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Ultimate 2014 Gameplan with Facebook Ads

Generate At Least 100 Leads A Day With
Facebook Ads In The Internet Marketing Niche

Here’s a drop-dead easy way to generate 100+ leads per day in the Internet Marketing niche using Facebook ads…
This is the least complicated way to do it—the most stripped down way to do it.

Charles Kirkland and I taught a whole 8-week class on Facebook Ads Listbuilding, so I could fill 100s of pages with my knowledge of Facebook ads, but let’s just get you rockin’ and rollin’ in less than 250
words, shall we?

First of all… forget everything you’ve ever learned about Facebook ads.

There’s so much bad info about FB ads out there and I’m not sure how much of it you’ve been fed, so just forget all of it for now.

They’re making it way more complicated and complex than it needs to be.
Step #1:
Go here and create a Facebook tracking pixel and put it on your conversion page (set the conversion pixel to track Leads).
The conversion pixel must be copied and pasted in between your tags of your conversion page.

Step #2:
Next go create a simple squeeze page with just a headline and an opt-in box.
Here’s a good low-priced squeeze page creator if you need one.

Make sure what you give away on this squeeze page is something internet marketers would crawl across broken glass to get.
What do I mean by this?

I’m talking about free massive graphics packs, 100 (or 1000) free PLR ebooks, a product you normally sell, or something totally insane.
You can search Google for “graphics pack giveaway rights.”
You could create one or outsource one yourself.

Just ask yourself this question, “What can I give away that people would gladly pay for?”
You see… this is where people fall down with Facebook ads.
It’s not about the tricks or tactics.
It’s about the offer.
It must be totally insane and it must stand out from the rest.
So make your ad and squeeze page clear about how insane your offer is.
Simply tell them what they’re getting, for free, plus the benefit of it.

(Make sure your squeeze page doesn’t mention large dollar amounts, pictures of money flying all over the place, or anything hypey or your Facebook ad will probably get rejected. You don’t need to resort to that
crap anyway. You’re better than that.)

Make sure you don’t have blind copy on your squeeze page.
Simply say WHAT IT IS you’re giving away and the benefit it offers in the most low-key, non-hypey way possible.

And if your offer is insane enough, then you don’t need to be a master copywriter.
You want them to think this: “This seems too good to be true… Are you telling me I can enter my name and get THIS? For FREE?”

When was the last time you saw an ad like that?
My point exactly.

Step #3:
Now go create your FB ad here.
Select “Website Conversions” and select the name of the tracking pixel you just created inside Facebook (it will pop up when you enter the URL to your squeeze page, so don’t worry).

Use a picture in your ad that’s an ecover representing what you’re giving away or use a headshot of your face—no trickiness.

As for the copy of the ad, just say what it is you’re giving away and put the word “FREE” in the ad copy.
If what you’re giving away is something they’d crawl across broken glass to get, then you don’t need to be an A-list copywriter to pull this off. (Remember that!)

A good way to come up with your ad copy is to copy and paste the copy from your squeeze page’s headline into the FB ad, then shorten it if needed.

The message in your FB ad should be totally congruent with your squeeze page copy and it should be based on what they’re getting because you’re making such an insane free offer.

Step #4:
Also when creating your ad, only target United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.
You may want to target ages 22 and up.

However, you may find it even better to target only 35 and up because I’ve found that most (not all) buyers in the Internet Marketing niche are middle aged or at least above 35-years-old. You’re probably adding a ton of tire kickers to your list by not carefully targeting by age.

You may be flushing $1,000s of dollars per year down the tube. Also, target by Precise Interest and type in “Frank Kern.”
Set your bid to manual CPC and type in “$1.” (Don’t worry, you won’t pay $1 per click. This will make sure your ad
gets served so you can get data.) Set your daily budget to $100.

Step #5:
When your ad gets approved and it’s running, take a look at your data inside Facebook.
If you’ve followed my steps, then you’re not using any additional external tracking programs—just internal Facebook ad tracking.
Look at your Cost Per Conversion when you go to manage your ads inside Facebook.

If, according to your cost per conversion, you’re paying $1 or less per lead, then congratulations, because now you’re getting 100 IM niche leads per day with Facebook ads with a daily spend of $100.

If you have any questions about this simple process or if anything is unclear to you, then you can ask questions in the Listbuilding Club and we’ll answer them as a group.

There’s certainly much, much more you can do with Facebook ads and listbuilding.

If you’re not getting any results at all right now with Facebook ads, then try that 5-step process just to get up and running and getting good results.

After you’ve mastered a simple campaign like this, there’s nothing stopping you from rolling something like this out and generating 100 leads per day at the very least.

Now, in order to generate far more than 100 leads a day, you need to build out your campaign and increase your daily budget. When you want to build out your campaign, make sure you create one new ad inside your campaign for each Precise Interest you’re targeting.

Also, label each ad within the campaign with the name of the Precise Interest you’re targeting.
You do this because you want to track the Cost Per Conversion for each Precise Interest.
And when you want to find more Precise Interests to target, go to Facebook search bar at the top of the page and type in, “Pages Liked By People Who Like Frank Kern.”

When you do that, you’ll find it’s the holy grail of Precise Interests to target.

There are many names of Pages that won’t come up as Precise Interest, but there are many that will.
There is no better way to find Precise Interests (in any niche really).
Some other Precise Interests in the IM space you may want to target when you build out your campaign:

• GetResponse
• Ryan Deiss
• Jonathan Budd
• Darren Rowse
• Perry Marshall
• Matt Bacak
• Armand Morin
• Productivity Strategies
• Awebercom
• Lorrie Morganferrero
• Smart Passive Income
• ClickBank
• Anik Singal
• Stephen Pierce
• Joel Comm
• Jay Conrad Levison
• Viperchill
• Ed Dale
• Digital Marketer
• Dotcomsecretscom
• Jamesschramko
• Jason Moffatt
• John Chow Dot Com
• Lynn Terry
• Overcome Everything
• Shoemoney

Build out a campaign with these Precise Interests and you’ll have all the IM niche leads you can handle, my friend!
You can easily build out the campaign by clicking “Create a Similar Ad” on the ad you’ve already created.

