to come…

facebook 6 figure list template

The right keyword is everything and uncovering ‘buyer keywords’ is a step most marketers miss –

I recently stumbled on a way to get Google (and a few other clever sources) to reveal not only which keywords are hot with
‘buyer traffic’…

But which of these keywords are easy to rank for… instantly.

Check out what I mean (and the result) here:

Rank For Buyer Keywords Using These Creative Sources…

Speaking of keywords… More to come on Monday ;)

facebook 6 figure list template

What a crazy idea… Why didn’t I think of this?

Scooping up local keyword domains and selling them to local businesses!

This may be an untapped goldmine, with the number of possible combinations with domains it it impossible for this to get
saturated anytime soon.

This video on this page explains how this works:

Top Dollar For Keyword Rich Local Domains? Easy To Implement Immediately…

This is quick money for action takers.

facebook 6 figure list template

A drag and drop, WYSIWYG editor for WordPress themes…

Forget buying themes, or hiring graphic artists this will allow you to create your own themes or themes for your clients.

Check out this video, and the stunning theme examples you can create with this software:

Point And Click Software To Create Stunning WordPress Themes For Clients…

More cool software to come, including a brandable firefox add-on on Monday…

facebook 6 figure list template

This software is amazing…

It hijacks other youtube videos and puts in your links to make affiliate commissions or back links.

Check it out here before it sells out:

Simple Software Hijacks YouTube To Plant Your Links In Other Peoples Videos…

Yes this is legal, yes this is whitehat :)

facebook 6 figure list template

My goal this year is to get as many of my subscribers to 10k a month as possible. To start off with Luther Landro and I
just released a case study, on how he managed to generate over $16,000 in sales over the last 6 days.

He had no list…

No reputation…

No affiliates at the time…

And using simple, online method that I have taught only a handful of coaching clients – He has built a 5 figure a month business

Check out the details in the video here:

*Video Proof* Steal The System Luther Used To Bank $16 In 6 Days…

This method has been used by many others to get to 5 figures a month quickly…

It is time tested and proven to work. All that is required is your commitment to action

facebook 6 figure list template

Facebook’s switch to requiring SSL will be a goldmine to the few marketers who are equipped ahead of time to offer this
service online and off..

(This BIG change in Facebook is coming October 1st)

Check out this software and marketing package to see what i mean:

Provide The Solution To The Millions Who Need SSL For Their Facebook
Pages With This Radical WordPress Software, Training, And Marketing Material


Luther Landro and I made a video for my blog (more videos to come). We want to know what you need to take your business to
$10k a month before the year is over:


Our goal is to help as many people as we can get to that level by the end of the year (over 5 already have).

We want more success stories, and we want to tell everyone about them!

facebook 6 figure list template

I just stumbled on this way to hack facebook into giving you clicks for less than a penny…

Time sensitive So check this out here:

Facebook Hack To Drive Converting Traffic For Less Than A Penny…

Send massive amounts of traffic facebook to affiliate offers…

Or just charge offline clients for the service ;)

But more about that tomorrow ;)

facebook 6 figure list template

Cold calling is a waste of time… Why work SO hard when you can work smarter.

The trick is to warm the prospects up BEFORE you get on the phone with them. Now I just stumbled across a method that is an absolutely
brilliant way to warm up your ‘cold’ prospects so they EXPECT your call…

Check it out here:

Break The Ice Before You Call… Cold Calling Becomes “Warm Calling”

Work harder… not smarter.

facebook 6 figure list template

I have been using a new backlink strategy this week (managed to get my hands on an early copy of this) and I swear…

This will be the only back-linking I do from now on!

Backlinks that work every time even after this new Google ‘Panda’ update, and…

How to appear at the top of Google News for every press release you do! This alone will drive more traffic to your site than
anything else…

The video here explains it all:

Page 1 Ranking Everytime… The Exact Backlinks Revealed & Google News Top Rank…

The Google News part alone will drive immediate traffic.

facebook 6 figure list template

There is a little known service that allows you (or more importantly your client) to rank in local search as well as ‘mobile map search’
in as little as 10 minutes…

And this service provides a QR tag generator for businesses that sign up at no cost!

