I created this method to help new businesses and individuals grow their profile online. It works because of the lesser known functions in each of the action steps, but when combined together, form an unstoppable force in growing fans, likes and sales.

I believe that when trying to make money on a social networking site like Facebook, you need to utilize all of its features. Just like utilizing the Facebook Group. Today I’m gonna discuss all about:

1. First, join and create groups
2. Next, accumulate more friends

By following the steps above, it can help you in doing these:

1. Create pages for business
2. Persuade your friends online to carry out the desirable tasks. Which is liking your business page.

Let’s begin the Journey, shall we?

STEP 1: Join and create Groups

In the case that your current Facebook account lacks enough friends (less than 500) or you want to hit the maximum of 5000 friends fast, you have to start accumulating as many friends as possible.

The fastest and easiest way to achieve this is by joining various groups and becoming friends with the members of those groups. This will also help you stumble upon new acquaintances and friends who have the same interests and hobbies as you OR the niche you want to promote. Thus, if your goal is to earn income on Facebook, you must definitely start adding more friends.

How to awake their interest in who you are and what you have to offer?

A starting point would be to make your biography as interesting, attractive and stimulating as possible. Find something that will appeal to the large public that will draw users’ attention and keep them interested. And not to mention that everything must be completely original, fake profiles are not well received on Facebook.

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Richard Braggs

As a business professional myself, I recommend you to start promoting your products or services on Facebook and let people know you better. Ask them to express their opinion, post intriguing questions, and anything you think they might like. However, do not cross the line, do not spam. It is strictly forbidden to force people into buying something and when they feel any type of pressure, they lose interest.

All you have to do to make people interested in what you’re offering on Facebook, is to awake their interest. Don’t give too much of but give them enough to make them curious. This is the secret sauce, the right amount of information but not the full, like a trailer to a movie.

I advise you to spend at least half an hour each day on your Facebook page and come up with new ways of improving it and updating its content. Likewise, it might be a good idea to join other Facebook groups that have an interest related to your business.

Get involved in the groups’ activity and talk to other people that are interested in the same things. This way, your virtual popularity will increase. You can also post original content, links, videos, anything that might help stand out. You can add new friends too. Send your request along with a friendly message that will capture their attention. This way, everything will be much more personal.

Furthermore, after you have constantly interacted with your online community and you have gathered enough friends, you can begin working harder at making your business profile even more appealing and inspirational.

Why groups? The Ultimate Loophole in Facebook

The number one reason why I prefer groups over pages as the first step of the GAPP method is by a very grey function of group. When you join the right Facebook Groups, you should find that there will be increasing number of friend requests coming in. Why is that so? People who are active in Facebook groups are a different crowd from Facebook pages. This is the secret why…it is certainly going to be the number one reason why we will continue using groups as the first step of the process.

Important Behaviors between Facebook Pages and Groups few talk about

This is the behavioral pattern that hardly anyone talks about, how vastly different the people who are involved in Facebook groups and pages are. The mentality and purpose which they come upon the Facebook page and groups can’t be more different. These two paragraphs below are VERY IMPORTANT. It will be the basis of how we use PAGES and GROUPS differently.

People who LIKE Facebook pages usually are there to show their support for a person, a brand, a cause or a purpose. These people look up to the people who started the page. It’s more like a FAN CLUB.

People who JOIN Facebook groups and are active in them are usually not there to show their support but to LEARN or SHARE something with the people in the group. It’s more like a niche FORUM.

STEP 2: Attract and add friends from Groups

Facebook Groups: The Hyper Ultimate Leverage

Joining and creating groups is an extraordinary and easy way to earn money on Facebook through selling, marketing and promoting different products and services. Groups are supposed to support your product line and your business. In addition, you can boost persuasion by adding videos and pictures in the group. Facebook also allows you to create various posts, make offers and start interesting topics. Since you’re the administrator of that group, you can fully control it and delete unwanted posts and messages.


screenshot from Facebook Groups

Trick 1: Join Groups and grow your friends

You have to socialize pretty intensely. Remember that we’re in the social networking area. Here are two methods.


1. Join various Facebook game applications or games. You can also play if you’re interested in the game. To get even better results, join GROUPS dedicated to it.
2. Join the groups that have numerous active users, all looking to add people so that they can level up faster in the game.
3. Leave messages on those groups’ walls saying “add me please” followed by your Facebook name. Simple will do.
4. Don’t spam the walls and stay away from posting too many messages.


1. Join various network marketing type of groups, they love to add you to their contacts.
2. Join the Facebook groups that have numerous active users and leave messages on those groups’ walls saying “add me please” or “new to network marketing, add me please” followed by your Facebook name.
3. Add another message, “Please invite me to your closed group, wish to learn more”. Closed private groups are very often some of the most active groups around but you can’t find them unless someone invite you.
4. Don’t spam the walls and stay away from posting too many messages.

Remember: Don’t overdo it though for the risk of getting suspended by Facebook for “spam like behavior”. This method can help you grow your friend requests VERY fast!

Trick 2: Facebook Groups Takeover

Now, what if you are not the admin of the group and want to share your posts, videos and photos? While it is rude if you do that on other people’s personal walls or pages, Groups are a whole different breed. Remember this?

People who JOIN Facebook groups and are active in them are usually not there to show their support but to LEARN or SHARE something with the people in the group. It’s more like a niche FORUM.

Most of the time, it would be considered OK for us to post and share our information and knowledge in Facebook groups, that’s what we do in forums as well. Just do it and if your content is of value, prepare to see your friend requests count increase fast.

Trick 3: Facebook Groups Friends Magnet

Not everyone is looking for an answer in Facebook groups, many others are there to PROVIDE answers to people. So there’s a different approach to attract these people. Here’s how.

Ask questions, like other people’s posts and comment positively! Ask them how to do things. Ask someone to teach you something. When people see that you are interested in what they have to say, it is human nature that they are likely to find you interesting as well.

Below you can find 5 of the most important steps to become a friend magnet.
1. As mentioned before, you should add a friendly and funny photo to your profile.
2. Leave comments, posts or photos on your friends’ walls.
3. Join various groups and write messages on their walls.
4. You can also add interesting and relevant images to the groups. Afterwards, you can leave a comment, announcing that those photos have been added. Soon after, you will be noticed and you’ll receive numerous friend requests.
5. Make sure that you don’t stick with the same profile picture for more than one week if you go this path. Change it weekly and hundreds of people are going to see this novelty in the News Feed. People will be curious and they’ll visit your profile to see the picture and maybe add you as a friend. On the other hand, changing the picture too often annoys people.

Thus, the primary objective is to become visible on Facebook. A simple Facebook profile without any active participation will make you anonymous. You have to let people know your face and name. This way, they will want to become your friends.

Just try it and you might see your friend requests shooting up faster than you ever thought possible.

Thank you