Just make sure to build out your campaign in the way I described—by breaking up each ad so that you target only one Precise Interest per ad… and LABEL each ad so you know which is which.

When traffic is flowing and you’re looking at your data, if you’re paying more than you want to per click when you look at Cost Per Conversions, there are two things to choose from:

1. You can Pause the ad (Never delete! You want to keep that data… plus there is a lag with FB ads tracking and you might accidentally delete an ad that’s actually profitable.)

2. You can decrease the Max CPC for the ad. (This may cut off your traffic flow if you go TOO low.)
Final thoughts… The only way you’re really going to learn to build lists with FB ads is by

How do you think I learned? :)
I burned through a lot of money figuring out everything I just told you about too, so now you’re in a good position to make it happen without blowing through thousands of dollars learning what I just told you…
Remember, your success has everything to do with how insane your actual free offer is.

By the way, if you’re a solo ad seller, I strongly advise you to stop recycling the same old ad swap and solo ad leads and start building lists with Facebook ads so you can provide high quality solo ads built from a quality traffic source and you’ll really stand out from the crowd.

That said, you may find your list is so valuable that you’ll never want to sell a solo ad ever again.

“Pain Niches” I’ll Be Invading In 2014
In 2014 I plan on kicking down the doors of some new niches and waltzing right in—and dominating!
I wanted to show you how I plan on selecting the niches.
It’s really pretty simple for me.

After 8 years online, I realize the best buyers are people who have painful problems that keep them up at night.
And if they even THINK that you might have the solution to the problem that’s wrecking their life, then they’ll give it a try.

Think about it… What drives people to make any decision in life? Either pain or pleasure.
And which one is a more powerful motivator?
Pain by a long-shot!

When the pain of their problem outweighs the pain of spending the amount of money you’re asking for, a transaction is made. You can find “pain niches” galore by checking out this page of hypnosis mp3 titles.

Ease Acid Reflux… ADD… Aging… Controlling Alcohol… Allergies… Alzheimer’s… Anger… Anorexia… Bad Breath… Bed Wetting… Binge
Eating… Fear of Birds… That’s just the first handful on the page! Hypnosis mp3 and CD titles are virtual goldmines when it comes to finding profitable niches.

Getting Paid To Build Your List—Without A
Funnel, CPA Offer, Or Linking To Affiliate Offer

The big boys do this all the time, but never talk about it because it’s sort of a gray area.
Well, I pride myself in being open and honest with you because I trust you’ll do the right thing with this info, so I’m just gonna tell you about it anyway, OK?
It’s called Co-op.
This is where you have one squeeze page that adds subscribers to your list and someone else’s list at the same time an opt-in takes place.
Obviously, it can be abused.
Some shady marketers are using this to sign people up to 10 lists at the same time (their own lists) so they can bomb them with e-mails all day from 10 different From Names.

I’m pretty sure that may be illegal… but what do I know… that’s not my area of expertise. (Read the Can Spam Act).
If it’s not illegal, it’s definitely unethical in my opinion. But let’s say you and your JV partner co-create an audio interview and on the squeeze page you give it away with both of your names on the
squeeze page…

In my opinion, that’s a legit way to do co-ops—as long as the visitor who lands on the page understands who he’s signing up with.

Now here’s where it gets interesting…
Let’s say you’re running a Facebook ad campaign in the way I showed you above and you’re generating leads for around a buck a piece.

You can charge your JV partner (or whoever wants to buy the leads) a buck per opt-in.
You both get the leads on your list.

Except the other person foots the bill.
So you’re essentially building your list for free now (or at a profit).
Plus you CAN run traffic to a sales funnel or CPA offer or affiliate offer after traffic opts-in to your list and it’s all pure profit for you.

This is something I’m looking to get back to doing in 2014.
It’s something I did in 2012, but forgot to do in 2013, and sometimes I find that the most powerful things I discover are things I look into the past to RE-DISCOVER.

If you look into what has worked for you in the past, you may find all sorts of strategies and tactics you can start using again.

Sometimes you are your own best consultant.
Unfortunately, I don’t know of any scripts or anything on the market that allows you to set up a co-op like this.
Also, I have done a co-op like this with GetResponse without problems, but I don’t see AWeber liking it one bit.
I honestly don’t know how GetResponse feels about it in general either because co-ops can be abused.

(So beware. I told you this was a gray area from the start. It’s sort of hush-hush.)
That’s why I think there’s a lack of a solution out there for co-op scripts.

Fortunately, you can get one made cheaply on Odesk.
Just take your HTML webform and the HTML webform of the person you’ll be co-oping with, then give it to the programmer and explain what you want to do.

You want a script that will opt the visitor into one of the webforms and automatically opt them into the other webform at the same time… then redirect to whatever URL you want visitors to redirect to after they optin.

You can get something like this made for dirt cheap. (But it would be too controversial for someone like me to create
something like this and put it on the market. Don’t be afraid to use Odesk. Just get one small thing created on there and you’ll feel confident enough to outsource many things. In fact, here are a couple of good programmers I’ve hired on Odesk: Ravi and Igor.)

Also, another type of JV deal you can make when it comes to co-ops is this…
Let’s say you team up with a JV partner who buys a lot of solo ads and does a lot of ad swaps.
And let’s say you’re doing Facebook ads.

Well, you can strike a deal where you’re both getting leads from all of the traffic sources you’re both running traffic from. He gets your leads from Facebook ads and you get his leads from solo ads and ad swaps.
This can potentially double your lead flow overnight without lifting a finger or spending any extra cash.
(So now you’re potentially getting leads for .50 a pop instead of $1 if that makes sense).
Sure it won’t be a totally even deal because one of you will generate more leads than the other person, but we’re talking 100, 200, 300+ EXTRA leads added to your list daily without any extra work or ad

Can you honestly think of a listbuilding strategy that’s more powerful than that?
Combine it with building your list with Facebook ads and you’ll be on fire in 2014!
If you have any questions about co-ops, just post them in the Listbuilding Club and we’ll tackle it as a mastermind.
Last thing… don’t abuse this info and don’t make me regret telling you about it.