My buddy Kyle has been selling this service to new clients as an icebreaker for $197 (easy sale since he’s the ONLY one
offering it in his local market)

I reveal what I’m talking about and tell you how to sell it in the video posted here:

$197 Checks For Signing Clients Up To This Local/Mobile Ranking Service (Including A QR Tag Generator They Can Use)

The easiest way to avoid hard selling is to just offer something no one else is offering…

And this service is so far untapped.

facebook 6 figure list template

We have just release the most complete offline system…

Copy-paste templates and sales scripts take you from generating leads on Facebook (we doubled our list in a week with this)

All the way to closing the deal and getting the check with the very same presentation we use in the field.

Luther has been handling all my offline sales for a while, and for his first WSO he is handing you a $250,000 a year business:

Copy-Paste Templates Guaranteed To Book You A $2,000 Client From Facebook We guarantee you will book a client in a week with these templates
or Luther will book one for you…

facebook 6 figure list template

Page one on Google using Facebook to earn passive income with affiliate marketing…

That is how I could sum this up. I received an early copy of this training and have been using myself this last week to help
scale up some of my CPA campaigns on Facebook… It has put money in my pocket.

With that said, you need to check this out:

Live Coaching To Dominate Facebook (offline or affiliate marketing)

And I haven’t approached my offline clients with these methods yet, but it will not be hard at all to get them to open thier
checkbooks again for this ;)

facebook 6 figure list template

Just released a new report by Tommie Powers about how he landed a new offline client in 48 hours using the little known social
network meetup.com…

These will go fast:


facebook 6 figure list template

I spent the night testing this new plugin I found – it automates the link building on your WordPress site 24/7…

The results this morning have been awesome! I won’t tell you the keywords I was ranking for, but I saw a substantial boost in ranking overnight on a few niche sites – Monday I get to charge some offline clients for this ;)

Check out the video here to see how it works:

A WordPess Plugin Guaranteed To Be The Fastest Way To Rank *Video*?

Also check out what keywords they managed to get in first position on… Serious stuff!

facebook 6 figure list template

This video will blow you away…

First page ranking immediately by leveraging YouTube:

1st Page *Video Proof* By Out-smarting YouTube Into Ranking For You?
This is accomplished by using YouTube’s own ranking system against Google to propel you to the first page overnight.

The video will explain it better than I can in this email (and it’s going fast)

facebook 6 figure list template

If you aren’t using backlinks from EDU sites, you will fall way behind on those of us that do…

I just went through another source of one way do-follow links, all high quality ‘authority’ links that Google loves. They are
easy to find, in fact Google will even tell you which ones to use if you do this right…

The video on this page explains it:

100s Of Authority .edu backlinks from these 250 (And Counting) sources…

If you take just 5 minutes and get only 1 link… It’s more than worth it!

facebook 6 figure list template

Just tested this plugin I found that automatically generates dozens of authority backlinks every time you post…

My test blog post did in fact rank on the first page for a keyword in the celeb gossip niche (not an easy thing to do)
in about 25 minutes!

The video here shows you exactly how this all works and demonstrates ranking in 18 minutes flat:

WordPress Plugin Ranks Sites On The 1st Page Of Google In 18 Minutes *Video Proof*

I am installing this on every blog I have now, it even works on auto-blogs I’m finding (easy money).

I haven’t even had the chance to impress my offline clients with this yet, but guaranteed it will get them opening their
checkbooks again :)

Let me know how it works out for you…

facebook 6 figure list template

It’s rare I find two things that compliment each other this well…

But what if you could outsource the cold calling and salesmanship to get offline clients… Then out source all the actual SEO

If you put both of these methods together you will have a true hands off business. The first is a course on hiring salesman
(without pay I might add) to get you clients:

Your Own Salesman Who Work Without Pay To Fill Your Bank Account…

Now I also just went through this course on ranking niche blogs using outsourcers (For affiliate commissions):

Auto-Pilot SEO Forces Page 1 Rankings… Cut And Paste… Outsourced…

After reading both of them I can’t help but think – what if I offered the SEO ranking service in Cory’s course to the clients I can
get in Will’s course?

Every little thing you learn is just a little piece to a larger puzzle, and the people who can put all the pieces together are
the ones who will be successful.

I would say all you need is to take action on this, but in this case all you need to do is make your outsourcers take the action :)

facebook 6 figure list template

I can’t stand Justin Bieber, but he makes me money!