Strategy Sessions Instead of Sales Webinars To
Command $3k, $5k, And $10k Fees… And Only
Work With The Right People

I’m not doing Sales Webinars anymore in 2014 (or at least not as many as I did in 2013).
I’m doing Strategy Sessions instead.

Not everyone knows what a strategy session is, so let me explain that real quick…
A strategy session is like a one-on-one phone or Skype consultation where you pick apart someone’s business, find out the areas where they need help, find out what they want and need, then provide a customized solution at the end.
OK, now that you know that, here’s what I want to tell you…

In 2013 we did really well with sales webinars.
Some did around $50,000 in sales (which I split with JV partners… and not all that was profit… just to be totally transparent with you). And the best ones were on the backend of a launch.

We always found that your positioning is strongest right when you have a launch and your customers haven’t yet forgotten how great your stuff is.
THIS is the exact moment you want to do a sales webinar.
So why would I shift from doing sales webinars to strategy sessions?
First of all, I don’t necessarily recommend this shift unless it fits you personally.

But I will tell you the reasons why I’m replacing sales webinars with strategy sessions…
Reason #1: You normally can’t command thousands of dollars for your programs on sales webinars.

In 2013 we found the $497 pricepoint works really well for sales webinars.
Sales webinars work well for mid ticket offers.
You may even be able to command $1000 or $2000 from a sales webinar.

However, you normally can’t command the high ticket $3,000, $5,000, or $10,000+ pricepoints very well on sales webinars.
In order to command those kind of prices, you need custom solutions that are tailored to the customer.
And the only way you can do that is by holding strategy sessions and finding out all about their business and problem areas first.

You find out all about the problems they are having (it’s actually very valuable to them to help them look at every part of their business too) then you tailor a solution that solves those problems.

It’s really just a matter of asking a lot of questions about their business, then coming up with a custom solution.
Make sense?

Reason #2: You can’t be selective with who you work with on sales webinars.

If you’ve ever taught a class or done group coaching, then you know how awful it can be to have just one bad egg amongst your customers. That one bad egg causes trouble for weeks, then ends up asking for a refund to boot. (If you’re in this situation and you sense someone is trouble, don’t wait for them to cause problems—go ahead and refund them and kick them out of your program as nicely as you can).

With sales webinars and not being able to screen people before accepting them into your programs, you end up with a lot of people who just aren’t a good match.

For whatever reason, they joined your program from the sales webinar, yet they don’t really need what your program offers.
They’re doomed to get bad results. And if you were on a one-on-one strategy session with them, you would be able to identify what their TRUE needs are and you won’t let them into your program.

You wouldn’t end up offering anything to that person.
By the way… The king of strategy sessions, in my opinion, is my friend Lee McIntyre who regularly closes big ticket sales almost daily.

He’s actually who trained me so I’m biased!
If you choose to pursue doing strategy sessions yourself, then that’s who I recommend learning from.
Reason #3: I’ve always thrived in one-on-one communication.
Put me in a group and I go quiet and some people think I’m shy.

(Even though I don’t think I’m shy at all.)
But… Put me in a one-on-one situation and I thrive.
I can’t get enough of that feeling of deep connectedness you get from one-on-one conversation.
So the strategy sessions really suit my personality more than sales webinars.
I also don’t like pitching products.
I don’t like feeling salesy.
In one-on-one communication all I have to do is help the one person I’m talking to get the best outcome for them and tailor a custom solution that solves their true problem.

In a nutshell, I resonate with the one-on-one more than sales webinars, but you may or may not resonate with that.
Whether you choose to use sales webinars or strategy sessions in 2014, you’re making an excellent choice.
Now here’s the thing…

If you’re NOT using one of them, then you’re missing out on mid and big ticket sales—where the real money is.
If all you’re doing is low end, I hope this is the year you break through to charging higher prices because that alone can take you to the next level.

As we’ll explore later in this report, higher prices can be THE key that opens to the door to the next level.

World’s Simplest Big Ticket Funnel
Now that I’ve talked about strategy sessions…
I’m going to go tell you about something I’m building for 2014.
I think it’s the world’s simplest big ticket funnel, but let’s see what you think…and as you know, I pride myself on making marketing as simple and headache-free as possible.

The first part of this funnel is generating leads in the way I told you about in the “Generate 100 Leads A Day With Facebook Ads In The Internet Marketing Niche” section of this report.
Except I won’t even be collecting opt-ins.
I won’t even be collecting applications.
This is what the funnel looks like:
Facebook Ad > Video or “Sales Page” > Auto-schedule Strategy Session

So the Facebook ad sends traffic to a video or persuasive text page, which can be a content video or a “sales video” or any kind of text page that convinces people to schedule a strategy session with me.

On the video page/text page a timed popup will give the viewer a button to go to auto-schedule a strategy session with me… (You could add an opt-in form here if you really wanted to.)

I use TimeTrade to set up the auto-scheduling.
On the strategy sessions I’ll make 4 to 5 figure sales the way we just talked about in the section above… by finding out about the problems of the people I’m talking to and tailoring custom solutions.
That’s literally the entire sales funnel.

Believe it or not, it took a lot of work to simplify that funnel to those few components.
I spent over a month trying to figure out how to make it simpler and simpler.

Now I believe it’s stripped down to the most simple possible components—just how I like it.
Most big ticket funnels require an opt-in to a list, applications that need to be filled out, a full-time scheduler to schedule the strategy sessions, webinars and free video series to generate the applications, etc.

The way I’m setting up this funnel eliminates the need for any of that.
I’m not saying it’s better by any means, but I like to do less and make more. (Don’t you?) I feel like the more you can simplify your business and have less moving parts, the less time and energy you need to put into it.

Nearly Double Profits By Running Facebook
Ads to Customer Custom Audiences

Before doing this neat little Facebook ad trick, I only promoted offers to my list and my Listbuilding Club.
When I started running Facebook ads to customer custom audiences, my profits nearly doubled on a promotion.
And that’s what I’ve been doing ever since.

So here’s how this works…
Let’s say you’re holding a 3 day special offer to your own customers only.
You not only promote to your e-mail list and other assets like your Facebook group, direct mail lists, SMS lists, and any other channel you’ve build lists with, but you also promote to custom audiences on Facebook that are made up of your own customers.

This way, you’re hitting your customers via e-mail and through Facebook ads at the same time, and guess what?
Right now your customers are likely on one of two places: either in their inbox or on Facebook.
If you want to reach them, then hit them with e-mail plus Facebook ads to customer custom audiences.
Make sense?

So the first thing to do is to go into your autoresponder account and download your list of customers.
Then go to Power Editor inside Facebook and upload your customer list, creating a custom audience on Facebook of only your customers.

Your customer e-mail addresses will match corresponding Facebook accounts, and your ads will only be served to those Facebook accounts of your customers.

If you need help using Power Editor, try this guide.
(It amazes me that no one wants to take advantage of the free resources Facebook gives you in regards to running ads.)
Now run right column and newsfeed ads only to your custom audience made up of your own customers.
Use copy in your ad that identifies the offer is for your customers only.
For example…
“Jason Parker Customers Only”
“3-day deal for Jason Parker’s customers only”
And use a headshot picture of you so your customers will see you in
your ad.

If you do a bonus pile-on where you announce new bonuses throughout the promotion, then create individual Facebook ads for each of the new bonuses.

Also, in the last 24 hours of your special offer, put a countdown timer on your sales page/landing page and create an ad that warns them that the deal ends in less than 24 hours.
You can set your ads to expire exactly when your offer expires.

So you have e-mails and and these Facebook ads in the face of your customers throughout your promotion.
One promotion I had with a JV partner in 2013 did 100+ sales at a $497 pricepoint from a 3-day only deal using this exact strategy.

(That’s over $49,700 in sales from a sales video by using this promotion method.)
This same strategy is something I plan to repeat with every promotion I do in 2014 because it adds so much more profit to each promotion I do.
If you take anything from this report, make it this tip!

And if you have any questions about this strategy or if you get stuck (with anything in this report), the post your questions in the Listbuilding Club so we can answer them as a group.

Many people say the Listbuilding Club is more valuable than the products they purchase.
I’m biased, but I also agree… I don’t know where else you can interact so easily with top listbuilders in the game.
Guys like Matt Bacak and Matt Gill are actively positing in the Listbuilding Club, so you’re a fool if you don’t take advantage of it! Use this report and the Listbuilding Club hand-in-hand to absolutely go hog wild profiting in 2014.

All of us in the Listbuilding Club want to see you kick butt and take names in 2014!

“WSO of the Day” Launch Strategy That Works
Almost Every Time I Do It

In 2013 I had a motto—“A.B.L.: Always Be Launching.”
I had a message pinned or taped in front of me all times that said “A.B.L.”
and I made sure that each day I did at least one thing for a product launch.

(By the way, I found that the workload isn’t massive when you do just one thing per day for a product launch. It’s really no more work than anything else when you do it in chunks.)

So here’s what happened…
In 2013 I mastered WSO product launches to the point where I got WSO of the Day nearly every time… about 7 times in 2013.
I also taught this method to Matt Bacak who now gets WSO of the Day almost every time he launches a product, so I know it works for others as well.

The first thing you do is block off 4 to 7 days in your autoresponder so you can build up the anticipation to your product launch. You write a series of e-mails and each e-mail in the series tells one benefit or one point about the product you’re about to launch.

Your goal is to “sell them” before you even reveal the sales page.
They will eagerly await the time when you make your offer go live.
And in these anticipation e-mails you promote an Early Bird Sign-Up
Page, which is a simple squeeze page that says, “Join the Early Bird List to Be Notified First When PRODUCT NAME Goes Live.”

Then when the product goes live, you only mail that early bird list.
In every case I’ve ever done this, it has caused an explosion of sales—
Notification of Payment Received e-mails piling up in my Gmail account.

It doesn’t matter what the offer is.
This is probably the only strategy I’ve developed that works every single time—without fail.
Besides building up anticipation with your list, here’s another reason why it works so well…

By only promoting to this Early Bird List, you’re also only promoting to people who are interested in the product, so your EPC rockets through the roof.

And since your EPC rockets, your offer attracts affiliates in the marketplace.
(I recommend launching your product using WSO Pro and set your offer to a $7 dimesale that increases by 0.01 cent every 20 sales. And that little pricing tip alone is worth far more than the cost of this report, in
my opinion).

Also, your anticipation sequence you sent to your list built up anticipation for other affiliates who are on your list as well and they know it’s coming out too.

They may plan to mail for it days in advance without any other promotion of your JV pages.
In fact, I always get a bunch of affiliates promoting for me WITHOUT even creating a JV sign up page or by having a JV contest.

Affiliates promote based on the merit of the product and also the EPCs.
That’s all it really takes.
Another tip: consider running FB ads to your Early Bird Sign Up page.
This is something I experimented with in 2013 with great results.
It’s nice to run traffic to a freebie offer.
But there are also major perks of running traffic to a page where people are opt-ing in because they are interested in BUYING a product.

The 4 Things You Must Do Every Day To Keep
Your Business On The Path To 6 Figures

In 2014, if I do these 4 things each day, then I know I’ll have another 6 figure year.
I suggest you figure out the 4 most powerful things you could do each day that fits well with your own business.

Here are mine:
Daily Task #1: Run Traffic/Tweak Ads… Keep The Traffic Flowing
I find that if you slack on your traffic flow, then you start noticing it!
If you can keep just a mere 100 leads a day coming in, then that’s 36,500 new leads per year.
Assuming they are “high quality” leads and not crummy leads from typical IM niche solo ads, for example, then you’re in good shape.

(You may need 500 to 1000 solo ad leads a day if you’re going the solo ad buying route—that’s if they are typical solo ads, because some are excellent.)