I just finished a going through a course on stealing traffic from celebrities, something I love doing in my CPA campaigns…

But this one has me topped – $4,141.80 in 7 days from a single youtube video!

This will blow your mind:

‘Justin Bieber’ Youtube Video Makes $4k in Under A WeeK?

This method is simple, and will drive converting traffic to the right offers for $0. How’s that for ROI?

facebook 6 figure list template

This is an incredibly simple trick on facebook that can work to get you clients… even if you’ve never worked offline or
had a facebook account before.

There is also some bonus software that to me is the gem here (especially since it has an unlimited license)

Watch the video half way down to see the software and how it works:

Simple software automates this facebook trick to land a client by monday..
This is really one of those “just add action” type of deals.
If you are willing to put this into action, you will have a client paying you $279 a month by monday.

facebook 6 figure list template

Kieran Mcdonough is in New York City tonight, starting at 8pm he will have my operations director Ali G on his internet talk
show “Talk Marketing Now”

Late notice I know, but Ali will be giving an inside look into Reilly Labs and WHITE WAVE MEDIA, and how he recruits JV partners
and affiliates for my business.

Doesn’t cost anything, they start at 8pm est:


Should be a good show :)

facebook 6 figure list template

I always have problems with spam comments on my blogs trying to steal backlinks and this new plugin sticks them where it hurts…

Steal their traffic AND monetize it on your bolgs, or use it for your offline clients. Just imagine calling them up telling
them you can turn the spam they get into cash!

Check it out here:

WordPress plugin steals from spammers on your or your clients blog…


Here’s and crazy idea to make an extra few bucks on facebook:

Sell ads on your fanpages!

Most of the time marketers sell the entire fanpages to local
clients, but my buddy Pete has been banking on just selling ad
space on his own pages:

$500 per fanpage for selling adspace? Pretty damn clever…

Just add action, this stuff is easier than you think…

facebook 6 figure list template

I don’t normally do this… but someone has too
OK I am sick of the fake BS out there…

It is an epidemic, and it is almost ‘taboo’ to talk about this problem. I see this stuff EVERYWHERE, clickbank, the warrior
forum, and even worse in the investing niche.

Shot a quick (and shocking) video after some discussion in my private chat, and posted it to the blog:


One of my members found someone doing this on their sales letter and was debating whether or not he should call
them out.

You take a risk when you call out another marketer, so I figured screw that, let me just show you how easy it is to do what I’m
talking about.

I just hope that after seeing this you will think twice about believing everything you see and we may see some more
scrutiny and healthy skepticism in our market.
It would help us all.

facebook 6 figure list template

.gov AND .edu link sources can be found quickly and can rank your site on the first page overnight…

But the most important thing is how to implement these backlinks properly in a larger SEO campaign…

Mario Brown and Brian Anderson have released their sources for these links as well as how they dominate the top SEO companies
with a simple strategy.

Check out the 3 videos post here:

EDU, GOV link sources revealed… and why you are using them WRONG…

This is not only a complete SEO system using gov and edu links, it’s also a how-to for offliners to approach local clients.

facebook 6 figure list template

I am finally releasing the method used to have your own edu sites…

Now this isn’t just a ‘pack’ of sites to post your content, I am going to flat out teach you how to find .edu sites where
you can host your own blogs.

This is going to sell out fast:

Your Own EDU To Create Unlimited Backlinks From, Source Revealed!

I include links and detailed instructions to creating your first 16 .edu sites on top of the instructions to finding your own.

That means:

1. You can get started ranking sites with .edu backlinks immediately

2. You will have access to an UNLIMITED number of these sites and will no longer have to buy them from anyone.

3. You can sell the backlinks or the entire blog to any offline or online customer.

I’m giving away the golden goose here:

Never Buy Another Backlink, Use Your Own EDU Sites Instead

More to come soon…

facebook 6 figure list template

Call-to-subscribe and text-to-subscribe…
Two terms you will be hearing a lot more in internet marketing.

I just found a WordPress plugin that makes all this possible, building a list for SMS (mobile texting) marketing. This has
incredible potential for offline and online marketers alike.