And the #1 traffic source in 2014 is going to STILL be Facebook ads.
The reason is because you can reach almost everyone in your market.
There’s no need to use any other traffic source right now.
I’m not saying you shouldn’t be prepared to switch traffic sources to other PPC networks, PPV, or banner buys.
I’m not even saying to not use other traffic sources because they work too.

I’m just saying that all you need is Facebook ads right now because it’s so targeted and you have such a massive reach.
I try to simplify everything—so in 2014 my “bread and butter” traffic source will be Facebook ads once again.

Will I probably stray, get bored, and start running PPV or testing different things?
Probably… It’s called Entrepreneurial ADD and it’s common in our industry.

I’m no exception to the rule.
I’m like a chihuahua on crack (as my pal Charles Kirkland likes to say).
At the same time, however, LOGICALLY I know that I will better leverage my time and resources if I only focus on Facebook ads—and at the same time, be PREPARED to switch gears to another traffic source if necessary.

Since I’m a listbuilder and I am constantly building my list, I can afford to spend time shifting gears.
However, this also brings up another point: Don’t rest on your laurels just because you already have a list that’s bringing in the cheddar.

Sure, if you do things right, then you’ll have a core group of customers who buy from you over the long term.
Just keep in mind that you constantly need to be adding fresh leads to your lists so you can add more people to that group of core customers (But NEVER at the expense of your current customers!)

So I’ll be doing at least ONE THING each day to keep traffic flowing in and adding new leads to my list.

Daily Task #2: Do At Least 1 Thing For Upcoming Product Launch
Look. If all you did with your business was launch, launch, launch—and NOTHING else—it’s possible to have a highly successful business.

In fact, as far as I can tell… I’d say most people who are making 6 figures per year or more are doing so just by launching products, growing their syndicate of JV partners, and promoting back for their JV partners and
other offers as an affiliate.

They aren’t really driving traffic to their funnels any other way.
They aren’t really doing anything else whatsoever.
That’s not necessarily a bad thing—because you can team up with experts in all kinds of areas and help that person bring their teachings to the market since you have the launch resources and product launch expertise.

One way to do this is to hone certain launch skills like networking, copywriting, outsourcing graphics, etc… Then you can find out what your market and customers want by mailing them and asking them exactly what they want or about their biggest problems, or asking them questions on Q and A webinars… And once you’ve found out what they want, go out and find the expert in that area and launch a product together.

To me, there’s no shame in doing that even if it’s your complete business.
Just don’t act like you’re the expert if you’re not.
Equally… don’t fret if you’re not the expert because all you have to is find the expert and team up with him.

That said—personally I don’t like to ONLY launch products, but I still realize that launching products is so daggum profitable that each day I plan to do at least one thing for a launch.

The key is to put together these launches spending an hour or so of your time and energy each day.
It’s when you decide to cram it all into 3 days or 7 days when you burn yourself out and it seems like too much stuff.
If you think about it, putting together product launches is no more work than blogging in your blog every day.
They take about just as much time and energy each day when you spread out the work properly.

Daily Task #3: Mail List
Don’t get so distracted by “new” things you’re trying to do that you forget about your most profitable resource you already have—your list.

Make sure you’re mailing at least once a day.
I only have 4 reasons to ever mail my list:
1. To pitch a product.
2. To build anticipation for a product I’m launching.
3. To build trust, relationships, and good will.
4. To ask for feedback or simply ask people what they want. (This is the easiest way to make money—just ask them what they want then give it to ‘em.)

As well as mailing, I’ll post the same e-mail (just tweaked a little) to my Listbuilding Club or on my fan page.

Fan pages have scheduled posts, so I often schedule e-mails and fan page posts at the same time and far ahead of time.
For example, I’ll write an anticipation building sequence, then load it up to mail on autopilot and also post on my fan page on autopilot at the exact same time.

Daily Task #4: Get On The Phone As Often As Possible
This is something I pretty much explained before about replacing sales webinars with one-on-one strategy sessions.
And I know not everyone is open to doing this.

You might be one of those people who cringes at the thought of picking up the phone.
It might have to do with years of programming and associating what it means to be on the phone with customers and prospects.

Truth is… Strategy sessions are VERY pleasant… WHEN you do them in a low-key, non-salesy way.
This is when you do them as a trusted advisor.

You simply connect with the other person and try to help them get the best outcome for them.
Why is that so bad?
It’s not.
It’s only bad when you are thinking about what’s in it for you while you’re on calls.

I find I enjoy the calls when I don’t even think about myself and I just focus on helping, helping, helping.
You end up feeling very connected to the people you talk to and you feel good about all the help you’re providing.

So… for me in 2014, I want to be on the phone more than doing anything else during the day because I know it’s the most profitable thing I can be doing with my time every day.

Squeeze Every Last Drop Of Profit From Your Download Pages And Thank You Pages
In the Ultimate 2013 Gameplan, I mentioned Multi-Step Download Pages and they seem to have caught on since then, so this really isn’t anything new anymore.

What’s new, however, is the way I’ve taken them to the next level.
I’ve had so much time to test different things on my download pages that my profits from them have soared.
In case you don’t know what a Multi-Step Download Page (or multi-step thank you page) is, let me explain…
Instead of having a download page with your download delivery and a banner, you create a series of steps.
I like to have 7 steps or less on my download pages.
Some of my download pages only have 4 or 5 steps.
Each step has a purpose, an action for the visitor to take.
If you’d like an example, simply go back and look at the download page for the report you’re reading right now.

Step 1:
I normally make Step 1 an auto-webinar or webinar registration promoting an offer that’s no less than $497—it may be an 8-week class or it may be a $1000 or $2000 done-for-you offer at the end of the autowebinar or webinar.

Many times the auto-webinar or webinar is one I’m promoting as an affiliate to make mid and big ticket commissions.

Step 2:
Step 2 is always the product download.
Step 3:
Step 3 in 2014 will be to schedule a strategy session with me.
Step 4:
Step 4 is to join my no-cost Listbuilding Club group on Facebook.
This is one way I build my asset on Facebook on autopilot.
Steps 5 Through 7:
Steps 5 through 7 can be anything: Promote your affiliate program, sell ad space here, promote a mid or big ticket affiliate offer (service)…

In fact, all your steps can be anything you choose…
Point is, you accomplish much more with steps than you do with a normal download page or thank you page.
You could even sell ad space to 6 of the 7 steps on your download page if you want.

All you have to do is put a link there that says, “Place your banner here for just $__” and make it link to a little sales page that sells the ad space. Of course, you’ll charge less for ad space on a freebie download page than a paid product download page.

How To “Seed” An FB Group Then Watch It
Automatically Generate Around 30 Leads A Day
While You Never Lift A Finger

I believe I have the largest Facebook group in the IM space (at least the largest one where people asked to be added by their own will… you can just add a bunch of people if you want and totally piss them off… so that’s not recommended.)

Once you “seed” your Facebook group, you’ll find it grows all by itself because Facebook recommends your group to members of other groups. A Facebook group is one of the few things online that’s like a “living organism” that grows all by itself.

Allen Says, owner of Warrior Forum, first taught me the concept of building “living organisms” and the Warrior Forum itself is the perfect example.

Here’s what I’ve found about my Facebook group:
 It positions me as one of the top experts in the area of Listbuilding
 It gives me a chance to stay in constant communication with

customers, build relationships, and get feedback which becomes
market research and ideas for products
 It works like a 2nd list in that I can promote my own offers to the members
 I can build trust and good will by helping everyone I can in a

limited amount of time I have to spend with it
 Very few people leave the group so it’s not like a list where you have tons of unsubscribes all the time.

Now here’s how to “seed” your Facebook group to get your initial 1000+ members…

1. Link to it from your Multi-Step Download Pages (both free and paid product download pages and thank you pages of all kinds)

2. Add a message about your group in the P.S. of every e-mail you blast to your list
3. Plug it at the beginning of webinars and have webinars attendees participate in the group while you host the webinar
4. Post amazing content in your group, pin it to the top of your group, then mail your list to go read the post in your group

5. Ask a question about what your members want to know about or what they actually want to purchase from you in the future if they could have anything, then pin that post to the top of your group and mail your list about it

6. Run Facebook ads to a squeeze page that promotes your Facebook group—they opt-in then go to a multi-step thank you page you can monetize and also give them the link to your Facebook group

7. Nest a squeeze page at the top of your blog that promotes your Facebook group like I do on these two sites: JasonParker.com and JasonParkerInternetMarketing.com (I built my first list of 1000 subscribers back in the day by nesting a squeeze page at the top of my blog like this… Now I pretty much only care about paid traffic, but if you’re short on doh, you can always use this method because it works like a charm.)

13 Ways To Come Up With Winning Info
Product and Software Ideas

In 2013 I identified 13 ways to come up with profitable product ideas.
This is a useful list if you’re going to go into A.B.L. (Always Be Launching) mode like I am in 2014.
Way #1: Turn A Strong Proof Element Into A Product
A strong proof element is a product waiting to be created.
Create a product that’s related to your strong proof element and you probably won’t have trouble selling it.
Strong proof carries its weight in gold.

Way #2: Turn Problems Into Products
An urgent problem is a solution waiting to be created.
What are the problems of your market?
Create the solutions and approach selling the product as a solution to their problem.

Way #3: The Unique Breakthrough
A totally new way to accomplish something your market already wants.
Customers love what’s new and fresh.

Way #4: Customer Conversations and Requests
Listen to your customers via e-mail and in your Facebook group, and I promise you’ll “hear” ideas for products.

If you don’t have any customers yet, then go where potential customers hang out, like forums, and see exactly what they’re talking about.

Way #5: “I Need Your Help”
This is a great way to test to see if there’s interest in a product idea you already have.
You can send an “I Need Your Help” e-mail to your list and ask who’s interested in a certain type of product you’re thinking of creating.
Plus you can ask about their biggest problems they’re having.

Way #6: Combinations (A Dash of This, A Dash of That) Especially when it comes to software ideas, you can look at the features of current hot selling products and make endless combinations of features (and endless software product ideas).
And it’s fun to spec out a piece of software with “a dash of this and a dash of that.”

Way #7: Better Mousetrap or Weaker and Cheaper Mousetrap You can look at what’s selling and decide to come up with a piece of software that gets the same result, but better. Or you can make a more stripped down version and charge less.
There are people looking for both.

Way #8: Add or Subtract a Feature
Take a look at the features of a piece of software you like.
What’s stopping you from creating something similar, but by adding or subtracting a feature?

Way #9: The End Result Tactic (“I Wish I Could __________”)
With this tactic you think of an end result you would like a product to accomplish.
Focus on that end result and product ideas will start coming to you on how to achieve that result.
Just write this question down on a piece of paper and think about it for a few days, “How can I create a product that GETS YOU THIS PARTICULAR RESULT?”

Way #10: New Opportunity
Is there a new, untapped opportunity you can expose?
Is there a time sensitive opportunity?
If so, then base a product around it.

Way #11: New Mechanism
Take a look at what people want and create a new “mechanism” for delivering what they want.
The perfect example is the product “Text Your Ex Back” on ClickBank.
Before “Text Your Ex Back,” there were “Get Your Ex Back” type products.
The texting part is a new mechanism that allows you to get your ex back.

Way #12: Ride The Major Launch Wave and Undercut
Take a look at the popular product launches going on.
Let’s say there’s a hot product about building membership sites.

What’s stopping you from creating a poor man’s version of how to build membership sites and sell it for a lower price?
The major launch has already heated up the market for you.
Now you capitalize on the trend.

Way #13: Totally Insane Offer
When all else fails, ask yourself, “How can I put together a totally insane offer right now?”
Everyone loves a totally insane offer!

Making $3,106.25 Per Hour With $497 Classes
There were a lot of things I did right in 2013, and a lot I could’ve done better.

Here’s what I did right… I started promoting and teaching $497 classes (with a JV partner who already had skills in this area).