You need to see the demo here, just to see how this new technology works:

Call And Text To Subscribe Tech For WordPress (Demo Will Blow Your Mind)…

You will be seeing this A LOT more, now is the chance to be among the first to offer it.

facebook 6 figure list template

I don’t normally like to mail twice in one day, but I just stumbled on something HUGE…

My buddy Alex managed to get in the third position on the first page of Google for a SUPER HOT keyword. No I don’t mean some
longtail local BS keyword I mean one of the keywords the average marketer is afraid to go after.

A $2 cpc keyword, and the actual SEO work takes about 20 minutes, in fact he reveals the very sites that make him over $1,000 per
month, non of that ‘privacy BS’ most SEO guru’s whine about.

Find out the keyword I’m talking about here:

Ranked First Page For A Hot $2 CPC Keyword In 20 Minutes (POOF)?

You could sell this 20 minutes of work to a local business…
But when you see the keywords he is ranking for, I doubt you’ll want to sell your new found SEO talents ;)

facebook 6 figure list template

OK, if you want to rank yours or your clients sites for any keyword on Google, you need unique, relevant content…

I just installed a new plugin that solves this problem on auto-pilot. Here’s how it works:

1. You enter a keyword, the plugin takes ‘sections’ of relevantarticles from around the internet

2. The plugin then combines them and spins the text to make it completely unique

3. It then checks the new content with Copyscape BEFORE turning it into a new post…

Just imagine how much you can charge your clients for a true auto-blog… One that actually produces original content the
search engines love.

The video here goes over all the details:

100% Unique Relevant Content Generation… And Google Likes It…

Heck, why not charge a monthly fee to keep updating your clients site with new content… And the plugin do all the work!

facebook 6 figure list template

Building lead capture site’s for a local business can be big money… Charging just $500 a site can earn you a full time
income each month with only a handful of clients.

My buddy Brenden just released a WordPress theme that allows you to turn any wordpress site into a lead magnet in 15 minutes.

Check out the “featured client box” feature of this plugin – this alone can be turned into a monthly service:

Local Lead Capture WordPress Theme, Build $500 sites in 15 Minutes…

– Reilly

P.S. The fast attack SEO series has been considered among the
best courses on getting sites ranked quickly. Craig has just
released a new one on Google Maps….

You have to see how he hacks the big G for the top spot:

Fast Attack Google Hack – Check Out These Results…

facebook 6 figure list template

A ‘no cold calling’ approach to snatching up monthly checks from local businesses by offering them a service that takes
15 minutes a week?

You bet! Clients are BEGGING for help with their ppc campaigns and are willing to pay marketers to help them spend THEIR money.
I just went through a course on how to find these clients without and ‘cold calls’ and how to manage their PPC campaigns in 15
minutes a week…

How to manage this service with 15 minutes of work…

How to make local businesses CALL YOU asking for the service…

Why they will pay you IN ADVANCE to spend THEIR MONEY on Adwords!

There is also a bonus I don’t think they mentioned on the thread called the ‘ambush marketing’ strategy… Just wait till you
see it here:

Offline Clients Pay You In Advance To Spend Their Money For Them…

I found this to be as cut and paste as it comes…

facebook 6 figure list template

I just found this plugin that creates time based coupons AND has the option to share on facebook…

You can use this like I am for the viral effect it has to sell products, or offer the coupon services to your offline clients!

They get massive exposure from these coupons, especially with the integration of facebook…

Check out the video here to see how coupons work:

Coupon Generating, Viral Facebook, Awesome WP Plugin…

facebook 6 figure list template

This is one of the most profitable niches online… But only when you get in at the right time of year!

Calvin reveals the niche I’m talking about here, and why NOW is the time to get in – search traffic has ALREADY started to
increase for the buyer keywords in this niche.

I am putting this into action myself, it contains everything needed as well as step by step instructions to dominate this

Now Is The Time To Jump On This Niche Of Rabid Buyers…

Kudos to Calvin for releasing this now, before everyone is talking about it. Watch seasonal buying like this carefully,
and get in BEFORE the amatuers!

facebook 6 figure list template

slavery (a 9-5 job) sucks. I’ve been there, heck I even did night security for a week (one of the longest I’ve held a job)…

Mike Carraway has put together a package I WISH I had on the long overnight shifts trying not to sleep on the job – you see
it is possible to make money and have your bills paid without doing any work throughout the day.