It takes very few people to make a nice profit at that pricepoint.
For example, 100 students makes you $49,700 just to show up once a week for 8 weeks and teach a class.
If you’re spending 2 hours per class, that’s 16 hours of total fulfillment.

That means you’re making $3,106.25 per hour.
Now, that doesn’t include the time and energy put into designing the program or enrolling students into it—or the costs of generating new leads to enroll into the class.
So all costs need to be factored in.
As far as fulfillment, though, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better situation than that and I can’t complain about those results.

Yet, there’s one major improvement I’ll be making in 2014.
Here’s the major improvement: Make it a “rolling process.”
Because some of our classes in 2013 were popular while some didn’t do as well as others.
It would’ve made more sense to make the most popular classes a rolling process.

So when I have a hot class that seems to enroll people like magic, I’ll continue adding people to that class over the course of the year.

This means everyone in the class will get even more value, too, because those who are already in the class will get extra weeks of group coaching for free for as long as you’re enrolling more people into the class and
fulfilling at least 8 weeks of coaching with them.

Plus new people will get access to older class recordings. Therefore, this adjustment not only makes sense financially for me, but it also makes sense for helping students get even better results.

Another similar idea I’m tossing around for 2014 is having one midticket continuity

The idea is to take 20 to 100 people who pay you $497 per month to be in your program.
You might meet 3 times per week in a group setting to fulfill it and that’s about 12 sessions per month.

If you have just 20 people in your group, then that’s a consistent $9,940 per month in revenue.
If you max out at 100 people, then that’s a consistent $49,700 per month in revenue.
Again—that’s not all profit… Let’s be clear, that’s gross.
Anyone can throw around numbers, but the only number that matters is net.
So think about this…

If you enrolled students into a program like this using strategy session, then it wouldn’t be difficult.
You may have some difficulty with sales webinars.

It depends on the exact offer.
It depends on the results your program can get them.
We have students invest $497 to spend 8 group coaching sessions with us, so 12 sessions per month for $497 per month really isn’t that much different—they would just be more compact and intensive because you’re doing 3 of them per week.
And instead of having 5 different classes, for example, you can use a rolling process where you enroll people consistently into your ONE class where you charge $497 per month to spend 3 days a week with you in a group setting—20 to 100 people only.

Fastest And Easiest Way To Go From 4 To 5
Figures Per Month… It Isn’t What You Think

As we mentioned briefly early in this report, pricing makes a difference —a big damn difference.
In fact, it makes THE difference in how easy it’s going to be for 4 figure per month marketers to become 5 figure per month marketers in 2014.

This section of the report can be THE difference between you making 5 figures and you making 6 figures in 2014.
That’s why I really want to help you explore this area a little deeper right now.

Let’s say you have a list of 1,000 high “quality” subscribers…
Let’s say they are buyers and have been proven to buy something related to the kind of info products or software you sell.
Let’s say you want to go from 4 figures to 5 figures per month with them.

If you roll out a $7 product, then you need to make 1,429 sales in order to make $10,000.
So it’s not even possible to make $10,000 from a $7 product if your list is 1,000 subscribers.
It’s mathematically impossible.

That’s why $7 products are lead generators.
They make SOME profit and affiliates send you a whole bunch of new customers to add to your list, but you should never only promote or create and sell ONLY $7 products.

Let’s move to a mid ticket price.
Now… Let’s say you make an offer that’s at $497 (I’ve found this is an AWESOME pricepoint right now as I’m writing this.) Now you only need 21 sales to break $10,000.

And not only is it possible to pull off with a list of 1,000 high quality customers, but it’s LIKELY to happen IF you give them an offer they really need and want.

I’m talking about a full solution, a premium solution.
There are customers on your list right now who are looking for a premium solution and won’t even touch low end $7 offers.
Then again, there are customers who buy both low end offers and premium mid ticket solutions.

So your low end offers should be designed to attract affiliates to promote your offers and in turn you get new customers who can become mid ticket and high ticket customers. Got it?

That’s where the money is—in the higher pricepoints.
There’s SOME money in low end offers, but the massive profits are in higher pricepoints.
You can either bust your hiney trying to turn that 1000 list into 1,429 $7 customers (which is impossible)…
Or you can turn that 1000 list into a mere 21 $497 customers.

The difference between the level you’re on now and the next level may totally be connected to the amount of money you’re charging.

I know that’s a very simple answer, but run the numbers and you’ll see I’m right.
So if you’re not currently making 5 figures monthly, then think about the true reason why that may be…
It may have nothing to do with the amount of leads you’re generating.
It may have nothing to do with your ability as a copywriter.
It may have nothing to do with your e-mail writing skills or anything like that.
It may TOTALLY have to do with the fact that you’re only doing low end offers.

If I happen to be at a higher level than you, then there may not be much of a difference between my business and your business… but if you’re only selling low end offers, then that would be the #1 reason why I’m a level above you.

Once you start coming up with $497+ services and rolling them out, I’m expecting you’ll leap to a whole new level almost overnight.

Another thing to consider besides pricing is lifetime customer value. The numbers are also VERY skewed when it comes to this. As crazy as it sounds, 95% of my income comes from less than 5% of my customers.

That’s what happens when you A) start offering mid and high ticket services, and B) cultivate a group of core customers who buy, buy, buy and can’t get enough of what you offer.

(If you’re only doing low end, then you’ll find the numbers to be around 80/20 instead of what they should be: 95/5, or 96/4, or 95/3, or 94/2, or even 99/1.)

Make sense?
Out of a list of 10s of 1,000s of prospects and customers, it’s 100s that generate 95% or more of your income… as crazy as it sounds. So how do you cultivate a group of core customers?

The first thing is to never promote affiliate offers.
(Promoting affiliate offers will kill your list faster than you can imagine…
If you don’t promote affiliate offers, then you can have buyers who spend money with you for months or even years).
That said, you have to weigh what’s important to YOU.

I got severely burnt out by never promoting affiliate offers in 2013 and I was only creating my own products and services.
Sure you make more money by only releasing your own stuff and no one else’s, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best way to do things. I learned that the hard way by getting so burnt out that I almost quit teaching internet marketing all together toward the end of 2013.

So besides cultivating a group of core customers, you’re going to need to do a bit of pre-selling and positioning to command the $497+ prices. That’s why I recommended starting your own Facebook group based around the subject you want to be known as one of the top experts in. Building that group will help position you so you can charge higher fees.

Also, in regards to the pre-selling, what works best for me is an anticipation sequence of e-mails.
My favorite type of e-mail to write for this sequence is one I’ve talked about often called a “Bullet E-Mail.”

It’s where you take a bullet from your sales page and turn it into a single e-mail.
I’d like to show you some specific examples of this because I believe this strategy is one of the most powerful I’ve ever discovered.

I happen to have the bullets from the sales page you purchased this report from on hand, as well as the anticipation building e-mail sequence I sent out that created a sales explosion for this report.

I used this sequence to sell this report, which only cost a few measly bucks, but honestly… this is the exact same e-mail sequence I would’ve sent if the price were $497 or even $2000.

The Bullet E-Mail Anticipation Sequences work with pre-selling the living crud out of low end, mid end, and high end offers.

Bullet From Sales Page:
 You’ll discover how to generate 100 Internet Marketing niche leads per day with Facebook ads… (After reading just 210
words of this report!)
Bullet E-Mail Created From Bullet:
100 IM Niche Leads Daily

I’m in the middle of writing my Ultimate 2014 Gameplan report.
One of the things I show you is how to generate 100 Internet Marketing niche leads per day with Facebook ads…
And that’s just after reading 210 words of this report… as crazy as it sounds.

I gotta say… I’m proud of myself (and feeling totally arrogant) after coming up with this simple little, stripped down system. If you’re already generating 100 or more IM niche leads per day with FB ads, then this report isn’t for you.
But if you feel like all these FB ad courses are just causing more confusion, more overwhelm, and more complexity, then…
Saddle up your horse and ride on over to the Early Bird List signup page.

Ultimate 2014 Gameplan will be on a dimesale and you’ll be the first to get an e-mail about it:

Jason “Let’s Rock It In 2014” Parker
Bullet From Sales Page:
 You’ll find out how to make a profit while building your list WITHOUT your own sales funnel, CPA offers, or even
redirecting to an affiliate link after opt-in… (The big boys do this but never talk about it!)
Bullet E-Mail Created From Bullet:

No Funnel Needed
I just added a new section to the Ultimate 2014 Gameplan report I’m writing…
You’ll find out how to make a profit while building your list…
WITHOUT your own sales funnel…
WITHOUT redirecting to an affiliate link after opt-in…
The big boys do this but never talk about it.
Probably because it’s like nuclear power.
You can either use it to cause massive explosions.
Or you can use it for good.
(And I hope you plan to use it for good!)
So head on over to the Early Bird List signup page.
Ultimate 2014 Gameplan will be on a dimesale.
You’ll be the first to get an e-mail about it when you hop on this list:

Jason “Let’s NOT Blow Things Up With This” Parker
Bullet From Sales Page:
 You’ll get your hands on a neat little Facebook trick that nearly doubled my profits in 3 days… (And you’ll use this trick to boost your profits on every single promotion from this day forward… You’ll find this one trick is worth the dinky investment in this report more than 10x over!)
Bullet E-Mail Created From Bullet:
Neat Little Trick Nearly Doubled Profits In 3 Days…
This year I discovered something kind of crazy…
(And I just added it to the Ultimate 2014 Gameplan report I’m writing).
It’s a neat little Facebook trick that nearly doubled my profits in 3 days…
Now I use it on all my promotions.
If all you’re doing is promoting products with your list, then this little tip can take your promotions to the next level of profits.

You’ll use this trick to boost your profits on EVERYTHING you promote from this day forward…
To arm yourself with this trick, make sure you sign up to the Early Bird
List for my Ultimate 2014 Gameplan.

3 Goals For 2014
There are 3 major goals I’ve identified for 2014.
Honestly, I wouldn’t mind having another year like 2013, and if you have Ultimate 2013 Gameplan, then I’d recommend revisiting that sometime because it’s EXACTLY what I carried out in 2013.

But… this is what I hope to achieve in 2014…
Goal #1: Swing For The Fences And Aim For Major Breakthroughs That Are Also Low-Risk Or No-Risk

You can either follow what everyone else is doing and nothing else—no more, no less.
Or… you can do what’s proven to work as well as discover new things
that work.

For example, what’s stopping you from adding an upsell to your funnel for a service idea you have?
It might take you a day to write that sales page.

It won’t cost you anything by plugging it into the funnel you already have to see if it works.
That’s what I mean by low risk.

It must be low risk, but also potential for high reward.
You can come up with a $2,000 offer, for example, and see who takes it.
Just a handful of those sales each month really skew your numbers for the better.

And if it doesn’t work, who cares… you only spent a day writing a sales page, right?
But if it DOES work, then you just made an extra $2,000, $4,000, $6,000, or more this month.

THAT’S what I mean by going for the breakthrough.
I don’t want to be afraid of trying any weird idea I have in 2014—as long as it’s ethical and low-risk or no-risk and the potential for massive rewards.

Goal #2: Avoid Burnout By Integrating More Affiliate Marketing
In my experience I’ve found I have the highest lifetime customer value when I never promote anything as an affiliate and I only launch my own products and teach my own classes, etc.

Only problem is by September 2013 I got very burnt out, almost to the point where I felt like quitting teaching internet marketing. I did quit teaching for a little while, but I eventually snapped out of it (that’s why you’re reading this report right now).

I think one of the things that keeps me feeling fresh is affiliate marketing, so I really need to watch out for burnout in 2014 by integrating some more affiliate marketing again.

I don’t know if you can relate to that, but it’s a serious problem I have. Goal #3: Spend Most Of My Time Each Weekday On The Phone In 2013 I realized that the more time I spend on the phone, the more people I help and the more money I make.
So that’s what I’m going to do every day—talk to customers with strategy sessions, talk to JV partners, and good will come out of it.

What are your biggest goals for 2014?