For those who haven’t heard I left the US permanently to travel the world, currently in Aruba (for the kite surfing). A good 75%
of my income is passive, the remainder comes from WSO’s, coaching and products in the PUA and investing niche.

The reason I am telling you this is because I have experienced first hand how life changing passive online income streams can be.
I know what it’s like to be a slave, and I know what it’s like to travel the world and kite surf all day without worrying about
paying the bills.

This guide describes 8, easy to implement passive income strategies that are in effect – life changing.

Either way Mike cuts out the myths and lays out the truth in this video on the thread:

Proof the term ‘it takes money to make money’ is a lie…

The only thing you have to lose is your job!

facebook 6 figure list template

I just finished Dr. Ben’s newest course on facebook…

There are 5 methods he reveals out of his ‘black book’ of tricks.
Tricks with names like “Death Defying Facebook Email Extraction” and “Facebook Birthday Madness”…

But my favorite (and it’s working damn good so far) is the “facebook letter bomb”.

Check out what I’m talking about here:

Facebook Letter Bomb + 4 More Brilliant Facebook “tricks”…

facebook 6 figure list template

And so this is live, my new course revealing the biggest untapped traffic source online (bigger than youtube or even Goggle):


This has NEVER been taught before, hell I’ve never even revealed this source to anyone outside of a few buddies.

Advanced stuff broken down for even the greenest newbie :)

More to come…

facebook 6 figure list template

It takes ‘sales foreplay’ to get your prospects to click on links and buy buttons…

This is the most under-taught skill in IM. Most newbies direct raw traffic to affiliate pages and sales letter and ‘hope’ for
the best.

If you want your traffic to actually take action on sales pages and affiliate offers you send them too,
then watch this quick presentation video here:

Sales Conversion (check out the funny video on the thread)

(these are quite funny)

facebook 6 figure list template

You don’t have to be a programmer or software ‘guru’ to get a piece of the 1.6 billion dollar mobile app market…

In fact when you see the tricks that these top sellers are using (literately, the top 11 app sellers on the net) you’ll
realize how easy it is to market your own… Or charge clients a huge fee for boosting their own app sales:

The must-have tracking system every top seller uses…

How the top seller boosts his ranking in the app store overnight…

How to get Wired magazine to write a review of your app and boost sales!

Imagine how much you could charge a client to get them in Wired magazine, or heck just do what I’ll be doing and keep them for
you own use ;)

Get Your Mobile App In Wired Magazine And Boost Your App Store Rankings…

Has to be the BEST mobile training I have seen.

facebook 6 figure list template

I have a few monthly membership programs including a live skype chat, a forum, a work out planner, and a paid investing
newsletter (under the name ‘Ethan Emerson’ for those in the investing niche).

By far these are the most hands-off businesses I have, and the best ROI in advertising dollars.

Now I just stumbled across some powerful (and cheap) membership software that automates the entire process…

But more importantly, video training that goes into a brilliant and complete strategy for creating, marketing, and running a
profitable membership.

I just went through the course and there were a few tricks that I am already implementing in my own membership programs.

Check out the video here to see what the software does, and just what’s possible with a hands off membership biz:

Membership Software That Sells For You?

Easier to set up and get going than you may think, and the best hands off recurring income I’ve found…

facebook 6 figure list template

I just stumbled on 27 different money making methods with YouTube that have completely changed the way I look at the
video service…

Including a method called ‘Title Hijack’ that I found to be one of the most innovative ways to get views to your video or channel.

Now there are CPA and affiliate offers that work extremely well with this sort of traffic… the poker niche for example ;)

But imagine how much you could charge local clients to ‘optimize’ their online video and YouTube presence!

Get the full list of tactics here:

‘Hijack’ buyers from YouTube?

YouTube is overlooked by most

facebook 6 figure list template\

Just found another offer on .edu blogs, as high as PR 9.

I just scooped up a batch, and the last offer sold out quick!
(especially now that the secret is out…)

Links from these sites can boost your ranking in as little as 3 days (or just sell backlinks to clients/ other marketers):

.edu blogs, Create your own high PR EDU backlinks…
(Will Go Faster Than The Last Ones!

They will sell out fast, In fact I may buy another batch after I send this ;)

facebook 6 figure list template

18,000,000 new subscribers in the first few weeks, all invitation only…

Yes I mean Google Plus, the newest hot social network from the big G.

I just stumbled across a brilliant plugin that offers viewers a Google Plus invitation when they opt-in to your list…

Now this is one of two plugins offered here, and the second one is even more powerful than the first… Especially for
offline local markets!

Check out the videos here, showing you what I mean:

WordPress Plugin Uses Google Invites To Build Your List…

Google Plus might get bigger than facebook, let’s get on this ride early…

facebook 6 figure list template

This WordPress plugin does all the dirty work when ranking for local keywords…

You can even import the list of towns and cities to rank for, this plugin is as push button simple as SEO gets.

Use this for your own blog, or charge local businesses small fortunes to rank their sites:

Instant Local Ranking With A One Click WP Plugin…

More to come…

facebook 6 figure list template

These are going to go fast, .edu sites with PR’s as high as Incredibly valuable backlink potential, or heck sell some
backlinks to your new .edu blog!

Get them here:

Your Own PR 7-9 .edu Sites…

It is limited and the higher PR going first!

facebook 6 figure list template

The wrong backlinks will get your site or blog sand boxed…

Luckily, there is a little known way to use Google against itself and know which backlinks Google likes, AND how to find them.

Some of these links are from PR 7 sites, that auto-accept links without a fee. Check it out here:

Let Google tell you the backlinks they like and where to find them…

Aside from your own blog, imagine how much you could charge a local business for a ‘backlink search’ ;)

facebook 6 figure list template

Traffic is not created equally, if you want to sell stuff you need BUYERS to see your sales letters or affiliate offers…

There is a little used source of buyers that 99% of people overlook (I was one of them)

Forget paying for traffic or ranking in search engines, this one source is the easiest buyer traffic I’ve seen:

Newbie Uses New Traffic Source To Bank A Quick $345.23…

This traffic is instant, and easily monetized with affiliate offers.

facebook 6 figure list template

How about selling a local business the ability to send coupons via text messages?

Or better yet, use this marketing in your own online business to send surveys, and affiliate offer links right to mobile

This is just ONE feature of this Social Media Software…

Check out this video to see the rest (and why I’m going to find out where the heck he had this video made!):

SMS coupons, Monitor Social Keywords, Crazy Software…

It’s a permanent license to this powerful software.

facebook 6 figure list template

Stop experimenting and trying to ‘figure out’ how to attract local businesses! I just found a cut and paste action template
that takes all the guess work out.

The catch? You actually have to put it into action. If you can do that, this is a no brainer. Just a few of the templates
included in this:

pre-written sales letter,

auto-responder sequence,

phone script,

webinar template,

webinar sales script

And that’s just the beginning…

This is as simple, and cut and paste as it can get!

Check out the video here:

Cut and Paste template to attract local businesses to you…

No guesswork involved, just an actionable plan with everything you need to get your first client tomorrow.

facebook 6 figure list template

There are always a small group of affiliates who get on the leader-board of EVERY Clickbank launch, and they do it without
paid traffic or lists.

So how do they do it?

By ranking for ‘buyer keywords’ just before the launch with simple affiliate pages, using custom software!

I had no idea just how easy it was until I saw this:

Software use’s loophole to rank for every launch…

Their secrets out, and now you can get in on and bank from all those big launches. Heck there’s a launch almost everyday these

facebook 6 figure list template

Ok I just finished this facebook course created by some
mother in Tampa, and although these tactics may sound cheesy:

the ‘wall of likes’

the facebook ‘scavenger hunt’

the ‘status auction’

and another I won’t reveal…

These are so simple, and cost nothing to implement but have generated over 180k fans to some fan pages…

And when you see the monetization strategy, you may consider quitting your day job to sit on facebook all day:

Cheesy, Easy, And No Cost Facebook Marketing…

Now I need to go back to my facebook account…

facebook 6 figure list template

This is your way to tap into the biggest source of buyer traffic since before the first Google slap…

Tim Atkinson is a true ‘facebook expert’ and has made over $300k so far in 2011 promoting clickbank products through fb.

I don’t expect this to be live for very long, but check out this video on how you can get started for $0:

$600 a day from facebook ppc starting with $0?

And it’s not a scarcity tactic, this will probably be removed for reasons you might remember ;)